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I’ve always loved that Christine cover that’s also on the vhs.

I’ve wanted to do a Grognak character in 4 so I may do that here instead.

I like this idea. Mothman deserves a meaty quest not just a go to this warehouse and kill giant flying thing.

I like this idea. If it is a survival game with camping, hunting, maybe fishing than a Boy Scout character would be perfect.

Happy you’re looking forward to it I know I am. I hope if it’s multiplayer we can have at least 3 friends in our game with us. It’ll be a lot of fun exploring together.

Johnny Cash would be fitting if they are going for a country vibe.

1 point · 21 days ago · edited 21 days ago

I still play Fallout 4. I don’t really have any worries about 76. I haven’t played a Bethesda game that I didn’t sink over 100 hours into.

I’m hoping it’s kinda like Minecraft multiplayer on console. You have your world that you can build and explore and let friends join in if you wish.

I hope so, with lots of mountains, forests, streams, wildlife. Could be a really neat setting.

I didn’t care for it as much as I did the first 3 but I replayed it recently and really enjoyed but it’s still not as good as the original 3, to me anyway.


I’m feeling a little overwhelmed with the possibilities at the moment. I think I may start with a large space and a character to use to explore a large piece of art filled with my random ideas, props, and characters. This way I can get to know the game and just get a lot of ideas out in one big sweep.

13 points · 27 days ago

Everyone in Dreams gets a sort of home base which is a blank slate to add whatever you want and it serves as an area that other people can explore. We just aren't exactly sure how this will tie in with your profile and all the other social features.

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Original Poster4 points · 27 days ago

That’s awesome I didn’t know that. So it acts as a workshop of sorts?

Would be neat but probably can’t handle something that complex.

I’ve sketched a character whose a unicyclist that I want to use in a Sonic/Golden Axe/Mario platformer. I’ve drawn other characters, monsters, power ups, platforms to jump on, backgrounds. It’s fun to think about and make lists even if it doesn’t work out for me.

I don’t know that I’ll even reference the sketch book when creating since the ideas are so engrained once I actually sketch them.

3 points · 1 month ago · edited 1 month ago

I have a few sketches for 2 games I want to make but it's hard to get too serious with them when I don't know what exactly I can do with Dreams.

Specifically outside of actual game mechanics though I guess I'm sketching characters, enemies, armor (if you can have it), level design, weapons, items, etc.

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Even if you end up not using any of it it’s still super fun to sit and draw all those things out.

It’s a great game play it.

I really hope we get lots of clothing choices and the ability to layer.

65 points · 1 month ago

Can't remember that last time I was this hyped for a game, taking me back to being a kid.

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Totally agree, I can’t stop watching Cyberpunk lore videos.

A 30 something medtech who harvests organs and prosthetics from patients that died under her care. Probably addicted to some stimulant. Drives a motorcycle and has a few cyber enhancements, maybe an air filtering device, optical enhancements to make surgical procedures easier. Maybe she’s ok with a small pistol if need be.

Female medtech that helps whenever possible but uses the failures to sell organs and prosthetics from deceased patients for cash. Gets around on a bike like Akira’s, eats sushi and smokes cigarettes in down time.

Hopefully a van that can house all of my gear and gang members.

I started maining her awhile ago because no one ever seems to play healer. Now I’m at a point where I feel like I’m gimping the team if I don’t choose her since I’ve put so much time and practice into the character. I sometimes love playing with her and other times just hate it. It really depends on the teammates.

Original Poster0 points · 1 month ago

The Holy Bible existed for thousands of years before you were born, your argument is invalid.

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I’m pretty sure it was written by a dozen humans, heavily edited by child molesters.

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Ewwwww... Gross. I'm awake to the reality of the Satanists who do that but I don't want to think about it and I don't talk about it. I just like watching movies and seeing things most people don't have the spiritual eyes to see.

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God is within, searching the material land is folly.

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