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RedofPaw 5 points

Some people are saying the tories are lizard monsters. I've got no evidence of this, so I won't comment, but there have been questions asked and they need to be answered.

Sister_Ray_ 1 point

'There's no smoke without fire!!!'

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Scantcobra 3 points

The ONS could run a more thorough analysis of the most highest in demand jobs for the private and public sector and then charge for degrees based on how many modules fill specialties by these jobs?

E.g let's say Data Mining is in high demand as a job role, then let's say University X has three Computing Science degrees: Computer Science, Big Data and Web Design:

The Computer Science Degree has 180/360 credits that are related to Data mining, thus, rather than the regular £9,250, it's actually around £4,625 a year.

Big Data has 270/360 Credits the are related to Data Mining, thus, rather than the regular £9,250, it's actually around £2,414 a year.

Then Web Design has 60/360 credits that are related to Data Mining, thus, rather than the usual £9,250, it is now £7,685.

Obviously, if more in demand jobs apply then the discounts stack.

Sister_Ray_ 8 points

That's stupid though, a degree has never been about vocational training or qualifying people for specific jobs. If we want that we should have a specific system for dealing with that, and not insist on everyone going to university- leave unis to what they're supposed to do, which is teach and expand academic knowledge

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ejg94 25 points

Have you learnt to drive? At your age the best investment is in yourself! £2000 in 2 years time might be worth £2200 if you follow the flowchart but £500 on learning to drive and £1500 on a car could be the difference in £5k in salary because you’re able to commute/a license is required.

The same can be said for training courses and travelling!

Sister_Ray_ 1 point

I don't think learning to drive is as big a deal nowadays as it used to be tho? Certainly would question it being the 'best' investment you can make in yourself. I'm 25, can't drive (and have no intention of learning) and don't feel like it's ever affected my career. In fact, I actually save a ton of money by not driving. Although I do acknowledge I live in a big city with good public transport (Manchester) and can walk to work, so this advice wouldn't apply to everyone. Worth considering though.

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Ewannnn 4 points

In 2010, The Sleep Council found that 27% of people slept for just fiveto-six hours per night. In 2013, 7% more people – that’s a third of us in total – get by on this amount.

The average Briton goes to bed at 11.15pm and gets just six hours and 35 minutes sleep per night.

Sister_Ray_ 1 point

I find that pretty shocking tbh. I feel physically ill if I have less than 7 and always aim for at least 8

sosuperchill 13 points

I don't make techno, but I make house music using Ableton and a few other things so I think I can give you a couple of tips:

  1. Definitely start by just learning Ableton. I second regissss' comment, Youtube is a great resource. You can find a ton of videos that will just teach you the basics of the DAW itself, then you can move on to techno production in particular. I recommend videos by Sadowick. I think he has some basic beginner ones.

  2. Keep your gear simple. Ableton + midi controller is fine for now. Simple is better. Limitations enhance creativity. You said you felt overwhelmed just getting started, believe me, if you add more gear to the mix, it will be even more overwhelming.

  3. Learn the instrumentation and structure of techno music. To do this, sit down at your desk, put on your headphones, listen to your favorite techno track, and write down on a piece of paper what you're hearing. First start with instrumentation: what drums are they using? (Usually it's kick, snare or clap, closed hi hats, open hi hats, rides, crashes, but can also include bongos, congas, shakers, cowbell, agogo, etc). How many synths? Is there a lead synth? One for chords or a pad? What about the bass? Are there vocals? White noise?

Now do the same thing but with the structure. Count out where each instrument plays in the song. Does the kick drop after the first 16 bars? Does the bass come in at 32 bars? Then look at the structure in terms of chunks: intro, break, main drop, bigger break, little break, second drop, bigger break, last drop, outro or something to that effect happens in a lot of dance music.

Sounds tedious, but this is how every professional producer that I know has gotten there tracks to flow better.

  1. Make a track. It's going to sound really bad, but that's okay. FINISH IT. And by finish it, I mean, have it all arranged out like your favorite techno track was.

