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T13397 2 points

Most pole barns around here have grade boards that are already leveled and at the height needed. We just use those as forms

SkepticalAnarchist 1 point

I actually built this building when I was 15 and while it's structurally sound, it's pretty bare bones. I'll try to post a link to some pics today.

japroct 8 points

Have poured many pole barn floors. Used the metal sheating itself as the form. If needed, you can stiffn the sheeting reom the outside. Get a laser setup and shoot your finished concrete grade. Mark it on the back wall. In 27' you want around 2-3" drop to the front. Trust me on this. Mark that. Now snap a line across your marks on the metal walls. Go over this chaulk line with a permanent marker. Now do all your compaction and fill. Next you need to run visqueen up the walls about 4' duct tape it in place. The visqueen keeps splatter off the walls but moreso keeps your concrete pad off the sheeting so it doesn't rust through prematurely. I would softcut 2 joints across the pad in both directions for expansion joints the next day. Simple actually. Good luck.

SkepticalAnarchist 2 points

This is pretty much exactly what I was wanting to hear. Would i just sort of free hand screed it while trying to keep it right at my level mark?

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SkepticalAnarchist 11 points

Oilfield service company. We landed our first job around the beginning of 2015 and were quickly doing 70-100k+ per month. Decided to double our staff (14 employees and myself) and purchase the equipment needed to grow - then the bottom fell out, customers started requesting we charge half as much, and eventually all of the work dried up.

ImBadWithGrils 1 point

I'm a welding student, any tips for getting into pipeline or other oil related industry?

SkepticalAnarchist 2 points

Most of my experience was related to drilling. That being said, I know a few pipeliners and am familiar with the industry. Just like with anything, if you don't have any connections, you need to plan on it being more difficult for you to land a good job - it certainly isn't impossible though. This may sound a bit cheesy but as far as advice goes, you should take pride in your work - try to be the best that you can - even if you're starting out as a welders helper. There are tons of decent welders looking for work and you should try to set yourself apart from them. Its also a huge plus if you're willing to pick up and move on a moment's notice. Oh and also, I have known all too many welders to finance a $60-80k rig - that's a terrible idea because work can fluctuate and when times are bad, they can be really bad. You can weld out of an older setup without sacrificing a professional appearance. Good luck with your welding career

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