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A lot of mmos do that though, your early missions are always to kill boars and fairies by the hundreds before you can get stronger. What the fuck did the mana wyrms do to me?

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They were sapping the leylines that the blood elves fed off of. Killing mana wyrms was like pest control.

It’s definitely not a conspiracy. Just not-so-humble incompetence.

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Or, maybe the highly successful company knows something you don't and tournaments are a concession to the community to keep the top players engaged with little monetary appeal to the company as a whole. Worlds is a carrot on a stick to keep mediocre grinders and FNM players coming back with the hopes that some day they can get there. Wizards doesn't even need to hold the event as long as they make it seem like its happening. Thats how little it matters.

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I always saw it as a 'Casual' player has one Guardian they work on consistently. They do everything, but not hours of grinding. And eventually may step into a raid.

A 'dedicated' player is one who has maybe three Guardians, and plays them all fairly consistently. They raid every so often, enjoy PvP. They spend a few hours a day a week on each Guardian.

A 'hardcore' player is someone who definitely has three Guardians, spends equal time on all of them, and Min/Maxes their item drops. They spend hoooours a week grinding out gear, making sure to get their prime engrams, making sure they get all the correct drops in the right order. They will raid every week, on all three characters.

Now, to me, these titles are meaningless. We are all fans of the game, and play in different ways. Just have fun.

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“A few hours a day on each guardian” you have a problem if that’s your idea of any level of normal play.

Makes you think how profitable events would be if they were more common and in more areas. Travel fees alone add up so heavily for players and none of that money goes toward prize pools or staff.

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Seeing as how most wouldn't fill, that idea sounds terrible

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Still can't get over how great the suggestion that they let these guys brew with Guild of Ravnica a week early and come to worlds with "GRN Standard preview" decks would've been. Like seriously Wotc really did drop the ball here

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Magic is already painfully difficult to watch on stream. Now you want to make it so the viewers don't even know what the cards do? Lmfao, terrible idea.

Caw Go was another special exception

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Caw go was never dominant.

Gurleys contract is a rolling guarantee too but he gets 21 m up front. Idk what David Johnsons is

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21 m over 10 m. Over double. How fucking stupid are you people?

Gurley also hasnt had suspensions and problems with being out of shape the first few weeks. Not to mention hes younger. That being said, Bell was guaranteed 33 mill while Gurley was 45 mill. Steelers also have a great track record of fully paying out their contracts to their stars

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lmfao, none of those arguments hold. Gurley has torn an ACL. Bell is GOING to get guaranteed money. It won't be from us, and we are now 0-1-1 for it. You can pinch pennies all you want, but Ben isnt getting younger and this window just closed thanks to our cheap ass FO.

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Moderator of r/sharditkeepit, speaking officially0 points · 1 day ago

Removed for Rule 2 violation: no bragging posts.

(All Outlaw + Rampage // Outlaw + Kill Clip rolls are considered "bragging posts")

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Lmfao, thats stupid as fuck

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Ricochet Rounds and High-Caliber rounds actually give the same amount of range, but Ricochet also has that added bit of Stability.

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Trade off being the stagger from HCR?

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His point was that a politician shouldn't weigh in and demand that she be terminated when he is ignorant of the facts.

Except he didn't demand anything, didn't specifically call for her termination ("do the right thing" is about as vague as you can get), and the entire thing is a smear that you swallowed hook, line, and sinker.

There's a process for this sort of thing and it should be followed.

I know it's hard to conceptualize this, living in the age of Trump, but tweets in no way circumvent the justice process, nor are they binding directives when they come from state representatives. The correct process is being followed, as far as anyone can tell, and Beto's tweets have no effect on that process.

I support O'Rourke, but would agree with Cruz here.

Is this supposed to lend you some kind of credibility? Okay, fine. I believe that you are honestly wrong, and not an ideologue.

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Concern trolling. He got it from his handlers

Rangefinder full auto is probably the god roll for an adaptive sidearm imo, this is good but wouldn't be as great as the above for PC

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I got one with tap the trigger and full auto. Things basically a high stability smg. Amazing gun

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Hmm, okay, I've got one more analogy to try to convince and after that I'm kinda spent.

Let's suppose for some reason WotC had a long-standing tradition that at the beginning of every Worlds, they would randomly disqualify one player. Weird tradition, I know, but play along. Maybe Bolas demanded a blood sacrifice or something.

So given that the DQ was known ahead of time, do you see any difference whatsoever between the following two scenarios, in terms of player fairness?

a) First, all 24 players are split into 3 pods. Then, a player is DQed. Then, in order to be "fair", all the players are shuffled again, moving the blank seat around from one group of random players to another equally random group of 7 players.

b) They DQ the player first, and just sort the players directly into two pods of 8 and one pod of 7.

