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Stimmolation commented on a post in r/worldnews
shayne1987 1 point

The point is never to make guns scarce. Where did you get such a stupid fucking idea?

From economists, sociologists, and lawmakers.

Guns are more important than universal suffrage, or that would have been part of the Bill of Rights.


Stimmolation 1 point

You mean the lawyers that wrote the Constitution or the lawyers that decided Heller?

shayne1987 1 point

I mean actual lawmakers, people who create this policy for a living and have a team of analysts in their corner to show them what works in real life.

Stimmolation 1 point

Yeah, I don't vote for anti gun politicians. Hillary lost, remember?

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Stimmolation commented on a post in r/answers
Stimmolation 1 point

Canada requires ID. Not all states are up to speed with the TSA compliant ID, that is what you need to look for.

Stimmolation commented on a post in r/bugout
Stimmolation 6 points

Bugging in is mathematically the right thing to do. I'd keep very careful tabs on when and if I should gtfo though, and I have some land 360 miles away and a vehicle that will get me there on a tank of gas.

DoktorKruel 9 points

“Your” land won’t necessarily be “yours” in a situation like this. Especially if you aren’t there when someone else shows up who likes the place.

Stimmolation 4 points

You're not wrong, but it is pretty remote and there's a lot of nothing around. It's just more nothing as far as anyone is concerned.

Stimmolation commented on a post in r/whatisthisthing
throwawayinaway 1 point

Looked headed to interstate 55 north (towards Chicago) if that helps.

Stimmolation 3 points

Route 59 North at 126. Plainfield. Edit for spiling

throwawayinaway 14 points

Damn, you're good, how'd you do that?

Stimmolation 1 point

Some of us pass that intersection on a semi regular basis.

Stimmolation commented on a post in r/WalleyeFishing
Stimmolation 1 point

I use a jig with, in order of usage, minnows, nightcrawlers, and leeches. I move slow. Like if you think you are going slow enough, slow down. I have a couple of very sensitive St. Croix rods just for walleye, they are known to just mouth the bait, and spit it if they don't feel confident. Just keep the line taut enough that you feel any action. Then, when you get that tiny feel of electricity, set that sucker and FISH ON!

And bring beer.

SS0060 1 point

What kind of jigs and weight jigs do you use?

Stimmolation 1 point

I buy the multi color assortment packs like these.. usually 1/8th OZ. Always on sale, there is a lot of underwater drama where I fish and I go through a few.

Stimmolation commented on a post in r/drunk
AnonForSenate 26 points

Got in a fight with a buddy recently. Apparently I called him a liberal and said "you're whats wrong with the world." ... I don't actually believe that. I was just being a dipshit. Feel kinda bad.

Dude is REALLY mad at me though. Wouldn't shake my hand as he was leaving. Felt kinda weirded out by that.

Stimmolation 5 points

Kinda shows his character.

Stimmolation commented on a post in r/AskAnAmerican
Stimmolation 11 points

Illinois needs the economic help, but I fear that our lack of fiscal responsibility will preclude us for any more serious consideration. That plus the politicians may very well throw out their shoulders while patting themselves on the back for something they didn't really make happen.

Stimmolation commented on a post in r/SelfSufficiency
Stimmolation 6 points

Hunting/Trapping: Hunting was a little easier back then because there were more animals, but just about everyone who didn’t live in the big city knew how to hunt at an early age.

There are way more deer today than 100 years ago.

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