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Hey where's your reply? Still awaiting that quote from the article.

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chill out m8, you've got issues

There is nothing stopping you negotiating these terms into a future rental contract

Why don’t you?

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inequality of bargaining power, look it up


Want to get from Shenzhen / HK to Kunming on Monday 8th October. Will it still be crazy then to get train tickets or will I be alright?


You can try to get a ticket a month before your travel date. I've had no such luck around holidays. Plane tickets are usually available and only cost slightly more.

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Original Poster1 point · 10 days ago

Thanks for your response. Does that apply to just the bullet trains or local/normal trains as well? How long in your experience does it take for things to calm down a bit after the holiday and get back to normal?

I don't intend for this to come across as dismissive, but the UK is quite a lot hillier than NL.

I cycled to work for months here in Stoke (before my bike got pinched) but finding the motivation after work to slog up some of the hills you find in Sheffield is hard.

I'd be curious to know the stats of distance commuted of here versus NL, I'd guess the average is higher here.

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Maybe that's because we've been too car-centric here and encouraged people to live miles away from work in a big suburban pad?

I used to live in Sheffield so I know how hilly it is, but it's the exception rather than the rule for most UK towns and cities, many of which are pancake flat and have no excuse not to be cycling friendly

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An issue I see in my job everyday is the dislocation between where businesses want to be and where people can easily get to. Most businesses want to be on an industrial estate with easy access for trucks to deliver stock. Moreover, industrial estates are cheaper than more centralised property and often it is not beneficial to be more centralised if your products are being delivered nationwide.

I think government, transport and business could solve the issue with a small amount of effort. The government and businesses could work together to fund transport that would cover these difficult to reach areas. Perhaps running busses from a central area that arrive ready for 6am shifts, 2pm shifts and 10pm shifts as an example.

The cost is low and could provide transport for hundreds of workers at each site per week. I'm thinking of a shuttle type system used at airports but from the centre of a town to the industrial estates.

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'Most businesses'?

If you produce goods maybe, but if like 80% of the UK economy you produce services then surely it's more important to be in a central location with good public transport links

I think John Harris is one of the best journalists today. He eloquently sums up how I feel about the entire Brexit project: "a cadre of moneyed wreckers cynically manipulating a mess of resentments that their own politics triggered back in the 1980s, cheating their way to victory, and then attempting to bring their revolution full circle by treating millions of people like so much cannon fodder."

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He's excellent. Definitely on the left but willing to call bullshit on self-righteous tendencies within Corbyn's Labour / momentum, and also willing to actually engage with and talk to people in brexit-voting, left-behind areas, rather than shouting at them

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No. We should change the law. There are legal tax avoidance schemes we can all take advantage of. Salary sacrifice for pension contributions for example.

If you don't what tax avoidance to happen, you need to tighten the laws on it.

A company - just like an individual - has both incentive and obligation to optimise their tax where they can. If nothing else, so they can donate to charities of their choice.

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There are legal tax avoidance schemes we can all take advantage of. Salary sacrifice for pension contributions for example.

That's nonsense, because salary sacrifice is something the government encourage you to do. In my mind tax avoidance is when you are doing something that is within the letter but not the spirit of the law

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This is literally a pure left wing news site... Whether or not it's true it's a far from neutral outlet Edit- wording

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Irrelevant. The headline:

Tory run East Sussex council initiates drastic cuts to stave off bankruptcy

is factually accurate. So your comment amounts to nothing other than an attempt at deflection

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we've been too timid and polite

Imagine being this delusional. The left has lost support for, amongst other things, being so openly hateful towards men, the working class via political correctness, white people and anyone increasingly anyone who so much as questions issues of transsexuality in children etc. Vitriol, casual racism, group identity politics, a rosy attitude towards socialism and Marxism and full blown bigotry towards opposing views is what has come to characterise far too much of the left wing.

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2 points · 15 days ago · edited 15 days ago

Imagine being this delusional. The left has lost support for, amongst other things, being so openly hateful towards men, the working class via political correctness, white people and anyone increasingly anyone who so much as questions issues of transsexuality in children etc. Vitriol, casual racism, group identity politics, a rosy attitude towards socialism and Marxism

I'm sorry but I can't take your views seriously when you insist on analysing the views of "the left" as one monolithic block. I'm not particularly a fan of identity politics or its shrill exponents, but they are only a part of the left, and some groups on the right often cynically seize upon the most extreme or unhinged and try and use that to discredit and smear the more mainstream views.

And actually, as a feminist, the notion of 'being openly hateful towards men' is nonsense, in fact I think there are many unique social issues faced by men in our society today that need solving. In fact feminism is about tackling the harmful stereotypes and gender roles that men must be strong and aggressive just as much as that women must be subservient and docile.

