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Stepside79 commented on a post in r/politics
caifaisai 32 points

We pay their salaries yes, but the salaries of US senators are not terribly high (about $175,000) relative to the wealth that many of them live in. Now don't get me wrong, that is a great salary, one I would love to make, but many senators live a lifestyle that exceeds what that salary could bring. Likewise, that salary alone might be tough to pay for a sexual assault payout, as I would expect them to be expensive, granted I don't know much about that.

These senators sometimes come from wealthy families, where they have inherited a good deal of money, a lot of the time they or their spouses might have outside business interests that make them quite a bit of money, or other things like that. The point being, if you commit sexual assault, let your own wealth pay for the lawyers/lawsuit. Sure some of that might come from taxpayer money, but depending on the senator it could vary from very little to much more.

Stepside79 12 points

Also, it's not illegal for Members of Congress to engage in insider trading. So yeah, there's also that.

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MaybeBailey 99 points

I played hockey for 12 years, (American) football for 4, went to Iraq twice. Never got hurt as much as when I was a cheerleader in College. Broken fingers, multiple broken noses, concussions and torn muscles. Cheerleading is brutal, no lie.

Stepside79 6 points

Jesus. Well, that scares the shit out of me.

_Serene_ 1 point

Somethng good comes with the bad. I'd imagine most people enjoy the pleasing sight of watching cheerleaders in action, at least.

Stepside79 1 point

As long as they don't fall :(

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Hardly_lolling 7 points

Glad you like it, however here in Finland it's really not that popular.

Stepside79 3 points

Interesting. Can I ask what is popular in Finland? I'm always curious what the locals drink in Northern/Eastern Europe.

CanuckPanda 27 points

Luksusowa IMO, but Finlandia is great.

Stepside79 2 points

Two of my favourites. We usually cycle between Luksosowa, Finlandia and Stoli in our house.

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everred 89 points

I'm nearly 40. I grew up in the 80s and 90s, a relatively peaceful, prosperous time. I despise blind nationalism and extreme patriotism, especially after the quagmires of Afghanistan and Iraq.

I'll go to jail before I go to war, and I'll go to Canada before I go to jail.

Stepside79 19 points

Am Canadian. Much love for our pacifist American homies. We have lots of room. Just leave your handguns at the border (hunting rifles are cool), be a productive member of society, love for hockey isn't a must but it's helpful. Don't be a prick, embrace multiculturalism and remember: In Canada, folks that live in rural areas aren't automatically conservative. First proper cottage beer is on me.

sitbar 12 points

Honestly dude I moved to Canada in 2002 and am a visible minority, only once have I had someone say something racist to me, and he ended up saying sorry afterwards

Stepside79 3 points

As a Canadian, this made me smile like a mofo :)

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Stepside79 commented on a post in r/politics
ninjapanda042 48 points

Had Fox News on to see how they covered this just now. They spent about 5 minutes on it after a commercial break then immediately pivoted to talk about Comey and Hillary's emails.

Stepside79 3 points

Wait, seriously?

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Stepside79 15,920 points

After the Paraguayan War (1870) there were only 22,000 males left alive in the country. Almost 70% of its adult male population died, which left a female-to-male ratio of 4-1.

Med_sized_Lebowski 173 points

what a great time to be a man! I'd still be single, though, because ugly.

Stepside79 33 points

Hey man, I think you're beautiful.

Stepside79 commented on a post in r/Ni_no_Kuni
iyasenu 50 points

Okay, here's a little breakdown:

The basics are, each higgledy has 4 "skills":

  1. Top left skill is the passive. This is active all the time, it can either affect only that Hig, or all of your Higs.
  2. Top right skill is the normal active skill. They will randomly use this on their own. It's usually stuff like buffs, debuff, heals.
  3. Bottom left skill is their "special" skill. It's the thing that requires you to give the go-ahead by pressing X on their circle. The more powerful specials generally take longer for the Higs to ask for permission.
  4. Bottom right skill is their "awakening" skill. This is generally a buff to the character that picks up a Golden Orb during battle. In this case, you absorb all your Higgledies and activate all of their awakening buffs for you, until the awakening bar runs out.

As for Higs that are good together, you have a few choices. 1. Go for "Gaggles". Gaggles are groups of 4 Higgledies that share a common head decoration. Stuff like "4 hats" or "4 helmets" or "4 masks" or "4 Flowers or Bows". They each have a different group bonus ranging from Feistiness (attack) or Hardiness (defense) boost, to making them perform their regular or special skills more often.

The second option, is to choose elemental Higs based on which skills your characters are using. Your characters can "absorb" higgledies to boost their attacks, with the right element Higs. You can see what skills need what, and how many, by looking at your characters skills.

The third choice would probably be to synergize your Higgledies' skills/passives/specials. A popular one is to find a Higgledy with the special "Higgledy Sirrah" or "Higgledy Smite" and pair them with 3 Higs that know the passive skill "Me Too, Me Too!". Sirrah summons a Hig Knight to fight on the field and Smite summons the Big Hig to perform a random useful attack, while Me Too, Me Too can make those Higs copy that special attack, even if they don't even know it.

Stepside79 4 points

As someone only 4 hours into the game, this information is amazingly useful. Thanks so much!

Stepside79 commented on a post in r/politics
Stepside79 16 points

You know, some people just fucking suck.

