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Steelcurtain26 commented on a post in r/FortNiteBR
SewageSlurper 8 points

For some people, it’s not necessarily impatience causing them to jump down. I usually jump down after a few exchanges of the high ground, for 2 reasons:

  1. I think just building above each other repeatedly is boring if the other person is showing no interest in actually shooting me

  2. Once we are that high up it’s only a matter of time until someone else shoots us both down

Steelcurtain26 1 point

Both of those reasons are literally impatience. Lmfao

SewageSlurper 0 points

Something being boring and being impatient are 2 different things. Impatience would seem to infer that I am waiting for something to happen. Something being boring just means that it isn't fun. This one kind of falls into a grey area, so I'll leave it. Fair point.

The second reason isn't impatience whatsoever, it's me not wanting to die.

Steelcurtain26 1 point

“It’s only a matter of time” it just isn’t, though, and if you’re patient, you’ll realize you have much more time than you think. Both cases are undoubtedly impatience. First one isn’t even grey area. It’s legitimate definition of impatience. Lmao.

Steelcurtain26 commented on a post in r/DestinyTheGame
UnknownQTY 57 points

Pleased shareholders means profit for Bungie, and there you have it basically

That's... Not really how it works...

Steelcurtain26 23 points

Thats not even remotely how it works. 56 upvotes. Gotta love low information hive mind.

gwizzz999 -1 points

It's correlated kind of though. Bungie wants Destiny 2 to look as successful as possible on paper so that Activision's board of directors support a sequel and/or expansions, and the board of directors are elected by the shareholders, so they want to make sure their actions please them. So in a super round about way, it is related. But Bungie is probably more worried about pleasing the management side of Activision rather than their share holders.

Steelcurtain26 4 points

No, it isn't even remotely related. Shareholders dont generate profit in any way. End of story. Just stop.

Steelcurtain26 commented on a post in r/politics
Erowidx 4 points

merits punishment.

and you wonder why the right clings to their guns.

Steelcurtain26 1 point

So they can keep being racist without recourse? Lmfao. What a stupid fucking comment.

adkliam2 0 points

I mean he's not wrong, they're terrified of having to politely coexist with other races. This is what a lot of people refer to as saying the quiet part out loud. Kinda giving away the game when you admit republicans need they're guns so they can keep being racist.

Steelcurtain26 1 point

No, he truly believes the left "demonizes" language. So the right needs to protect themselves with killing machines so they can protect their right to talk how they wanna talk no matter how racist. The dude is literally a fascist.

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Steelcurtain26 commented on a post in r/nfl
pepperdyno2 3 points

I'd pay him as much as $12mil, but even then that's stretching it. Those guys may be on their rookie contracts, but I highly doubt any one of their teams will be eager to hit that $14mil+ number for a RB. Nor do I think any team wants to set that precedent, particularly after NE, Philly's success with RBBC

Steelcurtain26 3 points

This is definitely it. No team will ever pay 14 mil for a dual threat RB when they can hire 2 RBs for 5 mil each that each excel at a specific part of the game. You're splitting the risk. If one goes down, you still have the other part. As opposed to the 14 mil guy who loses you everything if he gets hurt.

Steelcurtain26 commented on a post in r/nfl
NomadicLogic 4 points

Did you really just compare drug laws to slavery?

asimplescribe 5 points

Yeah, using the same exact logic. Standing up to unjust laws is how you get them removed.

Steelcurtain26 0 points

Thank you

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Steelcurtain26 commented on a post in r/fantasyfootball
[deleted] 6 points


Steelcurtain26 -32 points

I made an input about this “disussion” op is a fucking moron. Discuss

[deleted] 11 points


Steelcurtain26 -7 points

One person taking all of their brainpower to continue breathing can't positively contribute to discussion. See: OP. You people are so fucking stupid. How many want in on my 1k buy in leagues? Ill take emails and paypals right now.

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Steelcurtain26 commented on a post in r/politics
cjd8snwn5dn2o 10 points

Stop placing the blame on them in your hypothetical. They aren't obligated to work for Fox & if they quit over Fox's unethical practices and hundreds of people lose their jobs -- that shits on Fox. Period.

Steelcurtain26 -4 points

Lmfao. I’m sure that moral high ground will manifest food for their families. How fucking stupid are you bots?

cjd8snwn5dn2o 3 points

Imagine arguing on behalf of Fox news and Republicans and accusing the other side of using bots. LOL.

Steelcurtain26 1 point

Im not arguing on their behalf. Your suggestion that people just quit is absolutely fucking stupid. You, on the other hand, are active only in conservative subs and you have a fucking randomly generated name on an account created 2 months ago. Go fuck yourself

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Steelcurtain26 commented on a post in r/smashbros
phsycoeevee 7 points

At no point did I say it would end well

Steelcurtain26 4 points

If you want to make some money,

Yes you did. This person will make no money off of this because Nintendo will sue his pants off.

phsycoeevee -1 points

Where did this hostility come from? I was making a suggestion that I thought was relevant.

Steelcurtain26 0 points

you're suggesting this person break the law so you can buy a poster out of it. Ridiculous.

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Steelcurtain26 commented on a post in r/magicTCG
SebiDean42 2 points

Based on your history, I can tell you're just a pleasant ray of sunshine, buddy. Keep it up!

Steelcurtain26 -4 points

You went through my history because I told you your unfunny joke wasnt funny? Lmfao, you're pathetic

SebiDean42 2 points

Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't know I needed justification to look through someone's history.

Steelcurtain26 -2 points

You don’t. I’m just shocked you have that much interest and time. It’s pathetic as fuck over some stupid joke you made that wasn’t funny. I mean, damn. How much did you really think about this that it made you that interested?

