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I totally get playing a villain and stuff but he did it by gaining a ton of people’s trust and breaking it.

I think gaining a person’s trust and then breaking it does have something to do with IRL, but again, all power to that guy for separating those fools with their isk.

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Again, it's a game. If you can't separate your time in a videogame and your time outside a videogame, then you probably shouldn't be playing games.

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Even Eldar skulls? Their head shape looks pretty similar.

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Apparently, even without the magical AT-field, the Evangelion are quite sturdy (A few inches of armor plating and biomass) and the plugs themselves are armored as well.

Besides, as I understood how the "synchronization ratio" gets determined, it's all psychological. The Evangelion could be damaged or missing limbs - as long as the pilot can push through the pain and distraction and keep focused, it will still work.

But seeing as they are 13-years old, I can understand that your priorities change and lose focus when your robot's arm gets ripped off and you share that pain.

That's why Schopenhauer's hedgdegog dilemma was being involved: Two hedgehogs too far away from each other = coldness. Too close to each other = needling spikes. An optimum distance often not possible at all. Wiping out all hedgehogs (=TI, this is the upgrate of Eva's to that story) not too much of a good idea eather.

As if spikes and body warmth can't exist without each other.

Hedgehogs could get rid of their spikes, I don't know if you could just "shave" them like a sheep. And I don't know if that would be a good idea, because by googling I found this little fellow here who due to a disease has no fur and spikes and couldn't survive in the wilderness.

So even hedgehogs can get into trouble if they haven't any spikes.

And the spikes of us humans are rather psychological. "Shaving" them completely away might lead to the grinning Reis in the fish bowl.

On the other hand, we, as much as hedgehogs probably too, tend to mis-use our "spikes" accidently, and often tend to ab-use them intentionally. And often even a mix of both.

Misato for instance, from the very beginning - is she just a vital character or is she literally crossing borders here, hence Angel Sachiel paralleling the situation?

In E10 Makoto tries to intervene, he thinks it might get too much for Asuka. Misato intensely clings to her position and insists on her having the command and authority there. Even Gendo doesn't react that way (in this kind of situations): In E13 Gendo wanna bring the Evas to the surface even without Children, Shigeru is afraid of the Evas receiving damage. Gendo then says Shig is not wrong, but in this case they gotta risk it.

(Isn't there a scene where Misato also does the Gendo pose? E12? I don't remember at the moment)

So each of them turn out to be a mixed bag, to say the least.

In E20 it seems that Shinji might remain in the Eva forever, Misato ends up crying. From this reddit discussion, the fourth to last link.

And then two things shed a new light on that scene from E20 - the Misato and Shinji relationship essay from Evageeks;

and this quote from Anno:

"This is roughly the worldview for Neon Genesis Evangelion. This is a worldview drenched in a vision of pessimism [= Schopenhauer; his take on it is also called "Pessimistic Voluntarism". NGE took that most literally]. *A worldview where the story starts only after any traces of optimism have been removed.

And in that world, a 14-year-old boy shrinks from human contact. And he tries to live in a closed world where his behavior dooms him, and he has abandoned the attempt to understand himself. A cowardly young man who feels that his father has abandoned him, and so he has convinced himself that he is a completely unnecessary person, so much so that he cannot even commit suicide.

And there is a 29-year-old woman who lives life so lightly as to barely allow the possibility of a human touch. She protects herself by having surface level relationships, and running away.

Both are extremely afraid of being hurt. Both are unsuitable—lacking the positive attitude—for what people call heroes of an adventure. But in any case, they are the heroes of this story.

So Anno does not call them "anti-heroes".

And this also sheds a new light on that old speculah whether or not a girl was the initial heroine of Eva's, and whether or not it even was Asuka. And why it was being dropped. Turns out: It actually never was fully dropped, Misato got the female main part. And Misato is a grown Sailor Moon, quote Anno!

And he brought together pessimism and optimism. The latteris more or less the approach ("trademark") of Leibniz. Our world is "the best of any possible world(s)" because it has the property and ability to evolve - which leads in Evangelion's case to a catastrophe, but one with an exit, if the humans are strong enough, quote Yui. Leibniz also suggested that we cannot know if (our) happiness is really the meaning and purpose of it all. And so Leibniz and Schopenhauer, optimism and pessimism turn out to be very close, also proven by Eva.

But back on track XD

This both intriguing and shocking discrepancy seems to apply to each of them. Longing for others, but partially in order to balance out personal gaps so to speak. Maybe like in Mirai Nikki.

