Flags of the Finnish Air Force commands in the presidential palace on the 100th anniversary of the FAF. by Gentsus in vexillology

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Change is always forced on someone, though, in large enough groups.

You have to make the decision as to whether or not changing the flag make sense, on its own, and then deal with peoples opinions of that separately.

That means if you think it's worth it to keep potentially troublesome imagery on your flag that might remind people of naziism, and your countries historical links to it, even if they aren't actually related as a result of the symbol used but other things, then you have to explain that to people when it comes up, and deal with that.

It also means if you want to substitute that imagery for something else, you're going to have to explain to people who object why it's important.

You aren't going to please everyone, and you're going to acknowledge that which ever choice you go with, someone is forced. Whether it's forced to have themselves represented by a symbol they dislike or forced to roll with a change they dislike. Someone's going to get forced.

In 1.2 there's an option to automatically collapse top-level AutoModerator comments. Should the default be to have this enabled, or disabled? Discuss. by iamthatis in apolloapp

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As always, it’s great to have such an active developer involved in the community. I know it’s a one man show, but it’s still awesome.

Thanks for your consideration. Feasibility wasn’t really part of my thought process, but I can see how that’d be tricky (rather, I can take your word on it).

In 1.2 there's an option to automatically collapse top-level AutoModerator comments. Should the default be to have this enabled, or disabled? Discuss. by iamthatis in apolloapp

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I’m of two minds.

Mind one: I moderate a huge sub (formerly ‘default’ - eli5) that doesn’t use auto mod to leave these types of comments currently, but I absolutely see the value in them and I completely get why some subs have them, especially for “hot” posts that make it to the front page if they’re a smaller sub that doesn’t get front paged as frequently.

I almost think that hiding them does a disservice to the moderation teams of those to hide those comments, except...

Mind two: the users who are going to see and know about this option are the type who are likely to see and know about the rules already. So I do think this should be on a per sub, or even per auto mod message in each sub basis.

This is a little like ad block in a lot of ways, except for you’re essentially adding a permanent “dismiss” button. So my suggestion would be to treat it that way. Maybe even implement it in that fashion, so you enable the feature (or have the feature enabled by default) and then dismiss each auto mod post.

EDC: Want to be Mall Ninja by drqxx in EDC

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They’re illegal to import for civilian use or resale.

They’re legal for police and military order, and naturally when police order things some portion of it gets surplussed out over time.

When online shopping for expensive items, do a Google image search to find the best price. by pokingoking in Frugal

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check your shipping size and weight and confirm it's actually the same item and not an item using the same photo.

8 Lion Cubs Killed in Suspected Poison Attack by Mirrorflute88 in news

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Maybe, I dunno, keep your cattle out of their territory.

It's easy to say "keep your animals out of their territory," but these appear to be subsistence farming villages. If they can get a bit fatter cows at the expense of wildlife they're going to, and it's hard for me to begrudge them that.

These aren't people with high school and college degrees, they're subsistence farmers. I'm all for condemning their actions, and I'm for making sure they change in the future.

But it pays to have perspective on these issues, and understand that the way to prevent them in the future isn't condemning the villagers (at least, no exclusively), but understanding their motivations and reasons, and then striving to change the underlying equation that made them make the decision they did.

Maybe providing them with fenced enclosures, a decent road, and government (or international?) subsidized silage (which makes cows fatter than grass, right?) until they can afford it on their own.

Wildlife is a natural resource, and it belongs to everyone, not just the people who live next to it. So maybe the solution to protecting it is more complicated than just condemn/punish the people who live next to it, but as a community come together and incentivize the preservation, and dis-incentivize the destruction, of it.

Are there restaurants serving historical or ancient cuisines? by ichmusspinkle in AskCulinary

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Wasn't there a wild/semiwild tuber that was grown in South America that's still presumably very similar to it's ancient counterpart, because it's wild, and requires boiling to not be ridiculously poisonous unappetizing gruel, instead being just unappetizing gruel?

Maybe I'm judging it without having tried it, but the descriptors weren't great.

Would that be a meal that'd be the same as ancient meals?

A place for responses that aren’t explanations by Archer-Dude in IdeasForELI5

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This is a pretty common question, there's one a few down on the front page of this sub, here.

From that thread, we have here and here.

If you'd read through those threads, and let me know what you think of them, I'd appreciate it.

Do the admins give a crap about abuse of the report system? by code-sloth in ModSupport

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The other mods on the sub having issues have sent tickets as well and we've received no response for several days.

