32 fanbases think their team has improved since last year. Anyone out there after last year, FA, and the draft worried about your team’s future? by PeacefulDiscussion in nfl

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This is the first year in a long time we haven't had Matt Patricia somewhere in our defensive coaching staff. But Brian Flores is capable so we'll see.

Who wins the NFC South this year? by uhhhhNahFamIdontwann in nfl

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Saints, it's an even year for the Panthers and Falcons are without a good OCheeheeSark and the Buccs are, well, the Buccs.

Will the RPO continue to take off, and if so, which teams will benefit from it the most? by Manish_Metha in nfl

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But the league average for shotgun formation snaps was 19% in 2007. The Patriots played more than 50% of their snaps in the shotgun that season, and in 2008, the league average was 40% and today it's 65%.

In 1996, the league average alone was 7%. The Jets ran the most in the shotgun at 27%. It was so low that 13 of the 30 teams didn't take a single snap in the shotgun that season. Meanwhile in 2017 the lowest shotgun percentage was from Atlanta at 40%.

The NHL's newest expansion team is heading to the finals in their first season. Do you think something like this is possible in the NFL? Why or why not? by zipperoooo in nfl

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No I don't think so, the difference of skill between the starter and the 3rd of 4th on the depth chart is much bigger than in the NHL. Just look at the Texans, they didn't have a good Oline infront of David Carr and that's a large reason why the sucked for so many years. But on the other side the Jags made it to the CG in their second year, then again Tom Coughlin could probably win the Super Bowl with the Oklahoma Sooners roster.

Will the RPO continue to take off, and if so, which teams will benefit from it the most? by Manish_Metha in nfl

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It's like the Patriots in 2007. They popularized the shotgun formation and now it's practically default in any playbook.

What were some of the best secondaries in NFL History by The_Throwback_King in nfl

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Legion of Boom and the 02 Buccs won them the SB.

Dexter Jackson and Dwight Smith both had 2 INTs, Smith's were Pick Sixes.

They also had John Lynch and Ronde Barber, you can't say that's not a legendary secondary.

Why do teams only use one Quarterback? by BoJvck34Empire in nfl

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The Eagles could go undefeated if they did Wentz for one half and Foles for the other.