  2. Now you need to learn how to mix. This includes learning more about proper levels, EQ, side chain compression, panning, stereo width, what things need to be mono vs. stereo (hint: kicks and bass = mono), delay, reverb, and whatever other effects you might want to use.

  3. Once you have your track mixed okay, it should sound a little less terrible. But it will be surprisingly quiet sounding to you. That's when you need to learn how to master your track. I recommend watching Underbelly's "You Suck At Producing" Youtube tutorials. He has a very very basic one about mastering that should get you where you need to go for now.

It's a long road! Try not to get discouraged. And accept that you will make very bad music for at least a year. But if you keep at it, it will get better, and it's pretty exciting.

Sister_Ray_ 3 points

Cheers man, this is such a helpful in-depth post. Just a couple of comments:

Keep your gear simple. Ableton + midi controller is fine for now. Simple is better. Limitations enhance creativity. You said you felt overwhelmed just getting started, believe me, if you add more gear to the mix, it will be even more overwhelming.

Glad you said this because that's kinda what I thought, I'm just gonna stick to ableton and the built-in effects and synths for now. One thing I do need though is a decent pair of headphones, any recommendations? Are headphones OK to begin with as well, or do most people opt for a set of speakers?

Now you need to learn how to mix. This includes learning more about proper levels, EQ, side chain compression, panning, stereo width, what things need to be mono vs. stereo (hint: kicks and bass = mono), delay, reverb, and whatever other effects you might want to use.

Any youtube videos you can recommend on this?

sosuperchill 2 points

*edited cause i forgot something

No problem! It's tough getting started with this because as you said, there is a ton to learn.

Looks like RedRedRoad got you covered on your second question.

Headphones and speakers:

Depends on your studio. If you can have them (and won't annoy neighbors) studio monitors are the way to go FOR SURE. If you can afford them, Genelec's are the shit. Even if you got like 3" Genelec's. THEY ARE GOOD.

For headphones, yes, you'll definitely want a good pair. I personally use Sennheiser HD6 Mix over ear, closed back headphones. They're $150 which is not bad. I find them to be pretty well-balanced and I like the closed back style because I like to be able to produce on the road if need be.

I've heard the Audio Technica MX40's are good as well for their price (about $100) if you're not looking to spend a ton.

Best thing to do is go to your local Guitar Center and try a few out. You want a pair that do not hype the low or high ends. For example, Beats are NOT a good pair because they really hype the low end. This will make your mixes sound really off when you play your tracks on club quality speakers.

Best of luck with it, man!

Sister_Ray_ 1 point

thanks again man, i'll take a look at the sennheiser's

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drkamikaze1 2 points

Charlotte de witte, closer; under black helmet, mute, have you ever had a dream, staring into yellow eyes; dense n pika, Colt.

There's too many to list, listen to mixes from cercle and others but cercle is my fav coz of the places djs play, I recommend you start with Charlotte de witte or Deborah de Luca

Sister_Ray_ 1 point

i'm going to see charlotte de witte tonight, so pumped

esoa 1 point

Nice man. Go crazy is she plays Closer! hehe

Sister_Ray_ 2 points

She did, and I did, haha

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Psycash -5 points

Utilities are only a natural monopoly because that is how they were designed; by the government as one national company and then privatised as one company. But I don't see any other fundamental reason why it has to stay like that? And also why the system has to be broken up into government controlled franchises?

Corporate failure will only lead to infrastructure failure in the case of monopolies, i.e. where there are no competitors to step in.

Sister_Ray_ 2 points

What, so we should unnecessarily duplicate lots of infrastructure? How is that more efficient?

Psycash 1 point

If the company was ran not for profit then the private sector would just give up totally, as they couldn't compete at all.

This is basically the point I am making. I'm personally convinced that the private sector is more efficient than the public sector, even when taking profit is taken into account, so I don't think this will happen. However, if the government thinks it can undercut the private sector and then in doing so kills it because the private sector cannot compete anymore, then I am happy to be proven wrong.

