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Because only liberals whine about flags and chicken resturaunts, faggot

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You must be fun at parties you don't get invited to

I'm a fucking grown ass man. I don't go to "parties"

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Yea, cuz you don't get invited to them cuz you talk like a 12 yr old douche nozzle, faggot!

-2 points · 3 days ago

Sorry, I was talking about before this artile came out, the media was not really talking about them anymore.

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There has been at least one article about it every week...

To help fight fake news we post Washington Times articles...LOLOLOL

Original Poster-7 points · 6 days ago

Submission statement: It cannot go unnoticed by the average person that the "mainstream" media has been excessively hostile, petty and malicious towards Trump from the beginning of his candidacy. The press surely wanted Hillary to win and felt cheated and betrayed when the party they had allegiance to failed on so many levels. The difference between Obama's economy and foreign policy for the last eight years and Trump's is like night and day. And so is the media's reaction to it.

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“Just fired Agent Strzok, formerly of the FBI, was in charge of the Crooked Hillary Clinton sham investigation. It was a total fraud on the American public and should be properly redone!”

This is why we put our faith in you. Your policies are not the best in some cases but we put our trust in you when we united around you to ensure that Clinton, Obama, Pelosi, Warren, Harris and all the other neoliberals pay the ultimate penalty for their crimes against not just Progressives in general but Humanity specifically.

Lock them all up and you will see a level of support that is untold in the history of Eastern Democracies. UNite both the Left and Right with the capture and punishment of the Clinton and Dems and you will forever be remembered as the hero we know you can be.

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Its this kind of bullshit that makes me hate this sub. Just another troll sub and nothing to do with bernie or progressive politics. Go back to T_D, douche juice!

Was there, didn't even get to see them. They had to be escorted in the protest area, then they had to be put in vans to get out. Lol

Yeah, they started that with "gays showing any form of affection up to and including holding hands" and the rest of society just decided this was probably a stupid road to go down.

Seriously, there are people that will demand security guards make gay men stop "flaunting their kinks in front of their children" when they hold hands or kiss the other on the cheek. I get you're thinking more Gimp suit on a leash being walked down the street, but "Kink" for a large part of America / the world can seriously be argued for "interracial couples or LGBT." so it's kind of a doomed experiment unless you're willing to just hand everything over to the Bigots.

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Remember when Republicans were breathlessly going on and on about the media colluding with Clinton?

Sekulow had Giuliani on as his guest on his radio show

Sekulow and Giuliani are guest hosting Hannity's show

The WH had a direct line to Breitbart

Cohen was never disclosed by Hannity as his lawyer

Sinclair exists only to promote Trump

CNN hires all of Trump's former aides

also the National Inquirer

lmfao the projection is wild

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Literally every single thing they accuse anyone else of doing you can bet your left nut they are doing it themselves. Pretty amazing really.

OP's submission is about Chris Murphy, and the Warner memo is relevant for context because it proves that there is indeed a threat of government force if content platforms do not actively push the Democrats' agenda and restrict free speech on their behalf.

Ron Paul is a regular guest on infowars and has been as recently as within the last several months. Is Ron Paul now also a "racist and a neo nazi"? Actually, don't answer that question. Doesn't even qualify as a relevant question in my opinion, since I believe that anyone should have the right to participate in the national conversation on the public space regardless of their views, even if you disagree with them. Even if they're an "ebil racist". Any attempt to obstruct the free flow of ideas by these megabehemoths is a transparent attempt to influence and meddle in US elections by self-interested factions and is objectively a bigger issue than anything the Russians have ever stood accused of, which a cursory glance through your posting history indicates is a conspiracy theory that you actually believe in.

I don't know what you meant by (3), but the racist idiots I posted were Sarah Jeong from the editorial board of the New York Times and Joe Bernstein of Buzzfeed, respectively. Both of these are still platformed by YouTube and other social media websites. The fact that you could not even bring yourself to condemn these blatant expressions of racial hatred ("kill a straight white man" and "extinction" through breeding rates) puts your usage of anti-white racial slurs like "neo nazi" in a different light. I'll challenge you to find even a single example of a racist thing that Alex Jones or any of his correspondents have ever said. I'll wait. *hits jeopardy clock*

The federal government has absolutely zero role in "combating disinformation" outside of its legitimate function of prosecuting libel and slander cases. The last thing we need in the world is a government-spearheaded effort to clamp down on "fake news". That's just asking for a police state. I didn't say deep state, but sure, this is the deep state. It certainly fits occam's razor better to assume that shitty people in power want to stay in power and will do that by cracking down on and centralizing the free flow of information than trying to convince people that the only way to prevent the Russians from subverting our institutions is by putting whatever is left of the bill of rights through the paper shredder.