Nor am I hostile to the white working classes, in fact I think they are one of the most marginalised and neglected groups in our society today.

a rosy attitude towards socialism and Marxism

As for this, well for one socialism can mean just mild social democracy to some people so I don't know why it's such a boogey word.

Marxism (as opposed to authoritarian Marxism-Leninism) has very many interesting contributions to social theory, even with you disagree with them, so you can't just dismiss it as a 'bad word'

1 point · 15 days ago

being openly hateful towards men' is nonsense,

Except for the fact you have an MP that openly laughed when male suicide rates were mentioned.....

Nor am I hostile to the white working classes,

Good for you, shame not many people agree with you in labour

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I'm not a Labour supporter so I don't know where you got that idea from. Having said that, if:

Good for you, shame not many people agree with you in labour

is true, why do white working class areas keep on returning Labour MPs?

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-8 points · 17 days ago · edited 17 days ago

I'm pretty sure this sub doesn't get how quite normal Britons might sympathize with TR.

edit: Amazing looking at all the loonies inventing things they didn't see, talking about EDL like they were a rampaging salafi gang (when they'd call it a muslim protest when salafi gangs do it).

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Ah yes, because anyone who doesn't get him isn't 'normal'

Patronizing as fuck IMO

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We gotta get those benefit scroungers with their flat screen tvs, fancy holidays, free houses, free child care for their 20 antisocial children and who have never had a job in their lives ... they are costing us hundreds of millions of pounds!

Meanwhile, let's leave alone those tax evading multimillionares, with their jets, their mansions, their accountants who work around all forms of tax (especially inheritence tax) and who run the companies that regularly avoid paying billions to the exchequer every year.

Enact a cost neutral policy against a vastly overstated amount of benefit cheats because the organization going after them takes all of the millions returned back?

Avoid taxing big business in case they leave the country in a flight ... so instead they stay ... but avoid a ton of tax anyway ...

Have I got Tory 101 down yet?

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flat screen tvs

I've always found this a hilarious supposed 'luxury'. You can't even buy a non flat screen TV these days lol

-49 points · 22 days ago

The man gets results: cry fake news all you want but the man knows how to pick winners.

I'm hoping he can turn Rees-Mogg into a proper protectionist High Tory, one can only hope.

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What even is a High Tory lol. Sounds like something that hasn't existed since like 1890 but has been revived by some political nerds because it chimes with their pet theories and they think it makes them seem kooky

55 points · 23 days ago · edited 23 days ago

More interesting stuff from the poll tables

There's a 15% point difference between the Con-Labour share of people in full time work ! (Labour 15% ahead).

Labour is ahead in both public and private sector jobs (6% for Public 3% for private).

For Under 35's , Tories are at less than 14% and Labour is at 24% in the + 65 age group .

Curiously, they didn't include a "What did you vote in EUREF2016" as part of the demographic questions.

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I'm sorry did I read that correctly? Tories are at just 14% for all under-35s?

Sure does make you wonder what's gonna happen 10-20 years down the line... they'll be facing annihilation surely?

We had a Labour landslide under Blair that no one thought the Tories would recover from. Yet they are technically in their third term. People and parties change constantly.

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yeah but it took them over a decade to do so... not saying the tories would be permanently finished, just that they might be in a bit of trouble 10 years or so down the line...

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Manc living in London and the tube is absolutely streets ahead of the tram it’s not even comparable.

It’s not a rip-off for a start, every time I get the tram when I’m up on my wallet bleeds. Still extortionate after all these years.

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that's because the tram gets no public subsidy, and so has to cover its own operating costs, plus the cost of repaying all the borrowing that was done to expand the network

TfL / the tube get billions in central government handouts so no wonder it's cheaper

I can’t even access this article without completing a survey first.

The MEN website is a fucking abomination.

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The MEN website is a fucking abomination.


If it wasn't for the fact he is directly linked to hundreds of thousands of deaths? then yes, he would have made no other mistakes going forward.

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I don't like the guy but you can't deny that if it wasn't for Iraq his image would be nowhere near as tarnished, many would even hail him as a great prime minister. I don't think it's such an easy to call counterfactual


and I'll take my qualifications, experience and positive contribution to the economy with me.

Bring on the Brain Drain.

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Let the brexodus begin

Even if you hit them over the head with it and force them to read it they won't change their minds.

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Feels not reals

14 points · 29 days ago

Postmodernist rubbish. Critical thinking doesn't lead people into thinking all of our beliefs are just fictions, just the opposite in fact.

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You don't agree with the idea that social institutions are just shared fictions?


I will be in Shenzhen for 4 days in late October- I'm just wondering is it feasible to hop over to Hong Kong for a day to have a look around? I'm planning on having a multiple entry visa for China so hopefully re-entering Shenzhen shouldn't be an issue, but I'm just wondering what the travel time is like, including time for border crossing? If I get up early and come back late, is it doable in a day?