We might have to give more powers to the watch-dog and enshrine them better in law (not sure exactly how well this is done currently) but it definitely is doable.

Sister_Ray_ 4 points

Lol, you should see some of the ridiculous waste that takes place in my job. Private sector more efficient my arse

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cockwomblez 48 points

Badunitedkingdom regulars on this sub still subscribe to this absolute non-sequitur of an argument. Quietened down a bit after motiv and his alts were banned.

Sister_Ray_ 29 points

That sub is the most pathetic thing to have ever existed

AccelorataJengold 6 points

I wonder how many of the subscribers are Russian

edit: lol the snowflakes made a stickied post to get people commenting over here just because of this thread.

Sister_Ray_ 3 points

edit: lol the snowflakes made a stickied post to get people commenting over here just because of this thread.

Utterly bizarre. What sad and bitter individuals spend their time creating a special community just to bitch and whinge about what strangers write on an internet forum.

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birdsofafire 10 points

Look at r/financialindependence. Work incredibly hard for a decade, hustle, and then travel the world when you're retired at 35.

DONT ENTER INTO FINANCIAL OBLIGATIONS with your significant other BEFORE you get married. You're really young and never know. You don't want to be on the hook if something goes wrong.

Sister_Ray_ 1 point

DONT ENTER INTO FINANCIAL OBLIGATIONS with your significant other BEFORE you get married. You're really young and never know. You don't want to be on the hook if something goes wrong.

Why? Many people have serious relationships with no intention of getting married

intheyearbrothousand 1,257 points

Don't buy a house til after marriage. If you plan to have kids, travel as much as you desire beforehand, will be a lot harder after. Travel cheaply where possible. Put as much as you can in 401k (at very minimum employer match) if you live in U.S.

Sister_Ray_ 1 point

Don't buy a house til after marriage

what if you don't intend to get married?

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Captain_Birdseye 1 point

Dunno, but what about day nurseries? I'll be taking mine to one near town.

Sister_Ray_ -1 points

Maybe you should take them to one not near town then? You shouldn't expect to be able to drive into the centre of a major city during peak time, at least not without paying for it

Captain_Birdseye 4 points

Anyone who has ever spent thirty minutes with their face jammed in someone else's armpit on a dangerously overcrowded train, tram or bus knows that privately owned transport co's don't give a shit about the customer, only the shareholders. I'm not putting a baby through that shit, i'll keep driving my car, thanks.

Sister_Ray_ -3 points

Fine, but you should expect to pay for it. My health is more important than you being mildly inconvenienced for 20 minutes, thanks

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Ivashkin 2 points

Yet people who live in the same environments don't go down the same paths. I'm aware that there are a whole host of environmental, biological and psychological reasons why some people may abuse drugs more readily than others, but I don't think a persons entire life is defined by these things and do think that there is an element of personal responsibility people have when it comes to the situation they find themselves in. Ignoring this basically suggests we lack any sort of free will and live in some fatalistic nightmare where nothing we do has any impact and we have no capacity to change anything.

So I don't think it's right to look at a homeless person who is blackout wasted at 3pm on a Tuesday and see nothing but a victim.

Sister_Ray_ 2 points

So I don't think it's right to look at a homeless person who is blackout wasted at 3pm on a Tuesday and see nothing but a victim.

So what, doesn't matter how you see them, what's important is what works in getting them off the street. You may or may not care about the people involved (I do) but it's good for no one to be stepping over people as you walk through town, and all the associated antisocial behaviour.

FWIW I do see most homeless people as victims, even though many are no angels

Sister_Ray_ commented on a post in r/manchester
Sister_Ray_ 1 point

What is GMPTE?

I've always used the Metro Live app and found it pretty good

Captain_Birdseye 0 points

Greater Manchester Passenger Transport Executive

Sister_Ray_ 1 point

Never heard of it, is it the same as TfGM?

