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IsReadingIt 72 points

Had a ridiculously fast car in high school. Used to drive friends home sometimes. After a couple of days driving one guy home, he told me that every single time I turned out of the school parking lot I would : (1) lay down the throttle and (2) cough simultaneously, apparently in a subconscious effort to distract from the loud exhaust noise and hard acceleration. Weird. I know.

StrokingPiston 4 points

Well, tell us! What car was it?

lollirot95 41 points

Apparently I walk weird. I've been told that I don't move my arms right when I walk and that it looks really unnatural.

I have no idea how to correct this because I honestly don't quite understand what I'm doing "wrong" lol

StrokingPiston 1 point

I bounce off my feet when I walk apparently. It almost looks like I'm tiptoeing.

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pighalf 9 points

The feeling of disgust when we eventually realize one ball hangs a tiny bit lower than the other

StrokingPiston 27 points

That's so they not touch, because that's gay.

MisterPeepers 336 points

The younger guys with more taught scrotums (scroti?) might not get this one. They have something to look forward to.

StrokingPiston 16 points

Stop it.

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Aguxyz 8 points

Explain this please.

StrokingPiston 10 points

Here you go. I am not responsible for anything that might happen to you after you've read this.

is_it_controversial 3 points

and if it takes more than 2 minutes?

StrokingPiston 19 points

Wait two weeks until you say fuck it and stop giving a shit.

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RitoFreak 2 points

It does

StrokingPiston 1 point

Apparently it looks like Johnny Cash's, Elvis Presley's, and James Dean's too.

RitoFreak 1 point

Johnny: No
Elvis: Defenitely not
James: Wtf?
Trick2g: Yes

StrokingPiston 1 point


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kalakuchkuchicha 542 points

Last year I was driving home late after 4th of July celebrations and out of the corner of my eye I saw a small flame from the top of a house. I turned around and called 911. I ran up to the house and it was really dark inside but the TV was flickering so I figured someone was in there. They didn't respond to banging on the window so I was able to break/pull the sliding porch door open and found a guy sleeping in the smoke on his couch. I wake the guy up and by that time the whole roof was on fire. We find his dog and get the hell out. The whole house burned down.

I didn't give my name or stick around for the cops because I had been drinking a bit and was toeing the alcohol limit line. Drove by the next day and there wasn't much house left.

StrokingPiston 7 points

He probably thinks of you everyday

StrokingPiston commented on a post in r/AskReddit
liketheseasons35 943 points

Sorry haters and losers but my IQ is one of the highest

StrokingPiston 43 points

My IQ iseth ineth thee 99th percentile.

princekamoro 31 points

That's about on the same level as my Rattata.

StrokingPiston 7 points

Very interesting. Mnyees, indeed.

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yahutee 257 points

Dont leave yet! I haven't gotten to share about my experience working on a psychiatric unit where a client cut off his penis and testicles and ate them.

StrokingPiston 1 point

I don't wanna know thank you very much

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