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MegaRAID01 10 points

In either your personal or professional opinion, do you think SPD should hire more officers?

I know SPD is hiring more officers, but I still feel like this city is pretty underpoliced considering the large population increase the city has experienced in the last 10 years. It feels like the Police are being stretched thin, while being asked to play a larger societal role every day.

I understand if you can't answer this, but I was hoping you might be able to give a personal opinion on it.

Seattle_PD 9 points

In my personal and professional opinion, I do think the city should hire more officers. The Department thinks this too and is actively hiring and training more officers. 911 is too! We need more of both. If you're interested,!

spoiled__princess 7 points

What was your favorite call of your career? Have you ever helped deliver a baby?

Seattle_PD 25 points

I haven't delivered a baby. We don't do medical dispatching. We transfer you to SFD for that. As for my favorite call. There are a bunch. There are good ones and bad ones, but I'll choose a funny one today. A woman called to report a UFO. Not uncommon actually. She was very rational sounding and even said, "I know this sounds crazy but..." Anyway, officers responded. Turns out she just saw the moon. When I called her back to inform her of our discovery, her response was, "well, I've never seen it on that side of the street before!"

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Freicorpse1099 -2 points

Thanks you, I think you have a really good program.

Seattle_PD 4 points


Jackmode 3 points

CRU is a resource for patrol officers, so we respond out to assist on in-progress calls as needed.

Follow-up question: Why not make it protocol for CRU to accompany patrol officers on any crisis call? I'm assuming finite resources prevent this, but it seems like a strategy that could reduce harm/save lives.

Seattle_PD 8 points

All the CRU officers have about 140 hours worth of training, plus we attend annual conferences/informational sessions. Everyone in the department receives some degree of crisis training, but to specialize in crisis intervention, an officer would have spend a great deal of time off the street and in training.

CRU only has 1 sergeant, 5 officers and 1 mental health professional covering the whole city, and we'd always be happy to have more resources. Separately, we do have a wait-list due to the high numbers of officers interested in voluntarily becoming Crisis Intervention Training-certified.

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mportz 3 points

How many juveniles do you rescue in a year?

What happens to juveniles that have been trafficked from overseas?

Does the SPD work directly with foreign governments?

Does SPD work with ICE at all to track down and arrest human traffickers?

Seattle_PD 7 points

We work with anyone who will help us recover girls from the nightmare of prostitution. As far as the numbers and whats considered a rescue that is hard to tell you. It is unfortunatley very common to find a girl and then she will be back working again a few days later

mportz 2 points

We work with anyone who will help us recover girls from the nightmare of prostitution.

Does that mean you do work with ICE? What law enforcement agencies do you work with the most? Is there any additional cooperation between yourself and anyone else that would assist your work?

Does that mean you do work with foreign governments? How does that work? If you rescue a juvenile trafficked here from Asia, what is the process like?

How often do you reach out to motels, hotels, apartment managers, etc on what to look for? Do you work with those type of people to try and alert you to possible trafficking?

I appreciate your response and everything you do for the community and those you rescue.

Seattle_PD 3 points

HSI (not ICE) , local PDs, FBI DSHS CPS , out of state agencies are quite common. We do work with hotels and give trainings to managers on what to look for. So hotels are better then others as far as looking for possible trafficking and working with us.

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Seattle_PD commented on a post in r/Seattle
Spiffinit 10 points

Can u/Seattle_PD shed light on this?

Seattle_PD 5 points

Hey folks, was off-line for a long weekend. Without knowing a bit more about the circumstances (or even the hotel) it's hard to shed any more light on what happened here. The response, as described above, would be unusual. Possession of a fake ID and narcotics are both felonies. If OP wants to DM some additional info (most importantly when/where this happened), i'd be happy to look into it further.

JohnDanielsWhiskey 5 points

Why are known drug houses allowed to stay in operation? It almost seems like they have a get out of jail free card or something with the lack of enforcement.

Seattle_PD 5 points

It is important to keep in the mind the importance of reporting. We cannot work to address an issue, unless we are aware of it.

I would encourage you to report suspicious activity you are seeing via the many avenues available- 911, online, and the SPD non-emergency number.

MegaRAID01 5 points

Has SPD considered the use of bait cars as a vehicle theft deterrent? Seems like pre-transponder/chip key vehicles get stolen extremely frequently in this city.

