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Gentleman_Kendama 14 points

Yes, you can! And if you roll a D6 it will give a random stat boost +1 for one round. He creates three a day, and it’s a free action since they are so small. (Yes, I gave her a sheet for enchanted hamster jellybean poop.)

Zirq starts rolling dice, and then attacks... backstabbing the creature with a questioningly high roll.

Zirq: She gave me a note to eat all the jellybeans. My Strength and Dexterity are both over 50.

MFW it's like eating from the Tree of Might.

So, if I got this right, there are 6 total ability scores (represented by the 1d6), and each time you roll (up to three times per day) you get a +1 bonus to that stat (for a maximum of 3 per day). HOWEVER, Dana saved all of the "Jelly Bean Poops" to get both the Strength & Dexterity Scores to be above 50 points. Hmm...okay so hypothetically, if Zirq's Stats were 20 and 20 base level, then Dana would've saved about 20 days' worth of Jelly Beans right?

3 Beans per day * 20 days = 60 Beans

60/2 (Stats: Strength & Dex) = 30 apiece

To get to at least 50. Must've been a long adventure!

Selben 22 points

Yes, we played two to three times a week from the end of November to the end of December a few years back. I thought it was odd when I would say;

DM: You travel for several days and...

Dana: How many days?!

DM: Uh, three!

Dana scratches down notes.

samwhetty 23 points

Wait, doesn't he only create 3 beans per day? You said that, if I'm not mistaken.

Selben 37 points

Sorry, the adventurers were in candyland for several weeks

Tuuulllyyy 3 points

Just finished the book! When can I expect part 2?

Selben 2 points

Work in progress ;)

warpspeedSCP 3 points

Bad bot. That's not a haiku...

Selben 3 points

The way it would have been spoken by mouth would end up making it into a Haiku actually (Sort of...). It was broken down incorrectly by the bot, but I can see where it spotted the Haiku -- 'I found a copy... Under the Christmas Tree just... Finished Reading it.' If you speak like William Shatner it makes more sense ;)

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Erybc 2 points

Why has no one asked the obvious question? What magical cheese making powers does your IT freezer have that Snickers' home freezer does not?

Selben 2 points

$Snickers had left it for me, and did what any rational paranoid new cheese maker would do - stick it in the freezer

Cyborg_Ninja_Cat 3 points

So why was the cheese in the freezer?

Selben 12 points

Snickers had it sitting in his pantry at home for over a month (Part of the process) - then he opened? it up to make sure there wasn't any penetrating mold... Put it in a vacuum sealed bag (Paranoid, new cook) - and for "good measure" put it in our IT freezer.

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ducktape8856 27 points

That's oddly cute. Earned his trust with 2 batteries -> "There's only one person on this goddamn planet who can properly restart a router!"

Selben 9 points

Was attempting to fall asleep... But did some mild browsing first... Noticed this... lol

Zeewulfeh 14 points

Did he?! I absolutely love the $Soda & $Selben stories.

Selben 18 points

I wouldn't call it a full time job yet! (The hours spent writing and editing may disagree)

However if you are passionate about it - go for it! Getting my first book published has been one of the best feelings ever!

I really started just writing to practice and improve my writing, the fact that people started calling for a book made me actually go through with it.

Deleted my shameless advertisement since its not my subreddit ;)

BatComputerSysAdmin 2 points

I'm interested in updates on your novel.

Selben 1 point

Its still got a long way to go, I ended up splitting it into three parts - I may make this into part of my January monthly update ;)

It is a bit different from what I normally write, it is fantasy based instead. It still has a ton of work left, I basically wrote a giant outline with some of the scenes filled in - just a super rough draft. (That's the point of Nano, to just write as much as you can.)

Look forward to some updates regarding this in January!

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