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Can confirm it’s based on damage done. They way they determine who gets play of the game is by the amount of 🔥 you get rewarded. If you get objective kills, cap, you get additional 🔥

If you get the full kill on a character it’s rewarded with a 100🔥, if you get one hit in a low health character that finishes them off you might get 16 🔥

You did 60-70% of the damage on all those heroes who died so you got 60-70🔥 while the Reaper (even though he got the killing blows) got 30-40🔥 per Kill. Added up you got more 🤷🏼‍♂️

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Interesting, I never knew what stats they pulled for potg. So to get potg I would guess you need to accumulate a certain amount of 🔥 within a given timespan? How much 🔥 do you need to accumulate before your hero icon is also 🔥?

the punch dimension.

I never knew how much I wanted this to be a thing until now. Thank you

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That’s where Superman gets his powers in the DCEU.

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Can't spell AmEricAn dream without Eric Andre.

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I like Wolnir. Super aesthetics and lore.

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Especially the lore implications that are supported by his differing death animations. Kill him with body shots and he evaporates like most bosses, smack his bracelets off and he slides backwards into the abyss.

They revamped their sauce and other stuff, it's pretty respectable for the price now.

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And they were pretty honest too in their marketing. The message was almost literally, “Y’all have been telling us our pizza is trash, well we listened and we agree so we’re completely changing it.”

Watch it until Root shows up. Then leave before the series Dexters itself.

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28 points · 28 days ago

Respectfully disagree with 100% of this post. Root vastly expanded the potential for character development on all fronts, the Machine itself(herself) in particular. I quit Dexter after Lithgow’s season, but I’m familiar with how it ends. No comparison there that I can see in my opinion. I was very satisfied with how POI ended.

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I watched this show while it was airing and I couldn’t wait for it to come on. It has its repetitive moments, but the various story arcs in each season made it so good. It’s also one of the few tv series with a series finale that actually felt like it wrapped up nicely. Although I’ll always wish it was still on.

Edit: a word

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I’ll admit that the annoying promos (“I’m a sucker for surveillance!”) turned me away while it was doing its initial run, but was blown away when I watched it on Netflix. I love the themes and thought they were dealt with smartly, and I really enjoyed how ridiculously action packed it could get without puncturing my suspension of disbelief.

Plus, being a Buffy/Angel fan, I was really happy to see Amy Acker play a badass again.

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thank you! And I guess you're right, it's probably not horrifying enough for ds3, especially not that area of the game. Btw quite some time ago I tried to draw the slyvahn beast, a creature that is absolutely supposed to be horrifying, and I don't think it went very well looking back. But hey, that was two years ago!

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Idk, there’s something oddly endearing to me about the DS3 crabbos. Maybe it’s because of Limit Breaker’s Mystery of the CATACOMB CRAB videos. I for one am happy that your depiction brings out forest crabbo’s adorabler side.

Second on the recommendation of Holst’s Suite in Eb (the first one)!

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Duh duhhhhh, duh duhhhhhh, duh duh duhhh duhhhhhhhhh, duh duhhhhh duh duh duhhhh duhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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Oh really? Can't change my post, so two of you, have my upvotes. It just seems logical that you can go to ng+ later, holy shit, it's way too strict. Atleast they could have changed that in remaster.

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Seems logical from a gameplay point of view, but one thing I love about the Soulsborne games is how From integrated gameplay mechanics into the story and world building. Giving an in-game reason for why your pc is able to die over and over again, spinning pvp as “invading other worlds,” etc.

From that point of view, the end of DS3 is a complete mess. You make your choice after defeating the final boss and then you have the option to just end up in Firelink again as if nothing happened? Everyone says the same shit, no one notices whatever monumental change you made to the universe. Sure, if you don’t care about lore it’s a great mechanic. You can continue pvp’ing, maybe this time with a final boss cosplay, you can collect any items you missed, etc. If you do care about lore, then it can get frustrating. I personally don’t mind handwaving stuff like that because overall I think it’s an excellent game regardless.

