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Sparkyfrosh commented on a post in r/reactiongifs
tpbRandysAlterEgo 5,840 points

The redesign is just a way to disguise the fact that 1 in every 5 posts is now paid advertising. I downvote every ad now. Why? 'Cause Fuck 'Em!

Sparkyfrosh 1 point

Is Narwhal better at hiding them or are they only in the official reddit app? I feel like I haven't seen any changes since I switched about 4 months ago

FleshRequiem 0 points

Are you the same princesstrunks that play on pc, if it's a yes you are just a fucking leaver

Sparkyfrosh 3 points

lol no I'm on Xbox

fontinuos 2 points

well done OP, i also reached demon yesterday and it took me 500-ish matches too ! this is my first fighting game so i´m pretty satisfied, specially considered some months ago i was getting perfected by demons

Sparkyfrosh 1 point

God it's crazy to think of how many perfect matches people got against me starting out and how borderline impossible it feels to me, not only because of my skill level but disconnects too.

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Sparkyfrosh commented on a post in r/dragonballfighterz
indynator 2 points

first combo: M<2M<S<214S<2M<M<H<S<214L<j.LL2H<j.MLLS<214L<j.LLL<Assist<236M<236L+M

second combo: 2M<M<S<214L<j.LM<j.MLLS<214L<j.LL2H<SD<j.MLLS<214L<j.LLL<236L+M

Sparkyfrosh 1 point

For the first combo you have delay the 2M and 5M after 214S so: 5M>2M>5S>214S>(delay)2M>(delay)5M>5H>5S>214L> j.LL2H>dj.MLLS>214L>j.LLL>Assist>236M>236L+M

indynator 1 point

You only have to delay the 2M and the 5H on some characters. 5M doesn't need to be delayed. It depends on the size of the opponent. Goku has a weird body so he needs a delay but on larger characters you can do it faster.

Sparkyfrosh 1 point

Bardock needs 5M delayed but not 5H but as far as I can tell it's better to learn to delay it to make it apply to every character

EDIT: 2M needs to be delayed on every character

Sparkyfrosh commented on a post in r/AskReddit
MrBarraclough 20,402 points

Not divorced myself, but as a lawyer I have been a bystander for a few marriage implosions.

One thing I know for sure: If you can't sit down at the kitchen table and honestly go over the household finances together, you cannot remain married to each other. Not saying you have to actually do it, but you must be able to. People who can't be open and honest with each other about money aren't going to make it as a married couple.

Sparkyfrosh 2 points

I present my parents as the exception to this rule. They cannot for the life of them talk about finances. My mom has literally broke down crying when my dad was trying to plan a budget for our family. By some miracle my dad had finagled it so we make it through okay but my mom's idea of a budget is just "we'll eat out less". Both of my parents work though so that's definitely a factor as well.

Sparkyfrosh commented on a post in r/dragonballfighterz
GoldenKuriza 12 points

Every time I try to join Party Battle it says “Disconnected” and returns do the Title Screen. What to do? P.S It’s on Xbox

Sparkyfrosh 1 point

Made a post about this earlier in the week but expected it to be fixed before things actually started. This is ridiculous

Sparkyfrosh commented on a post in r/dragonballfighterz
bojoown 7 points

Man everyone keeps saying that but I couldnt get past the first ep... Not my taste I guess

Sparkyfrosh 1 point

Tried getting my friend into awhile back but he hated the first episode and wouldn't watch the second. He caved a couple months later after he kept seeing references everywhere and he gave the second episode a shot and then ended up binging the first 2 seasons. The pilot is definitely the worst episode of the series and you'll notice everything including the animation is vastly improved by just episode 2

Sparkyfrosh commented on a post in r/dragonballfighterz
artiverse12 7 points

when I do two dragon rushes in the same combo the second one always whiffs this unique to sparking?

Sparkyfrosh 3 points

Have you ever tried dragon rushing while their caught in an assist? It'll hit everytime and it keeps them on the ground and then knocks them back so the in the corner they'll bounce off

HiroProtagonest 8 points

2 DLC characters in the game with 2 more trailers 4 months in is way more than most fighters.

Sparkyfrosh 1 point

Oh wow then is the fact that they have so many planned this much in advance is basically unheard of?

iOptimusGrimes 1 point

Game hasn't even been out for 4 months and we have 4 confirmed dlc characters already. How short is your attention span that this isn't quick enough?

Sparkyfrosh 3 points

I have ADHD and like I said this is my first real fighting game. The fact that the game has not only kept my attention this long but kept me practicing in training mode for hours on end is crazy. It's all just really new to me. I've always been RPG person so the concept of fighting games seemed incredibly limited by comparison.

Sparkyfrosh commented on a post in r/dragonballfighterz
FreIus 1 point

Yup, and likely 1-2 other supers. But Kid Buu's just lasts so long, while Vegeta's is over really fast.

Sparkyfrosh 1 point

Oh wow, Is it just pressing his assist button again or does it require the full 236 input?

FreIus 2 points

It's out of the DHC. You can't use the same super twice in a DHC/Super Assist combo, so you have to input it again. Other characters have setups where they can continue a combo off stuff like that too, I think - Goku Black and Freeza come to mind with their aerial ball level 1s.

Sparkyfrosh 2 points

That's what I figured but I wasn't sure thanks!

