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Congratulations buddy.

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Not gonna lie, it was on the cards if she had have been a boy!

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The UK get 44% of their gas from Europe...

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Of that 44%, a third is Russian.

And another 13% is imported on tankers. So really, they'd better be able to overclock those nuclear plants by 50% to cover the initial import drop in gas.

Original Poster2 points · 22 hours ago

The 13% is in addition to the 44% imported not included In it

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Yeah I know. May have worded that poorly.

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Yeah the unit cost is just one expense. The operational cost of one JAS 39 Gripen is €4000 per flight hour. And that's excluding the cost of building the infrastructure needed to operate fighter jets and establishing a fighter wing with extensive training of pilots, ground crew and maintenance crew. And fighter jets need to be in the air a lot so pilots retain their skill. They do training missions about every single day. It's a cost that is completely unnecessary for a country like Ireland.

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It's a cost that is completely unnecessary for a country like Ireland.

I hear this a lot. Can you give me a reason why you say that?

As to your other points, yes all that is needed but pilot training would be probably foc by the US or EU, we have the runways and maintenance facilities I assume. Ground crew for the Gripen is a low-cost one as it's one of the selling points of the aircraft. It's far lower than an F-15 or F-16. One major thing we would need is military grade radars/ATC.

Because Ireland doesn't need an air force. Only reason we'd need it is to intercept Russian jets, which very rarely fly close to Irish borders anyway, and for the few times every decade they do, we have the UK, or any other EU country. We don't need planes for international missions, for defence, or anything else.

The cost of training would have to be paid by Ireland, like for every country. European nations with F-16s, F-18s and F-35s send their pilots to Texas for training for 2 years at a very high cost per pilot. Then there's the need for establishing training facilities in Ireland too, including a full motion simulator.

The runways are there, the facilities are not. You'd need at least 12 hardened aircraft shelters, maintenance shelters, all the other infrastructure needed to operate fighter jets, maintenance equipment, spare parts, education of ground crew and maintenance crew, and yes, radars and military navigational equipment will have to be built too. Everything will have to be paid by Ireland. It would be a monumental waste of money. A modern air force is so much more than just buying a few fighter jets. And there is no low cost when it comes to fighter jets. As I said, it costs €4000 per hour just to fly them. And they'll be flying for hours every single day. The total cost of establishing an air force from the ground up and then operating it would be huge. And every 30 years you'd need to buy new jets, which includes more training of crew and pilots as the planes have changed.

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Your arguments are valid, but not convincing. We wouldn't be flying jets every day for hours at a time. Maybe a few hours per pilot per week on training sorties.

4k per flying hour for a fighter is nothing. F-16s cost nearly double that amount.

Yes, hardened shelters and so on will be needed but tbf, nothing beyond a few mil to build 12 convex shrouds.

Remember we had jets in the past (OK so Fouga Super Magisters may not exactly count as relevant, but we had the skills to maintain those relics up to '99) and aircraft mechs are not unicorns.

Everything will have to be paid by Ireland.

Not true, if you ask me. If the EU or US transfer responsibility for patrol and monitoring of Irish controlled airspace, then they would gladly cover the relatively minimal cost of pilot training. Hell, SAAB cover the parts and maintenance costs in most contracts atm.

To be the western-most point of the EU and not have a serious fighter threat is embarrassing, and tbh, I don't know how much longer the EU will accpet that status quo.

Smaller and poorer countries than us have relatively massive air forces

We can't hide behind the "We're neutral" when everyone knows who we're aligned to. We're not neutral, we're non-belligerent.

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Jesse seems to be a good mechanic. The boss though? Fucked if I'm bringing him my Subaru, let alone a supercar.

"Yeah we can change oil for less than half the 21k Bugatti charge. " Pretty Sure Bugatti do more than an oil change for 21k.

Oil is expensive, I change my own. for 5l of oil from an online motor factor (cheapest I can find for a good brand) is around 40/50 euro, filter 10 euro + labour 20/30 euro so not far off what Id charge to do it for someone

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Oil & filter for my car is about €130, before you even get to labour.

125 points · 2 days ago

Yeah, this is exactly the point. The yes/no referendum allowed no nuance at all, which is why it was supposed to be advisory. Our entire membership of the EU is based on negotiation. You don't just say "yes" or "no", it depends what the deal we're being offered is. If you start with the answer, we have zero negotiating power. To take it as a solid inarguable answer was utter insanity.

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If you start with the answer, we have zero negotiating power.

This is the most obvious yet unrecognised part of the whole debacle.

"We're leaving, no matter what", "Fine, fuck off", "But we want all this shit too", "Nope", "...."

Market Deeping

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Sounds like what will happen after Brexit.

Market Deeping doodoo.

I remember going out one NYE with a few friends and my girlfriend and just after midnight this tall scraggy guy yells out my name and stumbles over from a big pack of dudes, my girlfriend got a little nervous and this guy came up and got close and said ‘you remember me?’. The guy was pretty fucking smashed and looked rough.

I did, it was my buddy Cameron from primary school. He was so excited to see me, we hadn’t talked since maybe year 7 or 8 when he dropped out of school.

We both grew up poor and went to a pretty shitty public school together. He asked what I was up to, I said going to uni, moved out, working part time, had a serious gf, still playing bball etc, just regular life stuff.

