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this is EROTIC

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The greenbelt by my home has over 20 years of built up underbrush and this worries me. Just a dead wall of blackberries.

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Tell the state to rent some goats. My in-laws got two and they mowed down a whole 50x100 foot pasture covered in blackberries in less than two months.

Yeah, didn't it get some Emmy nominations?

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For the first season, yeah. Second season qualifies for next year because of release date

I used to work at a pizza place and there was a dopey unassuming 40-something delivery driver who would work every once in awhile for a few bucks.

One day another driver started joking around with him and cracked wise about Republicans and he FLIPPED. The guy started threatening the other driver calling him a filthy liberal, etc. and had to be restrained so he wouldn't attack him. All over a joke. Manager told him he was fired, and the police eventually showed up to escort him off the premises because he wouldn't leave.

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Imagine being a Mariners fan

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Wait don't

Rather than seven, it should be cards equal to the damage dealt. That both means that chump-blocking it provides some defense, and allows the Timmy dream of looking at 30 cards.

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Then it would just be a lazy [[Gishath]] rehash


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Well when she confronts you about it...

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Broken link

Says "error determining video format"

More like the whole west coast including BC

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No hard evidence, but it sure is a lot of examples you could find suggesting there might be truth to it

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I'm confused

Scooze is nearly always strictly better for us since we don't really have a way of reliably getting the card we want to exile into the opponents graveyard.

Surgical would probably be a decent sideboard option against hollow one or bridgevine but that's about it.

I think this isn't strong enough for how difficult it is to flip it.

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The beacons are lit! Gondor calls for aid!

This implies that there's actually leftover pizza in my house, which to my knowledge has never occurred.

Happy birthday /r/ponzaMTG

Happy stone raining!

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