And Homura Akemi too does this, one of those who do the Gendo pose

The concerned scene of „Madoka Rebellion Story“ is, what else, not available on Youtube. But you would need the whole context anyways. Short version: In that setting Homura can get access to the central program code of the universe so to say. She can now gain and maintain control over all the suffering, represented by the Incubators (= white fur, red eyes) – and she must do this from now on all the time, without interruption. And she must monitor Madoka too, all the time. Because she too is connected to that program code, and by remembering she would fall back and make all the domino chains and card houses collapse. So Homura must now be by Madoka's side all the time, and she must suppress the Incubators all the time. Both are exactly what she has been wishing for all the time. So actually her wishes came true. But she has now to pay the maximum possible price.

And I guess this is the kind of situation and feel that everyone is more or less into in Eva.

Peergroups that turn out to be (even more) shocking at second and third glance seem to happen often in animes. Here for instance another character who's missing in the Gendo pose lineup:

Dia Kurosawa whom I mention often. (I'd consider her a blend of Asuka and Homura by now...)

There are already some “mildly Evangelion”-ish appearances, ain't there.

And here is the stark contrast

I love this scene so much; and at the same time I don't know what to make of Dia's start. Cause Love Live is very serious with their Evangelion references

Their full film in Jan 2019: “Over the Rainbow”

Also Kotono Mitsuish often reappeared in such animes

And this brings me back to Misato and the others, and the initial question:

They do give a shit – but in a very problematic way.

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And don't forget - the city they are in has basically everyone working for Nerv in some capacity. It's like those corporate-cities, like Toyota city, where, due to the close proximity and amount of people working in those places, the city's population are solely there because of Toyota.

The employees know what's going on, even if they don't have all the details (Aida's father, for example). And people and places outside of Nerv's operation aren't in any immediate danger, so while they may know something's going on over there, they have no way of knowing. The Internet's infrastructure is probably still functioning (since it's a massive mesh of connected nodes), but I suspect people have higher priorities than browsing Reddit and the like.

honestly wouldnt mind another anime funded my netflix.

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LWA was... overrated. While I enjoyed the pilot/OVA/whatever you wanna call it, the series itself felt a bit off.

That is a solid idea.

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It's also blatantly STOLEN from Battlestar Galactica (the 2003 remake)!!!11

Yea, spoilers, whatever the fuck, dgaf, it's been 15 years. Aerith dies, btw. Darth Vader? Luke's father.

I kid, obviously. But I wouldn't like that ending, just like I didn't enjoy BSG's ending.

How would it end? I mean, the Imperium might end, sure. It's an empire, it can end. But who knows how many planets with thriving human civilizations are still out there?

Ooh, someone's salty.

I was sitting in the pub, getting absolutely plastered with my mates when I wrote what I wrote. Did I FUCK decide to rip off nBSG. I just wrote the first thing that came to mind.


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Relax, I was joking. Next time, I'll put a smiley face so you don't choke on your beer.


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It's not just dumb because they almost got wiped out, it's also stupid that they assembled at chapter strength to clear out a Space Hulk. Unless there was some absurdly valuable relic aboard, like the sword of Sanguinius, or an STC, then clearing Space Hulks isn't even that important a job, so there's basically no reason to bring the entire chapter to do it.

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But that's just the thing - there could be anything on board, from the aforementioned STC to small aliens crawling along ventilation shafts or even a full contingent of traitors. Can humanity afford not checking it out?

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I don't want to get into specifics, but... yes, kinda. But it's all refinement and tuning of existing designs. It's impossible to get back to the techlevel that humanity enjoyed during the DAoT.

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For some dumb reason every single Imperial Fist was deployed to a planet to squash some space bugs. Like every single one, even the neophytes.

Turns out the space bugs were running from the Orks.

Orks teleport a giant space moon into orbit, and surprise attack the planet with huge gravity whips. Basically the planet got ork-sterminatus’d with most of the chapter on it.

The Imperial Fist fleet in orbit also got completely destroyed.

There was just a single survivor in astartes stasis.

Don’t know why not a single Fist was on the phalanx.

Even the ones supposed to be stationed on Terra went.

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It was explained vaguely in the first or second novel. The reason that (almost) all of the chapter went is because of budget cuts (Yes, this was a thing, apparently).

And not every Fist was there at the start - the ones stationed on Terra, manning their namesake walls, only went in later, as a search and rescue op.

