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7.9k points · 2 days ago

The current job position I hold is by no means an entry level. When I was hired, I had to go through a rigorous 6 week training program. The first two weeks though, our instructor is part of this program when someone with much lower credentials is allowed to teach initial training to the much more experienced class in order to eventually be given a job at the position we're all in training for (makes sense right?). Anyways anytime we had questions about anything, this instructor would say the words "You are all getting too far ahead, we're going to talk about this next week". It took about 2 days for us to figure out that our instructor did not know the material and had no business attempting to teach us.

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3.3k points · 2 days ago

This is alot more common than you think. I've had this happen to me 3 times.

Once met a "network engineer" who said. "IPv6? Nah, that's too advanced. Whoever can figure that out will be making millions."

In his defense 95% of what we do is ipv4. Sounds like he just didn't want to explain ipv6 and spouted nonesess because he knew he could get away with it.

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No. No. He was dead pan serious. He literally knew nothing about IPv6.

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3 points · 1 day ago

Nice! I studied Politics, History and IT. I’m studying Graphic and Web Design now. If it means anything I had to sit a foundation degree to get where I am at the minute. It helped me out a ton though, it’s a easier transition between A-Level and Uni.

My foundation degree gets me into second year instantly and placement year is optional so I’m still graduating in and around the same time as my friends.

I’m sure you’ll be grand tho! Good luck for your results I can remember how daunting the wait can be.

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I did a foundation degree myself. Highly recommend them. Especially if you're on the fence about going to university. Mine included work placement in 2nd year.

(Don't do a BTEC or HND. They suck IMO)

I use software called Anki. I make hundreds of flash cards and let Anki manage my memorization of them. They use a cool algorithm to manage the frequency of the cards. I used it for years.

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Anki is brilliant. Life changing even.

you dont know if you like networking until you learn it. so you might as well just learn it and then make your decision. you dont need to become a jedi before you decide its not for you.

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That wasn't my point at all.

OP has said he's had the book for a year. And only made 2/3 of the way through it. Maybe he isn't really enjoying reading the content. If that is the case he might try a different strategy to make the content more enjoyable.

More labs perhaps? Videos over books?

But if he is only studying this to get a better job that is only external motivation. Which isn't really all they great. He needs the internal motivation to want to get the certification.

you dont need to become a jedi before you decide its not for you.

Thats not relevant to my point at all.

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-18 points · 2 days ago

It was ugly from the start because its a 1911.

Original Poster11 points · 2 days ago


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On a more serious note. (my comment was in jest, just thought it would be funny to get more 1911 fans butt hurt. I'm just personally not a fan.)

What is the difference between a 1911 and 2011?

Line up the punch fuck?

Really don't know why you're getting downvoted for this one.

One of my largest clients is still in the transition phase from 'one-man show' to enterprise, or at least enterprise-adjacent. We've slowly boxed in their "senior programmer" (formerly "IT manager") so he stops doing stupid shit like buying used switches off eBay and just plugging them in with the old configs still on them. Now they have hired two more programmers and we're starting to make the first formalized division inside 'IT', by specifying the limits of what they do vs what we (MSP) do.

It's like pulling teeth, and in the first few weeks they've already asked me to: disable the firewall (for the entire server subnet), grant them full access to a protected HR share, install software that comes bundled with malware on their workstations, disable the firewall for everyone at their office, grant them local admin rights on their machines.... the on-site guy thinks these are all perfectly reasonable requests and keeps stoking the fires, telling them 'just ask $MSP, they'll do it'.

There's a big difference between 'fuck it, I'll just do X' and understanding your environment and boundaries.

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so he stops doing stupid shit like buying used switches off eBay and just plugging them in with the old configs still on them.

I don't understand how anyone can be that ignorant.

Being best friends with the CEO and never being told he was an idiot in his entire career will do that to you. He's never had the experience to see how absurd his decisions are and he has the arrogance to think he knows better. Fortunately the people who matter know better.

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Ah. Narcissism. The other kind of networking.

