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It’s less than 21 days till kickoff tho, Eagles play on 17 days

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For everyone else it's 21.

How's Washington's O-line?

I still think he can be a top 10 back with a decent line. We saw flashes last year with the Cardinals, but they sure were terrible at making space for him.

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PFF had the Skins graded at 21st in the league last year, Cardinals were 31st.

Redskins have two 2017 Pro Bowlers on the Oline this year: LT Trent Williams and RG Brandon Scherff. The rest of the Oline are relatively decent.


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This lady was in the booth with Zolak and Socci during the game on Thursday and I can't stop thinking about her. I don't know who she is, but she has to be the most beautiful woman I have seen.

Edit: This is the clip from the broadcast.

That. Smile at 0:34 daamn 😍😍. No sound but that's okay I guess lol

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It's just Zolak talking about sharks. Nothing important.

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Didn’t they make noise with Baron Davis and Monta Ellis in 2007?

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The We Believe Team? They went 42-40 and made the playoffs, but lost to the Jazz 1-4 in the first round.

The next season they went 48-34 but missed the playoffs. 2008-09 they went 29-53, 09-10 26-56.

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they eliminated the mavs in the first round, biggest upset in league history

not eliminated by the jazz in the first round lmao

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My bad, I'm stupid.

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2009 Wild Card Packers vs. Cardinals

Super Bowl 51

Mile High Miracle

2009 NFC title game Saints vs. Vikings

2010 7-9 Seahawks vs. defending champs Saints.

Looks like it was designed for demi lovato

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“Crazy Rich Asians” is the first romantic comedy in almost three years (since Amy Schumer’s “Trainwreck”) to open with more than $20 million. In recent years, the genre has struggled at the box office. Recently, Anna Faris and Eugenio Derbez’ remake of “Overboard” debuted with a modest $14 million. Prior to that, “I Feel Pretty” — with Amy Schumer, Michelle Williams, Emily Ratajkowski — bowed with $16 million.

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I miss sappy rom-coms. More on the rom than the com. Like Love Actually, Serendipity, Kate & Leopold.

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Blimps. Theres less than 20 in use around the world.

Edit: Balloons are not blimps. Neither are Zeppelins. Nor is my mother.

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I saw the Peanut Movie blimp once. It was big.

That image looks familiar...

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I have a B.S. in gender studies, and PhD in nanotechnology

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What made you chose those two?

I'm joking I'm merely an engineering undergraduate

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Damn, why you gotta bamboozle me like that.

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Only thing I can think of is Vinatieri is retiring or being cut

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He just signed for next year though, and Adam is pretty set on playing as long as he can.

If the ball is out for more than 2 seconds then it should be roughing the passer.

They threw a penalty on us when Munnerlyn suplexed Brees, and brees threw a punch with no call, a few years ago

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Here's the clip. Not sure if Drew was actually trying to punch him, or if he was excited they got 15 yards.

Edit: The full clip is at 0:27. He actually did try to punch him. Also, most the clips in this weren't called.

A suplex is a legal tackle, but sacking the quarterback isn't.

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I'm a man of results, not ways.

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