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I find it hard to believe that many of them are seeking asylum. They're economic opportunists. I mean, I'm all for them seeking to better their life, but do it legally.

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So are you guessing or did you do some actual research?

But don't you dare call them racist because that's offensive. But yeah, internment camps should totally make a comeback hu? NO I'M NOT RACIST WHY WOULD YOU SAY THAT?!?!?! I JUST WANT INTERNMENT CAMPS BACK- HOW DOES THAT POSSIBLY HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH RACE?

Or maybe they don't bother justifying it to themselves anymore, that way there's less thinking involved.

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The justification now is "they broke the law so they gotta go"

-19 points · 4 days ago

Yall act like he's supposed to talk down about the leader of a country he's trying to make peace with. Gimmie a break the last thing he should do is piss Kim off.

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Rocket man...

-16 points · 4 days ago · edited 4 days ago

So you guys can take on the streets whenever you like. Why don't you?! Are you just putting all your hopes on your very unsteady blue wave in 5 months?!

Edit: Yeah, god forbid I suggest that you manifest your dissatisfaction by protesting in public rather then on reddit!

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What? There was a rally in DC yesterday...voter turn out is up, 44 republicans have quit/going to retire. Do you want gay parades and sirens replaced by a dude going "woooooo"?

"Why can't the poor people just buy more money?"

-Ivanka Trump

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That can't be real...right?

This has nothing to do with Hillary Clinton or her crimes against the American people. What the fuck is this even doing here?

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well...this has become another The_Dotard sub, what did you expect?

Probably things like Hillary Clinton aka killary killing off people, pizza gate, Obama not gonna leave office, Obama gonna take our guns, the war on Christmas or anything deep state.

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Water turns frogs gay, any Republican who goes against trump is a deep state shill,Canada is fucking the US...the list can really keep going. It never ceases to amaze me how selective their memories are.

The UN also whined about the 2,000 slaughtered Palestinians back in 2014

The recent bloodshed, believe it or not, is an improvement with a reduction in casualties, and Trump is trying to further guide the peace process by pointing out legitimate concerns

The only reason we see so much Israel criticism right now is because many liberal Zionists don't like Netanyahu and his government

That's it

Don't be fooled; many of the "liberal zionists" don't give a single f-ck about Palestinian people, they are using their suffering because of internal jewish/israeli political conflict in that they don't like Netanyahu. That doesn't mean the opposition is better.

The "labor zionist" guy being groomed to overthrow Bibi is WORSE and wants MORE bloodshed!

Labor chief Gabbay says Netanyahu is ‘weak’ in fighting Hamas

Amid surge in rocket fire from the Gaza Strip, opposition leaders call for more forceful response

And here's how he presents himself

Jerusalem (AFP) - Israel's main opposition Labour party has taken a risk in electing as its new leader an ex-businessman who only joined months ago, hoping a fresh approach can topple Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Some have compared his meteoric rise to that of French President Emmanuel Macron.

Look at the carefully worded "liberal jewish zionist" and their "protests" of APIAC, suspiciously apathetic on Palestinian issues and almost entirely whining about their own "oppression" in America;

AIPAC was also criticized for what protesters said was a weak stance against a growing wave of anti-Semitism in the U.S.

“I’ve never seen the sort of antisemitism we’re seeing today, but despite bomb threats and desecrated cemeteries, AIPAC has chosen to remain silent,” Sara Sandmel, an IfNotNow member from Boston, said in a statement Sunday.

Note; the Jewish community center bomb threats were later revealed to have been made by an Israeli Jew in suspicious possible false flag circumstances

“This proves without a doubt that AIPAC will be pro-Israel at any cost, prioritizing the occupation over the safety of the Jewish community and other marginalized people in America.”

If and when Labor chief Gabbay takes power in Israel, we will no longer see this sort of criticism of Israel even under harsher circumstances because it will be dismissed and blocked as "anti-Semitic"

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Liberal Zionist?

-21 points · 6 days ago

The globalists control all the MSM so you aren’t going to find truth there. You can attack the source but the facts are the facts: migrants bring poverty, disease, crime, and upheaval. They have destroyed Europe, and if America doesn’t awaken, they will destroy her as well. At least President Trump and some of our representatives such as Steve King are getting it. There will be no “blue wave”. Some in Europe are getting it: “Take a walk down the street and see where this is going. You no longer feel like you are living in your own country. There is a battle going on and we have to defend ourselves.” -Geert Wilders

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you mean the brown migrants coming now, right? Because not sure if you know this, america was found my migrants. Just letting you in with the big secret! Got you fam!

-2 points · 6 days ago

How do we know he knew he was a Nazi?

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-45 points · 6 days ago · edited 6 days ago


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breh, its from april...c'mon...

...but...didn't republicans say the same thing for 8 years? Including trying to tank obamacare?

-2 points · 6 days ago

We’re talking about taxes on the rich, are we not?

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5 points · 6 days ago · edited 6 days ago

37% for federal if you make 500K + and 13% state if you make 1M +. Now add all the tax loopholes, tax cuts, tax write offs, now they're paying almost the same % as a lower income bro who can't get rich for some reason.

1 point · 6 days ago

Now add all the tax loopholes, tax cuts, tax right offs, now they're paying almost the same % as a lower income bro who can't get rich for some reason.

No offense, but perhaps you should look up the difference between average and marginal tax rates. You’re talking about the former, I, the latter.

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No offense taken! My main point is that even though on paper the rich gets taxed more that is rarely the case in real life. The article I posted on the response above is a great example, write offs and moving your stash around are common tools of the rich to skip on paying Uncle Sam. But thanks for being polite in your response even though we have different views on the subject, much appreciated!

