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bustyblondy 1 point

You are beautiful and not alone!

SlothGoneWild 2 points


juraiknight 2 points

Well, you actually have both things going on. You're definitely a looker, and there's probably thousands that could agree with that. And the confidence stems from the fact that you're openly showing us the most intimate/private sides of you for millions of other people to see, people who could be (and often are) insanely judgemental with a wall of anonymity as their armor, which can be scary. Never compare yourself with others!

Ps: thanks for the hanger trick, I'm currently using that method on the regular now haha

SlothGoneWild 1 point

Ty for your nice comment

Hanger trick buddies lol

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dablegianguy 1 point

That looks like Dalaran's spawning point after TP ^ What are you playing?

SlothGoneWild 2 points

It is

I play shadow priest

andrew757m 3 points

Dal loading screen takes so long you can flip over and take nudes. Hope they never fix it.

SlothGoneWild 1 point


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SlothGoneWild commented on a post in r/gonewild
GoneWildAgain97 4 points

Says the beauty herself! Are you bi (you don’t haaaave to answer that if you don’t want to)?

SlothGoneWild 3 points

I think we all played around in college 😈

seamonster02 5 points

Can i get in on this inevitable 3 some? 😋

SlothGoneWild 3 points

I think you’re already in it lol

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SlothGoneWild commented on a post in r/gonewild
GoneWildAgain97 7 points

5’6’’ average height, right? However, my femurs are SO long😅

SlothGoneWild 2 points

Long legs are so sexy

SteveThomasFit 1 point

Really happy you made this sub. You are already quite popular, which is all because you're gorgeous and artistic.

SlothGoneWild 1 point

Ty so much

Notchies 1 point

Your nipples are amazing wow

SlothGoneWild 3 points

They love to be played with

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johnstarks1980 1 point

You in a freezer ? Nipples hard as a rock !

SlothGoneWild 1 point


4playalltheway 31 points

Look amazing!! Why nervous?

SlothGoneWild 45 points

Don’t know. I’m timid by nature. It’s both exhilarating and nerve wracking

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fiber77 1 point


How did you take the picture?

SlothGoneWild 1 point


TheScornfulEgotist 1 point

It’s crazy how hot a picture of you is. I think I’d be afraid of you irl.

SlothGoneWild 1 point

Nah. People don’t talk to me. I hardly ever look at anyone in their eyes

fiver_reborn 2 points

[M 43] Jacker of a penis.

I probably should stipulate that it's usually mine and recently caused by you quite often

SlothGoneWild 5 points

Ace fiver: tit detective, jacker penis

Got it!

DualBuckeyes 3 points

Never a dull moment

SlothGoneWild 3 points

Absolutely right

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icetrey_47 1 point

I see you still haven't gotten up from the floor. ;)

SlothGoneWild 1 point

Been there for 3 days. No one wanted to help me up

SydneyRiverside 0 points

An uncommon duo of traits, but certainly peaks my interest. That and you are gorgeous, that never hurts😉

SlothGoneWild 2 points


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[deleted] 1 point


SlothGoneWild 1 point


Notchies 4 points

Your thighs...good lord those thighs. Your tits are equally amazing

SlothGoneWild 5 points

They be thiccccc :)

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SlothGoneWild commented on a post in r/RealGirls
light_of_aya 149 points

Thanks. I really appreciate that. Here's another GIF of me dancing naked cause why not?

SlothGoneWild 5 points

Your level of fitness is what all of us shoot for

cherrybombbb 1 point

currently saving up to get my tits done. hope mine look as amazing as yours. you're a total babe <3

SlothGoneWild 1 point

Ty and good luck. Do your research it’s worth picking the right person even if it is a little more expensive

[deleted] -1 points


SlothGoneWild 1 point

The button on my phone doesn’t work so I was pushing it as hard as I can and it bent it weird

Teddyk123 3 points

I love Finding Dory, also.

SlothGoneWild 3 points

My favorite

But it’s so sad at that one spot that I choose not to talk about

realnikkidreamz 4 points

Right? I’m 33 too. Body goals.

SlothGoneWild 3 points

You’re gorgeous

What are you talking about?

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I’m not a furry lol. I won’t do anything for money so please don’t ask. Measurements 36-26-38. Bra size is 32 D

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