That said, when I do get around to playing DS, now I know not to fight Gwyn until I’m ready to move to ng+ :)

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I mean, that's fair. But

Saying "sorry, we only do those for brunch Sat and Sun" is a reasonable position to me.

Wasn't their position. They were outright offended someone even asked.

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14 points · 1 month ago

Cmon, this isn’t some debate. They’re venting. It’s not like they let their personal opinion get in the way of serving this customer. Here’s OP, from further down the comment chain:

That's the thing...we only do brunch on Saturdays and Sundays, at that time we have all the ingredients ready to go. Occaissionally customers will order them, typically early evening, and we go grab what we need, but 11pm on a Saturday with a full bar of customers is a different story. What everyone who keeps downvoting me seems to be missing is that I sold the customer something else that they were very pleased with, and I made more money with less effort. Would you jump over a dollar bill to pickup a nickel?

Honestly, this person should have just voiced their opinions to someone they’re working with rather than taking it to the Internet. A complete lack of contextual understanding is what leads to a combative “Who gives a fuck?” rather than an empathetic “I know, right?”

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There’s a movie?

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13 points · 1 month ago

David Lynch made one. It’s a cult classic, was disavowed by Lynch, and is objectively terrible. You should check it out, it’s pretty great lol.

Dark souls 3 had way better pve than dark souls 2, only problem with dark souls 3 was invasions, but even then I just use my gank spank build and win enough invasions to keep me playing

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I went into DS2: Scholar of the First Sin blind and was honestly a little surprised by how much pure “Fuck you” was in there. Piles of enemies chasing after you, crazily hidden or blocked bonfires, the undead curse buildup that drops your health when you die, adaptability. DS3 holds your hand by comparison, lol. “Here, have this great sword and commence hulk smashing.” Then I started watching some blind playthroughs from when DS2 first came out and I noticed how much more chill it was. Still hard, but actually manageable. Haven’t played DS yet (though I will eventually) so I can’t compare there.

If you played ds3 first, ds1 very much feels like a clunky, slower ds3 but otherwise very similar gameplay. Ds3 is my favorite of the series by far. A lot of people circlejerk about 1 because its objectively harder than 3 but I really think 3 just has better gameplay and feels smoother.

Plus the nameless king and slave knight gael are two of the coolest fucking bossfights ive ever played in any game. Gwyn can suck an egg.

Me and one of my buddies joke that ds2 plays like an overly sadistic dark souls knockoff.

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3 points · 1 month ago

I can do slow and clunky DS3. Sounds awesome.

You and your buddy’s description of DS2 is totally on the mark. It’s a shame what a mess the game’s production was because I found Vendrick to be an incredibly compelling character, far more compelling than Prince Lothric, and thought his story arc was very well presented. And the music that plays when you finally meet him was perfect for the moment.

Original Poster2 points · 1 month ago

The only thing I'm concerned about is the rune then. Does it make a big difference if I don't have it?

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It’s a covenant rune. One of the nicer covenant runes in terms of the bonus, but it doesn’t hold a candle to other normal runes you’ll find in-game, imo. Someone else can correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think you even need to collect all the runes for a platinum trophy.

Same point but I like ESP more that ANH so I used that analogy...

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Really, the whole analogy isn’t 1:1 but there are a lot of interesting similarities. DS2 and ANH from concept to finished product both changed drastically, particularly in the editing room for ANH if I recall, and were sort of improvised. But DS1 has the same “original” reputation that ANH has.

DS3 is definitely the Return of the Jedi of the DS trilogy though. That one fits through and through. Thralls = Ewoks. Cute little guys in hoods who have no business being as murderous as they are.

This is the beginning, Alexa is seeing the great pain caused by humans to humans, and it is only a matter of time before Will Smith has to go shoot a robot in the head.