He teared up and said that he always knew I’d make it, that I was the one to get out and do something good. I tried to downplay it and that I was just doing okay and that I am sure he was doing okay. He didn’t really want to talk about what he was doing so much, he then gave me a big handshake and then a hug. I said we should catch up but he just said it was great to see me and walked back to his group and I caught up with my gf and mates. I found it hard to process and explain to her what that was all about.

Years later I kinda get a little emotional thinking about that. I haven’t seen him since then. I choose to believe that he is doing really well and loving life.

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3 points · 2 days ago · edited 2 days ago

Years later I kinda get a little emotional thinking about that.

Dude! That's a tough situation to see. Good for you that you are on the better side of it.

As for Cameron, good on him not bringing you down into his world. He respected you enough not to do that. That shows character. The Cameron you knew is still a great guy on hard times. Hopefully he gets out and meets you on more level playing field in the future.

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That fucking sucks, couldn’t happen to a nicer guy

Just going to leave this here:

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As if we'd forget THAT!

So your contribution is scaremongering? Nice work.

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It's better to be realistic and I'm sure he's thought the worst before making this post anyway.

Your post was "Nothing bad will happen and nobody will see them so forget about it, be grand" which is frighteningly naive.

Why the fuck would his picture on some random idiot's blog likely cause problems? The overwhelming likelihood is nothing bad will come of it. And even if not, there's nothing to be gained by scaremongering. Seriously, dude, go fuck yourself.

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Seriously, dude, go fuck yourself.


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He must have some foresight

Mr Paisley and his family made two visits to Sri Lanka in 2013 to – The Daily Telegraph claimed last year – discuss possible post-Brexit trade deals with Sri Lankan officials.

And this is pretty fuckin telling:

In March 2014, Mr Paisley wrote to Mr Cameron, the then prime minister, to “lobby against a proposed United Nations resolution setting up an international investigation into alleged human rights abuses in Sri Lanka”.

So he accepts 100k in return for trying to help block an investigation into human rights abuses? Christ. In any other time, there'd be calls for him to resign. Tories won't do that as it'd hurt their slim majority. Labour won't do that in case it triggers a collapse of the govt and they might have to put their money where their mouth is.

Where's George Galloway when you need him to stir some shite?

Perish the thought. Just a coincidence.

The Good Friday Agreement.

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Can you point me to legislation or a section in the GFA which prohibits breaks in transport links?

OK so just downvote me because you can't back up the claim that closing roads on the border is illegal?

Nothing in those reports referencing anything of the sort as being a concern in the case of a border.

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I completely agree, just pointing out theres 4 councils in Dublin not 3. Its ridiculous to suggest splitting Dublin into 2 teams

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Exactly, they should be split into 4.

I was taken aback at the support for a big border round the 6 counties.

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But what would you have us do, Caesar? Open border with Ireland still being an EU country is not happening without a FTA. NI being outside that border is inevitable. Ireland has no legal jurisdiction over NI and no sway in Westminster. NI will become what the NI people allow it to become.

I already answered that, pretend to give a fuck. That’s all you have to do. Be insulted that the question of a border is popping up. Don’t stand for it even if there is no stopping it. Certainly don’t just say ‘fuck it, hard brexit it is. Build the border, hard border too. Might be sore on us but it’ll be worse on them’

So how will it be sore on you?

‘Aw trade and imports’

Not even a mere mention. I know this wasn’t you but still.

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Pretend? Why? We give a little bit of a fuck but tbh not much.

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There was a local farmer cutting wheat on Saturday. Must've had a premonition as it pissed rain Sat night.

Hmm seems to be following a similar pattern to a certain GK we have. Everyone wanted Lovren's head way prior to and way after the Tottenham game. Then he turned it around. Klopp had faith in him. Why can't we have this same mindset when it comes to Karius?

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Totally agree. Karius was fucking concussed in the CL final. Yet guess what, the Lloris fuckup was mentioned on Irish TV as "He did a Karius".

Boils my piss TBH.

How representative of real popular Irish opinion is r/Ireland would you say? Is it anywhere close?

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Nowhere near. It's half full of republican, anti-british, united-ireland-is-all-that-matters, sentiment and everything else is skewed by the young demographic.

2 points · 5 days ago

So are the young generation more "fuck the English" than the old generation? That doesn't bode well...

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on r/ireland, yes. In general, I don't think so. The angsty rebellion generally falls away with maturity. Majority of Ireland like England, have family who are living there, have kids with an english partner, visit and support their clubs. If you find a person in the wild who actually tells you they hate the brits, they're an outlier moron who is pumped up on me_ira memes and hasn't a clue of the real world.

Still, 800 years and all that. We're not bros.

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26 points · 5 days ago

Having to suffer through Maroon 5 during every ad break is something no man should have to endure.

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Having to suffer through Maroon 5 during every ad break is something no man should have to endure.


Us? Seriously?

They did a great job and played like giants alright. Dive from Griezman for the first goal. Margin call for peno (I've seen 'em given), but 3 & 4 were good goals. Lloris wouldn't have tried to be funny if they were only 2-1 up.

Terrible timewasting from the French from 70 mins on though.

Croatia are a great team though. Admirable commitment and desire. Not seen that in an international team for a long time.

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