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120 points · 21 hours ago · edited 20 hours ago

You mean Avus?
One side is a hairpin. The other is a massive banked turn.

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As a former rally marshal that's not even the worst place I've seen spectators standing...

I have a friend in work that said he used to try to touch the rear of cars doing a flick

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I was marshalling at a snow and ice stage, I was set up towards the end of a very long straight, there was a jump, then the stage went downhill into a hairpin. On ice.

When I arrived there was a crowd of 10-15 people stood on the outside of the hairpin. When I initially told them to move, they pointed at the fact that they weren't physically on the track, as though that would matter one fucking bit if one of the cars lost it coming off the jump...

Another highlight was groups of drunk people turning up with large dogs not on leads.

The fact that he was able to resign rather than being fired after the FBI raided his home, hotel room and office is staggering.

80 points · 11 hours ago · edited 11 hours ago

It's true alleged.

Ftfy. Innocent until proven guilty. Anyone can file any allegations to the court system. Whether the allegations have merit is for the courts to decide, not the public.

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True, however the partially redacted evidence is available and seems damning.

It does feel like there's been a fairly sizable shift in the political opinion surrounding this recently.

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Possibly because the Home Office deciding that they'd rather let a child die than allow his doctor to prescribe the drugs that controlled his symptoms wasn't a good look.

Hard for the Daily Mail to shriek "think of the children" at that one.

Wow that's a strong statement.

Will she lie?

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"Let me be clear"

"Strong and stable"

"Long term economic plan"

"Last Labour government"

plus nothing of any substance.

-28 points · 15 hours ago

its a swing because british people are selling overseas assets and returning money home.

i.e. its a vote of confidence in our economy.

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You've got it completely backwards.

In the UK, FDI outward flows went from minus £22 billion in 2016 to £99.7 billion (positive) the following year.

Inward flows dropped from £196 billion to £15 billion over the same period of time, resulting in a more than £300 billion swing.

I've always thought the SNP could surely go some way towards decriminalising pot up here by instructing the police to ignore it... The fact that it seems they haven't really tried that suggests they aren't too fussed.

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The police in Glasgow at least do more or less ignore it already.

23 points · 18 hours ago

If Redbull start to win races with Honda it will show how restricted they were with McLaren don't you think?

*edit typo

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Or it just shows that they've finally got their act together...

... and it makes me wonder how long the Russians, Chinese, mobsters, etc. have been bankrolling him.

There is good reason to believe since 2006 or so, when the Trumps started paying cash for everything when there were historically low interest rates.

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He was turned down for a Sydney casino license as far back as 1987 due to mob connections

102 points · 1 day ago

This me ww2 documentaries flashbacks.

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So it should.

18 points · 1 day ago · edited 1 day ago

There might be children who are already dead.

This is America now.

Only We The People, can make this stop. Stand up now, or face the consequences.

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If not now there will be soon enough.

What the fuck is going on with Republicans and the higher ups of ICE letting this go on? I don’t care what your party line is when it comes to stuff like this, have some human decency. Everyone involved in this should be jailed and forgotten.

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They're terrified of upsetting their white supremacist base.

720 points · 1 day ago · edited 1 day ago

Setting up camps for unwanted people: underway.

Demeaning and debasing the media: check.

Taking control of SC and DOJ: underway.

Becoming buddies with other dictators: underway.

Leaving the Human Rights Council: done.

Forming special Gestapo and SS: soon.

Elections 2020: cancellation underway.

Reichstag moment: vacancy.

Edit: of course this is a bit of a caricature but make no mistake, these are not your normal conservatives. These people are neo-nazi's (edit: and/or fascists). Your normal conservatives are just complicit useful idiots who paved the way.

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There's no need to cancel elections when you use electronic voting machines. The outcome can be manipulated to whatever you would like.

"Theres no serious person who would think you could hack Americas elections" - barack obama

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I know this may come as a shock, but this isn't T_D and I don't god-worship Obama. He's wrong with this statement.

The important thing is that you don't need to hack all the machines. Just enough counties in certain swing states and you'll do it.

For many voting machines, this is not something that requires nation-state level resources. I could train my grandparents on how to hack certain voting machines that were in use as recently as a couple of years ago.

The AVS Winvote is the best example, with security so ludicrously bad that it's virtually impossible that they weren't hacked, and yet they were used in three presidential elections...

The AVS WINVote, made by Advanced Voting Solutions, passed necessary voting systems standards and has been used in Virginia and, until recently, in Pennsylvania and Mississippi. It used the easy-to-crack passwords of "admin," "abcde," and "shoup" to lock down its Windows administrator account, Wi-Fi network, and voting results database respectively, according to a scathing security review published Tuesday by the Virginia Information Technologies Agency. The agency conducted the audit after one Virginia precinct reported that some of the devices displayed errors that interfered with vote counting during last November's elections.

