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That is actually not that bad. Better than I thought. But then again I live in CA, where state taxes take another 10% or so.

This other random calculator agrees that living in CA would be hard with 700k while saving 400k. (taxes at 314k)

Of course in that situation you can always marry your room mate for (tax) benefits as CA is fine with same sex marriage. This would save ~50k in taxes.

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Every state is fine with same-sex marriage since the Supreme Court enforced it.

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1.9k points · 4 days ago

My local post office got rid of their recycling bin a few months ago. Now people just throw all their junk mail on the floor. Seems entirely disresptful to the postal employees who need to clean that up but I also have no idea why they don't have somewhere to get rid of the junk.

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USPS enables this by selling your info. They deserve it.

3 points · 6 days ago

Nothing wrong with that, especially if you're only 24. It boggles my mind that people will saddle themselves with heavy monthly bills, leaving them with little savings, just to live in an apartment 10 minutes away from their parents. I see it fairly often. Maybe I have no shame, but it didn't bother me at all to live with my parents a couple extra years and catapult my financial situation ahead a decade or more.

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It's a good way to save money, but there are numerous reasons why people would like to go it alone.

You get a different set of life skills by living alone and being completely responsible for yourself. I really think everyone should experience this at least once, even if it's only for a year. It teaches you a lot about yourself.

Trying to go out and enter into a stable relationship? Good luck with that when living with your parents. Your long-term relationship options drop pretty hard when you have to tell your date not to be too loud during sex so that it doesn't wake your mom.

Comment deleted18 days ago

Mostly because of different rewards schemes. Also better protection in certain situations (e.g. rental car coverage) and different payment networks (Visa/Mastercard/etc).

That's fair I guess my thought process is it's a nobler idea to stop as much unnecessary suffering as possible. If someone sitting at a computer for 12 hours day misses a small detail in hundreds of hours of video analysis that their AI would have caught I believe it would've been worth it. If this would stop war I'd support it, but it won't.

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I guess my thought process is it's a nobler idea to stop as much unnecessary suffering as possible.

Then....don't go to war?

9 points · 21 days ago

This at the doc office where I work. Everyone under the sun called on Thursday asking for an appointment next day on Friday before Memorial Day weekend.

"Sorry, we're full. Try the Urgent Care."

"But, but..."

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Just remember to tell people that when they bitch about "wait lines" to see a doctor in other countries like Canada. The US also has wait lines, but we get to pay (insert whatever the fuck the doctor feels like charging you today) for the privilege.

Exactly, right now it’s great because google is a “good” company. What happens when they inevitably become evil? Or their business model changes, or they start trying to influence politics, and the list goes on and on..

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So, you are suggesting some kind of regulation to prevent Google's ability from downranking or delisting in its private index? I am honestly curious what you think should happen here. Should Google be legally prevented from altering their algorithm to downrank certain types of pages? Should Google be legally prevented from removing any website from their indexing algorithm?

How about websites that host content of exploited children? How about revenge porn sites? Malware/phishing sites that try to mimic a bank's URL?

I am not arguing in favor of one way or another. Just trying to understand where your definition of the 'slippery slope' ends and in what case you would deem it 'fair' for Google to downrank or delist.

Health information is not being bought or sold in a secondary market.

Come off that shit, or provide a source for your ridiculous claims.

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It is absolutely true.

Look up MIB and Milliman Intelliscript.

82 points · 1 month ago

I had a similar thing happen with Facebook. I no longer use it other than looking at my feed maybe once or twice a week, occasionally commenting on old friend’s posts. When I stopped posting, Facebook slowly started getting pushier and pushier to get me to pay attention. Notifications like “This Friend posted” “This Friend commented on Other Friend’s Post” Things that should not be notifications and has no options available to turn it off. Sometimes my notification settings would “reset” and I’d start receiving emails again about random friend of friend posts. Finally after a year of not posting, they texted me that That Friend added Person I Don’t Know as a friend. THEY TEXTED ME THIS!!! I never, ever had text notifications, but had my phone number I put for account recovery. I sent them a scathing message about it, and suddenly all my dumb, unrelated and useless notifications stopped- they have a back panel with options we don’t have but should have.

