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Conjuration_Boyo 1 point

Become a Prostitute

SeaZero 1 point

You think prostitutes out here making 6 figures?

Conjuration_Boyo 1 point

Man whores for rich people my friend Man whores kinky kinky man whores do

SeaZero 1 point

That sounds like a niche market idk if the OP would be able to get into. I will add, one of my wife's friend showed her her bank account history to show her that she had several $300-$600 transactions recently and she explained that she has some dude that she sends pics to and he just sends her money in return. An online sugar daddy basically.

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clapbackmush 3 points

One thing that has really helped me is taking notes while reading material. I have an evernote account and setup a notebook for the CCNA. I'll create a new document for each chapter and jot down the important key details. Here is a link to one of my most recent study sessions so you can see exactly what I mean.

Keep a highlighter with you while reading so you can highlight key concepts and main ideas. Invest in page flags so you can save specific pages for quick reference on topics you may want to review or go back to in the future.

The importance of labbing cannot be overstated. This was a mistake I made early on - I didn't lab enough. Some people mentioned some video series as well. It helps to hear people talks about different topics, especially when you aren't understanding what you're reading completely.

NetworkPhreak 2 points


Keep a highlighter with you while reading so you can highlight key concepts and main ideas.

I'm a student currently so I'm doing alot of studying and I use highlighters alot. But I find that just highlighting is useless. I find that "Colour Coded highlighting" or just having a "System" is alot better and easier to help me engage with active learning.

I stole the idea from this website:

Here is my version of it.


Highlight in yellow important points, facts examples etc.


to denote material that is even more important than what's in yellow For example sentence that summarize sections that explain the significance of the section, provide definitions (you may be really thankful for the two-level highlighting if you only have time for care bones revision)


Reserve pink for words that will subsequently be defined ( and then put their definitions in pink) title or special terms


Mark in green, dates, names or places that you will need to remember. Green can also be used for formulas


If the material contains any rules, use the boldness of blue to set them apart.

Hope this helps.

SeaZero 1 point

I'll have to try it! I just moved and dont have many office supplies, so i'll have to go grab some highlighters!

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SeaZero 1 point

If you're buying used, look up a few tutorials on how to see if a panel has been painted or not. If something's been painted, and its been in an accident. Also make sure you get a car that suits your needs. It may seem obvious but every car does something good and bad and make sure you get what you NEED and can settle with the downfall.


Corolla is FUEL EFFICIENT but SMALL Miata is FUN but it's also a TWO SEATER Wranglers can go OFFROAD but are SHIT ON THE HIGHWAY

Lastly: If you need something basic, get a Toyota or a Honda

honestinitiative 2 points

Oh but Martha, I didn't ask you.

SeaZero 2 points

Best answer so far lmao

[deleted] 4 points

I appreciate your thoughts, but I think I just need to dwell on this problem and sort it out in my own way for now. Thank you though.

SeaZero 2 points

It's not really any problems they give advice about, we're kind of young so I feel a lot of our co-workers feel the need to give us advice for some reason.

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Ned_Gutters 3 points

Logic, and research strategies (beyond just navigating the library website)

SeaZero 2 points

Good answer. Being able to teach yourself is not something they REALLY teach in school.

David_Jets 2 points

Yea i know, best tip i got for a credit card is to only put your phone bill on it and pay it off in full each month.

SeaZero 1 point

Yeah that works! I got my first card when I turned 19 and only bought gas with it, it was a Capital One Platinum card which is like the most basic one ever, and had a $400 limit. Im 20 now and just got approved for a Chase Freedom with a $4300 limit, just be smart about it and you're credit will be fine, also don't get divorced I've heard that's the worst thing you can do to your credit 😂

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SeaZero 1 point

I smoked weed for 1 summer when I was 14 and I decided to quit, but wanted to smoke 1 last time. Went to a friend's house who said If I had money so we could split the cost and go get high. I agreed and he took me to this house in the middle of a neighborhood, went through the back gate and into a small storage shed with black trashbags over the windows and an extension cable running into it. Inside where three large Mexican dudes, probably in their early 20s. We paid them money and then they loaded the weed we bought into a bong and we smoked it.

I was tripping man, I was on a stool with no back so I kept almost falling off, I couldnt stay focused so I'd zone out and next thing I knew they where handing me more weed to smoke. After awhile the 3 dudes noticed and kinda where giving me a hard time about it, and one said "We should make him do the mask!" And pulled out a gasmask. After I declined, one goes "You come into my shed, smoke my weed, and not do the mask when I offer it, that's disrespectful man" and I was tripping so I was paranoid as fuck.

I don't think it effected me much, It just helped me quit 😂

TLDR My friend brought me to this sketchy place and I got way to high.

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SeaZero 4 points

All animals adapt to their environments, like how birds have feathers instead of fur because feathers are more aerodynamic than fur (and other reasons). A humans skin will do the same based on their environments, like how people closer to the equator have darker skin that is less susceptible to burning. Also for the purpose of camouflage. You typically find you fair skinned people in colder climates where it snows, and dark shades of skin where there is dust, sand, and rock. Many other factors determine skin color, these are just a few.

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SeaZero 2 points

Make masquitos unnecessary to ecosystems so we can make them extinct.

praetor_noctem 1 point

They largely are, out of the few species that wouldn't effect an eco system all that much mosquitos are one of them. They assume an easily replaceable spot in the many ecosystems they appear in, they are a food source and a way to spread certain diseases the disease spreading factor would be more important if it were more specific diseases but seeing as they spread shit to so many animals losing them would probably not be that big a deal.

SeaZero 1 point

I figure if we haven't killed them now then they are essential to SOMETHING important.

ratdaddy225 1 point

first of all you'd need to make sure the fixtures are able to run off of normal household voltage which is 120v, you can by an extension cord type cable at lowes that has hot nuetral and ground all inside of a rubbery sheathing I think that would be your best bet for the cable that plugs into the wall, you can also buy male plugs to put on the cable at lowes.

SeaZero 1 point

Would I be able to run 6 lights from one plug? How could I find that out?

lostforawhile 1 point

Remember by running new led bulbs, they use so little current,you can safely use more,and not overload your circuit

SeaZero 1 point

I plan on running 6 Philips Hue bulbs and just control them through my network.

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vault13rev 1 point

Depending on where you live/work there is a very good chance your commute will get shorter with the light rail. Do you know if they ever opened up that Arvada station?

SeaZero 1 point

I think they did because I work in Arvada and I saw a small fancy building that I believe was the a light rail station. I live in Aurora and the commute is really shitty.

vault13rev 1 point

Geez, you're basically just commuting across the whole metro area.

SeaZero 1 point

Yeah :( Unfortunately we found an apartment before we found work 😣 My wife works in Englewood and we share a car 😂😂😂

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SeaZero 2 points

Do what I'm already doing.

throwaway040501 2 points

I mean, yeah. After reading another post that someone had linked about what to do with large amounts of winnings, I'd follow some of that for the whole 'setup for the future' type thing. Only immediate change I could think of would be updating my current situation. Namely a vehicle from 00/ early 10s just to avoid anyone pestering me about having a brand new vehicle. As much as I'm friends with my current roommates, they don't have to know about my now flush accounts or higher monthly gains, they just have to assume I got lucky with a few deals on things I'd want to get. Won't even pay more to rent most likely either, because above reason that they don't need to know about changes.

SeaZero 1 point

Me and my wife are moving out of state tomorrow, and if we won money, we're still getting out of where we are lmao. I'd by get a decent small house and a second car since my wife and I share one but other than that, invest it.

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