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Steelcurtain26 commented on a post in r/DestinyTheGame
Artandalus 2 points

I got the Shotgun on my 2nd ever clear.

Bring the hate.

Steelcurtain26 0 points

I have 2 of them and 24 shaders. You can do the math. lol. Im debating whether I should farm a 3d to have one of each element.

Steelcurtain26 commented on a post in r/nfl
LetsWinOneGame 137 points

If you dont think this is more fun than last year's, please explain.

Last year only one group was even remotely organized and they could do whatever they wanted, not to mention the cheating from both sides.

This year there is variety, although it's looking more and more like the ELOE are giving up because they aren't just automatically winning like last year.

Steelcurtain26 -9 points

I mean, no explanation needed when the amount of people participating is a third of what it was last year. Obviously, more people than not think this is a waste of time year 2

Steelcurtain26 commented on a post in r/DestinyTheGame
Thatguywithsomething 1 point

Question:. Does Witches Ritual take place in a pitch black arena where one would utilize the lighting from a rocket launcher that leaves solar flares, like how OP describes in the post?

Think real hard on that one champ.

Steelcurtain26 0 points

lmfao. Im sorry that bungie didn't port D1 exactly. Instead, they designed a similar encounter with the same mechanics. Quit crying you fucking nerds.

Thatguywithsomething 0 points

I'm just stating what's in the post. It isn't my fault you couldn't be bothered to read for three seconds.

Doesn't bother me that you're such a salty individual.

Hope things get better for you in life :)

Steelcurtain26 0 points

IM salty? lmfao. You fucking losers are jerking each other off about a complaint that isn't even real. HAHAHAHA. How fucking pathetic.

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Steelcurtain26 commented on a post in r/steelers
Fuzzaf 12 points

As much as I can agree with you that the Ravens need to be purged, the only way we'll be able to survive is if we all vote for the Vikings with ELOEs majority, otherwise if we scatter the votes among rivals we'll be eliminated sooner rather than later.

Steelcurtain26 -2 points

Who cares?

Steelcurtain26 commented on a post in r/leagueoflegends
ItsMeHeHe 15 points

Mate, he was precisely quoting the video the C9 org has released regarding this topic. It's the only info we have, the least speculative and therefore the most reliable one. It's the only piece of info someone can be held accountable for.

CarnivorousGray 3 points

Nowhere in that video did they say the 3 benched players lacked motivation. Nowhere. That was 100% invented on Reddit, sorry.

Steelcurtain26 0 points

Holy shit, even the mods are fucking morons. Lol.

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Steelcurtain26 commented on a post in r/DestinyTheGame
HazikoSazujiii 2 points

Personally, I have not seen a boost with a 3oC. However, the downside is that I'm down to just the strike/adventure catalysts, so it is difficult to test. At this point, I always run 3oC, if that is indicative of anything.

Edit: It would be nice if they would at least confirm one way or the other.

Steelcurtain26 5 points

God, I can’t wait till the general population stops using anecdotal evidence on RNG. Personally, I’ve never won the lottery, that means the odds are 0.

Steelcurtain26 commented on a post in r/explainlikeimfive
F1lthyca5ual 26 points

LOL seriously.. one of the worst metaphors for cancer I've ever read.

Steelcurtain26 6 points

I know nothing more about cancer, except that I probably got it from that post

Steelcurtain26 commented on a post in r/leagueoflegends
DrPhineas 36 points

There are seriously users who started post Reksai rework on this subreddit? Crazy stuff D:

Steelcurtain26 -1 points

This sub isn't exactly good. The average player on here is pretty fucking terrible, actually.

Eirixoto 0 points

So being new just makes you terrible?

Steelcurtain26 0 points

In a game with over 140 unique characters, yes, being new makes you terrible.

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Steelcurtain26 commented on a post in r/EvilLeagueOfEvil
CXDXOXP 3 points

So, this is borderline blasphemy, but what if we tell the other groups that if no ELOE team makes the top 10, we will try to make the Eagles win?

If they ignore us, we still take the fun out of the game for everyone who isn’t the Eagles. If they do listen to us, it can get us further than we may at the current rate/maybe get them to vote the Eagles out themselves.

Edit: for the record, I come from House Packers, and I did vote for the Eagles to be out today

Steelcurtain26 0 points

Dont tell em, just fuck em. If Steelers get eliminated today, Im 100% voting in favor of the Eagles for the rest of this that I give any shits about. Its already remarkably less interesting than last year.

Steelcurtain26 commented on a post in r/smashbros
Doktaplayer -27 points

Because it seems like it would feel awful to play based on the footage at hand.

Steelcurtain26 14 points

So, it looks awful?

Doktaplayer -25 points

If it looks like shit, stinks like shit and sounds like shit, do I really need to play it to find out if it's shit?

Steelcurtain26 1 point

You do to say “it plays like shit” lmfao. What a fucking moron

Steelcurtain26 commented on a post in r/politics
KyOatey 452 points

Am I wrong to be suspicious of all the "I'm a liberal who hates everything about Trump but this is amazing" comments I'm seeing on here?

Steelcurtain26 1 point

Concern trolling. Massive strategy in brexit and the 2016 election of Russian propagandists.

Steelcurtain26 commented on a post in r/steelers

It's a four game suspension next, but regardless suspension is easy to deal with. Contract could very easily include a suspension clause. Season ending injury is the worry.

Steelcurtain26 -1 points

Lmfao, then that isn’t guaranteed money and Bell will sign somewhere for guaranteed money. Just not here. Lmfao. You couch agents are a fucking riot. “Should be easy enough” god damn.

Working_Lurking 1 point

By that logic, why even franchise him this year, then?

Steelcurtain26 1 point

1 year guaranteed is extremely low risk compared to 3 or 5? That’s not even hard to understand.

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