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Do not give Facebook your phone number...EVER! It is not for account recovery. It is for spamming and data mining. Facebook has a culture of toxicity and shady practices. They are like Uber. Operate in a shady grey area until legally forced to stop. Do not trust them.

I can't think of any federal law it would violate. There's no law that says the card is federal property, for example. Destroying another adult's card would fall under state law (criminal mischief, in Pennsylvania), so could certainly be charged. Destroying something that can be replaced for free, however, is a very low-level offense.

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On the back of the card it says "This card is the property of the Social Security Administration and must be returned upon request," so yes, it technically could be seen as government property.

-7 points · 1 month ago

Wouldn't that run afoul of laws against discrimination based on religion?

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Only if the daycare is state-run, accepts state funds, or is licensed by the state where the state licensing allows for a religious exemption. Also, you might have to prove that your exemption is quite specifically religious rather than just a personal objection because you saw some dumbass on Facebook say that vaccines are the devil.

I am hard-pressed to come up with any religion I know of that has an aversion to vaccines.

1.4k points · 1 month ago · edited 1 month ago

By never storing them in the first place. Modern password systems use what is called a hashing algorithm to turn a string of text into a number. This is a one way operation, meaning if you have the hash, you can't get back to the password. This way, if someone leaks all the hashes, it can't do much harm. The only way to find the passwords is to brute force it until you find the one that gives you the hash. This takes a really long time. So, when someone logs into a website, the password is hashed and checked against the existing hash in the database and if it checkes out, the user is logged in. Then the password that was submitted is thrown away and no one ever sees it. There are ways to strengthen it like salting and rehashing. Salting is where you take a random string of characters and add it to the end of the first hash before rehashing. Only the final hash and any salts used are stored.

So yeah, if any company is ever hacked and passwords are leaked, run very, very, very far away because the people in charge of security have no idea what they are doing.

Edit: This comment is getting a lot more attention that I expected. I simply wanted to provide a high level overview of how passwords should be handled because most people simply don't know. Comments below have more in depth explanations about algorithm choice, logging bugs (Twitter for example), people using common passwords, people reusing passwords, and other such issues that come up if people want more information. To be the most secure, make sure you use long passwords (think passphrases) and don't reuse them. There are many good password managers out there to help you so you don't have to remember them. Just do your research on the managers before choosing one.

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The website Plenty of Fish used to email a weekly reminder of what your password was: in plaintext of course

-19 points · 1 month ago

So you're saying removing the sticker will damage the window?

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It will cost either a lot of time (which equates to money) to remove or will require someone spend money to buy tools to remove it. Could definitely be argued that there are damages either way.

14 points · 1 month ago

Well, I worked for them for 8 years and can't relate to any if that. When there's 5000+ stores ran by human beings there will always be something wrong somewhere so trying the blame the corporation for independent incidences is rather stupid. If it was 1985 I would probably defer my opinion because stores where getting away with breaking labor laws too often but nowadays Walmart does everything possible to avoid problems.

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How about the illegal anti-union trainings and shutting down entire stores when they get a whiff of employees potentially unionizing. Walmart is the king of workers' rights abuses.

Nah, dude. These guys don’t call because they want to, they call because they have to, or they get reprimanded or let go. And often times, they don’t take the job - or keep it - because they like it, but because it’s the best available that they’re qualified for

The calls are fucking annoying, no doubt, but keeping on the line for however long isn’t going to stop them from doing it.

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Doesn't matter why they do it. They're still piece of shit scammers and deserve to be screwed with. These are not legitimate businesses.

I get what you’re saying, but the bottom line is that they won’t stop because you put them on hold.

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They will stop in only two situations:

  • They are shut down by a legal enforcement action

  • The scheme becomes unprofitable.

As stupid as it sounds, wasting an hour of their time causes them the most harm. It makes the job less profitable. Get enough people to not pay the scammer and instead waste an hour of their time, and this thing will spend itself out of business quickly.

