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AngloAlbannach 17 points

Countries are like the solar system. Mostly empty with a few planets, and Jupiter gobbles up everything.

Sister_Ray_ 3 points

UK & France are, Germany isn't. Not an inescapable law, it's definitely down to politics

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OdeToLiberty -22 points

Cromwell is one of those English heroes that deserves admiration and respect, regardless of your political views.

Sister_Ray_ 33 points

not if you're Irish...

RidingRedHare 1 point

Your 10k time is in the same ballpark as that half marathon time. It thus seems that your pace indeed hasn't improved much, but your endurance should be better.

Run the first half at approximately the same pace as in March. Then try to negative split.

Sister_Ray_ 1 point

Yeah I agree sounds like a good strategy, I'll probably set off at around 4:35 pace and reassess halfway through. It is a bit frustrating how my pace doesn't seem to have got much better though (although I should say the 10K time wasn't a race, just a tempo run, so I'm potentially faster than that)

zebano 2 points

Do you know the splits from your March half? If they're just a small gradual slowdown, I'd try to start at a similar pace and just not slow down. If it was a catestrophic falloff you'll have to reassess a little more.

Sister_Ray_ 1 point

it was nothing catastrophic, I started out about 4:35 pace until about 12K, and then dropped off to around 4:50 for the remainder. Hopefully won't repeat it though

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994phij 18 points

I'm willing to listen to any ideas which give us elected Lords without strengthening the whip, but I can't see how it could be done.

Sister_Ray_ 1 point

Retain a high % of crossbenchers? Make lords only eligible for one term so they aren't under much pressure from whips because they're not going to be reelected anyway? Plenty of ideas I can think of

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[deleted] 3 points


Sister_Ray_ 0 points

Why? Mollycoddle them too much and they'll grow up weak and complacent. If you want them to have it as easy as possible they'll never leave their comfort zone and never doing anything extraordinary

DevilishRogue 1 point

Like Bill Gates is doing for his kids? That's fine if you possess the means to equip them with the skills to succeed but for many who are working too hard to keep a roof over their children's heads they simply don't have the resources to ensure that and so decide to benefit their offspring the best way that they can by gifting them the benefits of their working life when they die.

Sister_Ray_ 1 point

And besides, if we're talking about inheritance tax the people paying that aren't likely to be the people working hard just to keep a roof over their heads

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JarJarDidNuffinWong 2 points

Battery buses don't need as much infrastructure.

Though trams are arguably better because they reduce traffic congestion more (they have a ~3x bigger capacity per vehicle).

Sister_Ray_ 2 points

Faster as well as they mainly run off road

commentator9876 7 points

Yes, and to be fair several UK cities have re-invested heavily in Tram networks over the past decade, so that's the equivalent of electric buses from city centres out to suburbia(ish).

Sister_Ray_ 3 points

Modern tram networks are more like light metro systems than buses I'd argue, having lots of grade-separated areas, sometimes running on former railways, only sharing roads with general traffic occasionally

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comune 10 points

A weekly with First cost me about £13 A few years ago (unsure now) and petrol in my car costs £60 a month (now). I know cars have hidden costs, but the freedom the car gives, far outweighs the £8 I would save. My car, whilst both suffering and adding to the problem that is traffic, still absolutely makes my life way more comfortable and predictable than public transport can ever offer. I too get annoyed with the traffic, who doesn't?! But you know what, I will happily sit in hours of the stuff to avoid getting on an overpriced, late bus.

Edit: to clarify, I understand that this position is making me part of the problem. But give me an alternative that is both on par/better than my car and I would consider using it. For now, I don't feel that getting two busses to work is practical. So yeah, I will unfortunately remain part of the problem. That said, whilst I don't drive to the city centre, for work, I feel that widespread investment in cycling infrastructure should take priority over anything else really. Cycling could solve so many traffic issues!

Sister_Ray_ 7 points

This is exactly why cars need to banned from city centres. No matter how good public transport is made there will still be whingers taking up roadspace with single-occupancy vehicles

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Tragedi 17 points

Wait, it's 2018? I thought it was 1984.

Sister_Ray_ 1 point


mitzimitzi 19 points

I wouldn't say this is completely true anymore, especially in Manchester. In Didsbury, which should fit that 'nice middle/upper class' category, theyre facing a lot of crime recently and my mate is always telling me about these gangs of teens at the tram stops and on the main roads mugging / attacking people.

Sister_Ray_ 4 points

Didsbury and Chorlton have always had the highest crime rates in Manchester (higher than 'rough' areas) precisely because they're middle class gentrified areas and more wealth = more stuff to steal

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goodpgh 23 points

I think 26C works out to 79F in the States. That's a normal spring day 😊. Depending on the length of your run, hydrate well and map out a public drinking fountain. On a short run, you should be fine. On a long run, you'll want to have access to water.