Liberals make everything identity politics. That is why their party is disappearing.

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So republicans are cool with white supremacy now?

So lets think about this. You catch a foreign country cyber fucking with you. During the investigation, they ask you to tell them how you caught them. All while they continue what they are doing. And you expect us to just tell them how we caught them?

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Well duh! These guys have a judge judy level of understanding of the law and how an investigation works. Pretty hilarious he thinks he got brigaded instead of just accepting the fact that this post is shit.

OK, I'll bite. How is understanding that 43 million gallons of milk is a rounding error in the dairy industry make me not understand basic economics? I'm pretty sure you don't understand basic economics if you think 43 million gallons of milk is a significant amount.

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Bit but deleted your previous comment. Wot? Lol. Look, its over producing and the government/your tax dollars paying for it. I know in the land of big macs and super sized drinks waste is not an issue but in the real world production cost and subsidies matter.

11 points · 7 days ago · edited 7 days ago

He kind of has a point though, 43 million gallons is about 0.02% of the total production, which was 212 billion gallons in 2016. This makes it such a small portion of the total volume produced, that it's way less than unavoidable discrepancies in expected vs. actual demand. No industry is able to predict demand within a 0.02% margin.

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True, but how much is a gallon and how much if that is paid by the government with tax payer money?

-18 points · 7 days ago

A black kid being charged with terrorism? Now I’m really curious. Terrorists are almost always either Muslims or white guys

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Except the black guy literally gets a terrorism charge while white kids are portrayed as trouble individuals.

8 points · 7 days ago

That’s a misconception people have because they don’t know what terrorism even means. For example, Dylan Roof and the Charlottesville Challenger guy were terrorists while Adam Lanza and James Holmes weren’t terrorists

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Is it really or is it the media that uses different labels for different colors?

Well, at the end, there is a piece of paper bearing his hideous signature. It can still be a called a "deal" even if only the US gave anything up—and for an illusory commitment already made.

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Didn't he sign something at the G6+1 meeting and backed out of it when he got on the plane?

So easy to set off a liberal. Tell them the truth and their head explodes. Now go back to your hateful little world and cry to your smells like shit mommy. Sploosh

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Breh, you're the guy who started crying bout muh country dah best. Gaslight Obstruct PROJECT. Lol, what county you from, citizen?

I am sad for you and how fragile you are. You hate the US and sound miserable. You attack me over and over, then you lie. You appear to be very sick and I recommend a therapist and medicine for you. I don’t know what you have gone through in your life, but I am guessing it was pretty bad. You are very hateful and like to attack people. You should open your eyes and see that the world isn’t that bad, that you can enjoy life and that being rude to people won’t get you anywhere. I know you think Washington DC is a country, but this is all starting to make sense. I am very proud of my country and know it is the best. I didn’t cry, but would proudly shout it from the rooftops how great our country is. Step away from your hateful subs here, get out and breathe the fresh air and enjoy life. Why be so miserable?

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1 point · 7 days ago · edited 7 days ago

Bro, you started being a prick once you thought I was from a"shithole" country. Nice try in playing the poor victim though. Lol. If you're going to be a bigoted asshole at least grow some balls and man the fuck up!! Now what shithole county you from,bruh? Doesn't feel nice when you're on the other side if the stick does it. Lol. Douche

Edit: love the whole open your eyes to world bit right after you thought I was from a shithole the mental gymnastics with you retards is top notch.

Edit 2: you went from pompous muh country vibe right to snowflake victim in less than 24 hours. I really have to commend your skills at changing views to fit your narrative so quickly. Must be nice living in a bubble.

29 points · 8 days ago

Yawn. Subsidies my clueless little friend, subsidies. Both the US and Canada heavily subsidize their agricultural sectors in different ways. The US by paying farmers directly and Canada with rigorous production controls that keep prices high. Neither side is willing to give these up so agricultural products have always been exempt from NAFTA. The more you know.

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Also because Canada's system works? It has like a 75% approval there's that too...

Obama was the first president to never reach 3% GDP during his administration. In fact, he said that America would NEVER reach 3% again. But yes! Let's give Obama the credit for something happening under Trump that Obama literally said would NEVER happen.

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This is the 3rd or 4th comment that has basically the same you guys ever fact check anything?

I know it this time, we got him.

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Omg, totally love criminals running the government now!

“Supports arming terrorists” Alright then. This is the left’s equivalent of Pizzagate.

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Exactly the same, except one is based on facts and the other came from 4chan...

Literally all politicians are corrupt in some form or another. Precisely why I voted for Trump, he's not a politician and can't be bought.

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Can you explain the whole ZTE thing? Or does that not count because of mental gymnastics?

-162 points · 8 days ago


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So your version of winning is isolating America from its allies, taking away protection for pre existing conditions and separating families at border? You must be fun at parties you don't get invited to.

-35 points · 9 days ago

ITT: keyboard warriors crying that life as we know it is going to end.

Thank god democrats don't have a platform anymore. Fear mongering won't work anymore. Please stay unorganized.

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Yea,totes nothing wrong shitting on our allies.

Yep, its definitely Trump trying to destroy the west, not the New Left that attack traditional values, history, and cultural norms at every turn, and promote policies that decrease the birth rates of Westerners while importing millions of non-Western economic migrants. Its definitely Trump! Swedish meatballs are from Turkey, and refugees are welcome!

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Why dont you just come out and say it! White power my Aryan king!!! If you're going to be a bigot at least man up and stop hiding your hate!

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