Summary of Dev Diaries and changes coming in Stellaris 2.0 Cherryh by danny_b87 in Stellaris

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Right click in steam, go to “properties”, browse the tabs until you see one of them that says “game version” and use the drop down to keep it on the one before 2.0.

Or disable “automatically update this game.”

If I was in your position I would give it a shot the new way first, just to see if it’s as bad as I thought it was.

I think the changes have a lot of potential.

An Israeli military judge has ordered the Palestinian teenager Ahed Tamimi to be held in custody during her trial, possibly for months, despite calls from rights groups for her release. Human rights groups have criticized the minor’s continued detention, while the EU has expressed concern by AssuredlyAThrowAway in worldnews

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I agree that its admirable how the soldiers shared restraint. I’m not sure an Iraqi would get away with slapping a US soldier either. But still, I have no sympathy for Israel here. This happened in the West Bank, on their property. There’s no nation on earth that would accept an occupation force peacefully. How can we expect them not to show resistance when anyone would do the same if their neighbourhood was being patrolled by foreign (and uninvited) soldiers?

Remind me again about the German and Japanese terrorists who suicide bombed after World War Two?

Toyota concedes, reveals plans to launch first cars with Apple CarPlay by Vulcan93 in apple

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... I guess different manufacturers implement it differently?

I don’t believe manufacturers have the option to implement certain things differently. The experience, while slightly different between manufactures (touchscreen, knobs, etc.), should be pretty uniform.

My experience with it is that it basically locks up my phone (screen completely locked out) without asking for permission once plugged in. The car I had also only had data USB ports.

You must always give permission for CarPlay, either by pressing “allow once“ or “allow always”.

no manufacturers, to my knowledge, use CarPlay on multiple USB ports. It could pose issues if multiple people wanted to charge their phones.

Which manufactures have you had experience with? Have you tried hitting the home button on the gray CarPlay screen? That is not something the manufacturer should have the ability to alter.

Toyota concedes, reveals plans to launch first cars with Apple CarPlay by Vulcan93 in apple

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... that’s not how CarPlay works?

You can still use google maps, it just doesn’t show on the dash, and you can plug your phone in without using CarPlay at all, if you’d like. Just click “no” to CarPlay or use one of the non-data USBs, since most cars have 2 or more at this point.

[Star Wars] Given enough time, could Vader have grown so powerful in the darkside to no longer require his suit? by fuckitidunno in AskScienceFiction

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Could and Would are two very different things.

In Legends, there was at least one Sith who were strong enough to keep himself alive through sheer force of will in a necrotic body.

In Legends, Darth Sion had such a mastery over this skill that he literally was not killed, he let himself die:

Sion needed hatred to hold onto his power; he grew threatened when his feelings for Surik seemed to diminish this and erode his ability to hold onto life. Ultimately, she would convince him to give up his hatred and, in doing so, submit to death.[2] The Sith Lord was glad when he could finally lay down his life.[1]

In Canon, I'm not certain.

[General] How strong gravitation do I need to keep air around me? by LordEmperror in AskScienceFiction

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There are other factors.

The Earth doesn't have a hull because it's deep. It's about 300 miles/480km thick, and with that there is still a non-negligible (on geologic timescales) atmospheric escape, caused by everything from heat to solar wind.

If you punch a hole in your ship at you use artificial gravity without any sort of field then you're going to quickly lose atmosphere, very quickly. At about the speed of sound, actually.

I recommend putting something over the hole or just sealing the compartment ASAP.

[Star Wars] Could clone troopers vote? by colorfulpony in AskScienceFiction

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Is the Republic Commando series Canon or Legends? I'm not discounting the quotes relevance, by any means, I just don't remember/know, and wookiepedia doesn't say.

I'm inclined to believe that even though there are laws about how you can treat sentient individuals, the Senate probably doesn't have enfranchisement laws.

It's not any one thing that makes me believe that, but just a general feeling I get.

[Star Wars] Could clone troopers vote? by colorfulpony in AskScienceFiction

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I would assume some planets' citizens vote for their representatives,

Sure, some of the planets might, but none of the direct evidence we have indicates this. I think the only evidence we do have about Senators being selected is JarJar being unilaterally appointed to replace Palpy.

It's entirely possible that the Senate operates like the US Senate Pre-17th amendment. In fact, it'd surprise me a little if it didn't.

For those not in the know, before the 17th amendment Senators were elected by the individual states legislatures (that could be rephrased as appointed by the governing legislature). After the 17th Amendment, Senators have been directly elected via popular vote within the state in question.

although each planets' voting rights probably differ wildly.

