What are some of the best negotiating tactics you know of? by samsquach69er in AskReddit

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Baader-Meinhof phenomenon, frequency illusion, or recency illusion. You will be more likely to notice it now that it's happened. This creates a confirmation bias when it does happen which reinforces your idea that this crazy coincidence is always occurring.


Flynn selling house to pay legal bills in Trump probe by galt1776 in politics

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Cognitive dissonance is a powerful thing. People will rationalize their unethical behavior and tell themselves "oh, it's really not that bad and not really hurting anyone" or "everybody does this; I'd be a fool to pass up this opportunity; if I don't do it, someone else will."

Even the most evil pieces of human garbage often go down thinking they got fucked in a witch hunt. Look at guys like Scott Tucker and Kevin Trudeau. These people are ultra-predatory yet they tell themselves that they did nothing wrong, and it was all a big government conspiracy to ruin their life.

Man sentenced to 12 years in prison for stomping on, throwing puppy by Kaylabel in news

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It's the same as job references. I don't even understand the purpose. Who is going to ask for a recommendation from someone who will give them a bad rec?

This fucking ad by AEUHHH in assholedesign

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Never said they owe me anything. Simply that if they make the user experience awful, they will lose more users than it is worth. Because there is always another social network getting off the ground that won't have annoying ads.

I also think it's important to be aware that reddit itself creates virtually no content. It is almost entirely user-submitted and policed by volunteer moderators. I'm a moderator of one of the largest subs and have invested an enormous amount of time into reddit's community. Users contribute a lot to reddit, and if reddit is going to turn around and make the experience worse for those users, why should they contribute?

This fucking ad by AEUHHH in assholedesign

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There are plenty of ways to make money from your customers without trying to deceive them or make the experience dogshit. I pay for plenty of software, and I absolutely recognize there is a real cost to maintaining and supporting it. However, if you think you can build a social network and then inject shit loads of ads and bad user experience, you can bet your ass people will dump your platform hot and fast. See Digg, see MySpace, and see Facebook which is already reporting lower user engagement.

This fucking ad by AEUHHH in assholedesign

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They are trying to "monetize." Whenever you hear this word, think worse service, more predatory customer interactions, confusing UI flows designed deliberately to show more ads, and tons of data mining/snooping.

NRA Is Losing Major Sponsors and Partners Amid Calls for a Boycott by Alricson in politics

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That's just good underwriting. Unforeseen risk identified. Policy terminated.

Mortgage applications question by ipalush89 in personalfinance

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The deed's legal status for your property may differ between spouses vs. two co-owners who are not married. If you care about this, you may need to refile the deed into a different legal status once you are married. The protections afforded to your property as a married couple are typically stronger if you file this way. Something to keep in mind.

You say there is a credit score disparity. This raises a number of questions:

  • Where did you obtain the two scores that you compared?

  • Are both FICO?

  • Were both obtained from the same source at the same time?

  • A sixty point difference matters a lot more when scores are low. How high is the highest score? One borrower with 590 and another a 650 <-- big difference. One borrower with 850 and the other with 790 <-- nobody cares. You'll get the best rate anyway

Just a personal recommendation, but I would absolutely not enter into a massive real estate deal with a partner where the partner is not also legally liable for the mortgage. You don't have to be married, but I would suggest you both be titled on the deed and the mortgage.

Websites See Drastic Decline in Facebook Traffic by jimrosenz in dataisbeautiful

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The answer "I used to" is going to be the "normal response"...


Beware: Phishing telemarketing bots are getting better than ever at convincing you that you're talking to a real person at the other end of the line. by vallco in personalfinance

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OK, how the hell do you not know your girlfriend's voice well enough to know that some bullshit is up? I can't believe this shit works. It seems so obvious, but I guess people don't know the sound of their own relatives' voices...

Scary scam phone call from person pretending to be from FBI? by totolin in personalfinance

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There have been instances where they'll record the phone call, get the person to say yes to whatever question they ask, and then use that audio. So they'll fix it up to make it seem like that person agreed to something monetarily beneficial to the scammers.

Please cite one actual source where this has happened, and a court upheld that recording as consent. I'm fairly certain this is an urban legend that sounds true enough that people will believe it but has no actual basis.