Sister_Ray_ commented on a post in r/China
americarthegreat 16 points

If I continued to live in my hometown for my whole life I could vote in every election and my voice would never be heard

Democracy happens more than at the voting booth. You do have the freedom of speech, right? Freedom of speech and democracy go hand-in-hand. It's your civic duty to use that freedom of speech to influence others in order to enhance, progress, and build better values that will be reflected in the democratic system.

no other party has even a hope of winning,

Yes, they do. Maybe not this election cycle, maybe not next. But find like-minded people and exert your rights, and maybe in 10-20 years your preferred politicians will have a chance at winning.

my effect on policy is equal to that of any Chinese person.

Bullshit. You have the freedom of speech, you have the right to protest. You can collaborate with politicians to force other politician's hands (using democratic processes, such as the filibuster in the US). There is more to democracy than voting.

But beyond all that, vote. Especially with generational changes, young people tend to not vote and there is power in the youth voice. The US learned this the hard way, the young didn't vote, and we let the baby boomers put Trump into office.

One thing I find impressive about China is the level of development,

You mean the development enabled by the mother of all bubbles because there's no one that can tell the government "no" when it wants to benefit in the short-term? Where politicians use guanxi virtually unrestricted to profit from demolishing people's homes to put a factory there? Where the people, once they realize this is happening, can't stop it because they can't vote abusive politicians out of office, and when they try to voice their concerns, politician-hired thugs just come and beat them all up?

Sister_Ray_ 3 points

It's your civic duty

Eh, I've always been terribly cynical about that kind of language, sounds a bit propaganda-y and cheerleading to me, aiming to get you to take out your frustrations in a rather harmless and ineffectual way, and implictly placing the blame on you if you don't get what you want. I prefer to look at the reality of how a system actually works, rather than how the theory says it should work, and there's no question many democracies across the western world are staggeringly dysfunctional. I am not defending the Chinese system either, I might add, just wanted to add a slightly more critical voice.

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CheeseMakerThing 7 points

I believe the reasoning behind some people saying Manchester is the second city is due to it's cultural influence and reputation in recent times. In terms of personal opinion, even though I prefer Brummagem to Mancunia, I expect most of the populous to prefer Manchester (also it's a lot better for tourists to visit). In terms of raw numbers it hasn't got a chance really, and I'd think if you just look at those it also falls behind Leeds, Glasgow and Edinburgh.

Sister_Ray_ -1 points

In terms of raw numbers Manchester is either 2nd or 3rd biggest depending on how you count it, not sure where you're getting that from?

Why do you prefer Birmingham out of interest as well?

CheeseMakerThing 3 points

I meant in terms of population, but I keep thinking Sheffield is smaller than Edinburgh. In terms of economic output it's usually third behind London and Birmingham (except financial output Leeds is second and a fair few of the specific measures it's second behind London)

Why do you prefer Birmingham out of interest as well?

Few main reasons, first is that I like the way it's built up. Cities like Manchester, Liverpool and Bristol are very condensed into the centre but offer very little in comparison in my experience once you start to leave the centre. Birmingham may have a lacking city centre but all the key amenities are there, it has the cultural stuff as per any big city close to the centre as well which makes up for that. But once you leave the centre going to the far reaches there just feels like there's more to do; Edgbaston, Mosely, Harborne, Sutton Coldfield, Bourneville and Kings Norton all have as much to do as the centre.

Second is that I'm a country person. Big cities don't make me comfortable. Manchester feels a lot more industrial and crowded, Birmingham on the other hand has a ridiculous amount of green spaces and parts of the city have more grass and trees than my small town does (Mosely Bog, Sutton Coldfield). I know the Pennines are close by but if you live somewhere you spend your time there and occasionally foray out. I love visiting Manchester but think I would get sick of living there and just go home every weekend, having spent a year living in Birmingham I didn't get sick of it and if I felt stuffy I just went for a country walk in the middle of the city.