Seattle_PD 4 points

We have attempted to use bait cars in the past, without much success.

However, when it comes to motor vehicle theft- for the majority of 2017- we saw a decrease in incidents, as compared to last year. Please feel free to take a look at our website, to look at crime statistics for your neighborhood, your precinct and the city as a whole-

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Seattle_PD commented on a post in r/Seattle
Hawks777 25 points

Paging /u/Seattle_PD. I am sure you are aware of this, but if not this information is worth checking out. I have seen dozens of bikes heading to this area on my daily commute. I have even seen (and nearly hit) people on bikes crossing the I5 entrance ramp I use to get to the Madison st./James st. exit off of I5 north. Thank you original op for recording this and posting the location.

Seattle_PD 6 points

Thanks. These can be complicated to pursue but I've passed on to the South Precinct.

defiancecp 3 points

/u/Seattle_PD - you do know what the last "a" in "AMA" means, right?

It means you don't ignore the most upvoted question (or any question, but it's especially glaring when it's the most upvoted) simply on the basis of it being an uncomfortable question. That's considered shitty and antithetical to the foundational idea of an AMA. If you aren't willing to answer any non-troll question you're handed, then you're not ready to be the subject of an "AMA".

/u/rattus and other mods, can we not give them stickied AMA threads to support their internal PR efforts if they won't even abide by reddiquette on them?

Seattle_PD 4 points

Feedback noted. To be frank, we're bringing in folks who have little to no (mostly no) experience with Reddit and it's structure, best practices, etc, let alone writing/posting for an audience on the clock. I provide some guidance along the way, but try to leave it up to them. Still, I'll absolutely keep this in mind in the future. The goal here, rather than a PR effort, is to provide greater access to subject matter experts doing interesting/hard/weird work in SPD. We're not just here for softballs, which is why we've had folks come in and talk about bike theft, property crime and the 100 duck sized horses/1 horse sized duck conundrum.

There are always going to be things that don't really fall within the purview of the person guesting for the AMA, but I'll do my best to make sure we're making the most of these conversations -Jonah

defiancecp 3 points

Thanks for the response. In the future if there's a question that's getting huge traction but isn't something that can be answered in that context, it's probably helpful just to explain that - otherwise it very much creates the impression of a PR effort and a hunt for softballs.

But it seems strange that a domestic violence sergeant wouldn't be the best to answer a question about how the department is working to reduce dv issues among officers; if they wouldn't know, who would?

Seattle_PD 3 points

Fair enough.

And things related to officer (and their families') wellness would typically fall under the purview of our Peer Support team, rather than a section of our Investigations Bureau.

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Seattle_PD commented on a post in r/Seattle
rnoyfb 3 points

No, I was telling the police what I knew about a burglary that happened when I was traveling and and the burglar/neighbor butted in and admitted she had done it. The police just left and haven't responded to any requests for follow-up. The burglar has made no effort to hide what she did.

Seattle_PD 22 points

Happy to check on your case's status if you'd like to PM your case #

Seattle_PD commented on a post in r/Seattle
TheRealBramtyr 5 points

Some dude was pointing a shotgun at people. I'm trying to find an article related to it.

Edit: SPD confirmed below.

Seattle_PD 9 points

Not aware of any articles on it but can confirm we arrested an 18-year-old man for several firearms violations.

Seattle_PD commented on a post in r/SeattleWA
[deleted] 20 points

/u/seattle_pd is this true?

Seattle_PD 25 points

We do indeed investigate cases related to package theft. It should be noted, however, that many mail/package theft cases fall under the purview of the US Postal Service, and are forwarded to them for investigation.

exodus28 -1 points

can confirm - SPD account only shows up for useless PR puff posts

Seattle_PD 30 points

Not true.

Seattle_PD commented on a post in r/SeattleWA
renownbrewer 1 point

As the parent of a special needs child, someone who has worked with special needs people, and as someone who follows current events, NEVER, EVER call the police.

Law enforcement is untrained and completely ill-prepared to deal with people who suffer from mental development and psychological issues, and calling the police is likely to get them killed.

