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mchairmaster 1 point

I need to make my own one of these lists, stop the endless mental debate

Sawyermblack 2 points

Do one right here. I like reading people's thought process. I'll reply with mine tonight

gnomesareforlewd 1 point

I'm actually having huge trouble deciding, so maybe lining it up here will be helpful. I started playing in WotLK and have played Retail off and on since then, so I'll mostly be going on what I learned from hearing people talk about vanilla. I've tried just messing around on an instant-60 realm and played some of the early levels on Nost, but obviously that's not quite the same. I'm actually just having trouble deciding on a role. :S


I hate how scarce tanks reportedly tend to be on vanilla realms. I really don't want to have to bribe some warrior to be able to play the game, and feel sorry for people who can't find groups to run dungeons to get their starting gear on progressed servers. So I'd like to be able to tank to make sure that I can just run dungeons when I please, and can help out other people when they need a tank to do their class quests or to help them gear up. The problem is that I'm not sure I'm up for the task. I haven't tanked in vanilla, obviously, but I hate it in retail because of how it always feels like the DPS are breathing down your neck and pressuring you to do everything ASAP, and while it's probably different in vanilla I'm kinda wary of it. I also don't know the pre-Cata dungeon layouts very well, as I never really did much dungeoning in WotLK and didn't play before then. So I dunno if I wanna have the pressure of the group on me when I don't really know what I'm doing very well.


I actually like healing. I enjoy healing in PvP and PvE group content more than I do DPS'ing. I also like feeling like I'm helping people out and don't mind standing back while someone else does the damage. My main problem is how incredibly weak healers seem to be outside of groups! Killing mobs is a huge pain, let alone AoE farming like mages do, and PvP is a complete joke. You're totally dependent on others and basically always have to be grouped to get anything done safely and at a reasonable pace. I don't like the idea of not being able to take a break from grouping and being incapable of handling content on my own effectively. On the more paranoid side, healing makes me kind of paranoid in social situations since friend requests feel more like "heal me again later" rather than someone enjoying your company, whereas no one would friend request a Hunter/Rogue/etc they played with for such a reason...


The nice thing about DPS is that you're actually an effective character on your own. You can just go out in the world and grind mobs, gather resources, fight other players, do group content and do all of these things efficiently and swiftly. You also don't need to worry about gathering multiple item sets as you're just always after damage. The downside is that I don't like the dick-measuring content DPS usually seems to turn into where everyone is just competing for the biggest DPS dick on the meter. I also don't like how superfluous DPS feel. As a healer or tank, groups are always on the look-out for you and you're always useful and needed. DPS are dime-a-dozen and there's a ton of people out there who could take your role at any point, so you constantly have to put effort into creating or finding groups to be in.

Sawyermblack 2 points

If you're not against private servers, and it seems you're not, then if you want, you and I can walk through some higher dungeons to remind ourselves how they are. If this kills the RPG appeal and "ruins" the game, then I will understand. I personally have ran all these instances tons of times so nothing is really new to me. The only reason I'll be playing Classic is to raid and PVP.

Let me know if you want to walk through these dungeons and I'll give you more details about how we'd do it.

Otherwise it seems like you've identified a reason to like and a reason to dislike each role. In some way or another it seems like you'll always rely on the community at large or the community of friends, which is the true beauty of vanilla. Almost no way can you do everything efficiently alone and that's why vanilla was so good.

Pros: You would eliminate the scarcity of a tank by simply being the tank. You can help people who need help for the sake of helping.

Cons: Tanking is hard in vanilla. You're afraid of DPS breathing down your neck. You're afraid you wont be able to lead the group because you're not familiar with the instances. Gearing a tank requires a solid understanding of stats and available gear in the game. Farming in the open world is also not as pleasant as it is on DPS. You rarely get to be alone to achieve things.

Resolutions: If you're up for the task, you can learn how to tank before Classic ever launches, but for some, learning is the real joy of the game so this becomes a personal choice. By embarking on this endeavor, you can solve all three problems you've presented at once. If there was one gear set that I believe needs to be well researched and specifically chosen for raids, it's tank gear. I am planning on being a tank myself in Classic. I don't fear skill barriers because I have confidence in my ability to learn. I do fear a knowledge barrier, though, which exists currently for me with gear. But as I said before, vanilla was a community and so far this community has done wonders for helping me understand gear. Taladril the druid tank has helped me with this topic beyond anything else, and I consider him a good friend for this. I urge you to read his tanking guide. Tanks can earn a fair bit of gold just by doing repeat dungeons, or forming a group for Strat Live crusader orb farming, which can easily yield between 2 and 5 Crusader Orbs and a chance for the flask recipe, plus any large brilliant shards and trash items. Some groups doing this on repeat can get quite efficient in their runs. Imagine if you keep doing it with the same people as all of your gear improves.