Third is transport links. It's in the middle, it's near to everywhere. Within 3 and a half hours by train I can be in Paris or Edinburgh. London and Cardiff are easy to get to. Newcastle, Manchester, Glasgow and Liverpool are easily accessible. Within half an hour from the city centre you can be in Leamington, Warwick, Stratford-upon-Avon or Worcester.

Sister_Ray_ 1 point

Fair enough, I'm definitely a city boy so that's why I like the dense urbanisation of Manchester. I can see though if you're more a country person you might prefer Brum, if there's one thing (central) Manchester is lacking it's green space. Manchester does have some happening areas outside the centre like Chorlton and Didsbury but yeah Birmingham may have more. As for transport links I think there's not much in it between the two though, in fact Manchester may edge it as its arguably more central and has a more well connected airport

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corylew 13 points

Oh the IT band. The time bomb of running. The same way you can't predict when it's going to get pissed off, it seems nobody can predict when it will calm down. This leads to a phenomenon known as 'punching the TV.'

The same way when your picture goes out on the screen we have the urge to smack our TVs up and down, left and right until finally the clouds part or the engineers stop touching that wire, and the picture clears. This leads people to take credit for clearing up their picture and go on to preach the good word of TV smacking. "Yeah I whacked the left and right side but once I banged on the top, the picture cleared right up. Never whack left, always bang top." And don't just hit it, whack that sucker twice as hard next time. The moment your knee stops aching, in the mail arrives a PhD in Advanced Physiotherapy and you are now an expert in all things IT related.

I struggled all last year with IT band pain and can say without a doubt I met at least twenty of these "experts" who told me to stop running for six months, roll hard every day, compression, stretching... The best way to treat your IT band is to not get IT band pain. Keep those knees and butt strong. Run downhill with good form. Don't ramp up mileage past 10% per year. But I will not even describe what was happening when I finally rid myself of pain, because at least I have the decency of saying "I don't know why it stopped hurting."

Sister_Ray_ 1 point

When I did my IT band in, the only thing that made it better was 6 months of no running whatsoever

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[deleted] 0 points


Sister_Ray_ 3 points

I mean, I'm not a tribalistic supporter of the Labour Party, many times I've voted for others or not at all, so in that sense I'm not 'taking sides'. On the other hand, I am very definitely and irredeemably left wing, it's part of my identity and worldview, and I could never vote for the conservatives or anyone to the right of them. Am I a 'cunt' for that?

Sister_Ray_ commented on a post in r/manchester
ChaBeezy 6 points

The airport line now going as far as Victoria is such a quality of life improvement for me. Can't fucking wait, the pain in having to change at deansgate to go one stop is finally over.

Sister_Ray_ 1 point

Er... if you were only going one stop you could have walked, it's literally less than 5 minutes from deansgate to St. Peter's...

CMastar 1 point

But surely media city - ethiad is just a short version of the Eccles - Ashton and that is on the map

Sister_Ray_ 1 point

shaw - east dids definitely still happening:

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Shaella_ -1 points

Sure, fine, we'll move on. Points fucking two.

Capitalism rewards individuals for creating wealth and attempting to improve their situation, Communism punishes them. Simple as that.

Sister_Ray_ 2 points

showing your true colours now mate, started out all reasonable debate and now it emerges your a free market ideologue with an ulterior motive.

Shaella_ 1 point

I know that communes existing within capitalism are not 'communism', I intentionally put out a very simplified version. And capitalism can tolerate socialism on the same planet. Frankly when we stopped waging ill-planned wars against socialist and communist regimes they were far more effectively dismantled by capitalism's inherent surperiority than could ever be done by war.

Sister_Ray_ 17 points

Capitalism can tolerate 'communes' as long as it has other areas to expand into. But capitalism has an insatiable desire to constantly open up new markets, and sooner or later when it reaches the limits of its endogenous growth it will have intrude on other areas to fuel exogenous growth. If it does not, the result is stagnation

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