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Santi871 2 points

Baratza Encore is the best bang for your buck. Upgrade to Virtuoso burrs for $30 and some tinkering for better consistency, or just get a Virtuoso if you'd like a slightly faster and quieter grind and a sturdier build as well.

Any of these will work great with anything that's not espresso or Turkish coffee.

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i_think_im_thinking 5 points
  • Invert AeroPress
  • 25 g of fine ground coffee
  • Start timer
  • Add 50 g of water
  • Stir well, soak all the grounds
  • Add 100 g of water (150 g total)
  • Put on cap/paper filter
  • Press down on AeroPress chamber until coffee starts bubbling at the filter
  • Flip at 60 sec
  • Press for 30 sec
  • Dilute with 100 g of water
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DetCord12B 7 points

WTF is projectFLY?

EDIT- Found the site. So it's like IVAO or VATSIM or PilotEdge with a VA like aspect to it.

Santi871 4 points

Lets you track your flights and use a dispatching system without having to put up with VA rules and all that

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[deleted] 1 point


Santi871 1 point

No problem, if you have any questions shoot, although I'm like 9000km from home for a month now so I might not remember everything.

I feel like it's quite the contrary actually, EZCA development became much more active after CP hit the market. Be sure to check their forums for their "drag and overwrite" style beta updates.

If you have ezdok v1 you may be able to upgrade for reduced price (not sure if you still can but that's what I did a few months ago), and pick up CP later down the road if you really feel like it. Both are worth the money in their own right, just wish there was a demo version of each.

Personally I find some of the CP features a bit gimmicky and I don't use all the cinematic stuff, so I'm staying with EZCA for now. Once the replay feature is out of CP experimental we will see if I switch.

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Santi871 1 point

Yep, agree.

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Robobb 21 points

This is explain like I'm five not explain like I'm five years into a Master of Mathematics degree.

Santi871 1 point

The problem with math is that some complex stuff was created by us to solve very specific problems and that's hard to simplify.

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EatenByWeirdFishes 3 points

I'm in that shitty range between 18 and 21 where I feel like I'm old enough but technically I'm not. Too bad :/

Santi871 1 point

Get a friend to buy it for you?

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Santi871 2 points

I was in your shoes a month ago. I had been using the javapresse for a year and was bored of manual grinding with a cheap grinder.

I went the baratza encore route, which is the best you can get in your price range and I'm happy. I also upgraded the burr to the M2 burr for $36 (and I had to take the grinder apart to do so) for the extra consistency.

Get the encore and the upgraded burrs. You won't regret it and it works fine for everything except espresso or Turkish coffee.

I also recommend getting a coffee brush and the cleaning tablets, should be more than enough to keep the grinder clean.

Be wary the grinder does make a bit of a mess, I got a bar rubber mat for that matter.

caelumus 1 point

Why is upgrading the burr necessary? Shouldn't the default burr be satisfactory?

Santi871 1 point

It's not necessary, it's just a better burr that will give you more consistency and less fines. But the stock burr is also quite good!

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TheLoneFunman 9 points

Probably the most heated TIL comment debate I've read.

Santi871 7 points

Well we all love to circlejerk about how simple it is with calories in vs calories out and then anyone who doesn't lose weight is stupid as fuck and can't understand it. Seems half of reddit doesn't understand some people can love food too much and it can be a significant psychological challenge for them to give up eating so much.

It really isn't as trivial of a matter as some people here pretend it is, otherwise obesity wouldn't be a huge issue nowadays.

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Neon_Yoda_Lube 13 points

I like to grill my salads until they are well done.

Santi871 2 points

I would like my arugula medium rare please

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TRex_N_Truex 1,361 points

Every airport has something stupid that goes on that you'll remember forever and think this is the worst airport. But those airports also have their positives that make you think "oh this isn't the absolute worst."

Laguardia for starters has a terrible congestion problem and you waste a shit ton of time time just trying to get in and out of your gate. Where this becomes a positive though, all that waiting around makes money for the crew if the clock starts ticking. The Expressway Visual Approach to runway 31 also might be one of the last approaches left in the US that airline pilots get to feel like they're doing something important. The tour up the Hudson at 4,000' ain't too bad either. Inside the C and D terminals (Delta), if you know what you're doing, we get a 30% off discount on all the food stuff which actually ends up being a pretty good deal at the food by the pound stations. Now if you have an overnight at LGA, the hotels surrounding the airport are some of the most dilapidated, dirty, pieces of shit I've ever stayed at, except for the Springhill Suites of course. I've also been on a one mile shuttle ride that has taken 45 minutes.

LAX? Same congestion problems as Laguardia but this time you feel like you're inconveniencing ATC by trying to taxi around the airport. The drive to the terminal from the hotels, just like Laguardia can take forever. Food choices inside the airport? I swear they pay people to stand in line just to make everything 20 people long.

San Diego? ATC just slams you in from way too high of an altitude and its all hands on deck trying to get the plane slowed. But once you're on the ground, its fucking San Diego, a vacation from the rest of the US.

