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My middle son just turned 3, and was born with a few "challenges". He has ONH, a flattened pituitary gland, and Hemiperetic Cerebral Palsy (left side of his body). He just started walking by himself this year, and yesterday was his first day of School!!!

It's hard to imagine anything being traditionally "normal" in his life until he gets older, but this is the closest thing he has. It helped me realize he will actually have friends, have a curriculum, and even maybe play sports one day. It's was a huge win for us, and he loves it so far. Every day he impresses me with something new, and he is such a happy kid.

I am learning that some of the most challenging obstacle we overcome with oi children, are often the most rewarding.

Low effort, nonsensical meme

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Welcome to Reddit

Honestly, how is this good? Still seems super sarcastic to me and I can't understand how that works for this style of music.

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I can definitely see the appeal because it's so catchy. It reminds me of that Cee lo song "Fuck You".

God, what a dick.

Or we could just not hit the animals, too. It isn’t attacking her or being threatening in any way.

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I think that was his point. Don't try to poss off an animal when it's not being aggressive. Just ride it out.

I'm going to go out on a limb, and say OP doesn't have children.

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Is it a repost? My friend said it just happened and he filmed it and posted just now. Am I a shitposter? If it is not OC I will delete

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Don't worry dude. It's Reddit. Everything here is "OC". The butrhurting will pass.

I feel like every time this is posted, it loses some jpgs.

See this every day in Florida

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I can confirm this.

Source: am a Floridian

Sasquatchfl commented on

Salvador Dali would be proud.

Pretty sure I saw a house with balloons up there on the top somewhere...

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Sounded like straight thunder from the back. Got half mast, and I'm not afraid to admit it.

Only half?

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Full salute would be if I was driving it.

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The head nod at the end of tasting the drinks reminds me of those videos of the guy just taking bites out of everything per request of Reddit.

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IMO, this isn't a rich vs. poor problem, this is an understanding money problem. It's why so many people at or near poverty spend their money on the lottery.

I was a manager at a software company in the consulting department and we hired a guy who was a little rough around the edges. Smart guy though. Our employer came out with a 401k matching program and I was asking him if he had signed up. He was avoiding me so I pressed him - and he just didn't understand what it was.

Like I said, he was a smart guy - he had just never learned about it. I think lack of education is why 84% of all stocks are owned by the richest 10% of americans. (That and because part of the reason they're rich is because of those stocks they own - look at Zuckerberg, he just lost something like $8B last week when Facebook stock took a big hit.)

If we taught high school classes on investing, interest rates, different investment vehicles, appreciating vs. depreciating assets, budgeting, etc. I think we would see a quite different number there.

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First rule of investing/trading: don't invest anything you can't afford to lose.

The poor cannot afford to lose money.

I’ve given example after example in this thread, even at minimum wage, if you are responsible with your money, you can totally get by. And that’s at min wage. If you’re 30 and working for min wage, you’re doing something wrong.

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In my experience, many cases are those who are victim of circumstance. It's easy to say what has to be done from where you sit, but there could be more to the story.

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Congrats... I don’t even play the first three anymore. Fuck 2-stars...

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That's where the rich soil is for farming though.

Seems to me, that they have no issue with him using that word.

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I would hardly say ALL Drump supporters say that though.

After all, some are probably just being paid to support him.

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If they weren't ok with the things he's said and done, they wouldn't be supporters.

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They gotta get paid somehow.

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Don't these shows have the same writers?

Stupid question here...

If gravity was strong enough, could this be a potential way to launch a ship into space?

Edit: added words for clarity.

I think I saw this video the other day on r/publicfreakout over a parking spot...

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