I hope we can agree the two situations are entirely equivalent. There is no reason for any of the remaining 23 players to have any preference for one method or the other.

But then, if we just pretend Gerry was the DQed player, we're already there. Reshuffling the players in this situation would be just as pointless as reshuffling them in scenario a). We can just "pretend" Gerry was DQed before pods were created at all (which they essentially were - nobody knew Gerry would be the one to drop) and land ourselves exactly in scenario b).

The only person who has any claim to a grievance here is Sigrist himself, because he could argue that he wasn't chosen at random, he was chosen because he was the most exciting person to feature outside of that pod, thus breaking the random symmetry for him alone. And he would have a point, if that was the reason WotC picked him. But everyone seems to feel that it was Gerry's podmates who were "wronged" here, not Sigrist, which is incorrect. They were "wronged" just as much as the players in scenario a) who happened to be in the DQed players pod before the second shuffle.

(If your response is something like "BUT GERRY WASN'T EVEN DQED LMFAO HE DROPPED YOU IDIOT" then I'm just going to assume you've been trolling me this entire time)

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They didn't resort. They moved a player from one of the ALREADY seeded tables of 8 to the table of 7. Even if that action was performed at random, the odds were manipulated in the SAME WAY as the Monty Hall problem. Your false analogies prove you not only dont understand Monty Hall, but you dont understand probability in general. I have a fucking PhD from a top tier private research university. I haven't said anything because I find dropping your degree in conversation to be in bad taste, but you're running around touting your math degree from some garbage school and spreading misinformation. You. Are. Wrong. You dont have to learn from this. You dont have to agree. But that doesn't change the actual fact that you're fucking wrong. Simple.

-3 points · 2 days ago


Can't help you, man. Good luck with the post-doc!

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Trust me, I know you cant. Lmfao.

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Crimson is an underrated gun in Gambit right now. Give it a shot, you may be surprised :)

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Crimson is perfectly rated. You cant use it while using sleeper. Its worthless.

Please don't. I'm getting one-shot by bows in PvP too much already...

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Literally impossible

He’s going to come back and give his all just like he did for his 400+ touches last year.

I can’t believe how much disrespect he receives for his contributions. My guess is he feels about 10 years older than he is. His 4 ypc average? It’s because they run him into no win situations which then keeps the D on their heels and allows AB and JuJu to abuse the secondary.

I understand people being upset and disappointed he’s not on the field. I am too. He’s my favorite player to watch in the NFL. I think he’s making a mistake by missing time and money, but I also know that the amount of hits he’s taken ranks among the most all time over a 5 year period.

The guy is holding out because he’s concerned for his health. People love to take shots at his injury history, you think he doesn’t know his own history?

When he comes back his O-line will work their asses off, they know having Bell on the field is the way to the next title, it explains why they’re so upset. They see the window closing.

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The fact that this is so massively down voted removes all hope I have for the members of this sub

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His contract next year is predicated off his performance so I wouldn’t worry about effort.

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lol, no it isnt. Hes getting paid no matter what.

I mean, most other faces don't have a fucking horn in the middle of their forehead...

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Except this horn is on top of the head pointing straight up. But clearly Cayde-6 guys

I don't see it.

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Because it looks nothing like Cayde

Whether or not he gets world first this dude is about to get a monster paycheck with all the new subs

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You people REALLY overestimate how much money these kids make. Destiny is not a streaming game. None of these subs will resub, and at $2 per sub, the dude is barely pulling in living expenses for this month considering he spent 2 weeks playing non stop to be at this point. 100% you’re watching no life’s supported by their parents or spouses who will go back to being nobodies as soon as world first is over.

Damn dude who pissed in your wheaties

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Views rooted in reality = pissed in wheaties

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Vendors have access to huge volumes of sealed boxes at a specific price. These boxes have a fixed probability of containing a given card. Opening up tons of sealed product yields a generally average amount of each card. This is the meaning of EV: the average value of the sealed that is expected. In the long run, this EV bears out due to probability. Major vendors have easy access to customers. Therefore, no matter how good an in-print set is, the EV in the long run can't be higher than the price vendors pay. As long as the EV is higher, vendors continue to crack products.

This is why Masterpieces drove down the price of the other singles in the set. Much of the EV of the box was wrapped around the Masterpiece inserts. Otherwise, more product is opened until we hit the sweet spot. And as more product was opened, more of the regular cards entered the market than buyers wanted, driving those cards' prices down even further.

In the short term, any kind of fluctuation can happen. Out of print boxes don't have this check and so as singles prices rise, sealed products rise.....

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Masterpieces and Khans block are the best example of this. Siege Rhino was a format all star that will never be over 5 dollars because all of the value in the set was absorbed by fetches.