DFW? A drop of rain causes the entire airport to close down. It's cold right now, the deicing program the airport has can best be described as a goat rope.. Once you're inside the airport, some of the best food variety at any airport in the system. At least I think so. The train system ain't too shabby either.

Minneapolis- MSP, fucking air traffic controllers let a manatee pick what runway you're assigned for takeoff and landing and sometimes the manatee changes it's mind at the last second. Minneapolis causes me more headaches with switching runways than any other airport I can think of. Another airport though that has awesome food inside the terminal.

Newark-EWR? Fuck everything about Newark, last time I was there, I was standing in line at the Wendy's outside security and a guy asked me if this is the line. I said yes, he said "ok" and cut directly in front of me. Fucking Newark.

Charleston, WV- Charlie West, yeah this airport is built where airports should be built. Windy, short runways, and fucking bumpy. You'll never have a good landing here. The airport sucks inside too. BUT with all that being said, downtown Charleston is fun as hell and one of my favorite layovers. Speaking of which, last year THE SAFEST YEAR EVER FOR COMMERCIAL AVIATION EVER, two pilots were killed flying a cargo plane on contract for UPS while landing at CRW. The airport had shitty weather and they were just trying to get in the best they could. Happened back in May. Airline is called Air Cargo Carriers and the plane was a Shorts 330.

Detroit, if you have to go from terminal D to terminals A,B, or C, you might as well bring a sherpa with you. In the A terminal they used to have a Hungry Howie's and a Taco Bell. They closed these and replaced them with some artisan bullshit that's expensive as hell. Detroit is also really good at having you fly past the airport and then go all the way to Toledo before turning you back towards the airport. Another airport where runway selection is random at best too. They have a great deicing program though.

ORD? Best food in any airport IMO. Worst airport though for taxing, you land on the north runway and 69 hours later you get to your gate which is occupied. The ground controllers put you in the penalty box and you sit for another half hour. This is one of the only airports where you don't have to read back a taxi clearance.

Toronto Pearson-YYZ, slipperiest runways and taxiways I've ever been on. Also at least for the US terminal, kinda shitty food options. They also utilize air stairs for some of the regional flights. This is great for when its -10 out and blowing snow.

Montreal- YUL? Everyone speaks English but if you prefer French, you can put it in your flight plan notes and the controllers will communicate to you in French. They never ever refuse to speak to you in English. You'll always land on runway 24R, always take off 24L. The end, one of the easiest airports to fly in an out of.

Denver- Half of the state of Colorado seems to be the airport. This airport takes forever to get anywhere. Also fuck your happy music in the tram.

Atlanta- Just rename the airport Delta and don't let anyone else in. If you ever want to know what it feels like to be bullied in grade school again, go fly in there without having Delta written on the side of your plane.

Midway, just don't hit the houses.

My least favorite airports though? Any airport in the mountains in Latin America. You ever want to fly into the side of a mountain? The controllers down there will let you do it. These are some of the most heads up airports I've ever had to fly into. To much trouble for what its worth.

EDIT: Thanks for the gold, here's some bonus opinions about airports.

Pittsburgh, nice long runways and a great view of the city when landing to the west. What makes you amazing is the full I think RiteAid with normal prices at the start of the D concourse. You can have a airport truck drive into the side of my plane every time I come here and I'll still be like, I love you Pittsburgh RiteAid.

White Plains, NY. - I will swing the first sledgehammer when they decide to knock you down. It's like you built a 1:1 scale model of my parents basement and decided to call it an airport. I'm pretty sure the Bones Brigade movie was filmed on your runway. Thanks also to the arrival that lets me get an entire tour of Long Island.

Omaha- Why do you put all the food outside security? Why!?

Portland- another airport where runway selection is at random, some of the best airport food though in the system. Lots of weirdos walking around. Also overcast always it seems.

Las Vegas- another airport like San Diego where they like to slam you in from high altitudes. The taxiways aren't exactly on level ground and sometimes that causes the brakes to overheat before you even get the runway for takeoff. Also please fix the odds on the slot machines. Like at least give me one small win.

Boston- You let three kids in a trenchcoat design your taxiways.

Santi871 18 points

MSP is spot on. We did a go around 10ft off touchdown because "the winds shifted and we were gonna try on a different runway".

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Pipboy0003 2 points

Bad people will find a way to get guns. Outright banning guns only hurts the good people who are responsible for the guns they have.

Santi871 1 point

bad people will find a way to get guns

That's not an absolute truth everywhere in the world. You know, in places where there aren't more guns than people, getting hands on firearms isn't as easy. Let alone high power rifles.

Pipboy0003 1 point

That might be true in place that have banned guns already. But if the USA banned guns, it would be practically impossible to enforce. The size of the country, and the sheer amount of guns there are would make it a lot harder to actually remove them.

Also Americans are spiteful bitches (source: I am American)

Santi871 1 point

Banning guns is probably not the solution. It's too late for that.

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70mmArabica 32 points

You could buy the M2 burr set instead

Santi871 2 points

Do we also need the virtuoso ring burr holder?

70mmArabica 1 point

It appears that you don’t need a burr holder, however this may be different depending on model year.