This is just standard operating procedure for the admins. It's even been the case for someone who claimed they were going to dox/in the process of doxxing someone.

My first space station that was put together by a space shuttle :') by MrEinsteen in KerbalSpaceProgram

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Is there an infernal robotics mod that makes controls more mangaeable?

I love KSP, but realized how much potential existed in mods, and then ragequit when I realized I wasn't dedicated enough to learn the complex intricacies of some of the more advanced ones.

Just realized something from the Season 2 intro. Mars has Auroras, meaning somebody restarted the planet's Magnetosphere. by SYLOH in TheExpanse

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Over the long long term, you can’t generate atmosphere forever. Terraforming is a billion-year kind of project.

There’s more than enough material to generate atmosphere for the next few billion years to offset losses to solar radiation until the sun expands to the point where mars would no longer by a serviceable environment anyway.

Replenishing a Martian atmospheric long term would be trivial if you had sufficient technology to create it in the first place, and take a relatively small amount of resources.

I recall reading something to the effect of the same is actually true of the moon, if you could set up a decently thick atmosphere on the moon it’d take a few million years before it was thin enough to no longer be habitable, and you could easily replenish it with occasional bombardment of ice laden outer solar system bodies.

‘He had no gun, no molotov’: Gaza families call for investigation into Israeli use of fatal force by afunnew in worldnews

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So we can agree your entire line of reasoning is sketchy at best, and this guy was involved in a violent interaction with a military force, so while it's sad that this guy (or anyone) died we can understand the situation and lead to it, right?

It's disingenuous to call what happened to this guy murder, considering the situation as a whole.

‘He had no gun, no molotov’: Gaza families call for investigation into Israeli use of fatal force by afunnew in worldnews

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Being in a mob of people hurling burning objects at you, and holding one of those as yet unlit objects (considered "ammunition" in combat parlance) qualifies you as an immediate danger.

What you're describing is at direct odds with the conclusions you're drawing.

‘He had no gun, no molotov’: Gaza families call for investigation into Israeli use of fatal force by afunnew in worldnews

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Rolling burning tires at people is endangering them.

By rolling flaming objects at people you are assaulting them and attempting to light them on fire. This is endangering them. You get that being lit on fire isn't good for someone, right?

South Africa's Winnie Mandela dies at 81 by ajehals in news

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Yup. Lots of those on Reddit lately.

They're not just on reddit.

Leftists, what's your favourite right-wing policy? Rightists, what's your favourite of the left? by pjr10th in AskReddit

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There's a concept of the monopoly on violence which states, generally, that only the government should have the capacity to inflict harm and/or kill.

That is not what the monopoly on violence is. From the first paragraph of that wikipedia article, a direct quote:

"only human Gemeinschaft which lays claim to the monopoly on the legitimated use of physical force. However, this monopoly is limited to a certain geographical area, and in fact this limitation to a particular area is one of the things that defines a state."

That is to say, the capacity to inflict violence does not need to be restricted according to the monopoly on violence, that's an expansion (whether intentional or not) of the principle.

The principle is only about the legitimized use of force. The capacity to use force can easily remain unrestricted.

South Africa's Winnie Mandela dies at 81 by ajehals in news

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I know they didn’t actually have a civil war. I just think that it would have been justified if they did, and thus calling Nelson Mandela a terrorist on account of his earlier beliefs (a common sentiment on this site) is wrong. He had casus belli and he gave it up.

You're conflating Nation-Station principles (just war, casus belli, etc) with individual morality and social revolution. It's difficult to discuss things with someone who doesn't confine themselves to traditional logic, and attempts to seek justification for things.

I think that’s a noble thing but others continue to spit on the man’s name.

Being non-violent is noble. But that's not what we're talking about. You're shifting the goal posts from "people allways seen to give Apartheid every excuse" (which is the point I was arguing against) to "people are too mean to a heroic figure."

And for the record “fighting” can mean a lot of things. They did fight, even if it wasn’t a war.

Of course it can. But when used in the context of "Black South Africa, and... the government they were fighting," the implication appears to be intergovernmental military engagement or insurgency rather than social revolution. Like I said:

Referring to it this way incorrectly and unintentionally furthers the idea of "Black" v "White" south africa.

And doing so subtly and unintentionally re-enforces the very ideas I should think you'd be opposed to (racial stratification and isolation).