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The wrongness of this comment is operating on a number of levels.
Let's break it down, by the numbers:

It's not just hyperthreading

Hyper-Threading is available on Core i3, i5, i7 and i9 processors.

i3 example
i5 example

i7 has more cache (generally)

On average, and as a general statement, this is true.

some features (depending on the model) not enabled on i5:

  • VT-Pro

You wrote "VT-Pro" but you linked to "vPro".

vPro is not exclusive to i7 processors.

  • TSX-NI

TSX-NI is not exclusive to the i7 processor line either:

  • Stable Image Platform Program

The document you linked to regarding this feature lists both Cire i7 and i5 CPUs as compatible with this feature.

  • Trusted Execution Technology

Trusted Execution Technology is not exclusive to the i7 CPU family either.

Also, as a broad generalisation, laptops with i7s tend to be better all round than i5 eg more memory, better graphics, faster disk etc, since they tend to be targeted at "prosumer" market.

This is only true if you are comparing off-the-shelf products and not customizable business systems.

Business systems don't need better graphics. So long as it can drive a 1080p display, it's fine.

Faster Disk ??? Everything is, or should be PCIe NVMe SSD and the performance differences between different NVMe offerings is trivial.

It's also still true that a higher spec machine tends to have a longer useful lifespan (spilt beer notwithstanding).

This is true if you are buying a sealed, un-upgradable laptop.
But if you are buying a business-grade device, you can pull out that 512GB SSD and drop in a 2TB unit with a screwdriver.

Do you know what coursework you are doing? I know that some courses like you to use VMs (sometime multiple VMs simultaneously) which might get resource hungry.

There are pretty few university courses that will REQUIRE virtual machines.
An intro to Linux might recommend VirtualBox or something, but they usually provide students with access to a Linux Farm in a data center somewhere.

The ability to drive several VMs is all about voluntary learning beyond the classroom.

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Business systems don't need better graphics. So long as it can drive a 1080p display, it's fine.

Tell that to one of the Apple Fan boy engineering department heads who tried to get us to start supporting a fleet of Apple MacBook Pros... The guy literally is completely brain washed.

If those engineers are running a CAD package or something similar, then there might be a real use-case for discrete graphics.

But I'd have to ask if the Radeon Pro in the MacBook Pro was blessed/certified for said CAD program.

I'd reach for a ThinkPad P-Series portable workstation with Quadro graphics to shut that MacBook foolishness down.

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They don't do any Engineering work on the laptops. It's all just report writing and programming (He wanted them only for staff. Not for students.)

They already have top of the line Windows workstations for doing all the CAD/Engineering work they could dream of.

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-1 points · 3 days ago

There are certification kits you can buy that would help you along further and allow you to get better hands-on configuration knowledge. I'm actually looking into getting a 2 router switch combo from but I need to find reviews on who has purchased these kits to see if the services are worth the investment. It makes more sense than to hunt down the stuff on eBay.

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Don't waste your money. Cert Kits is quite overpriced. But you're spending the extra money to get it all done for you rather than getting them from eBay or other sources. (Which, IMO defeats the point about learning about the different router, switch hardware and how to piece them all together with different IOS versions. Then from there you could build yourself a terminal server or use a Raspberry PI to make a server.)

Just go use PT or GNS3

Look at David Bombal's tutorial on YouTube. He shows you how to set up gns3 with IOS images and he also has a tutorial to setup a Windows server VM if you fancy that. He's a really good instructor, no bullshit videos, high quality, and all that.

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David Bombal's stuff is topnotch (If a little boring)

Just go use Packet Tracer. You could practice some hardware stuff like password recovery via ROMMON but since it's a old L2 switch it's limited in use.

No point spending money on getting hardware 3550,3560s or better because you can do everything you need via GNS3 or PT

Honestly. An A+ would not get you an Entry level IT job in the UK from what I have seen.

Your best bet is to get customer service experience and try getting on to an apprenticeship in IT or a course like a Foundation Degree in Computing (Stay away from BTEC anything. BTEC courses are not worth the paper they are printed on)

You can then try and get into Help Desk, Desktop Support etc. Or try to work in a local computer break fix shop. Just be aware that "IT" is not fixing computers. IT's really not the same thing at all.

