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StanleyDeWalt commented on a post in r/LDESurvival
StanleyDeWalt 6 points

He just took me out as I entered the frozen red zone. While the screen was still loading.

Shabasi 3 points

that should be fixed by the developers , like 5 sec peace till u get urself ready , some ppl have slow connection tho.

StanleyDeWalt 2 points

I agree, it’s bs.. my connection is good- literally during the loading, black screen, no controls, and I hear the first shot..

StanleyDeWalt 0 points

And since the bunkers are overrun, once we use a keycard and access them, there should also be the occasional military zombie out in the regular map. Even if it’s one per zone.

StuWal19 2 points

I have heard you can use tactical hat and shoes in the winter zone and not get cold. Allows you to save resources with that hat and boots.. can anybody confirm that this works?

StanleyDeWalt 2 points

That is true

[deleted] 2 points

Hey bro i found your base amazing can i use this clip on my youtube channel?

StanleyDeWalt 2 points

Sure thing!

tim929 2 points

I really like this layout. It’s organized and built for defense. I might use a little of this in my base design

StanleyDeWalt 1 point

Thanks. I stole a few ideas from some other posted layouts, so help yourself!

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ivebeenhereallsummer 14 points

If the bulb is still intact Popeye should glow orange when it is turned on.

Hot link pic

StanleyDeWalt 1 point
StanleyDeWalt commented on a post in r/NatureIsFuckingLit
AlbertFischerIII 1,080 points

Why would it yawn water? Please tell me this is real though.

StanleyDeWalt 19 points

I think yawns are much more than signs of sleepiness, or social comfort. I think they’re built in, ancient biological programs. Like a primordial first breath system. Yawns and stretchies together, are heavenly.... involuntary, reflexive, oxygenating and circulating. So many different species do it, though I’m just as surprised to see it happen underwater.

StanleyDeWalt commented on a post in r/woodworking
StanleyDeWalt 6 points

The top is beautiful, and I think that leg style could work- it’s angular and sharp like the corners. But there’s only three, and that doesn’t jive. Four would be better balanced, and eight might look awesome.

StanleyDeWalt commented on a post in r/StainedGlass
StanleyDeWalt 3 points

You’ve got a lot of cash sitting there. Prices vary depending on the color and pattern, but I wouldn’t let a full sheet go for less than $20. 12” squares go for ten bucks. Are there any art schools around you, or continuing education programs? You could cut them a deal, or sell to students. Some flyers and a few semesters could be worth the time it takes to unload it slowly.

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