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This gorgeous leather racing jacket was created exclusively for the crew of Warner Brother Pictures "Speed Racer" after completion of production in April 2008. Based on the internationally popular Japanese cartoon series, the visually mind-blowing film featured Emile Hirsch and Christina Ricci. Made of 100% cowhide leather, it is all black and fully lined. The front chest has the familiar embroidered crimson "Speed Racer" logo, which was specially designed by the directors Larry and Andy Wachowski (The Matrix). The angular Mach 5 "M"(after Speed's famous car) is embroidered on the upper back. Crimson Japanese characters baring the official title of the original cartoon, "Mach Go! Go! are stitched up the right forearm. There are two lined diagonal pocket slits on either side of the front. The jacket is designed in the true "racing style" with a mandarin collar and boasts a sturdy zipper. This jacket has been worn only a few times (it’s almost new). It was manufactured by the same factory that creates jackets for Harley Davidson. This is a men's jacket sized XL. Only 100 of these jackets were ordered (102 were made, which is how I ended up with this one) and are possessed by the top-ranking crew members of the film including the Wachowskis and producer Joel Silver. This is the ultimate gift for the real Speed Racer fan. EXTREMELY HARD TO FIND ITEM!!!

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are you still selling this?

would close the laptop! the surprise of what’s in store is one of my favorite factors of new miniseries!

This looks like a masterpiece. That trailer was genius.

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saw it at Sundance, trailer doesn’t even scratch the surface. can’t wait for everyone to see it!!! one of my favorite releases so far this year.

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Check out the interview to listen to how he got the idea and got the studio to make it, it's even more relevant today.

I agree with you that he doesn't fully fit the blank check mold, I really like many of his movies and he's definitely one of those directors that I adored in college I don't know even if I want a mini of his though but the one time he got the check he took it all the way.

I've never seen it but now I'm kinda curious.

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Very curious what the episode on Gerry would be like, honestly.

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Seriously just the context of S&S rules. Emma Thompson having just been cheated on writes a film so she can break out and not just be considered Branagh's lady. So cool.

Plus think of all the crazy moments. One of the biggest cultural gay hit films ever. One of the most out there comic book films. The highest grossing foreign film of all time in the US. One of the few NC-17 releases of the 2000s. A fucking Iraq War movie shot in 120FPS. A movie entirely starring a kid and a blue puppet. Demetri. Martin. Starring. Vehicle. So many fascinating moments, y'all just tripping.

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What’s the kid/blue puppet movie?

hope this means a teaser drops at Comic Con!

Yea i saw it last weekend...

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Original Poster3 points · 1 month ago

What did you think of the film?


It was not what I expected and yet it was exactly what I wanted. Lakeith is a G

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This is the perfect description!

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SingForTheDead commented on

any interest in doing more scores for films like Robot & Frank?

Looks like they've worked together in the past and have developed a relationship too

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i highly recommend checking out Half Nelson! one of Anthony Mackie’s earliest roles, and one of Ryan Gosling’s finest.

it’s nice seeing someone else flaunting their love for Modest Mouse and Sufjan Stevens in this sub!!

cameron diaz brought down the counselor too, has she had genuinely great performances im just missing? i know the counselor is a more divisive example, but for the most part i enjoyed it. her performance was laughable though

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i think she’s absolutely outstanding in Being John Malkovich and does a good turn with her minor role in Vanilla Sky!

7 points · 1 month ago

An Evening With David Lynch at the Ace Theater. A showing of all 8 Dumbland shorts followed by Q&A and book signing of Lynch’s new biography/memoir, Room To Dream

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was this a paid event? i know the Festival of Disruption is coming along soon but i don’t know if can afford that much!

Original Poster1 point · 1 month ago

ticket still available, Tame-impala1 out.

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did you never pass it on to anyone? 😭

hope this is the big turn that finally has Ethan Hawke getting serious, dramatic roles that showcase how much of a force to be reckoned with he is.

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