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Score hidden · 4 minutes ago

Isn't Liquid in first? Why is the main stream showing EG in first place?

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Mistake. Also Winstrike is last and they showed them above Mineski

This recap is awful why do they keep going into theatre mode and cutting the commentary

Would rather face Newbee instead of Secret as an EG fan so hoping Optic and Newbee make UB

3 points · 2 hours ago

Inb4 getting beat by Storm.

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Storm is looking very strong and they know EG extremely well, it’s definitely an even matchup, no one should be surprised if Storm wins

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Thing is I can totally seeing Liquid choosing to play VP first round anyways, prove they are the best etc.

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No chance that happens

I love you Newbee

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Sniper was technically picked but as a support. I want to see him played as a mid.

Nice humble brag post

Original Poster1 point · 16 hours ago

wtf is wrong with people? Literally asking where i need to be and some people are just rotten

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You are very clearly in the top 10%, there are people with 100 less points than you who are comfortably in the top 10%

If Cr1t is his favorite player then I’m sure he’s cheering for him no matter what team he’s on

172 points · 22 hours ago

Punk wives are never satisfied...

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Call up Sumail, I’m sure he will have no problem satisfying all of your wives

5 points · 19 hours ago · edited 19 hours ago

I am an EG fan, I can't lie, I'm deeply dissapointed with the result.

At the same time, I don't think anyone can contest EG is TRUE tier 1 right now, maybe only behind the golden trio. It will take sometime to convincingly beat those 3 as well, they only just showed they are Monsters when faced with lesser teams (OG/Winstrike/Mineski/VGJ). I am not counting LGD in there because obviously it could have been a fluke since they didn't beat Liquid as well. It could also be that EG is one of the now four best teams in the world, and it just so happened they took 2 games off of LGD, and Liquid took 2 off of them(this time!). Only time will tell. I am extremely excited to see them matched-up against VP now, I think that would help make up my mind about their actual skill level right now a lot. A 1-1 would satisfy my theories, but a 2-0 would cement them.

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There’s nothing to be disappointed about, EG played well in both games, they simply got out drafted and out maneuvered on certain plays. If they can learn from the replays they will absolutely be able to challenge Liquid in the playoffs.

I mean I have every reason to not like the guy as he’s lit us up so many times but I can’t see how anyone can hate Steph


Is that the first in history of pro dota? I have never seen triple rampage

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Might be the first time at TI ever

As an EG fan I’m really excited for them to go analyze these replays and drafts with Bulba tonight. There’s a lot they can learn heading into the group stage.

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Whats the status of vgjs and nb?

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It’s been over for 10 minutes

Nice to see EG having a good tournament so far, but they will get targeted in the main event. I hope they have a lot of good strats saved up.

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To beat EG you need to out lane them. Sumail, Arteezy and S4 are amazing laners, very few teams can match them tit for tat

10 points · 1 day ago · edited 1 day ago

Pain can almost singlehandedly eliminate Optic from TI tomorrow morning with a 2-0

Doesn't Optic go through if Vici goes 0-4 tomorrow because Vici also plays Optic.

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Yes you are right. Optic still can’t really afford to lose both games to Pain though, as VG probably wont lose every remaining game.

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4 points · 1 day ago

I thought it was outdrafted? Because OG picks PL after MSKI picks sniper

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I feel like this is what it was. They wanted Sniper core but since they didn’t have last pick they had to swap him to support and it failed horribly.

I’m so happy for Yawar. He’s the older brother and had to watch his younger brother become an millionaire and one of the best players in the world while he was bumped around from T2 team to T2 team.

He actually said he would quit DotA if he didn’t make TI this year.

Great to see him finally succeeding on the biggest stage of them all.

As an EG fan I feel bad for Optic fans. I had to watch Fear handicap the team with his subpar mid performances and force EG to draft him heroes that can’t lose the lane like DK/DP. I know how disheartening it is to know that your mid will barely draw even or just straight up lose the lane and have very little game impact even if he’s given space.

Show some respect on our old man Fear.

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I respect his career pre retirement, but he was a dumpster fire on EG after TI6, should’ve stayed retired when he was on top

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13 points · 2 days ago

Day 2 region score against other regions update:

  • North America 6-0: 100% win rate
  • Western Europe 6-4: 60% win rate
  • China: 6-6: 50% win rate
  • South America 2-2: 50% win rate
  • Southeast Asia 3-5: 37.5% win rate
  • Eastern Europe 2-6: 25% win rate
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NA doesn't deserve 3 slots, Team Spirit should be at TI!

Who’s idea was it to pair the two worst casters at TI together. This Lumi Winter duo is fucking atrocious.

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Just tuned in and I actually thought that I misclicked and was watching a random streamer instead of the official stream

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Group A looks much stronger than Group B for the second day in a row. Not sure how balanced these groups are.

We need all the shooting we can get, Abrines needs to stay on this team


And people make NA memes.

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EG is more Canadian than it is American

Anywhere to view the stats on heroes picked/banned on day one?

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Sumail and solo killing mid, name a more iconic duo

EG/Mineski and LGD/Liquid, two huge matchups to close out day 1

Ritsu died for this

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-4 points · 3 days ago

based on games thus far, which team do you think is the worst?

My current vote is for VG or IG.

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VG for sure

VG looked pretty good in that game they took off of EG though I thought.

Edit. Whoops that was IG my bad.

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That was IG

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Purple VP looks so much better than orange VP

“He got me,” Freeze said of Sumail’s first blood over him. "That f***ing King solo killed me." Freeze added, “He’s so good,” repeating it four times. Freeze then said he wanted to add Sumail to the list of players he loses mid to this summer.

KING back to mid

Freeze is a very good mid player, this isn’t some tier 2 player that Sumail is dominating

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13 points · 3 days ago

Canadian internet swoops in to embarrass the entire country. COLOUR ME SURPRISED.

Fuck Rogers

Fuck Bell

Fuck Telus

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Fuck Shaw too

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