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Believe it or not, there was a snake wrangler on my card and the disc was retrieved.

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I actually built this building when I was 15 and while it's structurally sound, it's pretty bare bones. I'll try to post a link to some pics today.

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This is pretty much exactly what I was wanting to hear. Would i just sort of free hand screed it while trying to keep it right at my level mark?

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I'm planning on going 4in or about 100mm. It doesn't get too cold in Texas.

There is plenty of room for small business in the patch, I'm not the most creative but I was lucky enough to find something that I didn't hate doing. I didn't walk away rich but I was proud in knowing that I was able to provide my employees good wages and a healthy work environment. Starting fresh isn't easy and I wouldn't ever tell anybody that it is. I still believe that if the price of oil is right, that there is plenty of money to be made. In my experience (and I undervalued what sales truly was), it's a grind and you'll have to want it and probably spend more time than you'd like away from loved ones and things you enjoy doing. I was a young man in my early 20's and when the dust settled, realized that I had lost sight of a lot of the things that made me happy.. I know that everyone is different but this really affected me and I don't ever really talk about irl. Good luck in your future endeavors.

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