I'm not even sure they that's a requirement of the Republic. Some companies have representation, and some species might not even have a view of universal suffrage like post enlightenment Western humanity.

I expect that there is some form of voter registration, and that Clones probably can't register as long as they are active duty. Plus they aren't permanent residents of any system (and its clear that the Kaminoans treat them as property).

I'm not even sure there is. I mean, I'm sure planets like Naboo hold elections (they elect their monarch). But is it a universal suffrage election, or is it an aristocracy? We're pretty well aware that the Gungan's don't vote... but is that because they don't want to interact with galactic culture, or because they live on a Gungan reservation?

I think Naboo is probably one of the more pleasant planets. No enforce segregation, not a reservation, etc. But is that canon?

[Star Wars] Could clone troopers vote? by colorfulpony in AskScienceFiction

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Vote in what?

They couldn't vote in The Republic, because no individuals (or almost no individuals) can.

"The Republic" isn't a one man (sentient?) one vote democracy, it's a federation of worlds who abide by certain basic principles.

It's never actually specified how the voting in the Star Wars universe, but I don't believe there's a "lower house" that represents the citizens directly in it. I believe The Republic is a unicameral, where the only representative body, the Senate, is composed of worlds (and companies).

It also doesn't appear that worlds are really required to be representative democracies.

Second iPhone battery fire in two days affects Spanish Apple store by [deleted] in worldnews

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Apple's Calle Colon store in Valencia, Spain was evacuated on Wednesday after an iPhone's battery exploded during repair, filling one floor of the building with smoke.

What happened, if anyone is curious, is that during the repair process they either shorted the positive/negative (unlikely) or accidentally punctured the battery itself (likely).

Apple uses soft batteries that are pretty easy to deform or pierce. Piercing a Li-Ion battery results in smoke and fire. It's unpleasant and toxic, but not generally lethal unless you're trapped in a small room with it.

Are the Borg and Dominion aware of each other? by Archontor in DaystromInstitute

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They know about each other. They have to.

The Founders themselves are likely immune to assimilation, and the Borg most likely aren’t interested in the Dominion. The Borg aren’t about numbers. They are about technology and the species who created it.

Isn’t there a storyline where the borg hate/try to destroy anything they can’t assimilate?

If they know about each other I have to imagine they’re just biding their time until they can attack. A sort of Cold War, unless the Founders have somehow come to an understanding with the borg, which I find unlikely.

Turkey warns citizens against travel to US due to "terrorist attacks" and "arbitrary arrests" by earthw0rm in worldnews

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Chart is for the developed world. I would guess whoever did this chart doesn’t consider Mexico part of the developed world

Then why is Chile on it?

I think you’re kissing the obvious answer, which is that the inclusion of Mexico undermines the ideological message the chart is trying to push, especially since it appears they include firearm suicides in there homicide statistics.

Turkey warns citizens against travel to US due to "terrorist attacks" and "arbitrary arrests" by earthw0rm in worldnews

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So you mean there’re No Go Zones in Chicago and DC?

I don’t know what a “no go zone“ is, I mean, I understand what the words are but in this context I don’t understand its application.

There are definitely part of DC I would avoid, and I’ve lived in DC.

Turkey warns citizens against travel to US due to "terrorist attacks" and "arbitrary arrests" by earthw0rm in worldnews

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You realize that exactly what you said applies to turkey as well? Vast majority of the country is completely safe for travellers, just like US is.

Of course I do. I wouldn’t mind traveling to Turkey.

I’m wondering if you realize that this thread is about Turkish Citizens traveling to the United States, not the other way around?

Turkey warns citizens against travel to US due to "terrorist attacks" and "arbitrary arrests" by earthw0rm in worldnews

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Chicago has relatively low murder rate compared to some other cities like baltimore and St. Louis

You’re 100% correct. Baltimore would have been a far better city to choose as an illustrative point.

Turkey warns citizens against travel to US due to "terrorist attacks" and "arbitrary arrests" by earthw0rm in worldnews

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Since when does terrorism require a political ideology?

Since forever?

Terrorism is the use of terror tactics in pursuit of political goals.

And which political ideologies are to be labeled “terrorist” and which are not?

It’s not about which ideology, it’s about what tactics are used in pursuit of them.

The targeting of civilians is generally considered terrorism, the targeting of militaries by non military personnel, in contravention of the Geneva conventions, is often considered terrorism.

Get your head out of your ass. The purpose of a mass shooting is to cause mass panic and... wait for it... TERROR. If that is your goal, you are a fucking terrorist... no political ideology needed.

