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Burgundy93 13,681 points

When it's too dark to see what you're eating--but maybe in some restaurants that's the whole point.

StarStarStar84 6 points

This. Happened to us at the Cheesecake Factory. Had to use phone's flashlight to read the menu. 😑

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ramblingkite 17 points

Just want to say, while doing some Christmas shopping this season, I've been asked so many times to open a Gap/J. Crew/etc. card and the best trick to get them to back off is to say you can't because you have a credit freeze. There's literally nothing you can do about it in that moment so they won't persist. I actually do have a freeze bc of equifax, but even if you don't it's a good excuse to pull out.

Would also be a good trick if you're browsing cars and don't want to be pressured to buy that day.

StarStarStar84 3 points

I'd just say "no thank you" I'm not obligated to give them reasons. If they say anything after that, theyd only get a smile.

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StarStarStar84 5 points

I'd actually really like to know Satan's side of the story.

hraefin 11 points

I'd like to image his side of the story as this:

Satan is God's right hand man. He is the vice president. He is not quite as powerful as God, but close. The two go way back as well and were friends for many billions of years as they watched stars and planets form, multi-celled organisms arise out of single-celled organisms, all with childlike curiosity. I'd like to imagine them on different parts of the universe where they occasionally meet at the end of a millennia and tell each other of all the fascinating things that they saw on their travels.

However, one day, God created Adam and Eve. They were different than the animals before them. These people were logical and sentient! Satan saw a bit of himself in them. He remembered what his early years were like, as he grappled with the meaning of his existence and eventually grew into his love of exploring the universe. He wanted them to realize their full potential so that they could be like him.

However, the creator kept them from doing this. He wanted them to obey him, like the simple animals before. He wanted them to eat what he told them to eat, to say what he told them to say, and to do what he told them to do. He had designed them for a very specific purpose and they were to do nothing else beyond tending the garden. But Satan saw that they could do so much more. He did not know what exactly they could do, but he wanted to find out.

So he risked everything. He knew that going against God's plan would put him in jeopardy. He felt in the core of his being that this was his defining moment. He felt made to bring these simple beings knowledge, doubt, and a thirst for more knowledge. No other option seemed right.

So he did it. The humans were drawn to the forbidden fruit almost instinctual anyway so his job was quite simple. He felt pained as God punished them for their disobedience by increasing their suffering, however he rejoiced as he saw many of their ancestors overcome their hardships and teach their children how to make their lives easier. He and the angles that sided with him now walk unseen among the humans, whispering doubts into their ears. Doubts about the doctrine they are told to have faith in. Doubts about the goodness and the power of a god who still wants to make them mindless copies of himself.

He still shows up to the throne room of heaven occasionally. The place seems more blindingly bright and deafeningly noisy for his tastes. Almost as if his enemy wants to overwhelm the senses to prevent thought from taking root. He still has to overcome the urge to bow to his creator when he walks in. He and God still speak cordially about the what they have seen in the universe. But their views are so different now, the distance is insurmountable. Even so, he hopes that one day he will cause even this most resolute creator to truly question the limiting course he has laid out for his most promising creation. Perhaps one day.

StarStarStar84 2 points

This is an awesome story. Lol

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