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StopDropNFrag 1 point

hah I've been eyeing that Ren and Stimpy pack. Was it 40% off?

SlimJones123 1 point

50% so it came to $6.50, they had a bunch of all the nickelodeon figure packs.

ElCineaste 2 points

I’ll have to go there soon again

SlimJones123 2 points

I was pretty surprised by the selection they still had. There was another one by me that closed in the first wave and when it's discounts hit 50% it got completely picked over and was always a mad house.

maybesaydie [M] 2 points

We're sorry but your post has been removed for the following reason:

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Contact the moderators if you have any questions. Please include a link to your post. We cannot guarantee a response without a link to the post in question. Thanks again.

SlimJones123 1 point

Sorry! Checked KD and searched for crab in the sub and couldn't find anything :/

maybesaydie [M] 1 point

I removed it before because it's really normal animal behavior. He's going to probably eat the littler crab :(

SlimJones123 1 point

Ah gotcha no worries.

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