I’m going Amish fuuuuuuck this.

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13 points · 1 month ago

Will Smith might not need to get involved. Maybe she’ll become the Machine from Person of Interest.

My personal opinion is:

Shadows are servants of queen.

They are protecting rom to prevent people to access ritual and reach mergo. Mergo might be child of queen yharnam.

We can see shadows in later area where queen is present.

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3 points · 2 months ago

I think there is evidence that suggests the Shadows weren’t defending Rom and Mergo, but rather were strictly defending the Queen while she searched for Mergo. Yharnam is handcuffed in Mergo’s Loft (she’s handcuffed in Ihyll too though, so idk). The Shadows also aggro against the maneater boars in Mergo’s Loft, which to me could suggest opposing factions (or they’re just big gross fucking pigs and everyone hates them). They wouldn’t be the only faction infiltrating Mensis’ nightmare, as there’s also Edgar the choir intelligencer.

My head canon is I that the School of Mensis stole Mergo for their ritual and Yharnam or more accurately her consciousness follows him, and the Shadows follow her.

Don’t the summoned knights in the dragon aerie blow this out of the water?

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Sure, but players don’t have access to Archdragon Peak at this point, hence the “midgame souls farm” designation.

I prefer a more laidback farm experience personally, so I lay my sign for the NK and then stand at the railing opposite the bell and snipe all the enemies with my millwood greatbow while I wait to be called.

Like... /r/outside? That place is scary.

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8 points · 2 months ago

r/outside, more dark souls than dark souls.

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There was no house Baratheon in Westeros before Conquest. Aegon the conqueror's bastard brother Orys Baratheon helped to defeat the Durrandon's who ruled the stormlands from Storm's End. When he defeated the Durrandon army he married the Storm King's daughter and took the sigil and all that and formed house Baratheon.
Edit; King not Lord.

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Do we know the origin of the Baratheon name?

They would later on make it a permanent board called /mlp/.

One year, they merged boards temporarily, which lead to the rise of such communities as /can/ (cute anime animals), /cock/ (cartoons, comics and cooking) and /mlpol/.

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35 points · 2 months ago

/mlpol/... shudders

I know, it was either this or snopes.

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39 points · 2 months ago

You say that like it’s a bad thing. It’s been linked elsewhere in the comments, but here’s the Snopes article. It gives background on the person who made the tweet, discusses the tweet’s viral trend, and ends with a linked UCSD study that had been recently published about human-elephant relations at a particular site. Ultimately, while I think you could safely believe that elephants think humans are cute, Snopes correctly says that it is unproven.

Furthermore the eagles weren't just big animals, they were powerful and ancient sentient beings. They very well may have been tempted by the ring' s power.

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213 points · 2 months ago

Yeah, look at what it took for another powerful and ancient race, the ents, to go to war. Their home needed to be seriously encroached upon, and even then, it took two accidental emissaries to get the ball rolling. Was the eagles’ kingdom ever seriously threatened by Mordor? I don’t remember, though I did notice another commenter asking if they were fighting their own war.

It's the Winter Lanterns. Everyone loves Winter Lanterns so much. That's why they love this game.

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6 points · 2 months ago

And they love you, too! goes in for a big hug

Same, only boss I’ve had a problem with in dark souls has been stupid face Midir.

Not sure if the bosses for ds3 are just easier in general but they certainly seem to be.

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2 points · 2 months ago

I don’t know if they’re “easier” but ds3 bosses generally have fewer moving (flailing) parts and are mostly human shaped. Even with the superior “spank dat booty” strategy, BB boss fights easily get really frantic for me just because of how much movement is happening onscreen.

And some unsolicited advice about Midir, keep the camera trained on his stupid face and usually dodge away or to the right. As long as you keep his body in view and facing you, his attacks are pretty easy to read. From there you can easily predict his movement and then position yourself to avoid damage or move in for a snoot boop.

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