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Anyone play with their roommates on this server?

My niece said she was interested in trying the game since her laptop doesn't run modern games very well, but I told her I wasn't sure if there would be some issue. I currently rent from my sister while I wait for my apartment to be remodeled so we're on the same wifi. I don't know a whole lot about IPs and all that. Would the two computers appear to be a multi boxing operation if her and I were playing together?


I have super bad mob/player/object draw distance on my main right now. Mobs, players, or herb nodes aren't appearing until I'm within 5 yards of them and then they show up. In Undercity I can't see anything, not even guards, unless they're right near me.

I got on my bank alt to see if the same problem existed for him, and he can see guards all the way across Orgrimmar.

What do?

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Hey Mafia, I need a loan of 800g before Sept 12th. I will pay it back at 1000g. Just want my epic mount. My farming method is fairly slow but it is steady enough to pay the gold back over time. I'm a healer so I'm mostly herbing to earn gold. My interest in this loan is primarily because I am exalted with Orgrimmar as a Tauren and I want the Arctic Wolf before the old mounts go away. I am also interested in a second old-style epic mount as well, so if the funds are available, I would also be interested in 1600g with 2000g pay back.

Whisper Sawyer in game. Horde. Private message me here or in-game.

Did you see that fucking bounce though hahaha what a fucking turd.

I cringed so fucking hard.

This could use some funny text.


Lemme know. Want a good name for my alt but all the good names are level 1s on Joe Shmoe's account.

Did you know? On Blizzard servers, if you created a ticket and asked to have a name that you suspect was on an inactive character, some GMs would actually give it to you and force a rename on the inactive character if that character was level 1? My druid Lucky earned his name this way.


Another shit situation with LH GMs, no surprise.

Thanks for the help in DME. Got 4 pieces of gear fairly easy at a reasonable price. 10/10 would use this service again.

No not all things. I just try to provide people with the proper information when it’s needed.

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It's not currently needed.

Okay, no need to get salty.

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I'm all sugar for you boi

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Tar and feathers.

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I was thinking more like drone strike, but not a direct hit so the result isn't immediate.

Currently 60 druid on horde. Must say I've thought about rerolling more than I'd care to admit.

My original choice was warlock, and I see now I should have stuck with that choice.

Use the 15 minutes in between to practice typing your password.

Makes me happy to see the youth being so interested in this classic game I love so much.

Play Alliance if you like playing alongside people who play Alliance.

Play Horde if you like playing alongside people who play Alliance.

I like unitframes improved, since it keeps the spirit of the original frames. Has an energy bar thing on it. Also a druid mana bar in forms.

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Mine involved recess and a kid that didn't want to play football but we were a kid short so we pressured him into playing. He refused for a while and then played.. Shortly after a play all of us were standing around looking at the kid when he got up cuz his crotch and legs were soaking wet on his jeans. Some kids started to mumble that he peed his pants, he denied and denied stating that he didn't pee his pants. After maybe a minute of denial and no kids believing him he reached into his pocket and pulled out a dripping ziplock bag with only noodles and small chicken chunks left... and a plastic spoon. He then went on to say, "I told you guys I didn't want to play" and then walked away.

He had a bag of soup in his pocket. To this day I ponder that experience and I am positive that that was the day I understood humor on a deeper level.

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Good lord. I did NOT read DarthRusty's post at first, so when I read yours, I was thinking "what the fuck does this have to do with dust devils?"

Wish shitbags like these got perma-banned. I doubt there are many who disagree with that punishment.

Amazing to see names you know from the past. Really enjoyed this list.

Hope this helps.

This is based on patch 1.12 data by the way. I'm too lazy to go back and edit it for patch 1.2. Some numbers will be incorrect but should still be a good guiding stone.

I thought for a split second that ball was embedded in that dog's chest.

You guys realize... that this is us, yeah? He is us.

he says "Paper rock scissors boi - paper rock scissors" to the beat of his music.

Bro she even posted this to /r/scooters

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