'Settling down' in western culture typically means some or all of the following:

  • Obtaining a stable career
  • Getting married
  • Moving to the suburbs / a quieter area
  • Getting a mortgage / buying a house
  • Having kids / starting a family
  • Financial Prudence
  • Stay living in one place for an extended period of time

It also typically entails the end of some of the habits and practices of young adulthood, such as experimentation in relationships, living in shared rental accommodation, living in lively urban areas, partaking in night life, casual sex, drug use, frequent travelling, casual work, experimentation in careers etc etc.

My position is this transition is something that has been cooked up by society in order to make people less dangerous to the status quo / our current social and economic institutions. Think about it for a minute:

  • Many of the youthful behaviours I listed above, whilst perfectly natural and positive, can be perceived as a threat to existing social and cultural institutions
  • Marriage encourages people to commit to one partner and therefore engage in less 'deviant' sexual behaviour, even though we as humans are naturally promiscuous
  • Encouraging people to become homeowners has the side effect of them acquiring assets. People who hold assets have a tendency to want to defend them, and therefore people will tend to become more conservative as they acquire more of them
  • Humans evolved to be nomads, the sedentary lifestyle is not natural for us, so why else would people be settling down in one place and forgoing travelling?
  • Obtaining a mortgage and consumer goods on credit not only has a positive effect on the economy (thereby increasing the resilience of the current capitalist system), but also ties people in to their current lifestyle, because they have to continue working to pay off those debts. Unlike young people with no commitments who can do what they want.
  • A consequence of spending so much time on work and raising a family is you have little other free time to spend on doing things that are potentially subversive or challenging to the status quo
  • Likewise the encouragement of 'wholesome' domestic pursuits like gardening, DIY, etc stops people doing other things or travelling, whilst at the same time stimulating the economy
  • The tying down of people to one area makes them less likely to experience other different cultures which might make them question their own.

Change my view reddit!

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As someone who always wanted kids, and has “settled” down and had them- no. My life never felt empty before and it doesn’tnow! It’s fantastic and I love them. We travel as a family (even when they were infants), I’ve still changed jobs twice, gone to concerts for my favorite bands and have friends and a social life. My kids make me laugh every day and teach me skills I never would have otherwise learned. Getting married to my husband meant I got to have a party with the sexiest man I’ve ever laid eyes on... and then he promised to live in my house and eat breakfast with me and watch movies together for the rest of our lives.

I have never been “trapped” by my commitments. Why would I want to “escape”the sexiest chocolate chip pancake chef in the world and the children we chose to have and love, and the ginormous sunflower garden maze I made in our backyard? What am I escaping from?

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Original Poster1 point · 1 month ago

As someone who always wanted kids, and has “settled” down and had them- no. My life never felt empty before and it doesn’tnow!

Why did you want to have them? Why did you want to settle down?

We travel as a family (even when they were infants),

It makes it harder though surely? You now have to pay for four people rather than two, and you can only go away with kids in the school holidays when everything's more expensive and overcrowded.

I have never been “trapped” by my commitments. Why would I want to “escape”the sexiest chocolate chip pancake chef in the world and the children we chose to have and love, and the ginormous sunflower garden maze I made in our backyard?

Don't you find it limiting? I'm not questioning your devotion to your husband or kids but are you really happy about a life of domesticity? You're living in one place, your home, for the next however many decades. You've got to go work to earn a living no matter what because otherwise you won't be able to provide for your kids. Won't you get bored? There's a huge world out there and so many places to see and cultures to immerse yourself in.

The way I see it, you can either choose to live one lifetime or to live a thousand. If you stay in one place, do the same thing everyday, get stuck in a routine, the years will pass by in no time and you'll be left thinking where did my life go? If you constantly pursue novelty, throw away everything you have and start again every few years, constantly challenge yourself and push yourself outside your comfort zone, you will constantly be living in the moment and living life to the full.

Boom! The person who uploaded this is a ideological retard.

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Boom! Bullshit bot account exclusively spamming Tommy Robinson / Jordan Peterson / Trump videos

Dem regional parties tho. Unless Labour can sort out its SNP problem it's not seeing a majority again.

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Could happen if Libs were to go back up to their historic baseline of around 15%, eating more into the liberal Tory vote than soft Labour

Big if though.

I've been of the opinion that a majority Labour government is electorally impossible for some time. The trend continues.

And that's all despite the current constituency arrangements being in their favour.

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What I find more ridiculous is if these results were to play out in reality, it would be the third hung parliament out of the last four (with the other one being a very small minority). Surely that consigns to the dustbin one of the arguments for FPTP against PR?

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