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SillyRabbit2121 commented on a post in r/BigBrother
BlackSight6 18 points

I don't believe any of the admittedly rare conspiracy theories that pop up on here from time to time about production rigging the votes and saying someone won who didn't.

Because the simple matter is they don't need to. We saw just this past season with the Canada save how the producers can work the game or an edit to get the mindless masses to vote how they want. Of course the sole returning player was going to win the first temptation.

SillyRabbit2121 9 points

I actually like Paul but this lol.

Same with Neda winning the immunity in BBCAN5.

“Let’s leave the immunity vote up to the viewers. Who will win? A brand new person that people haven’t even got the chance to remember their name yet, or a previous house guest with 10’s of thousands of followers on social media?”

SillyRabbit2121 commented on a post in r/DotA2
triggered_redd1tor 32 points

I think it's pretty silly to blame fear. Sumail gets his lane won by EG supports only to squander any gold advantage mid game with some unnecessary deaths. His decision making is that of a top net worth hero and botches team fights that result in lost fights and aegises. Fear has shown he can be a role player in any position and is rarely given a good game with this line up.

SillyRabbit2121 -6 points

Typical Sumail haters lol.

How can you watch EG games and think Fear isn’t the problem?

He loses mid EVERY GAME, and if given space he never has any impact with his farm.

Anything to blame Sumail or Arteezy.

triggered_redd1tor 5 points

Do you think fear is losing his Lane because he's a bad player?

SillyRabbit2121 -6 points

Yes, he’s not mechanically skilled enough anymore.

I’m an EG fan so I watch all of their games. I’ve seen him lose to countless tier 2 and tier 3 mids, in 1v1 matchups that are equal or even when he has the stronger hero.

I am well aware that other teams support their mid more than EG supports Fear so I only look at the scenarios when it’s 1v1, and he constantly gets outplayed, losing out on farm and even dying solo.

In some cases, teams realize that Fear is the least talented core so they don’t even bother trying to focus him because they know Sumail and Arteezy are more important.

When Fear is given this space and opportunity to farm, he does absolutely nothing with it, having no game impact whatsoever in the mid or late game.

This isn’t even factoring in the fact that his hero pool is limited to 4-5 heroes, which handicaps EG’s draft from the start.

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SillyRabbit2121 commented on a post in r/DotA2
SillyRabbit2121 1 point

Maybe something like:

1000 hours = 1000 MMR.

2000 hours = 2000 MMR.

5000 hours = 3000 MMR.

7500 hours = 4000 MMR.

10,000 hours = 5000 MMR.

This is assuming average skill/talent levels, better players will reach those milestones sooner.

SillyRabbit2121 commented on a post in r/DotA2
SillyRabbit2121 265 points

Their loyalty to Fear likely cost them a trip to TI.

Since this is Reddit you’ll see a lot of Arteezy and Sumail haters blaming them, and while they haven’t played up to their potential, they at least have the skill necessary to win big tournaments.

Fear, once a championship caliber player, has been completely washed up since returning from retirement.

I’m certain that at some point EG realized that him losing midlane every game to tier 2 mids, having no impact when given space/farm, and now only having the mechanical skill to play 3-5 different heroes, was the biggest anchor to their team.

But they didn’t want to disqualify themselves from DPC points so they kept him on the team.

If they enter TI qualifiers with this same roster they deserve to lose their spot to VGJS, Optic and Complexity.

Fear is currently one of the worst core players in all of professional DotA, yet somehow escapes criticism because Sumail and Arteezy have so many more haters.

SillyRabbit2121 commented on a post in r/DotA2
SillyRabbit2121 -2 points

As an EG fan it’s sad to see how far they’ve fallen. Not even a top 10 team in the world anymore, despite having three (Sumail, Arteezy, Cr1t) super talented players who can compete with the best of them.

They only have themselves to blame though, keeping Fear on the team because they didn’t want to disqualify themselves from DPC points.

Everyone knew Fear was holding them back and by keeping this mediocre roster together they ended up dropping out of the top 8 anyway.

Congrats EG, you played yourself.

SillyRabbit2121 commented on a post in r/DotA2
SillyRabbit2121 4 points

I’m an EG fan and I’m so glad that they likely won’t qualify for TI and have to play through the the qualifiers, where they might not even make TI at all.

Everyone and their grandma knew that Fear was trash and holding the team back months ago. They decided not to make any changes to their roster so they didn’t get disqualified from DPC points.

