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ed_merckx 63 points

what's worse, the main way the US got to their obligation to reduce co2 emissions under the rough idea of the plan (even though we'd only get 0.2% of what the accord calls to in terms of temperature reduction) was through the clean power plan, which was passed via the executive branch. The CPP basiclly did this by regulating out more of our refining capacity and pushing the costs on consumers of electricity in the form of higher electric costs.

Now, pushing out refining capacity is stupid as it will just find another location, most likely china or India, to go to. Example, if the world needs 100 units of steel each year, and the US provides 10 units of that, and we artificially regulate out 2 units of said steel production, it's not like the world economy is going to be cool with only having 98 units. No, that lost capacity will just shift somewhere else, where it will likely be higher in c02 output.

There's also the fact that increases in utility prices have a disproportionately larger negative impact on the lower class.

And this isn't even getting into the constitutionality of a treaty and how they should be ratified by the senate, not unilaterally by the president.

Santi871 0 points

This just shows it needs to be a unified world effort, not individual countries.

The problem is a lot of politicians don't seem to care about the fact we actually share the earth.

ed_merckx 1 point

no, it shows that we need to elect people based on the merits of their policy rather than their political grandstanding. Holding hands and saying we all share the world is great, until the president of china goes back home and opens up another 50 coal fired plants, or merkel goes back to Germany and campaigns on shutting down the evil nuclear power and they end up building coal fired plants like they did the last couple of years.

I do not want a unified world effort if it means extra burden on my country, especially on the lower class, which is what the CPP did. If we could all get together and agree to build nuclear to the same safety standards that we have in the united states, and allow larger economies to pitch in fine, but as of now that's the only thing that will meaningfully reduce C02 emissions in the near future. That or a multiple decade long depression in china and india.

Santi871 1 point

no, it shows that we need to elect people based on the merits of their policy rather than their political grandstanding. Holding hands and saying we all share the world is great, until the president of china goes back home and opens up another 50 coal fired plants, or merkel goes back to Germany and campaigns on shutting down the evil nuclear power and they end up building coal fired plants like they did the last couple of years.

This is entirely my point. Polluting the world and contributing to global warming affects everyone, but so long as its in <place where it's allowed>, it's completely fine. Except you can't just say then don't leave in <place where it's allowed> because nobody can escape it unless you figure out a way to live in Mars.

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klototo -15 points

Semantics. It's widely agreed on opinion which makes it a fact.

Santi871 8 points

That second sentence has to be trolling

klototo -22 points

That's only shows that you don't know what you are talking about.

When lockheed bought FSX code from Microsoft, they signed a clause that P3D can't and won't be used for entertainment. For that purpose, Dovetail had all the rights.

P3D does nothing to limit the usage for casual users like you and me (which we SHOULDN'T be able to do) of their software, hence vastly limiting market for things like FSW.

And why Dovetail never seek a legal way to solve it? Becuase it's America with it's fucked up legal system that doesn't allow entities like Dovetail to ever come on top in cases like that.

Santi871 11 points

Good. Like other people said above, DTG tries to monopolize the market and have full control over 3rd party addons while also taking a big share. Look at train sims.

Fuck them and their asshole model. Microsoft doesn't and will never care about LM allowing users to use it for entertainment.

Also, P3D development is slow and it doesn't look like LM gives it a large budget. If DTG had started developing back when LM started with P3D, they probably would have come out on top (if they didn't have a shit market system).

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Zeus67 5 points

The moving map required a lot of rework of both the EHSD and the MPCDs logic. As with all reworks, the devil is in the details and many times I had to debug systems that did not want to work anymore.
Also, the moving map itself has a lot or prerequisites that must be enabled before it could work.
And then I had to start debugging, not the moving map itself but the display elements.
Yes, the moving map is a bitch to code and I did not enjoy it. There are still some stuff that requires fine tuning, like the course arrow. But I am placing those at the bottom of the priority list in order to get other things done now that the moving map is working as intended.
There are a couple of features, that I won't talk about, that probably will require some help from ED to incorporate them into the EHSD/moving map.

Santi871 1 point

Nice work. That last paragraph makes me very intrigued now :o

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LewixAri 13 points

In Britain you can literally fight and die for your country at 16 if you want. That's why people always take the piss out of age ratings for FPS games. Like, I can actually go fight and die for my country but not pretend do it?