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I've seen a few players with lowercase first letter and I've always wondered how did that happen. (No not uppercase i pretending to be lowercase L, ive used that myself) Apparently this is some old gm mistake when renaming bad character names

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Yea, you just use the symbol code (or alt-code, for the dummies) for whichever letter you want to use.

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Depends how expensive it is to print.

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p. sure he wont be printing them words and pictures on gold-leafed pages. he'll be fine.

I'm from Venezuela.

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how are you even alive right now

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I'm so sorry, but when can I play. How can I play? I can't find a clear answer. I've never played, but I'm so looking forward to this.

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relax, it's not even close to done, it'll be a year or two.

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Well here I am, I find EQ far superior. I really like the rpg elements and EQ has way more of that.

As to your question, yes, it is a good idea to specify that you mean in your opinion. I, like you, assumed everyone would be smart enough to understand that tasye is almost entirely subjective. Took me a year to realize people are seriously misinformed.

Actually making a video on this right now; some video on Zelda level design makes absurd claims that certain, clearly subjective, design choices are somehow objectively better.

It's a huge issue right now.

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the only issue here is that you think EQ is a good game ;)

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Maybe I didn't express myself very well. It's not that I don't think Ion is qualified, it's that I'm not sure if he's happy in the role. For me, the modern version of WOW started around Cataclysm and those features have been built on in every subsequent iteration. It seems to me like Ion is against a lot of those changes, but, he has to give concessions to the players that have come to expect certain things. It seems to me as though they would have been better off choosing someone that was truly passionate about the state of Retail WOW and totally on board with the modern approach Blizzard has decided to take. Maybe I'm assuming too much, but, it just seems like he's fighting a losing battle and neither him, the company, or the players are going to gain anything from that.

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For me, the modern version of WOW started around Cataclysm

Good grief, you poor fuck...

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Technically you are correct, but there are different ways to complain, than just calling him names...

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this is easier tho.

and i agree with the guy - you're responsible for the product. not the developer, not the idea guy, but the director/producer or whatever's at the top. he gets a lot of money for the position he's in, so work for it.

Why not? Are you some poor fucks irl?

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Don't understand why you got downvoted - this is how most asians play videogames. Too busy with work/school, so just use money to buy what you want in-game and play with it.

Nah for that 4 years back is enough and the iPhone did not evolve much in that time (only in price) ... so all ok

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can we go back to, idk, 2007-ish, instead? the war on terror was still producing good content, eve was great, gwb was on the way out, ccp pretended to give a fuck and i was still a student with no responsibilities whatsoever other than mustplayevemustplayevemustplayeve

It's "pique", not "peak", in the context of your post.

Anyway, there's plenty of options to get involved as a new player. Just expecting stuff to be done for you is the wrong approach.

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When I first started playing seriously, there were only 5 Titans in the entire game... I miss those days so much

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I must seem like some ancient grandpa, but when the first titan was unveiled? It was a fucking event. Hell, the first titan's destruction even got a little monument.

It's weird, because CCP genuinly thought, for a while at least, that titans were going to be this ultra-rare ship, used only in the most extreme situations and requiring the infrastructure of an alliance to maintain.


CCP isnt dumb. they see all the metrics. they know their core demographic. they know who pays for subs and plex and who doesnt. they are business minded. so when the hammer finally comes down, and the decision to cash out is made, they know exactly who to appease to bolster the popularity of the game. it's the simple people who still want to fly titans in giant 2k v 2k battles. yknow, the people who dont know any better. the people that think building an empire as big as goons is healthy for the game when all they do is shoot structures all day and sit in tidi.. you know.. the real mouth breathers.

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This isn't a recent development tho... Ever since the first formation of the coalitions in 2008/2009, the writing's been on the wall.

There's War, a spell that can kill with a word with just about every civilized magic user carrying a wand everywhere, and there's a bad understanding of Muggle medical sciences.

Sure you can repair bones quickly, but I doubt there's a spell for stopping every specific type of cancer.

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Cancer would be the wrong example to use - if there's any disease that'd need a magical cure, it'd be cancer, given that a medical cure is still neigh-impossible to create. A better example would be ebola, pox, or even the common goddamn cold.

If we are talking about the form of a robotic creation, then it's because all our environments, tools and vehicles are made for human dimensions.

Don't worry though, we are still ridiculously far from a genuine artificial intelligence.

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That's a lot of $ worth of protein

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gotta consolidate those gains

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Thanks for answering my question. Interesting he'd go about the depictions in different styles... wonder what made him draw Asuka with a tan...

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No, goddamnit, stop this shit. Stop trying to implement automated systems that remove the need to actually talk to your party.

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