Stepside79 commented on a post in r/todayilearned
G8kpr 85 points

some good did come out of it (in a way). Not only did many people die, but the explosion blew out all the windows in the homes near by. Of course many people were standing in front of these windows watching the burning ship.

Halifax soon became the leading experts on eye surgery, many doctors came to Halifax to train with expert surgeons who had to do many operations removing glass shards from people's eyes.

My dad's mother and her parents ran a farm in East Chezzetcook. That's about 35km away. The blast wave from the explosion blew open their barn doors which let out all their sheep. They rounded up the sheep and put them back in, and then they started to head towards Halifax to find out what happened, and soon met people on the road claiming that Halifax was all gone.

Stepside79 1 point

Wow. What a story...

fuqdisshite 14 points

you really hit the nail on the head. i am a Michigander and i have always felt the loving embrace of Canada... i am glad you all finally got a phone and joined the Internet Age. now we can chat! hit me up at ICQ.

Stepside79 3 points

Heyyy - we Ontarians love the Michiganders. I have learned how to read the mitten when people tell me where they're from and they're knowledgeable af when it comes to hockey. Also, I'd be remiss if I didn't mention the young woman who made me a man when passing through Holland, MI all those years ago.

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r-Dwalo 12 points

So let’s see: there is a consensus as to who the average male Redditor is. Any given Sunday, they cannot decipher when to use “should have” instead of “should of.” Their focus is prequel memes and playing video games. They call women bitches and c*nts when they don’t get their way. They debate ad nauseum about how trashy the last Star Wars film was, and so on and so on.

What thorough part of a woman’s anatomy do you think a young man of this caliber would remember what a labia is, let alone what the difference between a Labia majora and Labia minora? Heck, some men older than these young men wouldn’t even be able to identify that they themselves have a perineum or point out where it is on their own body.

So to answer your question, I intentionally wrote “google it” for any man who does not know what those words mean. In doing so, not only will they learn what that particular part is, they will see other links they can click to learn about other erogenous zones around a woman’s vulva. I don’t know about you but when I go to look up something in Wikipedia, I end up clicking other links within the initial article to learn other peripherally related things. By the time I’m done, I’ve read five articles, when I only intended to read one.

Lastly, I could write all the possible descriptions of a woman’s vulva, still, the person reading it has to put in the effort to learn more than what they’ve read from my comment. I am not a health teacher nor a doctor. I am simply a woman who has a vagina and a clitoris. All my above description was based on my own body. A man who is serious about pleasuring the woman in his life will put in more effort than just reading my comment on Reddit. I’d hope that he’d take 10-20 minuets of his time researching things so he can get a better understanding of the scope of my comment.

Very last: I am not the average person who speaks as if I’m on a porn set by using the crass terms for sexual acts or the slang terms for women’s body parts. There’s enough of that language to go around but it won’t come from me. For those who are truly interested in my original comment, they will take the time to look up the meaning of all the formal words I wrote.

Stepside79 1 point

You kidding? I've literally taken notes here. My partner seems satisfied but I'm always looking to improve. It's amazing how many times one can actually enjoy literally putting their face in a female crotch and really have no clue about female anatomy. Your posts have been amazing!

r-Dwalo 1,438 points

Yes, size indeed does matter. However, not in the way you think. Meaning, too big and too small are both undesirable to many women. Excessively long and girthy is not pleasurable. Extremely short and thin does nothing either.

Since most of you will likely fall in the average vicinity, play it up for maximum effect. The motion of your ocean is what counts, not the size of your ship. Even the Titanic sank, despite all its power and prestige. Remember, Vaginal penetration does only so much on its own. In addition to thrusting, work (gently please) on the clitoris concurrently.

No woman who is worth her salt will frown if you have an average sized penis that you penetrate her with while you concurrently double click her clit. Both together is gold. Also, our clitoris is a large organ that goes deep inside us. The little nib is what you see but there is much more to it. In a gentle and circular motion using three or four fingers together, work around the lower part of the mons pubis (google it) as well. Start slow and build momentum.

Doing so sends a rippling effect throughout all the nerve endings of the entire clitoris. Intermittently caress the vulva (google it) as well. Take turns at each section while you’re thrusting. Switching to 10 different sex positions to show your sexual prowess is not as impressive as stimulating our vaginal area in 10 different ways.

Remember, sex is somewhat like a buffet brunch: you may like pizza and beer but why pay $75 per person for a buffet brunch to only eat the same food you can get any time? What’s better is to sample a little bit of everything, especially foods you’re not familiar with. You may just find a new favorite.

If a woman is unsatisfied with your sexual performance, it is likely not the size of your pecker that is making her unhappy. It’s that your technique at stimulating her in her vaginal area is nonexistent or it sucks all together.

Lastly, talking during sex does not only have to be of the X-rated kind. Talking to your female partner during sex and asking her questions like: Does that feel good? Where would you like me to put my fingers? Do you want me to do that again? Do you like that? Etc. You'll find that many woman want to "teach" you how to pleasure them sexually exactly how they like it, equally as much as they want to pleasure you in return. Basically, communication during the act is crucial. It alleviates tension, nervousness, and awkwardness, all while opening the both of you to mutual sexual exploration and discovery.

Edit: Thank you all for the replies. If you have another two minutes, below, I replied to another Redditor with additional and exact insights on the pubis mons and the clitoris. You may also find it useful :-)

Stepside79 5 points

Beautifully said.

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