South Africa's Winnie Mandela dies at 81 by ajehals in news

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TIL, New, Uncensored news, etc. Every time something goes wrong in SA, the comments are full of "Apartheid was better!" apologists.

Wait, you're saying the subreddit specifically banned for being racist had racist content?

Color me surprised.

I would say that any post (especially one arguing for systematic racism) in a subreddit banned for racism, with things like this, probably falls under "I saw racists arguing for it" header.

Uncensored News had white nationalist imagery in its header for ages.

South Africa's Winnie Mandela dies at 81 by ajehals in news

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I hear so many bad things about Black SA on Reddit, and rarely anything about the government they were fighting.

You hear bad things about modern South Africa because modern South Africa is a bit of a shitty country. Anyone who takes the logical leap from "Post apartheid SA is bad, therefore Pre apartheid SA must have been good" is dumb, racist, or hasn't thought through their position. Or some combination thereof.

It's honestly not massively surprising when you significantly change the social and political structure of a country (from oppressing massive swaths of people to enfranchising them with equal rights) that there's social, political and economic turmoil.

For the record, modern South Africa (what you incorrectly refer to as "black SA") did not fight pre-apartheid South Africa, it was not a civil war. Referring to it this way incorrectly and unintentionally furthers the idea of "Black" v "White" south africa.

No, it was "Apartheid/Racist South Africa" undergoing significant reforms to become "Struggling but trying to be inclusive South Africa". It seems like a subtle difference, but it's massively important.

Gyro on a horizontal rotisserie by StillEpileptic in AskCulinary

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Dude. You're telling me I get to have my face in my own gyro poster??? I love this world.


Don't be afraid to take stuff apart. A Phillips head screwdriver, thirty minutes, and $7.65+tax saved me close to $2,000. by alitanveer in Frugal

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Please read this entire thing before you think I'm condemning, you, I'm not. But that said.. I don't recommend disassembling any of the following:

  • Microwave

  • Power Supply Unit (found inside of your PC tower)

  • CRT Monitors

  • Any device with a capacitor in it

unless you're experienced and educated in applied electrical.... stuff.

These devices do not become safe by being unplugged! They have enough power in them to kill a human being if you do something, potentially even long after being taken apart.

I'm glad this worked out for you, but please google the device you're looking to disassemble, not just because the instructions could make you more successful but also because there are legitimate dangers to disassembling some devices.

South Africa's Winnie Mandela dies at 81 by ajehals in news

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It is, but people allways seen to give Apartheid every excuse, whilst having the highest of standards for the ANC.

I (literally) don't think I've seen anyone but racist justify/give excuse to the SA apartheid system.

Gyro on a horizontal rotisserie by StillEpileptic in AskCulinary

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Kronos posters still hang in a lot of restaurants.

They're not all girls eating gyros anymore, but they're sometimes just gyro's. But they're still girls sometime.

http://kronosfoodscorp.com/business-solutions/operator-solutions-from-kronos/kronos-marketing-pos-program/ ctrl f "Gyros Girl Poster"

You can even make them with yourself if you're a kronos distributor vendor. (Edit: I initially said distributor, but that's not what I meant. my bad.)

How about letting questions that violate certain rules live for 8 hours or so? by thespyguy in IdeasForELI5

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I'm curious, what is the purpose of the sub other to answer questions about difficult to understand concepts in simple, easy to understand explanations?

I'm just not sure what i'm missing.

It's not about missing so much as context. There are a lot of answer subreddits, subs like /r/nostupidquestions, /r/answers, etc. We want other subs to thrive, it's not just about making sure eli5 has a niche that doesn't become generalize dumping ground so the users can enjoy a quality subreddit (although that's a huge part!), it's also about making sure eli5 doesn't suck up all of the fuel (questions) that could be better suited in another subreddit, it's good for reddit as a whole!

What eli5 is for is about getting an explanation; rather than an answer, "A circle," is an answer, "A shape with equal distance to a centerpoint, in order to spread the forces put onto it equally, and therefore has no single weak point to break," is an explanation.

So if you ask "What shape do I use?" versus "Why do I use what shape?" your question will be appropriate for a different subreddit.

This seems like nitpicking, but if we have a rule about what types of responses are acceptable in the subreddit we also have to enforce what types of questions are acceptable, or we end up with entirely valid answers to the question "What shape do I use?" being removed for answering the question because the sub itself is about elaborated explanations.

I hope this helps. If it doesn't, let me know.