Dial back the initial intensity until you know how the heat affects your running.

Sister_Ray_ 2 points

Average daily high in midsummer in the U.K. is only around 20C / 68F so we're definitely not used to those temps, especially in April lol

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Tophattingson 0 points

Marx clearly understood mechanisation as a labour multiplier, not a labour substitute. Pretty much a required understanding for the rest of his work to make sense. A non-labour source of value breaks everything else.

Sister_Ray_ 3 points,_Ricardo,_Marx

Marx proposed that increasing automatisation would cause the amount of labour required to produce a commodity, and therefore its exchange value, to trend downwards, eventually to the point where its value approaches zero. He hypothesised that this would eventually cause a crisis for capitalism- I don't think what he is saying is too different from what Carney is talking about?

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gildredge -5 points

I don't think I know anyone quite that paranoid

a) how would you know, it's not a topic of conversation.

b) you're basically just projecting your own attitude onto other people.

c) lack of self preservation instinct is a pretty well known trait of leftist psychology.

Sister_Ray_ 3 points

c) lack of self preservation instinct is a pretty well known trait of leftist psychology.


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FormerlyPallas_ 3 points

Medieval kings and their reigns gives us an immense amount of scope for discussion.

Sister_Ray_ 1 point

It's more history than politics though innit

[deleted] 14 points

I like the idea of covering every GE since 1900.

Sister_Ray_ 1 point

I think post WWII would generate more interest tbh

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follow_symN 3 points

Yeah, I figured already. Just hoped that the German party culture / mentality is more and more spreading since so many young people travel to Berlin for party weekends.

Sister_Ray_ 2 points

Unfortunately the main problem is the legal situation in this country, the police and local government have absolute power over anyone who tries to put on a good party. They make it prohibitively expensive to get a license, place ridiculous restrictions on you (some clubs in London have to have airport-style security) and can shut you down instantly for the flimsiest of reasons, such as someone complaining about noise.

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heidivodka 0 points

I should have put £27 for a weekly ticket, £6.50 for peak day and £4.50 for off peak day but that was 2 years ago now.

They are looking to make the Mancunian way a toll road which would mean the outer roads are congested to make the centre of manchester cleaner air. I’d be charged to see my parents unless I spent more time on the roads going around.

It won’t reduce congestion because people always find a way. Buses and trams are NOT cheaper.

Makes me laugh, the mayor that no one wanted but we are all paying for

Sister_Ray_ 0 points

They are looking to make the Mancunian way a toll road which would mean the outer roads are congested to make the centre of manchester cleaner air. I’d be charged to see my parents unless I spent more time on the roads going around.

And what's wrong with cleaner air in the centre? I live in the centre, don't drive, take public transport cycle or walk everywhere, and generally keep fit, yet my health is being compromised by people too lazy to walk to a bus or tram stop? Forgive me, but that is effing outrageous. Damn right people should be charged more.

Makes me laugh, the mayor that no one wanted but we are all paying for

I wanted a mayor, so that makes one. The mayor's office doesn't actually cost that much money (tenner a year extra on council tax bill, FFS), and already he has brought in £243 million in transport funding that we wouldn't have got if we didn't have a mayor, plus other stuff. What exactly is wrong with bringing more powers locally instead of leaving them in London anyway? The mayor should be made even more powerful IMO.

heidivodka 1 point

So it’s alright for Salford, beswick, hulme, Newton Heath and Gorton to be full of dirty air as long as you who could afford to live in the centre can breath better. How sanctimonious of you.

I’d live in the centre if I could afford it, I’ve used public transport for all my life doing journeys over an hour and half for work. I walk as much as I can, yet my work doesn’t allow for such things.

He hasn’t brought anything, it’s all down to the backdoor goings on that we’re signed with Gideon to make a northern power house

Sister_Ray_ 1 point

Never said that did I, way to put words into my mouth. Those areas deserve clean air as well. That being said, the city centre is one of the busiest areas of Manchester and as such has an exceptionally high level of air pollution compared to other areas, that's why it's a priority to reduce it there and not elsewhere.

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SirSuicidal 11 points

Manchester has had a Labour mayor and Labour Council for decades, same in Salford. Interesting critique.

Sister_Ray_ 3 points

We've only had a mayor for 10 months so you're wrong on that one, but I take your point

DiscreteChi 3 points

Manchester has a housing price problem? I thought there was still considerable space in the surrounding area for manageable commutes. Not to mention the density of other comparable cities in the area: Liverpool, Leeds, Sheffield. Then all the smaller suburban cities/towns: Lancaster/Morecambe, Blackburn, Preston, Bolton, Chester, Blackpool/Fleetwood, Wigan.

