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StrokingPiston commented on a post in r/AskReddit
snowlovesnow 31 points

The fuck is lil pump?

StrokingPiston 27 points

He's a "rapper". All he does is get high and sleep I assume.

80000chorus 2 points

Sometimes he slurs incoherently into a microphone, and this makes him popular apparently.

StrokingPiston 3 points

Muh bi love do cocaih, fuck a bii I fogo he ame

StrokingPiston commented on a post in r/AskReddit
vomirrhea 1,024 points

Talking loudly on speakerphone in public. I would actually love for someone who does this to comment as to why they think this is ok, just to glimpse the reasoning behind it

StrokingPiston 0 points

I try to send texts all the time, but sometimes I need to talk and speakerphone is the only thing that works. I always go into an alley or something where no one hears me though.

StrokingPiston commented on a post in r/tifu
Undatus 11 points

I may just have to move to sweden.

StrokingPiston 3 points

It's pretty neat here. Altough society is falling apart, but who needs a working society anyway?

BeccyTrowkey 159 points

I'm so grafetul that i don't live in USA.

Doing that kind of shitt in sweden, it would get confiscated by the teacher and later my parents would get called and come and pick it up and i would get scolded.

Muh Freedum

StrokingPiston 2 points

I, too, am grateful for muh freedum as a Swede.

StrokingPiston commented on a post in r/AskReddit
StrokingPiston 1 point

How much money they spend on you. If someone you know spends alot of money on you, they're most likely insecure about themselfs in one way or another, and spends all their money on you and hope you'll stay.

Source: Am that guy.

StrokingPiston commented on a post in r/OldSchoolCool
lolasnickner 6 points

Yay I got to show this to my dad today, its his 50th birthday and that's his favorite album :)

StrokingPiston 1 point

Did he know his favorite album was recorded the very year and day he was born?

[deleted] 7 points


StrokingPiston 4 points

Well, we can work this out. Yes ma'am, I think we can.

Necroluster 3 points

Well, at least Cash tried. You can't help them all.

StrokingPiston 2 points

Sadly you can't.

Necroluster 3 points

Most employers scorn ex-cons trying to turn their lives around, which of course leads to nothing good. Cash had a big heart for sure.

StrokingPiston 2 points

He was very open minded. Almost a bit too much, some say.

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StrokingPiston commented on a post in r/AskReddit
AVeryPoliteCanadian 5 points

I wonder what things in the future will terrify people born around 2000. What will terrify people in 2091? Giant robots? Floating buildings? Larger airplanes? The list goes on and on.

StrokingPiston -1 points

I was born in 2001 and I'm already terrified of some of the things we have today.

Iamsnaven 2 points

Just to watch him die

StrokingPiston 1 point

When I hear that whistle blowin', I hang my head and cry... solo intensifies

RUBI44 3 points

Third repost today

StrokingPiston 0 points

Oh mah gawd, the world is going under

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StrokingPiston commented on a post in r/AskReddit
allhailbobevans 4 points


StrokingPiston 2 points


DREWBICE 182 points

Back in 2001 I was dared to go hide in a closet to scare this other girl that had walked away for a minute. I go into said closet. I wait. Two dudes and two girls enter bedroom. They all start making out and fingering etc... I am now stuck in the closet. They end up leaving thirty mins later. I wait five mins. Exit closet and go down stairs. Male friends laugh at me and say I was spying on them. Girls hate me. Fuck those guys!

StrokingPiston 8 points


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StrokingPiston commented on a post in r/AskReddit
00dawn 33 points

Listen here you little shit.

StrokingPiston 2 points


All-Shall-Kneel 5 points

Johnny Cash was the first man in the west to learn of Stalins death.

StrokingPiston 1 point

I'm listening to him right now. I want to learn morse code now.

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StrokingPiston commented on a post in r/AskReddit
oddoutlier 4 points

When receptionists or customer service people are cold and rude to me, while polite and warm to other customers.

