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Nightstalker117 3 points

Retail. We don't wanna be here, we act like we love it but ffs buy your stuff and don't make contact with me

Spin_Me [score hidden]

I used to work in retail and this was generally my (and my coworkers') mindset. We were treated poorly by our employer, so why go above and beyond.

The only exception was a customer who was nice. If you wanted me to REALLY help you, smile and treat me as you would be treated. In these cases, I would go so far as to help the customer pack their purchased items in their car.

meatand3vege 3 points

Most of the time security companies that dispatch guards to alarms don't turn up in time. Ever.

Spin_Me [score hidden]

I always assumed that the so-called guard intentionally takes his/her time since they're not paid enough (and perhaps not trained sufficiently) to intervene in an active break-in.

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Spin_Me 3 points

I only wear shorts if I am by the water (pool or ocean) or on the court (squash). It's a style decision for me. I believe that shorts on men are ugly and - in some cases - rude. No one wants to look at my hairy legs.

That said, I stop wearing jeans in early June and won't resume wearing them until mid September. Wearing jeans in the summer is torture. I wear lightweight pants (cotton, linen) when it's hot.

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Spin_Me 6 points

The death penalty is only used for serious cases of murder. Officials do not give advance public notice of executions, and those condemned usually learn they are scheduled to die just a few hours beforehand.

Part of the agony of the death penalty is knowing the exact date and time of one's death. By surprising the murderer, you're relieving them of part of the punishment

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[deleted] 25 points


Spin_Me 6 points

I had a therapist tell me this and it was liberating.

He mapped out a few guidelines for self-care for when/if things get bad again. Then he told me that I had everything I needed to properly cope and to "walk out of this office and get on with your life."

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Spin_Me 2 points

Our vacation schedule for the past 10 years or so

  • We spend a week out West snowboarding in the Winter
  • We spend a week at the beach in the Summer
  • We also take 3-4 long weekends to other locations or to just visit friends out of state
  • If one of us has a business trip to someplace cool, we'll both travel there and make a weekend out of it

So, we average about 5-7 vacations per year. I should also note that we are child-free and both of us earn six figure incomes. Therefore, we are not "average" in terms of family nor finances.

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Spin_Me 10 points

I thought that self-propelled bikes were technically illegal in the city? Cops cracked down on delivery people who rode them recently.

Can anyone explain?

HyDRO55 19 points

No. Throttle ebikes are illegal. Pedal assist ebikes are not as you still need to pedal to propel forward.

Also under the new clarification in law the pedal assist ebikes will have to pass certain requirements and will have restrictions to the motor and it's power.

Spin_Me 3 points

Thank you, neighbor

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Spin_Me 2 points

Weekdays: I meet with my trainer twice per week and get to the gym for cardio at least one other time. After work, my wife and I may have plans to see a show or meet with friends. If not, we either order in, eat out or cook. We often take a walk after dinner in our neighborhood. We watch TV a few nights per week.

Weekends, we usually make plans with friends. We keep a car in the city so we may take a day trip or stay in the city. With the hot weather, we are usually out by the water eating or drinking

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