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0 points · 1 month ago

Maybe after everybody comes from vacations we will see crypto coming back. Until then let's enjoy this last month of summer.

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Love how this subs keeps finding reasons why it would rise again

It is. They’re not doing anything wrong. They’re working on the tokenswap and releasing mainnet to the rest of us, but in the mean time they will be paying miners in Erc-20 wtc to recoup their mining costs.

Unlike almost every other project out there, Walton has to release mainnet with all child chains connected and running. I’m sure things would go much quicker if it was just the Walton chain by itself.

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They can add child chains later tho. I think the delay is because they want to test multiple child chains connected first in a testnet. Therefore they need some child chains up and running. But it is not like they can not add child chains later.

If thats the case a lot of people are going to be really angry

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Because of 40 usd?

-3 points · 2 months ago

+30% more tokens on the market -> price goes up 12%.

Inflation is a lie.

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They are not on the market, the team moved them into different wallets. Because they moved they count as circulating.

Interesting... is this accurate?

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Check the latest tweet

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Once again Walton leaving the entire roadmap to the end of the month, wish they would plan ahead when they make these roadmaps and spread it out.

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Why care? As long as it gets done its fine with me

Have you read anything but the shit articles on here?

Have you investigated dan laramer and the dpos algorithm ?

How can you say "A project like this" when you dont seem to give any reason why its bad.

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Well he did give his reasons in the opening post.

Damn y’all are shilling the hell out of this brand new coin lmao

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You are free to leave the sub whenever you like

I’m also free to stay and state my opinion :D

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Yes you are hut first I would like to pint out that you are misinformed, waltonchain is not new at all.

Comment deleted3 months ago

He can't send you cuz it's wtct he will get, which will be gone after swap. You have to trust him that he will pay you after token swap.

Comment deleted3 months ago

If he has enough he could yes, but I imagine a lot of people have just over 5k. Also the fees would suck

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40 points · 3 months ago

I just looked through his post history and in 10 seconds found a post he made about his IOTA wallet having zero balance. Not saying this is the case but I personally lean towards a user error rather than a legitimate attack.

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Iota wallet showing 0 balance is quite common or did that get fixed?

IOTA 0 balance is due to the stateless version of the IOTA wallet not realising there being a snapshot -- hence the value being zero. This is not a issue, this is how IOTA was designed.

Only now, we have Trinity, a stateful version, that attaches addresses for you after a snapshot. So no more of the "my balance is 0 HELP posts"

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Glad they fixed it!

Ceremony is in a few hours no?

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No, about 24 hours from now

8 points · 3 months ago · edited 3 months ago

Just realized what day it is bad so many walton updates i have lost all sense of time

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Lol happens to the best of us

Yes but the establishment of the Blockchain research and development project or institute in Korea is

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So? It's still amazing, nobody expected ties with the government to create the research institute.

Comment deleted3 months ago

We already got that a month ago?

Hi you get 50% more for mining and u "probably" get to receive airdrops from more childchains. Recent airdrop came from Freyrchain.

Also lower difficulty for mining. Please read the all in one topic. Or join our very active telegramgroup ;-) Links are on the right

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You also get a share of a percentage of TX fees.

Ada and neo ? I beg to differ

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Did I miss mainnet of ADA?

Not yet. There was some information in regards to what industries they operate in when the team informed us they had been working on 6 earlier this year (Freyr included).

It is likely only child chains that are public projects like Freyr will be known to investors. Others could be under NDA for long periods of time and even others will be private child chains that will never be know about. The transactions will still occur on the network, it's just that we will not have any information on those private chains.

Considering the way blockchain and crypto tech is handled in China right now I would expect quite a few private chains to be operation on Walton in the future.

That being said, we have no additional information on the 10 child chains in development right now. I believe we will find out more once the token swap occurs.

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I hope we will see how many transactions the private child chains are doing to have an estimate of how big the company behind it is.

Wow! So great to see VeChain on the list! Bullish!

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Bad bot

What list are you looking at?

Believe it or not, since I have switched to a tablet for most of my general daily use of the internet(since Galaxy tab s2 release, so for awhile now), these kind of misspellings occur frequently because of shitty auto correct. I often have to quick re-edit the comment a lot of times after posting before a star shows up, and that's after re-editing the incorrect auto corrections. I know you can turn it off, but there are some words that I know... that I'm not quite sure of the exact spelling now and again. It's the normal easy words it usually fucks up, if someone knows a great replacement default keyboard for a galaxy tab s3, plz let me know.

The only problem with those bots is they derail topics of discussion like it just did now.


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I use SwiftKey, works great for me in multiple languages.

Ive heard of it recommended for phones, is it equally as good for around 10" tablets?

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Don't use tablet so not sure, but I imagine it won't really make a big difference between phone and tablet.

If you are afraid to log into MEW you can also choose to just wait till tokenswap which should happen in May. Since the balances will be copied to the mainnet and the private keys will stay the same you can use it to log into ur WTC wallet after the swap and access the tokens that you already sent.

Care to make a wager? 2 WTC Ill bet you it’s on bithumb by June 15.

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Please up the stakes to 2.14 WTC, makes it more interesting.

WTC with lower and lower volume for each day.... and still no listing on Bithumb. OMG and Kyber just got listed today. I’ve been hodling WTC since last year and I feel that the WTC hype is gone... most because of the marketing and tweet fiasco. What does it take to turn this downtrend around? Even a Microsoft partnership wouldnt fix it?

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Why do you expect a bithumb listing when we are before token swap? Like what do you expect? Of course exchanges will wait with listing till mainnet is fully released. This should be common sense imo.

19 points · 4 months ago

huge day for walton. android wallet, more smart city use cases discovered, deep connections to thai royalty, AMA on the 28th, message from wtc headquarters on token/network security... lot of good movement today.

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Where did you read the ama on the 28th?

Will this wallet support the token swap during main net release?

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No because it cannot hold erc20 tokens, after the tokenswap you can use it tho!

Without masternode airdrops, I doubt WTC will attract any new investors. Mining has no value without significant investment in hardware. The price will continue to drop until they make a change.

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This is not different from any other PoW coin..

Original Poster-6 points · 5 months ago

if those coins have the ~$120,000 to spend I'm sure they would!

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Every coin that did an ICO has 120k to spend lol

Seems mining is only worth it if you're in a pool. This single block business is too luck reliant and is wasting a lot of power for a lot of people

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LOL WTC is by far the most profitable coin to mine with any gear atm. If you find a block a day you make a ton of money. With eth you get like couple dollars a day.

'If you find a block a day...' that there is where your argument ends... IF. People aren't finding a block a day, I'm not finding a block a day. If they were, then of course it's worth it! But we're not, I'd take the consistency of a mining pool over days of nothing

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You were talking about single block business, what did you expect? Multiple blocks a day? Btw also 1 block a week is easily worth it. And what is stopping you from joining a pool?

10 points · 5 months ago

patience is key in a bear market

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Selling low is also part of a bear market for a lot of people

I dont recommend it tho

You can definitely sell low if you think another crypto will move up opposed to wtc.

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Ofc you can, or you can just diversify and hold comfy without having all the stress trading gives you.

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