The weak passwords—which are hard-coded and can't be changed—were only one item on a long list of critical defects uncovered by the review. The Wi-Fi network the machines use is encrypted with wired equivalent privacy, an algorithm so weak that it takes as little as 10 minutes for attackers to break a network's encryption key. The shortcomings of WEP have been so well-known that it was banished in 2004 by the IEEE, the world's largest association of technical professionals. What's more, the WINVote runs a version of Windows XP Embedded that hasn't received a security patch since 2004, making it vulnerable to scores of known exploits that completely hijack the underlying machine. Making matters worse, the machine uses no firewall and exposes several important Internet ports.

To prove their claim the machine was vulnerable to real-world hacks, the auditors were able to use the remote desktop protocol to gain remote access to the voting machines. They also used readily available hacking and diagnostic software to map, access, and transfer data from default shared network locations including C$, D$, ADMIN$, and IPC$. After downloading the database that stores the results of each vote, the auditors required just 10 seconds to figure out its password was "shoup" (named after the company name that preceded Advanced Voting Solutions). The auditors were then able to copy the database, modify its contents to tamper with recorded votes, and copy it back to the voting machine.

If those machines weren't ever hacked it's only because nobody ever tried, and personally I don't find that likely.

As for more recent examples, well, many aren't a lot better

I hope he realizes that if he flips, he's going to have to sing loud clear and long.

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He knows, that's why he's publicly extorting his boss to try to get his legal costs paid for.

"Looks like I'm going to have to tell them everything - if only someone would pay my legal fees"

56 points · 1 day ago

Perhaps he'll be asked for his reasons again about cancelling the Honda deal that was in place at Sauber when he came in.

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Well they have an awesome Ferrari engine now along with big Alfa Romeo sponsorship and it seems to be going great for them.

And Vasseur, whose team could very well have had Honda this year (but mostly there twiddling his thumbs).

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He's got by far the easiest presser ever. Nobody will ask him shit.

100 points · 1 day ago

Ah, extortion.

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"You see, these legal bills are bankrupting me, I can hardly afford to go to trial, I might be forced to take a deal and tell them everything unless someone steps up to pay my legal fees".

16 points · 1 day ago

Except sex.

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Would not be at all surprised to hear his "charity" paid for that too.

The single biggest risk is having your prospects for a career and future ruined by having a criminal record for consuming a plant.

11 points · 1 day ago

Uh...shit. I hope they put Cohen into protective custody before Trump and his Russian goons get to him.

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He may be making these statements to try to angle for a pardon down the line.

Have you seen his new lawyer?

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What, you mean his new lawyer who used to be the chief of the criminal division for SDNY?

Seems like a fantastic pick if you were going to negotiate a deal. Probably a good choice regardless.

107 points · 1 day ago · edited 1 day ago

The horror of skunk for the vulnerable user is less its high THC than its near absence of the mind-balancing CBD. Why this pharmacological rearrangement? Because skunk, with its CBD removed, is quicker and cheaper to make. And, with the CBD removed, it is addictive. An addicted user is much more profitable for dealers than an occasional user who can take the product or leave it.

Why is this bullshit allowed to be posted in major newspapers like this? Literally no strains I know of have CBD "removed" and it doesn't become addictive with more or less CBD either. Isn't cheaper to make or quicker, Indica strains grow quicker than Sativa strains do, that's it.

This guy doesn't know what he's on about at all.

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I find it astonishing that this was published. It's almost a completely fact-free zone.

2 points · 1 day ago

Why would you even want the job.

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Very few do, that and the fact that we have a tremendously weak opposition as well is the only reason she's still PM.

73 points · 1 day ago · edited 1 day ago

Actually, they should really just be taxed to hell. There needs to be a maximum wage.

Hoping for greedy people to do the right thing doesn't work. Even philanthropists like Bill Gates have way too much fucking money. Their insane wealth needs to be redistributed to the poor, and used to create services that benefit us all (i.e. free healthcare for all, no means testing).

edit: here come the bootlickers...

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Even philanthropists like Bill Gates have way too much fucking money. Their insane wealth needs to be redistributed to the poor, and used to create services that benefit us all (i.e. free healthcare for all, no means testing).

If the US government had Gates' fortune they would spend it in a month bombing civilians in the middle east.

Meanwhile he is creating some actual serious good in the world.

13 points · 1 day ago

Bam. Just like that. Now I wonder, after Trump is gone, and we are getting back to many apologies are we going to have to make to get back in and gain back our credibility?

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First you're going to have to convince the world that you won't be electing another Donny Moscow any time soon.

Presumably he'll be kept out of general population for this exact reason.

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