By keeping the mediocre roster together, they ultimately dropped out of the top 8 which means they could’ve replaced Fear with a better player months ago and had all kinds of time to practice.

It will take EG putting up a godawful performance at TI or not even making it for them to finally kick him.

Sad. They wasted a year of Arteezy and Sumail’s prime.

SillyRabbit2121 commented on a post in r/hockey
droozq 17 points

you're right, i'm not just talking about hockey though. it's super common in almost all sports and competitions

SillyRabbit2121 7 points

The Hart Trophy usually isn’t like this though. They give it to the most outstanding player, not the best player on the best team.

SillyRabbit2121 commented on a post in r/SkincareAddiction
SillyRabbit2121 1 point

How long do you guys wait for your serums/moisturizers to sink in before putting on your sunscreen?

I am usually in a rush in the morning and I apply the sunscreen like 4 minutes after and I worry that since the products haven’t absorbed fully yet, they are diluting the sunscreen.

They do make it way easier to spread the sunscreen though...

TheSilverEwok 1 point

After reading the sidebar information I figured I wanted an AHA for my skin (thinking it was combination) rather than a BHA. I am of course open to using a BHA instead though if this is what may be causing my issues- what product(s) would you recommend and how would I use them in conjunction with my pre-existing routine?

SillyRabbit2121 3 points

The two most recommended BHA products here are Stridex in the red box or Paula's Choice 2% BHA Liquid.

I use both and they are both effective, the Paula's Choice one is more gentle and the Stridex one is less expensive.

You can use the BHA in the evening before your AHA, wait about 5 minutes for it to absorb before applying the AHA. They have similar PH's so you don't need to wait too long.

Because BHA isn't photosensitizing, you could use it in the morning before your moisturizer as well.

Just keep in mind that it should be applied to a clean and dry face, and you should allow 20 minutes for it to work before applying other products (except AHA, where you would wait 5 minutes, apply the AHA and then 15-20 more before your next step).

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SillyRabbit2121 commented on a post in r/PersonalFinanceCanada
kenmacd 102 points

Yes. I got sick of it so I moved any liquid savings over to EQ. It's not quite as good of a rate as you can get from Tangerine if you dance naked on their doorstep during a blue moon while chanting "this is a new deposit", but the experience is a million times better.

SillyRabbit2121 36 points

Absolutely, Tangerine can go fuck themselves with their promotional nonsense trying to get people to jump through hoops.

SillyRabbit2121 commented on a post in r/vancouver
bubbles0001 8 points

You can eff right off. HOV is not a speeding lane. It's a lane reserved for vehicles with more than one occupant.

SillyRabbit2121 -20 points

It’s the furthest lane left, therefore it is meant as a passing lane. By having two or more passengers you get the benefit of having priority to pass.

If you are just going to drive slowly you have no reason to be in the HOV lane regardless of your passengers.

Did you think it was just a lane where family minivans can cruise at 75 km? Do that in the right lane.

SillyRabbit2121 commented on a post in r/SkincareAddiction
SillyRabbit2121 1 point

You should never, ever layer different sunscreens.

Not only do they not stack, they actually can cause instabilities in each other resulting in no coverage at all (even worse than your 20 SPF Moisturizer alone).

I know you said that you don't want to use a different product, but if you are open to suggestions there is a thread started today that recommends different tinted sunscreens:

If you absolutely cannot go without this product and are willing to sacrifice sun protection to keep wearing it, I would use a Vitamin C (LAA) serum underneath which may slightly boost its sun protection. But keep in mind this still would only slightly boost the protection.

eyelinerandicecream 3 points

What are your sources on layering sunscreen? Thanks in advance.

SillyRabbit2121 2 points
SillyRabbit2121 commented on a post in r/SkincareAddiction
5x34912 11 points

I've emailed quite a few companies about UVA protection and a lot ignore or just send back an explanation of how they're not required to rate it for UVA. But I feel like it can't hurt to tell them that consumers are interested in this information.

SillyRabbit2121 8 points

Probably because their UVA protection is awful so they would rather not admit the information publicly.

SillyRabbit2121 commented on a post in r/SkincareAddiction
SillyRabbit2121 10 points

No one can say for sure, but retinoids like Differin can take up to six months for you to see results.

I would make sure that your skin is properly hydrated during this time as the dryness could be causing your skin to over-produce oil, causing breakouts.

SillyRabbit2121 commented on a post in r/SkincareAddiction
SillyRabbit2121 9 points

I mean if i'm understanding this correctly, they tested regular non-waterproof sunscreens ... in water.

