A Linux distribution built by volunteers for the NHS gets cease and desist letter from them and decides to shut down the project. by -TimeTravelling in unitedkingdom

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Agreed, I think if someone released an open-source homeopathic phone app and branded it as "NHS" without permissions, they'd have got exactly the same legal notice, and there wouldn't have been public outrage about it.

Which is funny, because if the software in the article was given a free pass, it would have weakened the NHS's copyright and opened up the way for the theoretical homeopathic app to use it too.

Endless moaning on this sub by h254052656 in unitedkingdom

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Sea is wet, sky is grey, brexit is brexit.

Just increased my overdraft to £3000! I desperately need help to take control of my finances. by pigsplaytennis in UKPersonalFinance

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There's nothing in that for food or any other physical items. Before you sort your budget out, you need to account for everything spent, you'd be surprised when you add it all up. Any other entertainment etc?

What's good about where you live? by Tsmiffy92 in AskUK

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Location: Yorkshire

Reason: Yorkshire

Fuck me, that Morrisons curry really knocks it out the water by VegaNovus in unitedkingdom

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Conversely, their onion bhajis are like eating cardboard.

[Power/Speed] Liege Lord - Eye of the Storm by thevaginalshit in Metal

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Saw these a few years ago at Keep It True festival, quality.

Internet providers must be 'realistic' by Possiblyreef in unitedkingdom

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Universities have always been leaders in network connectivity, that probably isn't a fair comparison.

Skyclad - The Parliament of Fools by Welshite in unitedkingdom

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First new album in 8 years came out this year!

I'm so grateful that I found Reddit and the "admin"subs. by Savanna_INFINITY in sysadmin

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Nah, Slashdot killed it's self through a series of sales and mismanagement.

The most expensive game I've seen for Switch so far. (Ireland) by RGBSplitter in NintendoSwitch

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It's got a bunch of in-game currency or something. There's a few tiered entries for it in the Switch online shop.

Seems like a terrible bit of marketing.

Yes, I will tell your child why she isn't getting Christmas. by atombomb1945 in MaliciousCompliance

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It doesn't follow, but it increases the likelihood. If your parents can drink and find it pleasurable (rather than severe hangovers for a small amount), then you've likely inherited those genes. Not inheriting a related allergy will also contribute.

It's a complex micture of genetic, hereditary & socialisation factors.

Secrets put on internet in Whitehall blunders by Skuld in unitedkingdom

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A technical error meant blackedout parts of the report could be read by "copying and pasting" its contents into another document.

Turkish banks with 13% interest? by alki284 in UKPersonalFinance

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Remember that Turkey had an attempted coup d'état last summer.