Comment deleted2 months ago

Finally someone who knows how taxes actually work. So many times I've had idiots approach me on the street and say "hey, do you wanna donate to this charity you've never heard of? it's tax deductible!" I respond with "I don't even itemize so that deduction is worthless," and they are stopped dead in their tracks. There is no scripted response for that reply.

Just remember, cops can ask for ID

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Not all jurisdictions require you to present it though, but yes, they can ask.

4 points · 2 months ago

Please enjoy some fun-filled and loving corrections, internet stranger:

GDPR comes into force on 25th May, not before. The DPA and a few other laws around electronic communication are in-place now. GDPR will give significantly better recourse to someone like OP than DPA, but not before then. In particular, you're right, there are much heavier potential fines associated with GDPR than DPA (I don't think you can be heavily prosecuted but it sounds awful).

GDPR is EU legislation, not British. There's a conversation about how much of it the UK will keep on Brexit, but the functional answer is: all of it. I happen to think it's very good legislation, although by putting the onus so heavily on data controllers it opens the risk of company and vigilante-style abuse of the system. Like data request DDoS attacking / doxxing.

GDPR doesn't mention harassment.

GDPR doesn't mention unsubscribe buttons (or any specific technology or features), but does mandate the ability to opt-out of marketing communications, along with 7 other individual rights in the shiny new 'individual rights regime'. Plausibly, the recruiter could argue they passed through marketing to a business relationship when OP posted his personal information on the CV website. I wouldn't want to make that case, but they'd have some ground.

Funnily enough, many companies see GDPR as more of a reputational risk than a regulatory one, bringing us neatly back to what OP is doing...

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If I am American but go overseas and a provider is violating this law assuming that I'm still in the US, can a legitimate complaint be made?

Don't know why you got down voted. HOA's are fucking evil. For every "good" one, there are ten like the op's.

20 Grand per unit is SERIOUS long term mis management...

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This is not true. You only hear about the shitty ones. Most just take a small fee and do literally nothing. You don't get a special assessment like this without a major fuckup. Also, CONDO associations are way more shitty than HOAs with these high fees and poor management.

840 points · 2 months ago

EB games/Gamestop is next imo. Went there the other day to see if they had a decent deal on a used PS4 controller. Literally 80% of the store is merchandise now, Funkopop being most of it. The new games are at the front in a small section, and the rest of the actual video games and accessories are pushed to the very back of the store. And this is the exact same merchandise you can literally get anywhere. This is the same thing that's happening to music/dvd stores.

Everything can just be bought at Amazon, Walmart or Bestbuy for much cheaper, plus most people buy games digitally or stream their movies and music.

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Went there the other day to buy a controller. Used one was more expensive than a brand new one on Amazon. Guy kept trying to sell me on the trashy gamestop version of Amazon Prime where you pay a fee or some shit just to be able to buy stuff at gamestop. He had the audacity to brag about all the stupid merchandise stuff having a 60% mark-up. Couple this shit experience with the fact that you can now buy console games digitally directly from the manufacturer and not have to pay sales tax on them, and gamestop days are clearly numbered.

FYI, I think all retailer paid subscriptions are fucking bullshit, including Amazon Prime.

6.1k points · 2 months ago

Wayfair. I’ve never had such a horrific consumer experience.

My husband and I were in the midst of buying a house last October so I signed up for Wayfair’s dinky credit card as a way to buy some stuff interest-free for 6 months. I ended up spending around $435. A few weeks after I receive my items, I logged into my online account to make a payment on my credit card and see that while my available credit is $65, my balance is zero and I have nothing due. I call Wayfair, they have no idea what I’m talking about and don’t believe me at first, until finally I’m told there was a hold on my order somewhere in the system that wasn’t releasing the charge to the credit card bank. I’m told it’s released and nothing changed. I call the bank, they say it’s still an issue on Wayfair’s end. After weeks and hours wasted on the phone with both companies, I end up on a conference call with both Wayfair and the bank and learn that neither entity has any clue what is going on but the hold on my order was going to remain in place in March 22, 2018. I literally could do nothing until then. The bank representative put in a credit dispute to see if that would speed up the release but nothing happened.