Pros: You're helping folks. The skill level of a healer can greatly influence the outcome of all group affairs. Sometimes healers can be scarce, similar to tanks but not as often.

Cons: You feel weak in the real world. You feel your farming ability is greatly diminished. You never get to be alone to achieve things. You fear social growth is due to your class role, and not as much because you're a fun person to play with.

Resolutions: Your PVP weakness in the world is not always true. I've heard horror stories of people trying to kill resto druids, resto shamans, or holy paladins only to empty clips into thin air. I've heard less horror stories about holy priests, but I have seen some holy priests swap to spell damage gear and smite some folks to their graves. You will likely be weak in PVP without someone around. A lot of healers resort to a gathering profession due to slowness killing mobs, which results in its own set of PVP problems. Again the solution seems to be getting a farming group for a repeat dungeon, which I know you don't like because of the feeling of dependence. I can tell you that I've passed up friendship on quite a few healers because I thought they were virgin weirdos. I don't care how well they heal. At the same time, if you don't have any social disabilities you can typically tell when people are using you. Don't let people use you. You'll be the guy with the power in that case. You don't have to heal shit.

Pros: Self efficient and PVP independent. Gold income is high. Single goal gear set.

Cons: Dick-measuring role. Hard to get groups. Dime a dozen.

Resolutions: Don't participate in dick measuring. You should aim to be the best DPS you can be. If you get beat by someone else, approach them as an adult and ask for help if they share your class. If they spurn your advances, you're probably hanging out with the wrong people/guild. Any good guild would help each other to increase overall DPS. If you are the master DPS player in your guild, again, don't measure dicks. I wouldn't necessarily offer to help others with DPS because that seems cocky, but if they ask, definitely help them and be respectful to them. It is harder to get groups as a DPS, this is true. I will address the DPS-dime-a-dozen and hard to get groups at the same time. A DPS may be dime a dozen, but a truly skilled DPS is absolutely not. The hunter who can trap perfectly every time, even casters. Who pet-tanks a mob or boss for the last bit of health because the tank died. Who can kite something for days if needed. That hunter tries hard, plays hard, and people know his name. They ask him to join groups regularly. The rogue who can pull off a perfectly timed sap with the tank and mage's pull so he doesn't get one shot by the group. The warlock who can fear the humanoid mob without pulling other groups, and banish the demon, both at the same time while laying down DPS. Good DPS are very very sought after in vanilla. One of the reasons that vanilla was so great is because performing well in this game wins you both social comfort, and gear in organized groups, and thus the game urges you to try to get better. And we all should. We should all try to become better at what we choose to do.

Final thoughts: I think you should believe in your own ability to learn. I think you can do any one of these roles and succeed in overcoming their negative features. I will be tanking in Classic on a warrior. Since Classic's announcement I have ceaselessly studied every raid boss from a tanking perspective, every dungeon as a reminder. I've studied as many tanking guides, gear lists, rotations, threat value lists, etc relating to warriors that I can possibly get my hands on. I don't want to be a bad tank in vanilla and I aim not to be. Choose your role, have confidence, and stick with it. Once you've decided what you're going to do, ask the community for help. People are kind of mean in this community sometimes, but a lot of people are nice too. If I had to be honest, I'd say that it sounds like you want to tank in vanilla but you're afraid to fail. My offer is open for you and I to learn tanking together, if you choose. I have a lot left to learn still. I really hope to see you succeed. I was really happy to see that you aim to help people who are less fortunate, because that is my exact goal in my free time in Classic. When no one will tank for these poor guys, I want to be the guy who will.

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Sawyermblack 0 points

Lol you guys.

They announced it early to build hype for the general title of "World of Warcraft" in hopes that a percentage of that hype group would leak over to BFA interim so that launch subs/numbers would be bigger for BFA launch. Which I'm fairly certain we can all agree some folks are planning on jumping on BFA "in the mean time until Classic comes"

Anyone who thought Blizzard's Classic team needed community input was sadly mislead, 8 months (?) no news or interaction is your evidence for that.

Sorry guys. We were just a device to further the agenda of retail.

DragonAdept -2 points

Anyone who thought Blizzard's Classic team needed community input was sadly mislead

They asked for feedback and they got brigading and death threats from the #nochanges community. I think that taught them what they need to know about asking for feedback in a forum that can be brigaded.

Sawyermblack 3 points

Doesn't even matter if that happened. Blizzard knew how they were going to do Classic the minute they said yes.

jspenguin 3 points

Your title is held electronically if you have an outstanding lien on the car. Do you owe anything on the old junker? If not, and you don't know where the title is, I think you can file a "quiet title" action to get one. I don't know exactly how you would do that, but someone at the tag office should be able to help you.

Sawyermblack 1 point

Yeah the car is paid off. I understand now that you said that. So my original plan of action should still be valid. I will do that and hope for the best. Thanks!

ictRider 2 points

you need the proof of lein release more than the title at this point. bring this proof to the office when filing to replace the title. without it, the replacement will say the bank still holds a lein.