Not according to most dictionaries. For example, googling “definition of terrorism” results in this:

the unlawful use of violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims.

Emphasis added.

Turkey warns citizens against travel to US due to "terrorist attacks" and "arbitrary arrests" by earthw0rm in worldnews

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How many mass-shootings were they last year?

Depends on how you define the term. But that's one of the tricks of coloring the debate with emotion rather than statistics.

You talk about "mass shootings" as if they're terrorist attacks and then include multiple homicides, gang shootings, etc.

From wikipedia:

Shooting Tracker and Mass Shooting Tracker, the two sites that the media have been citing, have been criticized for using a criterion much more inclusive than that used by the government—they count four victims injured as a mass shooting—thus producing much higher figures.[20][21]

But, to answer your question:

The United States has more mass shootings than any other country.[2][3][4][5] A mass shooting is usually defined as a shooting resulting in at least four victims, excluding the perpetrator.[6] When the definition is restricted to four or more people dead, data shows 146 mass shootings between 1967 and 2017, with an average of eight people dead including the perpetrator.[7] The perpetrator generally either commits suicide or surrenders when confronted by armed individuals, be they law enforcement or, occasionally, armed citizens.[7]

There were 146 mass shootings between 1967 and 2017. So... between 1 and 145. According to the little graphic on the right hand side at the top of the wiki page, ~60 were committed in 2016. Assuming that held true for 2017, about 60, I guess?

Assuming that they had the average of 8 deaths per shooting, that comes out to right around 500 dead. So... less than die in car crashes weekly in the USA.

Less than die in non-boat related drowning deaths (by an order of magnitude). About the same as die in boat related accidents.

Like I said, statistically insignificant.

Turkey warns citizens against travel to US due to "terrorist attacks" and "arbitrary arrests" by earthw0rm in worldnews

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He's referring to mass shootings which are basically terrorist attacks.

Which are barely a blip on the statistical radar for how you're likely to die. So in that case he's outright wrong.

Turkey warns citizens against travel to US due to "terrorist attacks" and "arbitrary arrests" by earthw0rm in worldnews

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Gun deaths in America are literally off the charts


Do you particularly care whether you're killed by being shot or stabbed? Is it that big of a deal how you die?

(Your statistic also appears to include firearm related suicides, for what it's worth, but it's difficult to tell because it doesn't include year or sourcing, except to note it excludes mexico... I wonder why?)

Turkey warns citizens against travel to US due to "terrorist attacks" and "arbitrary arrests" by earthw0rm in worldnews

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Comparisons to Turkey aside, they aren't really inaccurate in their claims.

Yes, they really are.

Just because we don't call all our domestic shootings terrorism doesn't mean they're not concerning.

The US murder rate isn't great, but it's also not off the charts. It's 4.88 versus Turkeys 4.30 (with Turkey's reported rates being somewhat questionable, IIRC), with the United States' murders heavily clustered in a few cities (not just raw numbers, but per capita, DC, Chicago and a few others).

If you're visiting the Grand Canyon, avoid the wrong quadrant of DC, stick to the touristy parts of Chicago, etc your micromorts will be lower in the USA than they are in Turkey.

Millennials watching Friends on Netflix shocked at how problematic it is by opkyei in worldnews

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Not to mention Monica (played by Courtney Cox) was never allowed to forget she was once overweight - there's even an episode where Joey Tribbiani (played by LeBlanc) yells, "Some girl ate Monica!"

I laughed just reading this part. Yes it's mean, but it's also funny.

Sometimes funny things are mean. Sometimes people put mean things on TV, because they're funny.

Sort list of other shit people apparently complain about:

  • Rachel hiring a cute guy as an assistant

This was probably originally pitched a Chandler hiring a cute girl, but was a lot better because she did it.

  • Chandler was paranoid about being perceived as gay

Yeah, guys who are looking to date women prefer to be perceived as heterosexual, woah dude.

  • Chandler made fun of his cross dressing dad

I don't remember this. But shit happens and I make fun of my family for less.

  • Joey was a creep

Was he, though? Or was he just a generic and moderately successful single guy trying to get laid? I mean, he went "How you doin'?" not fully Cosby.

  • Ross didn't want male nanny / asked the guy if he was gay

I know plenty of people today who want only female nannies.

  • Monica + her dad's buddy had a relationship with an age gap in light of the #metoo movement

Wtf is every relationship with an age difference now a #metoo thing? fuck right off please.

I read the article, but I felt dumber for it.