And no, I'm not feeling cool about "owning t3h libs", I'm honestly just frustrated that you have to explain to people why freedom of speech is a good idea in 2018. Consider the fact that the only reason you're allowed to post here and this sub is as active as it is is because we practice what we preach and refuse to ban content based on viewpoint, and maybe, just maybe, you'll get it through your thick skull that libertarians aren't the bad guys here.

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1 point · 11 days ago · edited 11 days ago

OP talked about Jones being the tip of the iceberg.

Libel and slander like jones did to the victims of school shootings, some of which had to move several times because of threats from Jones followers?

And again,private companies. Nobody is stopping him from talking his racist shit that neo Nazis love (fact), nobody is stopping his show from continuing. I can tell you to fuck off my property or deny politicians from putting up signs on my property. Same concept.

If you support Jones, you might not be a full on racist, but you're definitely ridding the same bigoted bus dressed as a freedom fighter.

And I sincerly hope you have the same veracity of fighting for freedom of speech when it was about kneeling and gay wedding cakes.

Edit: birther bullshit. Saying charlotsville were full of jews dressed as KKK members or alt right, a quote a day after shit head racists killed heather.

"I mean, quite frankly, I’ve been to these events, a lot of the KKK guys with their hats off look like they’re from the cast of 'Seinfeld.' Literally they’re just Jewish actors," 

He loves Jewish people,right?

"One of the former employees, former video editor Rob Jacobson, who is Jewish, alleged that Jones bullied him repeatedly for his background, calling him anti-Semitic names like "The Jewish Individual," "The Resident Jew," and "Yacobson." 

But keep pretending like you're fighting for "freedom of speech" but in reality you're supporting a racist bigoted fucktard that makes life a living hell for vicitms of real tragedies.

Libel and slander like jones did to the victims of school shootings

Is it legally considered libel and slander? Spoiler alert, no, which is why they lost and he's suing for recuperation of court costs. Alex maintains that he never denied Sandy Hook, but I would also argue that it doesn't matter if he did because it must, must, must remain legal to talk about conspiracy theories if this is to remain a free society.

some of which had to move several times because of threats from Jones followers?

You literally can't be responsible for someone else's actions. You're a dick.

Show me your evidence of Alex Jones or any of his correspondents talking about "racist, neo nazi" shit. Jeopardy theme already ended, you don't get the 500 but this is a bonus round.

No, you're not allowed to kick people off public property for any reason since 1964 due to the Civil Rights Act, which I assume you're a supporter of. If some people are allowed to have civil rights, then I think it's fair to say that there shouldn't be any second-class citizens here. Either everyone is equal, or nobody truly is. Since you reference kicking politicians off of property, consider the fact that even Bernie Sanders, your Socialist Jewish hero, who marched and put his neck on the line and got arrested during the Civil Rights Movement so that people of color could get rights, said that anyone should be allowed to walk into a restaurant and get service in reference to the Sarah Huckabee Sanders-Red Hen incident.

Yes, I did stick up Kaepernick, all throughout, despite strongly, and I mean strongly, disagreeing with his message, because I am a free speech absolutist. I think it's reprehensible to sack an athlete merely for expressing his views, for reasons unrelated to his ability to kick a handegg, even when they're spreading racist conspiracy theories about white supremacist cops systematically killing black people in cold blood that I consider to be dangerous and inciting potential violence against people who look like me.

I genuinely think that Kaepernick's message was morally on the equivalent level as alt-right rhetoric at Charlottesville, but then again, like my president, I genuinely do think there were good and bad people on both sides, so make of that what you will. My sympathies do lie more with the alt-right side of the idpol spectrum, which I guess makes me a "racist nazi" subhuman in your view, but I also believe in, like the Golden Rule and being decent to other people, which sadly in 2018 I guess has become a nazi point of view to the people who get off with 3 months probation for hitting strangers in the face with bike locks.,comments&search=true&start=0&end=1533680196&size=100