Last month, I log in to finally make a payment and see that my full balance is available, I have nothing due, and there’s an option to close my account so I did. The next day, Wayfair sends me a threatening email and letter saying they’ve been trying to contact me for months (lies) and are going to report this to the credit agencies. Let me tell you - I lost my fucking mind. I called up Wayfair and raised unholy hell to someone. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to pay for my order, it was that this had been ongoing for over half a year at this point with no further communication on their part. I told them I want a payment plan, and I was refused because of the credit dispute that Comenity Bank did to try and help me, and the CS Executive I spoke to refused to believe me when I told him the situation. Eventually, after 20 minutes, he finally decides to review my account notes and offers me the chance to pay 1/3 of the balance and they would eat the remainder. I immediately gave them my payment info and, months later and hours wasted, I’m finally done with Wayfair.

Fuck them. I fucking hate them and wish nothing more than for them to fold. Their jingles are annoying as fuck too.

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My advice here is to never open store credit cards. They are almost always backed by a shit bank like Comenity or Synchrony. You don't want to do business with a shitbank like those guys. Before you ever open a store card, check which bank is servicing it and the reviews for that bank.

Exactly the same with electronic devices. I never take the extended warranty and dealers hate me for it, because that's where they make money. The gaming shop I bought my Switch at wanted to sell me a two year extended warranty for $75, which I declined. Their answer "oh but you only have one year warranty, and if your console stops working even a day after that you'll have to buy a new one and so on". FFS it's a Nintendo device, they're not exactly famous for selling crap, and I take good care of my devices, why would it break after one year?

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I would say that 99% of extended warranties are a scam or have too much bullshit to ever make them worthwhile. Who would you trust more to actually honor a warranty? Toyota Corporate or Joe's Dealer who just tried to swindle you with some fine print.

Who do you trust to honor a warranty? Best Buy or Nintendo? Bet you anything there is probably a deductible of like $100 for the store warranty also. Extended warranties for small items are definitely a scam.

Then i was lucky on this Lowe's extended warranty for my refrigerator. The large LCD display started flicking after 3 years. I paid $150 for the 4 year extended warranty. They came to replace it without a question. Total cost was $350. Lowe's paid the full bill. I also heard Carmax's warranty Maxcare is pretty solid too.

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There are always exceptions and anecdotal evidence of the contrary. If you don't want shit that breaks, don't buy from garbage manufacturers. Good manufacturers have reputation for not building stuff that breaks after 2 years, and they also have good warranties that last longer than a year.

Just get a quote from some of the main cheap players like geico and progressive.

Shouldn’t take more than 20 min

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Progressive is cheap? I was able to get the same coverage as Progressive for 40% less through a few other insurers. I don't think the big name providers are even close to being always the cheapest.

413 points · 2 months ago

FYI this is because their electronic filing website was unintentionally DDOS'd and down the ENTIRE FUCKING DAY. Giving much stress to CPAs countrywide.

Source: am CPA.

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Can I ask why you wait until the last possible second to submit these? You know there's a flood of transactions on this one day. Why wait?

-4 points · 2 months ago

Won't that still tank your credit?

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Paying only minimum payment causes utilization to go up, so it has the possibility to lower OP's score a bit if he has few other open accounts with unused credit. Once the balance is paid off, the score will go back up.

Missing a payment is a guaranteed plummet in score for quite awhile.

-1 points · 2 months ago

Also, if you don't pay your balance in full each month it WILL tank your credit.

Source - had a BofA credit card with 0% APR, and missed 1 payment

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Missing a payment is very different than not paying off the balance in full.

Comment deleted2 months ago

Trolls poisoning the data pool when they get asked. I'm convinced even Hitler would not get a 0% approval rating, because there will always be people who troll the surveys and people who are too god-damn stupid to understand the polling questions.

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