StrokingPiston 2 points

That might be because you're rude as well.

I_YELL_AT_PPL 10 points


StrokingPiston 1 point


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RitoFreak 2 points

Jävlar vilken pimp dator du har, klarar den spore?

StrokingPiston 1 point

jA, mEd AlLtInG pÅ lOw HaR jAg 17 FpS ^

gahd95 2 points

Could be the HDD that is faulty. Can you try to unplug it and see if the PC still makes the noise?

StrokingPiston 1 point

I found the problem. The bearings in one of the fans was making the noise.

StrokingPiston commented on a post in r/AskReddit
CaptainAutistic 80 points

I'm pretty high functioning, and so it often goes unnoticed if I try hard. But being 'on' all the time is so tiring. Literally thinking twice about everything you say and do before you do it, not being able to relax. Usually it's fine, but when I'm tired this mask starts to slip. Everyone then assumes I am being a dick, am upset or angry, when in truth I'm just as happy as I was before, but I'm delivering things naturally (for me), without my forced socially acceptable veneer.

That and if we are in a loud room with several people talking, I can literally hear no-one. I know when to laugh based on other people's reactions, but I'm just pretending because at best I can only focus on one word out of every four.

One that has sort of already been said - no I'm not arguing miniscule points because I'm trying to be an arse. You're making a leap in logic somewhere that I don't understand and I'm trying to get to the bottom of it so I can understand and appreciate your point. I understand it's annoying, but you getting angry that I'm nitpicking is not helpful

StrokingPiston 23 points

I just realized that I'm almost never relaxed. Only when I go to bed and watch something on YouTube. I'm not relaxed now, even though I'm at home in front of my PC on Christmas break all alone. I feel stressed I think. Not entirely sure.

RagingWaffles 3 points

Hey, I just wanted to let you know that I noticed this within the last 2 years that I did not know how to relax.

I would have a baseline stress level, I found I was still going 100MPH in my brain even when in a calm state.

Are you a gamer? I find myself playing difficult games or competitive games constantly and I find the 'easy' games to be 'boring'.

I found out that I was never relaxing because I felt like I had this constant need to DO something.

I started watching anime and YouTube instead of playing games because it let me enjoy events and games without having to think about it, I could just shut down my brain for a while.

I picked up some simple games that are more about taking in the beauty of the game with small bits of pressure: Ori and The Blind Forest was one of the best games I have ever played that I actually had fun playing because I didn't really need to think about what I was doing, I was just doing.

StrokingPiston 1 point

Now that I think about it I mostly play fast paced games and games where I need to think about what I'm doing. I have ADD as well so that might be the reason as to why I'm never relaxed. I will try to buy an ''easy'' game today and see if it calms me down a little bit. Thanks for taking the time to respond. Sorry about my english, It's not my first language. If I come of as rude it's because it overwhelms me when someone responds on my comments with long, thoughtfull answers. Again, thank you :)

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StrokingPiston commented on a post in r/AskReddit
Granthree 1,151 points

I speak Danish and there's a page called which can be translated into something like "Horse-online".

The site is mainly used by teenage girls, for horse related stuff, but there is a forum where every possible question in the universe have been asked - and answered. It's like Yahoo Answers but better. Most people use Heste-Nettet instead of Wikipedia.

StrokingPiston 18 points

Jag er snel hest.

StrokingPiston commented on a post in r/AskReddit
simplysalamander 119 points

Have I ever told you the definition of insanity? INSANITY, is, doing the exact same fucking thing, over and over and over again, expecting, shit to change.

StrokingPiston 4 points

That's just being stupid, Vaas.

StrokingPiston 2 points

War... war never changes.

StrokingPiston commented on a post in r/AskReddit
cellular-space-cadet 10,976 points

Staying physically active makes a world of difference. I started running after my depression started evolving into anxiety and panic attacks. You might not notice the first couple times, but once it becomes a part of your routine you'll find you're loads happier. I hope that helps!

StrokingPiston 1 point
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