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Hey I’m in the screenshot

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Oh hey, you.

I know this kid, lives in Buffalo, NY.

Is he alive?

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Yes, but if he keeps this stuff up he won’t be for much longer.

This truly is "crappy" design...

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Does it make you uncomfortable when you need "private time"? Knowing that something is watching you, or do you just kind of ignore that aspect?

Original Poster2 points · 26 days ago

Lol when it's private time I'm like watch at your own risk cuz I ain't stopping for shit, I've been plagued by paranormal activity most of my life so I'm like fuck it I ain't putting my life on hold.

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Kind of what I figured, good for you! Do you think most people just aren't sensitive to seeing these things, or activity is more heightened in your walk of life?

I just am in love with this idea. Willy Wonka: The Sequel/Prequel

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Umm.. WTF

That's pretty cool

I just don't believe this story -- in fact I even wrote a similar story as satire once. The hot dog bun is just entirely unrealistic, you would absolutely destroy a hot dog bun, it would be in pieces by the time you were finished.

Queue SC intro music...

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If you found a USB drive that contained child pornography what would you do with it?

Original Poster3 points · 1 month ago

I would just put it in the bank.

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I'm calling the cops.

Just came to appreciate the fantastic pun.

So a serious, business owning, career driven woman studying to be a doctor has cunt in their username... Yeah I'd like to call bullshit there, feeling like a shopped conversation

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Came to find this comment.

Pretty sure this dude has three arms

Beautiful, almost phallic in nature. It's the culmination feminine force, very vaginal. Love this piece.

I like this one

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