TIL of "Prisencolinensinainciusol," an Italian pop song consisting of Gibberish and meant to sound like how English sounds to non-English speakers by roxtoby in todayilearned

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Everybody already enlightened you about MJ, but to answer your question: "Annie, are you ok?" is a phrase used in CPR training courses, and Michael Jackson is known to have taken a CPR course. Resusci Anne, otherwise known as "Annie" in English-speaking countries, is the name of a mannequin commonly used in CPR training. As part of the course, trainees are taught to say "Annie, are you OK?" to the dummy in order to check that the patient is conscious and responsive.

Size comparison of Falcon Heavy vs Saturn V by Fizrock in space

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A 'to scale' model or a 'scaled' model? (sorry to be that guy, I'm just curious)

Match made in heaven by imran-shaikh in Tinder

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What did that video have to do with anything?

The Toilet Bomb by Reacher-Said-Nothing in WTF

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I think he means air resistance would slow or 'cap' the downwards acceleration much like a feather accelerates downwards much slower than a baseball. What you're really ignoring is the fact that the planes were flying in formation and, once released, the toilet would have not been able to maintain its forward momentum, due it's light weight, flying backwards into the other plane.

The Toilet Bomb by Reacher-Said-Nothing in WTF

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Nobody claimed that. Who are you arguing with?

The Toilet Bomb by Reacher-Said-Nothing in WTF

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Dude you're ignoring inertia. You're being kind of dumb.

MeNACInG BEasT StArVeS HUmAN to DeATH by katkell in PeopleFuckingDying

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These rhymes are getting worse something something purse.

Flamingo Taps by demevalos in tippytaps

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These aren't tippy taps. Still cute though, I guess.

Typical day with a pet tiger! by broadwayfilms in calvinandhobbes

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Dude quit pretending you made this. Adding your own sound effects does not constitute transformative creativity. Find your own niche, don't steal somebody else's.

Middle.Earth.Shadow.of.War-CODEX by dark_red in CrackWatch

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Can somebody please explain to my why it's so exciting that CODEX is the first one to crack this? And who Denuvo is?

Baby elephants attempting to get out of the water by holdenwook in babyelephantgifs

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Which makes you think, the bigger one might have learned that trick from another elephant, or maybe he got stuck when he was little and remembered how to help. With how intelligent they are, I wouldn't doubt that they'd be able to communicate across generations a simple fix to a common problem. Amazing animals.