If you have a pre-2012 it sounds like you will need a 2.0 Gearbox - look about halfway down under Gearbox

Santi871 1 point

I just got my encore for christmas, so I guess I don't need the burr holder? Might just go ask their customer service

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ChmnGoodlatte 5 points

Well, I'm not the original fellow. "Making America Great Again" is a campaign slogan, so I don't know if there is a specific set of conditions that can be met. Just like "Hope" and "Change", MAGA is meant to be filled in with the aspirations of its adherents.

That being said, many of us feel that especially the last president often denigrated America and American values. One of the defining characteristics of the founding documents of American government is that they did not seek to legislate a utopia, they set out to define government as an entity meant to ensure that individuals had the ability to pursue their dreams without state interference. The American government was based on a set of ideals that come out of the idea that people are "endowed by their creator" with a set of rights. Even the French government, founded only a few years later, though it uses some similar language in it's founding documents, defined government in almost the opposite sense: the rights of the individual extend until they impact the government or the collective.

Americans are individualists. In a Pew study from 2012, Americans believe about 2 to 1 that "freedom to pursue goals without state interference" was more important than "the state guaranteeing that no one is in need." In most of Europe, the results were reversed. So when Obama says, about small-business owners, "You didn't build that!" a subset of Americans take it personally. Mr. Obama, we paid for those roads.

I think most of humanity is in favor of "Universal Healthcare," meaning access to healthcare for everyone, but there could not be a more un-American and unproductive compromise than the ACA. I'm not even sure how Democrats support the forced purchase of a good from a private company. It's bad enough to have our money confiscated, but to have it given to these crooks in the medical industry essentially validates their predatory practices. I think there are solutions to the healthcare problem that align with founding American principles, but Obamacare isn't one of them.

An interesting feature of a government founded on ideals is that you never reach the ideal. That is baked in to the word. The most notable and obvious shortcoming has been slavery. However, this by no means invalidates the principles. In fact, the durability of American government is owed certainly to the specific structure of the government, but also in no small part to the flexibility of a system based on universal ideals. We should all endeavour to be engaged in imagining how these ideals should be manifest.

Obama was famous for going on an "apology tour," and talking far and wide about human rights and how horrible the effect of the USA has been on the world. He did this while enacting policies and overthrowing governments in a way that I feel resulted in widespread violations of human rights. Obama (along with Bush, absolutely) overthrew functioning foreign governments, plunged those regions into chaos and perpetuated the image of American imperialism, all while talking nicely.

Many of us believe that the world is a better place with a strong American presence, and we believe that that strong presence can help avoid active conflict. Obama's foreign policy was an odd combination of violence and self-deprecation. a "great" America would be resolute across the world, but would also grant the right to sovereignty of foreign nations. Obama did and was neither.

America was "Great" when we had a simple balanced self esteem, and a passionate pursuit of our values. Trump, even in his occasional jackassery, represents these qualities to many. We reject the collectivism and identity politics that have become central to "right-thinking" American politics because we believe that there is no freedom other than that experienced and expressed by an individual.


Santi871 3 points

I find it interesting you talk about "the crooks in the medical industry" while at the same time preach a complete lack of state interference. The point you preach is the very reason those "crooks" can exist. That is, a government that freely allows everybody to follow their dreams, and everybody includes ridiculously wealthy and powerful people who will use all their power to "follow their dreams", and by that I mean getting richer by squeezing every penny they can out of average joes and using their power to move everything and everyone out of their way. And hey, the only entity who could put a stop to that is staying out of the way, because fuck government interference :-)

And why do you eat up the story of America wanting to keep the world at peace or whatever? The people who make money and have power aren't interested in peace, they are rather interested in making more money and getting more power, because that's most people's dream.

Your ideology is also a bit incoherent. How come individualism is so important to you, the ability to focus on achieving your own dream, but you are also okay with the state spending a lot of money to (allegedly) keep other countries far away in peace?

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Messisfoot 463 points

I just got done conversing with a Trump supporter that said his supporters like how he doesn't use 'big words' like other politicians when he speaks.

It was at the moment that I realized how low the bar has dropped in the U.S. for one to become president.

Santi871 253 points

So basically ignorant people are pleased they have someone just as ignorant representing them.

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HoodedHoodlum 10 points

And that computer will only last a few years until the parts become outdated and you eventually have to upgrade components or build another one altogether, whereas a great pair of headphones like these will last decades, if not more.

Santi871 8 points

decades, if not more


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Wartroller 60 points

And here we have censorship, No matter how disrespectful a joke is, its a joke. Getting offended and starting to break rules is a another thing.

Santi871 -29 points

Jokes are meant to be funny tho so people can have a laugh. Saying unfunny crap just to piss people off is the definition of a troll

DankestOfMemes420 16 points

That's where you are wrong, harmless trolling IS fun

Santi871 -7 points

Just for the troll yeah, as are all the other kinds of trolling

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Santi871 1 point

The cobra king is good at 4.7 but you will be seeing a lot of T-34-85s and IS1s so learn their weakspots and use APCR.

If you have a bush you should cover your hull mg port as the Russian 85mm can pen it easily and then it's game over.

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