So of course they wouldn't hold up to their stated claims.

Seems like a pretty big mistake to make by Consumer Reports.

Disclaimer: I didn't actually read their study because I am not a paying member of Consumer Reports.

SillyRabbit2121 commented on a post in r/BigBrother
ZombieDonShula 35 points

I think it'll be eternally interesting that a player with such laser focus and so much power and control did not reward the player who bested him at his own game and instead chose to reward the complete opposite of himself, the erratic and powerless but more slippery Paras.

Even after listening I'm not sure if he was bitter toward Kaela besting him or if he respected Paras's style of gameplay because it was totally unique to play defensively in a house of offensive powerhouses.

SillyRabbit2121 6 points

He’s bitter. Like you said, Kaela beat him at his own game. He didn’t want to see her succeed.

StrongAndStable 48 points

They will never admit that that were bitter towards Kaela. Sad!

  • Holds the record for most wins by a female.
  • Was in a showmance but still made it to finale night WITH her showmance.
  • Was on the block late game while her showmance was still in the house with no possibility of winning a veto yet she managed to talk her way into staying over a player who had won NOTHING while the supposed "best player" Johnny was campaigning against her.
  • Is a superfan
  • Made "big moves" and won clutch HoHs and vetos
  • Was responsible for taking out two of the "best players" and "comp beasts" in Johnny and Erica out of the game.

The Jury: "LOL We didn't see see her game."

Sure Jan.

Going by these interviews it seems there is nothing else she could have done to win the game.

I am most disappointed with Johnny as of all people, I thought he would "game recognizes game". Will and Maddy had been flops all season, so most of us didn't expect anything else from them. Ryan is who he is, at least he had a reason to be bitter at Kaela. And I honestly believe that the ding-dongs would've voted for Kaela if Johnny had. So fairly or unfairly I blame Johnny the most for this vote.

SillyRabbit2121 8 points

I 100% saw all these interviews the same way, they are saying/doing anything they can to avoid admitting just how bitter they were.

SillyRabbit2121 commented on a post in r/BigBrother
tr0nllam 7 points

Here's Paras instructing Maddy on what to tell Ali/Liv in jury, which helped flip their votes:

SillyRabbit2121 18 points

Maddy is such a failure/disappointment/embarrassment of a Big Brother super fan.

SillyRabbit2121 -6 points

Just finished Taran’s interview with Johnny:

Maddy came in and instantly tried to poison the jury against Kaela. Ali and Liv bought it and believed that Kaela was taking credit for their moves.

Johnny claims he wasn’t swayed by this and saw through it.

Johnny was adamant that Derek shouldn’t win because he was a white male and had “privilege.”

Johnny asks why Kaela should’ve won, what did she do to deserve to win.

Taran tells him that they analyzed the final 3’s games in depth and that they concluded Kaela played the best game. She was more strategic and made the better moves all season.

Johnny says that because Kaela never talked game with him, he didn’t feel involved in her game and didn’t know much about it (I call bullshit, Kaela’s moves were made in public and easy to see).

Taran said that Kaela was the center of social power for the first few weeks and built a very strong relationship with Alivia. She then beasted the second half and won so many competitions.

Taran informed Johnny that Paras was messy and delusional most of the season and that’s why a lot of people didn’t think she was going to win because she was going to claim all kinds of moves such as saving Maddy during the double and being behind Veronica’s backdoor during her final speech. He noted that she mentioned being upset in her backyard interview about not having enough time/remembering to talk about her game moves and suggested that she was lucky that she didn’t.

This information shook Johnny and made him question “but there are people that are happy Paras won right?” He also noted that he wanted to be the deciding vote. (Evidence of him pandering to the audience/Canada, and why audiences shouldn’t be allowed to influence the jury).

Johnny felt connected to Paras and wanted her to win as he felt “part of her story.” With Kaela he felt like there was never any real interactions between them. (Sounds bitter in my opinion).

Johnny didn’t appreciate Kaela’s lack of tact, he didn’t appreciate comp wins whatsoever, he wanted someone who exemplified the type of game he wanted to play, which was Paras.