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Sparkyfrosh commented on a post in r/AskReddit
Sparkyfrosh 1 point

An RPG with truly limitless growth. No level caps, more and more skills to level as you progress, the ability to combine and use skills together creatively. A massive open world to explore that is constantly expanding. A plot that goes beyond the typical go here, do this format, with a large cast of characters that are fully fleshed out and interesting. I don't need VR, I just want a game where "re-playability" isn't a thing because you're never really finished playing.

Sparkyfrosh commented on a post in r/anime
Sparkyfrosh 9 points

This show is singlehandedly ruining all other television for me. There's literally nothing else that can build this much tension and excitement and keep it going EVERY WEEK. Nothing else gets me rewatch the same episode right after the first time. Not only that but I don't I've never felt so connected to such a large cast of unique characters, especially not this fast.

Sparkyfrosh commented on a post in r/dragonballfighterz
le_flapjack 42 points

My body instinctively switched to high block when I saw that Goku Blue auto combo. Been hit by that way too many times.

Sparkyfrosh 13 points

I literally hate it so much... it feels like an eternity every time I have to block that last 5L

Trillmore 1 point

Did you try big bang attack Into trunks lvl3? It hits instant and trunks lvl3 does hella damage while final flash is one of the weaker lvl3's

Sparkyfrosh 2 points

Yeah the problem is to get the full damage from 18's level one causes them to bounce up so even if you immediately go into trunks you can't grab

Talvalis 1 point

Start a presparking combo, spark, then transition into that combo and you should have your TOD

Sparkyfrosh 1 point

The issue is the hitstun decay though even adding in just 2M into sparking beforehand lets them to tech out before I can get a sliding knockdown

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Sparkyfrosh commented on a post in r/dragonballfighterz
Talvalis 3 points

Lmfao we both gave him the same doc xD

Sparkyfrosh 3 points

At the same time too 😂

Talvalis 2 points

Well they do say great minds think alike 🤔

Sparkyfrosh 4 points

Thinking is not my strong suit so I definitely advise against thinking like me too often. Probably bad for your health

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HiroProtagonest 20 points

Gotta admit, you remind me of something the designer of Skullgirls said.

"Seriously consider buffs suggested by people who don't main the character"

Sparkyfrosh 8 points

I think Krillin's the best example of that. So few main him and yet everyone agrees his 2H needs a buff at minimum

Galax1an 6 points

If they make 16's command grab not do hard knockdown or something similar I'm all for it. His blender of options is ridiculous, it really needs tweaking. Armor is a little goofy but it's not too terrible, but I'd prefer not to have to make 50 different guesses with little to no resources used for him while every other character has to use way more resources to get hard knockdowns.

Maybe I'm just being salty about it. I dunno. But I really hope they do something about that.

Worse case scenario would be surprise Trunks nerfs. I'd be so mad if they did that, but I'd heavily doubt it.

Sparkyfrosh 3 points

Shit I'd be pissed as hell if they nerf trunks considering he's my main and I haven't even been able to utilize most his arsenal. What I'd really love are some 18 buffs like her normals get a little more range and/or her command grabs. I'd also love an extension on her level 1 super so she can cancel out of her barrier from full screen without whiffing. I'd settle for a destructive finish though because it annoys the hell out of me that she doesn't have one for level 3.

Sparkyfrosh commented on a post in r/AskReddit
cgarcia805 3 points

Time to look inward and see what's going on that you let shitty people into your life.

My husband and I had a conversation today on how lucky we are to have so many wonderful supportive people around us.. but we are good at creating distance from those that carry negative vibes, make negative comments, etc.

Sparkyfrosh 3 points

Oh I figured it out awhile back now. I'm much more cautious now and it's a lot easier to identify them based on their actions but they're still drawn to me like a magnet. I've just gotten a lot better about saying no and voicing when I feel like I'm being put out. The way I used to be friendship was basically equivalent to martyrdom, always having to sacrifice myself for people. I was always sort of aware that I was being used but I've always hated confrontation too. The hardest thing for me now though is all the memories of these fragmentary relationships within my head. I have so much deeply personal information about so many people that equate to almost imperceptible blips on the radar of my life. I became "fast friends" with so many people that won't ever with be relevant to me ever again and yet they're stuck inside my head.

cgarcia805 2 points

Glad you were able to realize you were sacrificing yourself for people. It's hard to get out of that cycle, for me becoming selfish with my time and energy is what made the difference in becoming happy. From friendships to relationships, I got to a point where I told myself "I love x person, but I love myself more."

Sparkyfrosh 1 point

I'm not great with self confidence like that my perspective came from hitting the point where it wasn't valuing myself more than someone else, I just realized I hadn't been valuing myself at all. I finally hit that point where I knew that I couldn't survive if I kept going on like that and once that clicked, iI realized that any friendships that made me feel that way weren't worth keeping

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Sparkyfrosh commented on a post in r/AskReddit
KevinSlice 17 points

Go to bed by 8AM and get out by like 3-4PM... summer holiday

Sparkyfrosh 2 points

I do this currently and it's impossible to break ugh

TriggeredSnake 1 point

I get this every other week basically. After a few days of no sleep you just collapse and it recovers.

Sparkyfrosh 2 points

I wish that happened for me. Even when I'm drop dead exhausted I can't stay asleep a full 8 hours. At best I can do like 4 hours, wake up for a little less than an hour and then maybe another 3-4 if I'm lucky

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