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I do, too, and she is my girlfriend. I don't think there's a mirror in Chicago that hasn't seen her face. Yes even your private mirror in your bathroom. If she's within a set radius of a mirror, she will look in to it. She will find a way. Always making sure her nose is powdered, her wig is on straight and that her gills aren't showing. It's hard dating a hammerhead shark in denial of her own body sometimes, but I do find a way to put up with the constant mirror checking.

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mar10wright 42 points

And the fury in the eyes of the manager bear.

Shitty_Watercolour 115 points

but what about the furry in his eyes

schetuck 5,965 points

This is a metaphor for my manager and I at work

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93907 4,860 points

We did a similar thing once with a necromancer. He couldn't be killed so we decapitated him and impaled his head on the bow of our ship and sailed away while his body slowly swam after us. Eventually we made friends with him and the head became our watchman / confidant. Until one day his body caught up with the boat...

Edit: So here's what happened (sorry I made food didn't think anyone would see this) One night while we were in harbor, the body swam up to the ship. It climbed up and reclaimed the head and we all started panicking. Half the crew thought he would still be our friend but the other half attacked him. So I joined in attacking him since I'm an idiot, and we were losing bad. So I used my flaming rapier, and convinced our cleric to cast grease on the necromancer. He does this and I decapitate him AGAIN. But, I start a massive grease fire. So now his head rolls off the ship, everything's on fire, everyone is shouting at me, and the necromancer's like "dude", and the short of it is I ended up destroying the ship, half the crew deserted and we lost our treasure. :( Good news was the necromancer survived (again) and is still our friend. The game is ongoing, so when my DM gets back I'll have to redeem myself.

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TooEarlyForFlapjacks 2,483 points

Now I just have to come up with a witty comment that I can copy/paste across your posts

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no swearsies the puppers dont like.

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pls dont look at my username lil robo borker

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