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The newly released game from Landfall, developers of Clustertruck and Totally Accurate Battle Simulator, included racist words in the source code. A steam user started a discussions post about discriminatory language being used within the game's source code. The offensive words were used in various functions throughout the code as seen below. Ironically, the game uses a chat censor to replace these and other offensive words with snarky remarks. For example, the game calls you racist when the 'n' word is used in the in-game chat.

The source code in question:

A developer responded with:

This is our effort to combat transphobia, sexism, homophobia and racism in chat. We hope you understand that having any of these words in the code is only for the purpose of banning their use.

Another developer posted a screenshot in the discussion ( explaining that the code found is for the chat filter. As seen in the above images, the words are found in movement related functions and debug log text, which is clearly not a part of a chat filter. The discussion post was quickly locked and hidden from the discussions list likely to avoid attention.

EDIT: The game's files were updated to remove all the words in question confirming that it had nothing to do with the chat censor.

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