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JV - 50 Shades of Gray

Varsity - Bukkake

Semi Pro - Midget Granny takes BBC

Pro - Anything with a horse.

EDIT: This is now my highest rated comment...I'm sure my mom would be proud. Good work fellow porn connoisseurs. <3 See you all on the Hub <3

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Mythical - 177013

can I get a mod that puts a big


on behemoth hunts. My randoms never seem to know

Did you ever get an answer for this question? I was actually curious about the grog nozzle as a whole and sucks that i wanst able to acquire one

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Original Poster1 point · 18 days ago

No, on console it wont come from a drop. It will though on PC if you install the community patch

Are you on Xbox? I can give you one if you’re on xbox

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Original Poster1 point · 20 days ago

Yes! I'll pm you my gamertag

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As young as 21 is, how do you get that far in life without realizing how fucking insane that sounds?


Room & board, meal plans, and books now average out to $200,000.

Prices have been steadily on the rise since the Orange Era, as historians have coined it, began in the 2010's.

South Carolina is now the largest state in the union, after former states offered themselves as homage to the state Clemson calls home. What once was known as "Columbia" is now the worlds largest zoo and features only tigers.

All of this in the wake of the Clemson Tigers taking home a national championship in the 500th consecutive national championship game against the Alabama Crimson Tide. Led by the mind of Dabo Swinney, kept alive through a combination of cryostasis and cybernetic technology, the Tigers now bring the series against the Tide to an even 250-250 stalemate.

Across campus, President Clements v8.1 meets with an enthusiastic Board of Trustees. As if nature had demanded it, the cost to attend almighty Clemson rises once again.

In the distance, muffled internal screaming.


Where can I find the uncaptioned this shit lowkey cute

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on mobile but r/nagatoro should have links

Personally, I love instrumentals, so mine are:

Nick Johnston - Remarkably Human

Jinsang - Confessions

Polyphia - Muse

I love your art style, dude.

Great work, as always

Has Tucker said anything about PKA recently? He seemed a little upset with the guys towards the end of the drinking episode


Think i missed that, what was the reason?

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The guys got very drunk, and made some pretty non-PC jokes towards the last hour of the show that Tucker would've preferred not to be associated with.

Apparently our favorite /r/MoeMorphism isn’t as OC as we thought...

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I have a new favorite sub, sweet


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The guys are too lazy to do PKA plays, they claim borderlands 2 was so boring it ended pka plays but they literally never started recording it

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*Borderlands the Pre-Sequel

Borderlands 2 is a masterpiece RIP BL3 @ E3

There's many methods to change that though!

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I'm working on it! I say "fat" but I'm about 20-25lbs from normal

You can beat that shit quick, man. Last summer I ran every day for 3 months and lost that 20 with almost no diet changes. And not long runs.

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I'm about to start, my town does a 5k that I haven't done since high school so I was gonna start training for that anyway

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I'm 20M/5"11'/205lbs

I'm at a point where I simultaneously want to bulk up and lose my excess fat. Which should I do first and how should I do it?

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