Sawyermblack 1 point

lol shit. I paid this thing off ages ago. I have no idea how to get that.

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Sawyermblack 1 point

From the people that I have seen and met while living in this city, the average citizen can greatly improve it by moving to another city.

OdinsBeard 14 points

Local elections matter more than you think.

manicmidori 1 point

They do. I vote in both local and presidential elections, but if there's something that I can do to immediately help people (that's within my skillset) then I'd love to. For example, how can I help the impoverished or people struggling with mental illness, or just make ICT an even better place for everyone?

Sawyermblack 1 point

So what's your skill set? Edit your post.

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Sawyermblack 1 point

I've been curious about going on there to look for people to chill with, but I just got out of a 5 year relationship and I know how tempted I can be when a seemingly good person is around, and I'd rather not be close to anyone right now.

Thanks for the update though, makes it easier for me to not do it.

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Sawyermblack 1 point

Classic DB isn't necessarily committed to quality right now, and that is extremely obvious when you browse through quest listings. Twinstar's database is more accurate, but as you know that database comes with a hugely controversial relationship since it's related directly to Kronos servers.

When Classic launches or has beta content, I fully expect better databases to launch. ClassicDB database is very closely based on current private server databases. If you've seen the databases for private servers, you'd know that a lot of information is very much derived from related or nearby information which is sometimes lost on the classic DB (example: the quest is listed as both factions, but the quest giver is horde only. Sometimes the database will still list that quest as both factions)

At best, it looks like Classic DB laid down some programming to decipher and display the database using information from the mangos world table, slapped a comment section on each data point, and then called it a day. If the source database was perfect, this would work. It's not perfect.

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smellybuttox 3 points

Stacking spirit and using mage armor instead of ice or frost armor is the most underrated advice you can give a mage. The difference is massive.

But fireblast is insanely bad DpM and should only ever be used in clutch situations and frost is way better DpM than fire as well, not to mention you put yourself at a 2 talent point deficit by going fire since you need 2 points Elemental Precision to reach hitcap against mobs 1 lvl above you.

Sawyermblack 2 points

Stacking spirit in general for mana users is underrated advice.

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Paritys 1 point

Sounds very thorough, good for you! Should'nt be a problem to grind to 60 for you.

Sawyermblack 1 point

That sad moment when you spend literally 20 or so hours scouring the entire world of Azeroth for grinding spots on your mage..

And then you decide you're going to be a warrior in classic.

Paritys 1 point

Hahaha! I'd do the same thing to be honest... anything and everything to get me classic ready

Sawyermblack 1 point

In that case, are you doing research now? I've been looking for a person who is serious about preparing for Classic and does it most days like I do.

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ChemistryIllinois18 -4 points

Don’t bleach your hair folks

Sawyermblack 1 point

Thanks for the reminder man. Was going to go see if there were any asshole bleaching DIY guides online. Been trying to remember to do this for a long time.

Magneticitist 16 points

I have to respect that he doesn't want his asshair transplanted to the top of his head. When I think about that whole process it's like damn what's the pitch?

"Ok so it's real simple, we just take real hair from other places and move it to your head. But like, since we can't just jam a hair into your skin and expect it to grow we gotta poke a shit ton of tiny little holes first so we can plant the hair like baby trees. You got all this extra hair around your asshole that just hinders your dookie flow so it's not like anyone will miss it being there."

Sawyermblack 16 points

By the time I could afford to have ass hair hair, I would just have gotten over it.

Am bald. Got over it.

You know the irony of getting used to being bald is that it's harder to handle being bald when you let the surrounding hair grow more. It basically makes you look more bald because of the contrast and you get bozo the clown on the sides. So.. cutting your hair helps you have more confidence about being bald... hmmm

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Sawyermblack 1 point

Quote honestly: Yes. If a private server guild/community takes hold on a server, I think it will ruin the experience of those players on that server who don't like elite game play

I basically think that if you want to avoid that community, then you'd probably do well to avoid the server where current popular Classic WoW personalities roll. You can also be proactive now and do some research to see what are the top guilds on private servers currently and, again, if you wish to avoid them, keep an ear out for where they're headed.

Of course I personally prefer to walk with giants, so that I may someday take long strides. But I am the type who gains joy by being the most skilled and most efficient that I can be. We all enjoy the game differently.

zipzo6 3 points

Presumably players will be entering AQ40 with a full T2 geared raid, as I doubt Blizzard plans to release all raids simultaneously for engagement at launch. One would presume they would be doing a progressive raid release. By extension, players would be entering Naxx in full T2 + AQ40 gear, which is absolutely fine for clearing the entirety of Naxx first day/week.

Sawyermblack 2 points

This scenario has already come to pass. 4 hour Naxx

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