Despite Trump's Claims, Evidence From FBI's Clinton Foundation Probe 'Not Impressive,' Sources Say by brackrivesmatter in politics

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This place has become a parody of itself.

"Sources say indictment coming in Clinton email case" - massive downvotes, 20-30% upvoted.

"Sources say evidence in Clinton Foundation probe not impressive" - 90% upvoted, to the moon!

A brief reminder of the guidelines in here:

Political discussion requires varied opinions. Well written and interesting content can be worthwhile, even if you disagree with it. Downvote only if you think a comment/post does not contribute to the thread it is posted in or if it is off-topic in /r/politics.

Meanwhile, this is just as shit as all the articles saying the opposite, because ultimately it's all down to "sources" and it's damn near impossible to say what the truth of the matter is.

With that in mind...

Where this report and the other differ (they agree on the basic premise that the investigation presented findings in February and was put down, with the FBI then continuing to some extent anyway) is that the other one states essentially that more impressive evidence is being gathered now in part in relation to the Wikileaks emails, and that this report essentially states that no prosecutable case has been presented.

It's possible that both of those are true in part (that there is not as yet sufficient evidence to prove any criminal wrongdoing but that agents are still gathering evidence).

It's then just a matter of asking the right source who has the right political opinion and opinions on the matter at hand, and then you can work it into a story however you like.

Which is why I don't like this whole "sources say" bullshit, regardless of who it's targeting, because it's invariably been editorialised by either the source, or the journalist, or both, and without the source being on the record it's hard to know where the truth lies.

Clinton Superdelegate Sentenced to 12 Years in Prison for Corruption by panzin in politics

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"Going to prison for a decade" trumps "under investigation for ethics breaches" I think.

Not that it matters.

Intelligence chiefs allege Russians have compromising personal information on Donald Trump: The claims allege the now-President-elect had been in contact with Russian intermediaries for five years by maxwellhill in worldnews

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So we have CNN, Buzzfeed and Mother Jones, it's like the holy trinity of bullshit from the left. I'm just surprised Salon didn't get in on the action early.

Next we need a Clinton article from Breitbart, Daily Caller and Newsmax.

Shit, even Buzzfeed have said there is "serious reason to doubt" the authenticity of this document.

Oh well, this document may not have met the lofty journalistic standards of Buzzfeed but hey, let's not put our critical thinking caps on, this is reddit after all.

There are plenty of reasons to think Trump is going to be a fucking dumpster fire of a president, why focus on the sources that are clearly shady as fuck?

The dark depths of hatred for Hillary Clinton by NewGuyCH in politics

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She wouldn't know an honest, straightforward statement if one slapped her round the face whilst wearing a novelty clown mask.

She's very much a pro-war candidate (Libya etc).

She and Bill continued to raise money from the governments of states that she herself stated were funding ISIS.

Her multiple run-ins with federal investigators over the years (the cattle futures insider trading thing, whitewater, the email case).

etc etc etc.

I couldn't vote for either of your candidates. I just find it staggering that both of your major political parties chose such weak candidates.

15 Asian Males Charged with Multiple Rape of a Child in Bradford by economistthrowaway in unitedkingdom

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Ah yes, "Asian" - these men are all from China or the Philippines I'm sure...

Bitcoin price failed $4,000 retest, now setting lower highs and lower lows by Bedroid in BitcoinMarkets

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Quick, better draw a few lines on a chart in MS Paint so you can convince yourself and other TA muppets that you can predict the future.

Gf (f24) wants me (m31) to end relationship with (17f) - what to do? by [deleted] in relationships

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The very fact that you refer to an underage minor of the opposite sex as a "friend" is wrong

Why? For a start she's 17 which is more or less an adult (so she's only underage in terms of alcohol, or maybe sex depending on jurisdiction).

But why on earth shouldn't they be friends? I hang out with a pretty diverse age group through one of my sports (skydiving) and there's no reason I can see why two people of these ages shouldn't be friends.

