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ShakebagLou commented on a post in r/cars
fknlo 17 points

I absolutely love mine. I'll probably end up in another one or a Golf R when the time comes to replace it. Hatchbacks are amazing DD's.

ShakebagLou 1 point

The R is a fantastic daily as well as being seriously fast even stock. Highly recommended! But definitely get the tech pack!

CreepyTaxi 4 points

What a cutie! I've always wondered what it would be like to have a rabbit as a pet.

ShakebagLou 3 points

He's a dwarf rabbit, and I absolutely love him. I was a dog person before - it's actually my girlfriend's rabbit. He's really grown on me. In my experience he isn't nearly as smelly or loud as hamsters/guinea pigs.

CreepyTaxi 1 point

Does he like to be pet and/or scratched like cats/dogs?

ShakebagLou 1 point

He likes to be pet, and stroked, pretty much all over, but he freezes up! just sits there and let's it happen, unless he's in a rambunctious mood - he'll scamper away if you get too grabby. He never allows it when hes lying down though. I think he thinks we're grooming him, which is like a sign of familial intimacy or something... just speculating really lol

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ukulele87 2 points

This game is basically a reskin of Crimsonland a cool little game they made at least 10-15 years ago.

ShakebagLou 1 point

Definitely, it's a spiritual successor in many ways, though 10tons Ltd. has made other twin-stick shooters after Crimsonland. This game just feels a little more special, I think.

[deleted] 2 points


ShakebagLou 2 points

Fixed! Thanks for your comment! :)

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