32 points · 11 days ago

Im incredibly interested in the area "The Confluence":

  • You can get there from all 3 corners of the World (if even feels like a central Hub)
  • There are a lot of doors
  • The area is way too detailed
  • There is still that One big Room, with a obvious elevator in the middle and the "burned" Gate (?)
  • There is no single enemy
  • The whole place is its own instance, just like any other area on the map
    I´ve spent way too much time there, looking into every corner and turning every rock around, just to see what happens
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The confluence is directly beneath the well. Its almost certainly the thing we are charging with light. Nearly undeniably the confluence is the key to the whole "changing city" thing Bungie keeps teasing.

(3-1)+3 (gifts mana after cast of desperate or pyretic) = (6-1) (this). Gifts is better regardless because you tutor 4 if pif is involved.

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lmfao, so you're saying this card is only as good as gifts if you have a ritual even though gifts plus a ritual is the nuts anyways? lmfao. Your logic is fucking ass

You're the only one here concerned with which card is better how don't you see that? I've been saying this whole time IF you have a ritual to spare and a reduction effect you can cast this the SAME TURN you could cast discounted gifts. Is it good? Maybe. Is it consistent? Quite possibly not. Does it work? Yes. Glad I could amuse you though.

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Except you’re wrong. You place all these stipulations that make no fucking sense. It’s just fucking stupid. Lmfao. Such a bad

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0 points · 13 days ago

Why does the bad (?) behavior of your parents or grandparents or great-grandparents make you not an ethical person?

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The same way the behavior of your parents makes you a wealthy person. If you accept their spoils, you accept their crimes. You aren’t more valuable than anyone else because your parents exploited a few thousand people for personal gain. If you don’t return that wealth, you’re complicit. End of story.

0 points · 13 days ago

Exactly how much money can one hold onto for it to be ethical? Can you hold on to $117,238,417.93 and be ethical or is that over the line?

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Absolutely over. There is a 0% chance that anyone on this planet is that much more valuable than anyone else. It’s unethical because the only way to that money is to exploit the work of people beneath you.

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I saw a Dreaming City Triumph last night that said spoiler or something very similar with (0/7) on the progress bar. So, we're going to have more closure than the Dreaming City intro questline delivered.

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Saw the same thing. Also a triumph for visiting her throne world

I was going to contend the opposite. These will help you splash off color, but rarely will you get the benefit of the 2 cards unless you're strongly in the guild colors. Maybe if you're in adjoining guild late game?

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Thats how splashes work, bro

I guess I was just comparing them to the khans stones where it seemed easier to get the benefit.

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Khans was a three color format, of course splashing was easier. This is a two color format.

He can still hold out as leverage to try to force the Steelers to trade him or rescind the tag... Homie.

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That’s not leverage at all. He’s costing the Steelers nothing right now, homie. His trade value is worthless because he’s unrestricted after this season, and if they rescind the tag, they get no comp pick when he hits free agency. Think before you condescend. I’m not your homie

Look, homie, Bell’s only leverage is to not show up and try to be as much of a headache as possible in the hopes the team will get tired of it and decide six games are not worth the aggravation, homie. Just because it won’t work doesn’t mean it’s not leverage, homie.

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He’s not doing it for leverage, moron. He’s doing it to protect his body. He’s done with the Steelers. You’re eating the wrong narrative

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Exploiting. Haha. What a laugh.

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Paying them less than they are worth is exploitation.

The 10 mil guaranteed was his signing he'd only make $10 million if he cut him before he played a down.

He was due to make $14 million this that's 24million he would if made this season.

We wouldn't of cut him after this there's another 14million next year.

So say he just sucked this year and next year, and we cut 2 seasons he would of collected $38 million dollars. If he was on roster for 3 years he'd make $52...and Then he'd be available for FA.

Bell and his agent were looking to get a bunch of guaranteed money that is just not feasible for a RB and would of handcuff team financially for years.

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I don’t know how hard it is for you morons to understand. It literally is feasible for an RB as evident by the deals just signed by Gurley and Johnson. If you want to play bottom dollar for an RB, you’re going to be starting James fucking Conner in your opener. If you want the best RB in the league during your last 2 seasons of a SB window, you need to pay the fuck up. Not even complicated, but you fucking yinzers have the Rooney’s dicks so far down your throats you can hardly breathe

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3 points · 14 days ago

and how do you get a seed of light to unlock 3rd tree

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Nobody knows. Probably raid or a higher blind well level

It's not a punishment... How do you read that article and draw from it that Bungie is trying to punish you? They ade a mistake and they are pretty transparent that it's not their intention.

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They didn’t read the article. That’s how

The power level is baked in. In wont be lowered. They should delay the raid another week IMO

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Why? What’s the harm with letting people in to try it? You know the raid doesn’t HAVE to be completed the week it releases, right?

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