[Update]My (f/25) sister (f/19) is renting from my BF (m/30) of 3 years. She has no boundaries, or she is up to something. by [deleted] in relationships

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I know my boyfriend would feel pretty uncomfortable spending that much alone time with another girl who wasn't me...

Why should he though? If your relationship is so weak to begin with that it can't stand him being spending lots of time with someone during the work day (as he already would in a lot of jobs anyway) then you need to have a little think about that...

Abiteboul: We know name of the champion before season starts by IamMrEric in formula1

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The token system which prevented any other teams from catching up in engine development for a start.

Tony Blair confirms he is working to reverse Brexit by SheepCantFly in worldnews

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If Tony Blair advocating saving babies from a burning building, some cunt would be in the comments telling him to fuck off instead because of the Iraq War.

I know right? All he did is conspire to murder several hundred thousand innocent civilians in pursuit of oil wealth and bring about the rise of ISIS. Why won't anyone give him a break?

Funnily enough it is still relevant to any discussion surrounding that waste of good blood and organs called Tony Blair.

North Korea may detonate hydrogen bomb in the Pacific by -FoodOfTheGods- in worldnews

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It's almost like Donald trump is completely unqualified for dealing with an international nuclear crisis.

‘#ReleaseTheMemo’ is nothing but a hyperpartisan attempt to discredit Mueller by Yamamba78 in politics

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I struggle so much with it because the way she handled her emails was not only terrible on an individual level but also terrible as a leader for the direction of the state department.

But it's still not anywhere near as bad as anything that's going on now.

My sentiments exactly, but I still get accused of being a right wing shill for pointing out her incredibly willfully inept handling of classified info.

If only the dem candidate had been Biden, Sanders or anyone else I doubt trump would have won.

Hillary Clinton moves closer to nomination with wins in three states by JoeWhy2 in politics

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How is accepting campaign donations ripping anyone off? It's not like Bernie's donors expected anything in return for their donation. If they wanted favours in return for money they would have donated to the Clinton Foundation.

Child sexual abuse ring in Halifax: 25 men charged by Barney101 in unitedkingdom

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Hmmmm... I wonder what the common denominator could be...

Swastika and 'Rights for Whites' sign found in Exeter University halls of residence by itstimmehc in unitedkingdom

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People can have all the views they want just not fascist or nazi views because those views threaten the lives of minorities, gays etc. They tried talking it out in the 30s and that did nowt.

People have killed over just about every view you could possibly have on a subject.

Capitalism vs Communism, Religions of every type, Freedom of speech, etc etc.

Trying to make people criminals for their views rather than their actions is a slippery slope and ironically that sort of attitude has also lead to a lot of killing over the years as well.

Tony Blair confirms he is working to reverse Brexit by SheepCantFly in worldnews

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All great things, if only he weren't an unrepentant mass murderer I'm sure he would be very popular.

Charlotte Church: I would pay tax at 70% to protect public services by [deleted] in unitedkingdom

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Agreed, and it's pathetic.

Charlotte, you'd be happy for more of your income to go towards the public good? Great, then donate it to charity, give it to the homeless, help out a friend in need, anything of the sort will do. Simply declaring that you'd be happy to pay the majority of your income in tax if only taxes were that high is meaningless because you know and I know that they likely never will be.

The latest economic statistics are a disaster for the SNP (not that it matters) » Spectator Blogs by slapbang in Scotland

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I think you're on the wrong subreddit. Only posts favourable to the SNP's version of economic reality are allowed here.

The dark depths of hatred for Hillary Clinton by NewGuyCH in politics

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As an outside observer I just find it staggering that with 320 million people these two are basically your two options for leader...

Don't Let the FBI Decide the Election by HamsterSandwich in politics

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If I was running for a job with national security implications and was under investigation by the FBI you can damn well bet they'd tell my potential employers.