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SpikeRox commented on a post in r/gardening
PerennialPangolin 3 points

That is actually not clover, but wood sorrel, aka sourgrass. Fun fact: you can eat the leaves. As you might guess from the common name, they taste sour.

SpikeRox 1 point

They have a mild toxin in them, but other vegetables have them too, but in smaller amounts. Don’t eat too much! A few leaves are okay. Edit: forgot the name of the toxin.

PerennialPangolin 2 points

I think you’re thinking of oxalic acid.

SpikeRox 1 point

That’s it!

SpikeRox commented on a post in r/gardening
Ilikegreenido 5 points

To be quite honest I'm not an expert, I think I've just struck lucky. I bought a tiny plant from B&Q (UK DIY shop) in December and put it in my kitchen windowsill. It gets sun for most of the day and I water it with tap water (:o) whenever it feels dry. I've recently repotted to a slightly bigger pot and the traps have really taken off again. Other than that, I have no advice! But I hope it helps.

SpikeRox 4 points

tap water

NO TAP WATER! Carnivorous plants do not like tap water. They will get burned by all the salts and minerals in the water. Distilled or rainwater or R/O is best. Other than that good job! I also recommend r/savagegarden.

SpikeRox commented on a post in r/succulents
SpikeRox 2 points

You could maybe support it, but I would take the piece off and plant it.

sorryDontUnderstand 1 point

I'd rather take the piece off as well; my only concern was not to make the plant suffer. Will it be able to keep on growing from the cut top?

SpikeRox 2 points

Sure. One of the branches might take over as the main branch. You might have several main branches as well. If you want one, you could also cut the rest off. I would just leave it alone after you cut the top off.

SpikeRox commented on a post in r/mcevo
SpikeRox 2 points

Which type of mobile are you using? I can flair on the app.

milo_hobo 2 points

I don’t see the option to flair on my iPhone, maybe it’s a browser thing

SpikeRox 2 points

Yeah. I couldn’t flair on the browser. Try the app. It’s free.

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