I thought I was paranoid, but I got phished. Read my shameful account of said phishing so they don't get you too. by taking_a_deuce in personalfinance

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Yeah, you should basically consider your credit card's last four numbers to be publicly accessible. There is barely any effort made to protect those numbers. Someone could go thru the trash at McDonald's and pull the last four numbers off of every single receipt.

Warren Buffet just won his ten-year bet about index funds outperforming hedge funds by Swampland_Flowers in personalfinance

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There are index funds for this too! Check out VFTSX for an example.

Edit: I'm not sure how they make a decision to put a company in this index. I do see BofA and Wells Fargo which are hardly good examples of positive societal change in my opinion. I know there are other funds that try to do this too, so look around.

LPT: Put your recurring bills and auto charges on a separate credit card that you never use for other purchases. When your primary card gets compromised you won’t have to change the card on your auto billed accounts. by royaldunlin in LifeProTips

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If you're tempted to overspend yourself into debt, then you shouldn't get one. However, there are many people who can manage the debt responsibly, get insane rewards, and get better consumer protection by putting their purchases on a credit card. I don't want to hook up my bank account to a telecom I don't trust to bill me correctly. Pay your bills manually and by credit card for the best protection.

LPT: When checking a ReCaptcha checkbox, wiggle your mouse around, because it's bot detection is based on mouse movement. by thatonegamer999 in LifeProTips

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These things are a piece of shit. Whoever developed them is an asshole. Just put back the text-based ones. They work and didn't bog you down for five minutes waiting for the images to load.

Lady screaming and beating her dog on my premises every morning by odd_header in legaladvice

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I'm pretty sure every one of those laws has been shutdown when challenged in court. Most people roll over and pay the bullshit fine of $30 instead of challenging it though.

This "tax" money by kero937 in personalfinance

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Your refund is a function of how much you overpay on your taxes before you file. It has nothing to do with how much tax you actually owe for the year.

What you owe in taxes may have gone down, but you might still be over-withholding on your paycheck resulting in the same refund.

Are FICO scores free once a year? by KarlJay001 in personalfinance

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The Fair Credit Reporting Act requires a free report once per year, but the bureaus have resisted offering free FICO and credit scores. Luckily some banks have stepped in to offer it as a competitive service now, so it's easy to get it for free.

Many credit card providers offer a free FICO update once monthly.

I know for a fact that Discover, Barclays, and Amex all offer this. There are likely many others that offer it too. Check the terms of your credit card or call your bank and ask.

800+ credit score for 10 years. Forgot one payment on a BoA credit card (~$50 balance) and FICO 08 drops 120 points? by ficouch in personalfinance

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Did they report you late before or after 30 days of non-payment? The only "reported late" option I see on a credit report is for you to be 30/60/90/120 days late. I understand missing a bill payment for a week, but 30 days is a long time to forget about it.

Fuck BofA regardless.

800+ credit score for 10 years. Forgot one payment on a BoA credit card (~$50 balance) and FICO 08 drops 120 points? by ficouch in personalfinance

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It depends on your definition of "forgiving." If they tried to bill you late fees and are chasing you in collections for years, they, yeah, maybe you can get them to "forgive" those and waive the late fees. You cannot get them to "forgive" a delinquent payment history that has already been reported to the credit bureau.

800+ credit score for 10 years. Forgot one payment on a BoA credit card (~$50 balance) and FICO 08 drops 120 points? by ficouch in personalfinance

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Exactly. This is pretty consistent with all lenders. I find it hard to hold OP blameless if he/she did not pay a late bill for 30 days. Does BofA not send payment reminders once you're past your due date?

A woman down the street has this sign posted in her back yard with a floodlight illuminating it at night for traffic to see. Brenda lives directly across the street. by SquirrelDynamo in WTF

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All kinds of reasons insurance may not have covered something here.

I've never heard of insurance that covers unpaid rent because of a deadbeat tenant. It's possible the insurance doesn't cover what they consider "normal wear and tear." It's possible the insurance deductible was just about $11k, so it wouldn't be worth it to file a claim. Maybe the tenant did damage in a specific way that is excluded in the insurance policy.