I notice how you couldn't answer whether Ron Paul is a racist neo-nazi, do you think Ron Paul is a racist neo-nazi? How about Gary Johnson? Unlike Rand Paul's position on the public accommodation clause of the Civil Rights Act, Gary Johnson took the opposite route and said that you should force the Jew to bake the Nazi cake. Well, by golly gee, he must be a neo-Nazi to say that! If you're defending the unpersoning of a humble water filter salesman based on unverified claims that he's a "racist" and a "nazi", then who don't you want to censor? Should all libertarians be censored? Who else? Should classical liberals like Dave Rubin, the "gay Jewish free speech nazi" be banned? Where does the line end, and how do you know that they'll never come for you, once there's no one left to speak out for you? What makes you think that multinational corporations have your best interests at heart, if they don't even like us free market capitalists?

And as for Charlottesville, no, racists did not kill Heather Heyer. A racist killed Heather Heyer, and there is still no evidence that this was some kind of pre-meditated attack which multiple people were responsible for. A person was responsible for it. You are literally using the same logic racists use by blaming the actions of a single individual on an entire group. Or I should say, an entire race, because I think you just don't like white people. You still haven't commented on or condemned Sarah Jeong's or Joe Bernstein's statements? You haven't proven that Alex Jones has ever said a single racist thing in his life to ever justify his banning, but I cited two examples of people who work for mainstream media organizations who "joked" and murder or ethnic cleansing, and you don't seem to give the slightest care that they're not banned yet.

You know, I'm really disappointed. I'm trying to talk about the ideals of freedom and individual liberty here, but all you can do is spout "racist racist racist racist". It's like a mental illness.

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1 point · 11 days ago · edited 11 days ago

Not sure if you know this but the sandy hook defamation hearing just happened, which he did not attend. So that's still up in the air. But anyone with common sense and has listened to his show can say he definitely hypes up a certain portion of the population and he spreads a certain idea that only hits with a certain group of people. Talking about immigrants being trash, jews this jews that, so many examples that you just pretend isn't there but ok, for the sake of fucking off, you are right, Alex Jones isn't a racist, he just hypes them up, has racist rhetoric and cries when people tell him to fuck off from their PRIVATE platform.

So you're telling me I can't kick you out of my I did last year when I wanted someone off my property and the cops came and they told him to fuck off? Like that? No? Ok...What is trespassing? No? Let's move on.

So you're telling me you're not racist but support a president that has enacted a muslim ban based on nothing and doesn't include the literal sponsor for terrorist, that dehumanizes immigrants on the reg, that has called countries shitholes and you're surprised you get called a bigot? Lol, you're more offended by being called a racist than police brutality towards minorities (since you said you're against kap's message), more offended by a word than children separation and you're surprised you're called a bigot? LOL

Blah blah blah, ron paul, has he supported racist policies? Has he supported the muslim ban and child separation at the border? Does he support merit based immigration? LOL

And stop even trying to pretend that dickwad who ran over heather was anything but a piece of shit. Was he not at the rally screaming the retarded shit they were screaming? And why does it matter if it was planned or not? He did it.

Look, you're a smart guy who pretends he's not racist but you are, you support racist politicians, you support a racist host, you're a racist. Just man up and admit it. No need to hide behind politics or "free speech" (which btw, doesn't protect you from the consequences of what you say which is what happened to Jones), everyone is taking off their hoods now and its pretty normal so be ALL you can be. Either you're pretending or you're completely sheltered and privileged. But do you, bruh!

And for the record, fuck the DNC too and all the corporate shills and establishment dems, fuck those hosts who go and say fuck all white people.

AND, no, you're not talking about freedom, you're talking about giving a bullhorn to people who incite and spread hateful messages that are mostly conspiracy bullshit with no backing evidence and are crying about private companies doing private company shit. AGAIN, nobody is stopping jones or you and your pals to create a platform so he can once again spew his hateful rhetoric to dipshits that want to listen. He didn't go to jail, he didn't pay a fine, he still has his content. LOL

Edit: I guess you're talking about the law suit that he won becuase he said he's an entertainer or whatever? And then admited shit he says is just bullshit? Lol. People like you are amazing. All this talent and attention to detail but still missing the biggest point right in front of your face. But yes, I'm turrible for calling you a racist and making you feel icky. How much persecution and racism must you endure! May God help you throughout your constant suffering because of your skin color and yucky words!

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Is he in prison? Did he pay a fine? Nobody is stopping him from yelling his bigoted bullshit somewhere else.