Santi871 2 points

Not sure how it is in the UK, but it's one thing to be legally able to do it vs actually having systems in place designed to make you want to do it when you're like 16 years old.

Kekeboot 19 points

It’s an elective for seniors and maybe juniors (I’m not sure) where they prepare you for entering the military. There are also classes like that for college students which I believe can have you entering as an officer,

Santi871 1 point

That's fucked up

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Santi871 1 point

hey, what is the difference between using discord and SRS in this server? wouldn't they overlap if you're forced to be in discord?

toastTea 3 points

one good thing about discord is you can get on and ask what is needed and where then pick your airframe and location, where srs you got to have to be in a slot and have the radios fired up and on the right freq before you can talk, and then if you die you can't talk anymore either so I think it is nice to have both

Santi871 2 points

That's true. SRS is just quite immersive

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CookieJarviz 1 point

I dont think that works anymore. IIRC missiles can follow the terrain now so even if you hide behind the hill it will still prob track you

Santi871 1 point

All of them still need line of sight

CookieJarviz 1 point

Depends. A lot of them now have lock on after firing. Like the Rhino. It can lock on to a lase even though its 2km out and behind a hill. it will fire its ATGM up in the air and the missile flies its self towards the target

Santi871 1 point

oh in vanilla yeah, was talking about RHS

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VisiblePrimary 1 point

It is that time of year again, Martinair Cargo at the gates!

Santi871 2 points

Might've been a model matching error

GE90man 2 points

nice photos! i approve of the choice of GE90s

Santi871 2 points

:D thanks

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t12441 21 points

I know we're really only meant to say nice things here, but I find it cathartic to say what's on my mind on this map. You can downvote if it makes you feel good, I honestly don't mind.

  • The DCS 2.5 engine is too contrasting. It's all so dark and the shadows seem really overbearing. I think it looks a bit muddy and ugly with that 'set it to sunset' default they now always use. The gamma/alpha of the shadows is wrong, and it's been like that since NTTR and Deferred Shading. It's like they know it looks bleached out at midday and don't want to show it.

  • I am a tiny bit annoyed that DCS Normandy performs like shit still (with its old fashion tree tech), and I never really played it because of that. It also seems unlikely it will get updates 'because it is a 3rd party map'. It makes me less keen to preorder something again, especially when it was common to hear words like '2.5 will perform better than 2.2!' when that's not the case (as yet).

  • At altitude the lack of ortho imagery makes the map look pretty bare (and ironically a bit like BMS). The coasts especially look wrong. X-Plane or FSX with OrbX actually looks better when not in the weeds. I know there are lots of objects down low, but I think ED are actually a bit behind how good a bunch of free mods/maps can look in non-mil flight sims. $40 just for a map ain't that cheap, especially when on other platforms people can build it for free (and be bigger).

  • In MP I am wondering that my NTTR map is going to be less useful, in that who's going to play on it now? Apart from a core of players, it's pretty much all Caucasus currently.

Anyway, I think I'll wait for a sale. It does look nice but I'd prefer to see 2.5 completed a bit more first before dropping dough.

Santi871 3 points

While I agree midday could use some improvement, you have to remember midday looks like shit in real life too. If you look for professional aerial photography, you will notice most of it is not done at midday.

Santi871 commented on a post in r/dji
BoweryThrowAway 1 point

I think that BB deal is the best out there. The extra battery, filters and $100 gift card are all decent add ons.

Santi871 1 point

absolutely, I'm so happy I caught the deal. I had my drone within an hour of me seeing this post lol.

Santi871 1 point

Thanks for the heads up about the Best buy deal!

Santi871 commented on a post in r/Coffee
Santi871 1 point

If you don't have one already, get a scale.

thesourceandthesound 1 point

I do have one! A thermometer as well. I realized as soon as I started using it how much stronger a 1:15 is than what I usually made... (4 heaping tbsp it ground coffee per 4c water) I usually go 1:17 these days

Santi871 1 point

I used to do like 1:12 aeropress then dilute it by topping off my mug with water, after I got a scale I kinda realized it was a bit too much coffee...

Santi871 commented on a post in r/Warthunder
_CCMK8T_ 2 points

Interesting. I'm having way more fun and success with the Vickers than the Tiger II H.

Different play style I guess.

Santi871 0 points

How do you die in the KTH?

Santi871 5 points

The Vickers is what made me give up on Brits gf and switch to a mix of Germany/US. Playing king tiger is one of the most satisfying experiences coming from the brits, especially the H.

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