I'm definitely not American and didn't drop salary numbers lol My salary is high thanks to the lack of quality engineers that actually exist. So don't brag about cramming(dumping) exams. and netacad is garbage so not sure what you are proving there, have you ever built a full scale lab? have you ever labbed at all?

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netacad is garbage

Actually. It's not garbage. (I've done it.)

Edit: Also. I think you should gain some familiarity with Hitchen's razor

half the posts on this sub are about passing and I see a lot of posts with questions being answered incorrectly (go figure). You're not wrong about paper tigers..It's pretty ridiculous how openly people recommend dumps or ask if you have them when the topic of certs come up. I mean, take a look at this thread in r/comptia

Ah well.

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Holy shit that's hilarious. I know CompTIA Certs are easy (I've done all 3) but in 2 weeks? Unless you have photographic memory (Which doesn't exist.) I call massive bullshit on the legitimacy.

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5 points · 4 days ago

As others have said, its really just a title. I am a Senior Voice Engineer, and only have three CCNAs (R&S, Collab, Wireless). The title comes with my experience more so than my certs.

Thus said, my employer wants me to up my Collab and Wireless to CCNP because some govt contracts explicitly require the cert before an engineer can be billed out as Senior, Junior, Architect and etc etc.

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And some people say certs are pointless. :P

Phhht. I'll do cat9ea+ for half that.

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You're an idiot. CAT9ea+ isn't out yet. Go away scammer.

Ok ok spacial deal for you! cat10 at cat8 price plus 1 free cat!

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Hmmmmmmm... I'll have to talk to my supplier about that. We are already coming down with loads of CAT.

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Wine Is Not a Emulator

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Wine Is Not a Emulator.

Nice setup. Get a 2nd monitor. Even if it's really really cheap. (Free stuff is great.) it will change your life. I have 3 and I feel like I need more....

Original Poster2 points · 5 days ago

If I got a second one would you recommend portrait or landscape and where abouts would you put it?

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It depends. What you doing? I have two landscape. One in the middle then to my left. My portrait one is to my right for coding.

You could always get a monitor arm that allows you to rotate it as and when you need it. I would place it to the right of your other monitor. But It's personal preference try and see what works best for you.

like those automatic wire strippers. They are made by one company then just re-branded. (I'm guessing the patent ran out on them.) You can purchase these all over the place from ebay to amazon.

Good tool for the price so they are.

Learn the binary first.

Haha. Okay that's cool. And No. I didn't expect and am not demanding that you to give me a response.

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I would have. If you actually bothered your ass to do some research and ask nicely.

He said he searched and was confused. No need to be a cunt.

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-1 points · 5 days ago · edited 5 days ago

lol. You think I'm the one being a cunt?

He didn't say what confused him or where he got stuck.

He just said we was.


He wanted me to do all the research for him because he was to lazy to do it himself. He directly said he wanted spoon fed.

Explaining it to me like im a dumb baby in adult clothes would be nice

Not even so much as a "I would appreciate your time if you could help me understand some of the things I'm finding difficulty. I've done X, Y and Z to get started but I'm still confused" Rather he just spent 5 minutes on google. Found it confusing, gave up and wanted someone else to spend their time to explain it too him.

The self-deprecation was not needed.

I linked that post just in case he was serious, thinking he might have read it and replied with more direct questions on what he found difficult. Showing me he had actually put some effort into his post.

In such a situation I would have gladly given advice to help him.

I don't have the time nor incentive to help some random person on the internet with Matched Betting when they are too lazy to do some research.

No one taught me how to do it. I simply heard about it online and did the research myself.

There are loads of websites out there aimed to help people get started. There is a sub reddit about it for crying out loud.

But I'm the "Cunt" right. lol.

I'll just go back to making free money then.

"Grovelling is not a substitute for doing your homework"

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12 points · 7 days ago

He used Linux Mint most of the time, no ?

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Thought he used Arch?


I tell packets what to do.
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