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Everyone out here starving but I'm feeling blessed; only gotta drive 2 hours to Charlotte. Yehaw bois

When turning and viewing the mini-map it's very visibly 60fps. Looks really strange on a 144hz display, having a portion of the screen chopping about.

Yep. I'm open to giving people the benefit of the doubt, but some things are far too ridiculous and unbelievable.

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IMO the most fun part of this sub is seeing opposite sides of the spectrum, from the "why would you even think these words, nevermind post them" to the "I really hope this happened because it's adorable/funny". it's all interesting in its own way!

This guy is a nice guy. I like this guy. I would've gone to his barbeque. I understand some of y'all are a bit jaded talking about serial killers killing the gays but come on dude. Can you not ruin this wholesome post with paranoia.

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A scary way to live

I thought that my street address was just what houses were called. Every house was "xx Blahblah Ave" because that's just the proper noun of a house.

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Doubtful. Thematically it's fairly interesting but the actual artwork is very mediocre. The animals are way out of scale and much of the detail is wrong. The artist looks to have never studied sea life at all. When I was in high school I drew a seascape like this and I made sure to put in all the detail necessary to make it realistic. That drawing of mine went on to be shown in the local art fair. This is more of a doodle to put in your scrapbook. Not quite up to par for being officially shown

Edit / what's with the downvotes? It's a violation of Reddiquette to downdoot an opinion. You guys aren't Picasso yourselves so until you are an established artist like myself, don't down downdunk my opinion!!

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If I wanted an image that captured all the idiosyncrasies of deep sea life I'd hang a photograph on my wall, but there's a reason most people don't do that.

This is like if Justice starting making dubpl8s, I'm in love.

Quit being such a nerd.

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Ahhhh i get it!!!!

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It's definitely feels weird. In CSGO I had 2.75 sens with 1000 DPI. Now I'm running 1.37 and I have to keep reminding myself to move more than just my wrist.

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The "golden" zone for sens in CS is somewhere around 800 DPI at 1 in-game sens, so you're really not that far off! 1.37 @ 1000 is still gonna feel worlds better than what you were at before, nevermind having a uniform surface to swipe your mouse across now haha.

There is no such thing as a golden sens in cs.

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Most people who take the game seriously sit somewhere around 800, 1; usually below it.

320 link of Freddie

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real Badass vibes on this lol, really sick

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I don't know what is wrong with me. I love this franchise so much, even the first two that I can't even play cuz I don't know how. When I first saw the Fallout 4 Trailer, I cried. And I had to wait until the game went on sale to get it, like a year or so later. It was a hard wait.

I saw the Test Pattern and the "please stand by" and I cried again. What could it be?? And then it was said that there was a new Fallout. And it's going to be a shared experience. I don't know why anything like this post of OP's makes me cry. It's something I can't control and I can't figure out how to explain it. I can't wait to see you all in the wastes!

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Their aesthetic they capture is so powerful, it just brings that shit out of you!! Hope to see you out there!

y'all should listen to IT G MA, it's a short track but paak goes in there

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First track I ever heard from him, pleasantly surprised when I heard what the majority of his stuff sounds like, this goes uncharacteristically IN.

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man's going from his magnum opus to some straight heat, all these loosies got me LOOSE

In my experience it isn't super uncommon to wait a while for big merch drops from artists like this. I remember having to wait almost 2 months to get the stuff from one of Brockhamptons first drops. I think they like to make sure they ship everyone's stuff at the same time so if they had to produce more or had extra orders they halt them all. Sucks they didn't ever contact you back though.

Weekend in America is still to this day my favorite electronic project ever, hearing all these synths brings me way the fuck back. Such an awesome evolution of his sound.

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Any other good music channels on youtube? Been looking but I can't really find anyone else I like, love melon tho.

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Tabby is my favorite when it comes to reaction videos in this style. He always seems super genuine and doesn't upload with EVERY big release so it's always a joy seeing something you dig pop up.

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Textra! Nice

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Thought the same thing as soon as I saw this haha

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edit: shiz i see what happened now, pm me if u have it pls

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Hit me also plz

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Everybody used to have mustaches. The T power was always in the mustache. After the 80's, all the cops, construction workers, and factory workers shaved off their majestic mustaches and the seismic shift in power cursed the male testicle. Nowadays it's man buns and lattes. If we all grow beautiful, thick horseshoe mustaches, it will be like the Spirit Bomb, all men bringing their energy together to right the wrongs of nature.

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I just shaved off my mustache and my man-bun last week and I can feel the forces of good and evil at war inside of me.

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