Brent then proceeded to go in on Johnny, asking him why he voted the way he did. Johnny didn’t really provide any new information, he just doubled down on his stance. Brent told him he was talking out of both sides of the mouth and Johnny just continued to dismiss Brent’s opinion because “Johnny was actually there playing the game.” Johnny continually talked about how he wasn’t “a part of Kaela’s game” (which just makes it look like he voted out of ego/bitterness). They confirm that Kaela had no chance at winning against either Paras or Derek. Johnny doesn’t like how there is a stereotypical white male who always wins Big Brother so that’s why he was so anti-Derek. Brent accuses Johnny for “looking for any excuse not to vote for Kaela.” Brent claims that you obviously can’t win playing an aggressive game anymore because even super fans who claim to be objective refuse to vote for them. Brent ends by calling out Johnny and calls him butthurt, Johnny lashes back and says that Brent is bad at his job and doesn’t listen. Brent is upset with Johnny and says that he wasn’t who he presented himself as, namely someone who would put their feelings aside and vote for the best player.

Taran sucks up to Johnny as per the course for the season. We’ll give Taran a pass because he’s usually pretty objective.

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SillyRabbit2121 commented on a post in r/SkincareAddiction
ParadiseNotLost 1 point

Thank you! How long would you expect the adjustment to take? I've been using The glycolic acid for about 6 months now roughly 4 times per week. I would think I should be adjusted by now, but maybe it needs more.

SillyRabbit2121 2 points

It could take up to a year.

In the meantime I would suggest cutting back if you notice too much flaking, (AHA is not necessary every day) and using a gentle cleanser in the morning to gently wipe away the flakes.

SillyRabbit2121 commented on a post in r/BigBrother
sweetgrapez 56 points

Some key points for those not willing to listen to Olivia for an hour (I mean I don’t know if those people exist; I could listen to her forever):

  • Maddy came in hot into jury poo-pooing Kaela’s game and making everyone pissed at Kaela for taking credit for many moves the jurors thought she had little hand in

  • Olivia (and presumeably Ali) was leaning towards voting for Kaela prior to knowing Paras won the F4 and F3 HOHs (which she values as the most important of the season). Once she found out that Paras won those comps, she truly had an open mind about who should win and it did come down to the Q&A + speeches.

  • Olivia thought Paras had a better final plea than Kaela and said she didn’t care about the “babies” comment (which debunks the ‘Olivia whispered something to Ali about changing votes in that moment’ theory)

  • She said that she didn’t know with certainty who anyone was voting for [but Ryan]. She calls BS on Maddy and Will having an open mind on finale night (she knew they were for Paras). Johnny was a closed book in jury and she had no clue where his vote went until it was revealed. It was news to her when Taran told her that Ryan said Johnny made up his mind prior to finale.

  • The one thing she thought lost the game for Kaela was more “dirty” and overt gameplay with unnecessary lying (she cited the house meeting during Johnny’s second HOH as an example)

  • She thought Paras had a great social game and played “cleaner” (remember this is her perception; we viewed Paras as a mess because we followed her around). She referenced her spiel when she voted “I’m voting for the person who slipped my intuition”; she meant that she had blind trust in Paras and didn’t think Paras was sharing any of the information she told her.

Miscellaneous items:

  • Olivia is a bit mad at production for underselling her personal relationships, particularly with Paras and Erica

  • She considers Paras as one of her best friends in the house and only went for Jesse because Paras encouraged it and was oblivious to any previous engagement between Paras and Jesse

  • She throws water at people when she’s drunk because water is harmless and alcohol can burn people’s eyes

  • She was never really that annoyed with Ali and she exaggerated her gripes with Ali to Johnny to sell a deal with him. She probably would have taken Ali to F2 though she couldn’t say for sure.

  • She learned in jury that Ali made a F3 that included her with Ryan. She also was told about “The Social Aspect” and Johnny’s F2 with Will (she doesn’t get Johnny’s infatuation with him!)

  • She’s visiting Erica this weekend

SillyRabbit2121 6 points

The thing that bugged me the most about her interview was how she constantly dragged Kaela for playing “dirty” but then forgave Paras for basically every dirty move that she made.

It was painfully obvious that she was biased towards Paras. At one point she was saying how frustrated she was with the trio and how dumb they were for listening to Kaela and proceeded to blame Kaela for swaying them, instead of blaming THEM for being swayed.

It seems like Maddy and Will being so unlikable and stupid acted as a shield for Paras as they attributed a lot of the trio’s failures on them and not on Paras (ex. The indecisiveness, etc).

The fact that Paras was able to win the last two HoH’s also convinced them that she was throwing all season when in reality she just happened to win at the most opportune time despite trying to win all season.

Olivia just came off as to defensive and was trying to justify her decision which was clearly wrong. She says “I knew Maddy was biased” but then let Maddy influence her? Okay girl.

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