/u/Seattle_pd can correct me if I'm wrong but I believe that alll SPD officers have basic awareness training on dealing with people with developmental delays or mental health issues and a huge number have completed the 40 hour crisis intervention course. I'd think that given all the focus on appropriate use of force following the DOJ consent decree Seattle is probably a safer than typical place to have the police involved in crisis response.

Seattle_PD 2 points

Correct. All of our officers receive training in these areas. The department also has teams of officers and mental health professionals who receive additional training and specialize in crisis intervention.

Seattle_PD commented on a post in r/SeattleWA
KidGodzirra 12 points

OMG! That is pretty intense.

The license plate was not enough?! What more did they need?

Seattle_PD 5 points

This can actually be a tricky thing as the car and plate doesn't necessarily prove who was driving.

ChefJoe98136 2 points

So that's why people who get in accidents, often at night, just take off running and leave their vehicle behind.

"Oh, it was stolen, I just hadn't gotten around to filing a report yet."

Seattle_PD 3 points

That is a thing people do sometimes. That said, good info from witnesses, a quick call to 911, etc can still lead to an arrest.

sleestakarmy 18 points

Party on Garth!

Seattle_PD 30 points

Party on Wayne

hellofellowstudents 9 points

Man what if they were just hungry. Don't judge.

Seattle_PD 14 points

Yes the food is very good and is a big draw.

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Seattle_PD commented on a post in r/Seattle
Raladic 17 points
Seattle_PD 2 points

Hi. If you believe you were improperly cited you can appeal the citation.This is a Seattle Department of Transportation Program, and one I know they are or have reviewed, so I'd encourage anyone who has concerns about the timing of sign placement to contact them and provide feedback.

[deleted] 1 point


Seattle_PD 1 point

As I mentioned, SDOT's reviewing their program. I've also dealt with cases as they've come up here. Totally understand the confusion and concern, especially given the volume of construction going on in the city.

Seattle_PD commented on a post in r/SeattleWA
NotLurk1ng 7 points

Maybe /u/Seattle_PD or someone from this org can do an AMA here, educating us about the subject, what we should be looking out for, how we can help?

Seattle_PD 3 points
flukz -8 points

Sixteen plus three is nineteen. What nefarious work did Rolf do for spd for three years?

Seattle_PD 7 points

Three + years in patrol.

Kikister 1 point

Zac Efron is going to play Ted Bundy in the film. What are your thoughts on a movie and Zac playing Bundy?

Seattle_PD 20 points

I wish that Bundy's victims would get more attention than Bundy himself.

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Seattle_PD commented on a post in r/Seattle
Mechatronic_Wizard 20 points

Maybe Seattle_PD can help you with this?

Seattle_PD 223 points

Spraying people with any liquid could potentially lead to an assault arrest.

Wearing any kind of makeup, clown or otherwise, is not inherently against the law.

While you're in town, we'd highly recommend the Pacific Science Center if you have any interest in magnets and, specifically, how they work.

Seattle_PD 11 points

Thanks for the gold!

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Seattle_PD commented on a post in r/SeattleWA
meaniereddit 1 point

I call BS hey /u/Seattle_PD why does this only apply to the admiral neighborhood and not the rest of the city, helmet cams, dash cams or other types of civilian reporting?

Is this a official shift in policy?

Seattle_PD 8 points

Not that I'm aware of. Not sure if there's a miscommunication here, but my understanding is (as is mentioned downthread) violations must be witnessed by an officer or a traffic camera. I'll check into this when back in the office tomorrow.

Seattle_PD 2 points

Confirmed: looks like there was a misunderstanding. Officers need to visibly see the violation to write a citation.

Seattle_PD commented on a post in r/SeattleWA
alejo699 9 points

That took longer than I thought it would, considering the quality of the photo and the fact that the license plate is clearly displayed. Wouldn't you think this would be fairly high priority?

Seattle_PD 2 points

Police investigations are rarely as simple as they appear on TV. Running down tips and leads (sometimes to other jurisdictions), talking to witnesses--who may not always be immediately available to speak to detectives--and identifying suspects all take time. It's also almost universally the case that detectives are juggling multiple cases at once as well.

alejo699 0 points

Running a license plate takes less than a minute.

Seattle_PD 2 points

Indeed. However, sometimes vehicles associated with crimes aren't properly registered. So, after identifying a possible suspect and running down that lead, things take a turn and head off in a completely different direction.

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