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Old UI, must've gone on vacay a while ago lmao

Why bother with the new Halo coming out rather soon? Did Microsoft ever say they were going to release older titles on Windows 10? Universal Windows Platform didn't start until Gears of War, why does anyone care about this?

I absolutely love the style you did the skull in, super cool!

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Actually really digging the merch tbh, the yellow t might be one of my fav things they've ever released.


Nothing is ever her fault. Also if you criticize her for something she did, she says that it's unfair for you to make her feel bad and you shouldn't ever criticize her again because it made her feel bad and that's mean

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Ok since you guys are on some detective shit right now can anyone tell me who the first girl in this video is

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I find the longer I’ve listened to the album the more my go to moves around. Everything is so good that depending on my mood and current life situation changes my go to.

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This exactly! Right now Seigfried is my go-to.


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LMAO what

Lol this dude is not cheating, what are you on

Lol this goes exquisitely in, can't wait!

This just cured my hangover

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This is definitely medium come on now

There are a couple different types of detectors, most in college dorms are particle detectors, which can be set off from a vape, steamy pot of ramen, etc... If you're in bed just blow under your covers or out the window. Better to be safe then have to deal with the fire department coming through your room (LIKE ME!).

Holy shit this is so good

don't mind me, just here to deliver the gospel of Kyle Watson, the South African genius with the best basswork in music right now. and house sub opening up in September, get ready

Kyle Watson - Harvard

Tchami x Malaa - Prophecy (Kyle Watson Remix)

Kyle Watson - Watermelons

LDRU - Next To You (Kyle Watson Remix)

Kyle Watson - Road Trips

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whoa this shit is wild haha, thank you for sharing

I can't get enough of Adieu... can anyone recommend other songs with a similar sound?

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Old Wolfgang Gartner scratches that same itch for me

Holy shit the level of military worship in this thread is nauseating

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That shit is terrifying man. I can't imagine leaving my bubble of safety to go to the store half the time, nevermind halfway across the Earth. It's a noble pursuit to many people whether you want to acknowledge it or not.

I am not denying that by any means. I think being in the military is a respected profession, much like being a doctor or a teacher. It doesn't need people figuratively sucking your dick wherever you go, and on top of that people berating you for not accepting said dick-sucking.

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I suppose yeah, but imagine you're out in public and you see some dude in sullied scrubs and people are like, going nuts because he just performed surgury on some kid. Kind of ridiculous to be like "stop sucking this dudes dick ugh". There are lots of amazing people out here doing wonderful things and they deserve to be celebrated.

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I never like to steal thunder and I’m 100% not trying to do that, but I was in a similar situation once. I used to be a police officer (pursuing my law degree) and a single mother had a heart attack. I was assigned with another officer to watch after her 3 kids until they could contact a relative. It honestly was a great time capped off with the mother making a full recovery.

Edit: Capped not called

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Hope they're all still doing ok today!

where are the nipples? love it

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I TOTALLY FORGOT THE NIPPLES I'll add them tomorrow

Let's hear em

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I fucking LOVE his verse on Living Single by Big Sean, and obviously Ultralight Beam

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