I mean looking at google maps it seems like you could fit the M25 around Manchester/Liverpool/Preston and none of these are remotely close to having their suburbs collide. Compare this to Greater London

Sister_Ray_ 6 points
  1. What is considered a 'manageable' commute in London is not normal by the standards of any sane person anywhere else in the world. I mean, you have people who commute from Birmingham FFS. The fact it has become accepted as standard says it all really

  2. The reason longer commutes are possible in London is because it's actually had investment in its rail network. Don't get me wrong, I know the trains are overpriced and overcrowded, but at least they are frequent, long (6+ carriages as standard), new, and fast. Compare to Manchester where, no joke, on some commuter lines, you have an hourly one or two carriage pacer (bus on rails from the 80s) that goes at a snails pace stopping at every station, that is unless it carries on straight through because it's full (not uncommon). Oh and we have frequent rail strikes just like in the south. Not fun.

That being said I do think the talk of a housing crisis here is overblown. Yes the city centre is very expensive but there's plenty of decent housing at affordable prices a 10-15 minute walk out.

Sister_Ray_ commented on a post in r/manchester
cclurve 1 point

All talk, little action. Seems to have plenty of time for developers who want to build 20 storey apartment buildings in our city but very little for anything else. What has he actually done to tackle the homeless problem, seems to be getting worse and that was all part of his campaign.

Side note, saw him in Temple on Oxford Road a couple of weeks ago.

Sister_Ray_ 3 points

Tbf the towers in the city centre are more the remit of Manchester City Council than Burnham. Not sure how much power the mayor has over that

Sister_Ray_ commented on a post in r/ukpolitics
aberystwyth_seagull 2 points

I know no matter how much I struggled I'd end up pissing a lot of people off with the boundaries so I just looked at a population density map and used the names roughly corresponding to the old pre-English kingdoms.

Sister_Ray_ 1 point

Pretty silly separating vast swathes of Liverpool and Manchester suburbia in Cheshire from their urban core.

Sister_Ray_ 3 points

Obviously Scotland Wales and NI stay separate.

I'd split out the big urban areas into city states- definitely London, Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds and Liverpool, maybe some of Hull, Bristol, Southampton, Sheffield and Nottingham as well. I think giving powers to the our cities is much needed and and works well in Germany.

The remainder of the country I'd split into the North, the West Country, the Southeast and maybe East Anglia.

Sister_Ray_ commented on a post in r/running
jangle_bo_jingles 8 points

Personally, i would just get up and run anyway.

In my mind, the whole point is to get used to running in 'imperfect conditions' - when you're tired, when the weather is shitty, when you dont want to.. etc etc.

Just remember that all your training is for the last 6 miles - when things get tough!!, not the miles at the start!

Sister_Ray_ 1 point

I agree, to an extent, but as someone who feels physically ill if I have less than around 7 hours sleep (I usually aim for 8 or 9) I can tell you that running in that state is... not fun, to put it lightly. And it's not just about running, it's about the effect on the rest of your day. If I get up to run 20k at 5am off the back of just a few hours sleep, even if I get through the run I will be a zombie for the rest of the day and get nothing productive done. I'll zone out at work, get home and crash on the sofa, vegetate in front of the TV and probably eat unhealthy convenience food instead of a proper meal. Sleep really is important both for your mental and physical health, and for me it's my number 1 priority over everything, including running. In OP's situation I wouldn't hesitate to sleep in a couple of extra hours so that I can feel more human for the rest of the day, and leave the run till the evening

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The_Frown_Inverter 2 points

Manchester has had Europe's biggest Chinatown.

Sister_Ray_ 1 point

3rd biggest, actually, after London and Paris. Still a really big Chinese community here though. 15% of the city centre population.

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LowlanDair 4 points

Bitter Lake and Hypernormalisation are way too long with too much filler. But they both contain interesting stuff and Hypernormalisation is very much an expansion of the Oh Dearism shorts from Screen Wipe.

Compulsory is the wrong word, better "added the curriculum". I would also suggest that Media Studies becomes a non-elective post S2 right up to S6. That might help with the cultural ability to disseminate truth in media.

Sister_Ray_ 2 points

I kind of like them for being that long. Gives them a hypnotic quality. Even if you take away his voiceover to leave just the music and archive footage you're still left with a really interesting visual art piece IMO

Sister_Ray_ commented on a post in r/manchester
Sister_Ray_ 5 points

What are you into? Would help with some more tailored suggestions.

If it was me, in terms of touristy stuff I'd look at Manchester museum, People's History Museum, Stockport air raid shelters, Manchester Art Gallery, The Whitworth Gallery. Chethams Library (where Marx and Engels used to meet) is also very interesting but you have to book. Take a stroll around the Northern Quarter shops, grab some food or a coffee. Catch a film or play at HOME, independent cinema/theatre. In the evening check out the white hotel or soup kitchen for some good electronic music.

If you want a more chilled day, catch the train out to Edale (40 mins) and walk up Kinder Scout for some great scenery and hiking.

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