0 points · 12 days ago


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So...promises are as good as enacting policies? How's that promise of mexico paying for the wall, promise that NK was de-nuking and promise of draining the swamp going?

How can anyone honestly think a "promise" brought back THOUSANDS of jobs, but 8 years of actually working and creating a better economy is just "meh".

BTW, how's the tax cuts going again? 20% increase in what? No wage increase? Stock buy backs?

1 point · 12 days ago


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Besides tariffs that have hurt america more than other countries, what policy has he enacted to boost the economy?

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It's a schooner!!!

OP probably thinks tits feel like a bag of sand

2 points · 13 days ago

Found the anti-American, as only someone under the influence (or direction) of Russia would accuse the ACLU of "supporting" Nazi's.

I believe in the American constitution. Clearly you don't, Comrade.

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Right...where is it on muh constitution does it say that private companies need to give a platform to racist bigots? Go ahead, I'll wait, incel.

2 points · 12 days ago

You show me where defending someone's right to speech makes them own the speech they're protecting. I understand the broader implications of the Constitution, while you look at it for ways to shield bad actors.

Anti-American Commie.

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I dont know how else to explain this to you...PRIVATE COMPANY...

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-24 points · 13 days ago

Mueller who messed up the 911 investigation? Who is friends with Comey? How can he be in charge and be fair knowing that connection alone?

Anyone who believe this is legitimate justice is willfully ignorant and honestly believes people’s intentions are always good and right.

Unfortunately people in power protect people in power. We are not those who are protected. We are grease in the machine. And until people stand up this will never end

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-54 points · 14 days ago


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Trump literally admitted to that already. Keep up, buttercup!

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Original Poster-7 points · 14 days ago

Not trolling, just because I like Trump doesn't make me not a Libertarian. I absolutely don't like a lot of the stuff he's doing, but in my view he's the least corrupt option we had, and you certainty can't take away power from government in a corrupted system.

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The least sides...hahahahahahahaha. So that meeting that "never happened but if it did was about adoption but if it wasn't, it wasn't illegal and if it was he didn't know about it" was about what again?

Original Poster1 point · 14 days ago

in a public place

They have a monopoly on reaching people, and are therefore a de facto public forum

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Nobody is stopping him from creating his own platform. There's enough of you idiots out there, start a gofundme campaign and build your own racist, bigoted youtube and spew your weak dick views over there!

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The Cato Institute is an "associate" member of the State Policy Network, a web of right-wing “think tanks” in every state across the country.[2] They are also part of the international Atlas Group network with links to the Institute for Humane Studies. The Independent Institute seems to operate as a Cato subsidiary.

Where ideology and science part company, Cato favors ideology, as shown by an advertisement[3] published in newspapers in 2009 disputing the state of the science on climate change.[4]

Nice try,comrade!!!

Original Poster3 points · 14 days ago

So are you saying Mexico is sending murderers?

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No, just pointing out the source. Even a broken clock is right twice a day.

-8 points · 14 days ago · edited 14 days ago

So let me get this straight. The last primaries, the progressive socialist was the best dog to bet on, got the young voters to come out, talked the talk and walked the walk. Got cheated by the DNC, DNC proceeds to shove a centrist, capitalist, politician who takes millions from corporations down everyones throat and lost the election. And now they want to do the same thing again? you really dat dumb?

Edit: downvote all you want, doesn't change history or facts. Sometimes you hildogs are just as bad as the trumpets. Cover your ears and pretend shady shit didn't happen because it was your party that did it!!

-10 points · 14 days ago

You guys are such a bunch of pussies lol

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Says the guy who cares about downvotes

We know that some of these incidents were targeted and are related to gang conflicts in those areas," said Chicago Police Chief of Patrol Fred Waller at a press conference Sunday afternoon.

Then take their numbers off of the list since they chose to put themselves in a position where this could happen to them, plus they are likely responsible for other shootings and crimes in the city, so why should anyone care about them when they didn't care about themselves.

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How can you not laugh at and love this type of stuff?

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When you're not a racist douchebag who lives with their parents you tend to understand these situations and know they're not funny.

Well, I guess you would know all about being a racist since thinking that someone calling a black person dumb is necessarily racist is itself a racist belief. Blacks don't need you to coddle them. It's ok to treat them the same way that you would anyone else.

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No need to explain yourself, your waifu is waiting,incel.

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