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yo-dad 5 points

You would want to try adjusting your wbtb time and/or how long you stay up for wbtb. So maybe adjust to 5:30 hrs of sleep, or if you wake up after 6 hrs, maybe stay in bed and recite an affirmation instead of getting out of bed and waking up too much. If your sleep schedule is regular, it will be just a matter of fine tuning your wbtb schedule to see at what point are your able to wake up, but then be able to fall back asleep too. That's all I know about wbtb.

StubbornWaffle 1 point

Just slept 5.5 hours, and stayed awake for five minutes. I was unable to fall back asleep, again. I've concluded that I should do affirmations instead. Do affirmations mean repeating "I will lucid dream"?

yo-dad 2 points

Yeah, that is an affirmation. You will be performing basic steps of MILD. Good luck.

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Bofo42 2 points

To add to /u/kouhoutek's answer: they are very different tools that are implemented with very different structures - alpha-beta pruning uses a search tree, while a NN uses affine transformations composed with non-affine transformations --- its really a big composition of functions. These affine transformations are stored in multi-dimensional arrays and are often called (incorrectly) 'tensors'.

How this plays out in how they function: alpha-beta pruning itteratively eliminates less than optimal subtrees.

NN's often have massive numbers of parameters (100k's to millions), each of which gets "tuned" or adjusted itteratively.

StubbornWaffle 1 point

I appreciate your time and effort put into this post.

I'm just not sure what you mean by 'affine transformations'.

If I understood it correctly, it helps computers recognize images that have been distorted in various ways, hence the word 'transformations' in the context of Geometry.

However, I don't understand how 'affine transformations' fit in with an AI doing other complex tasks, such as 'AlphaZero' making logical moves in chess.

poundcakejumpsuit 1 point

I can't speak to algorithms, as I don't know what game you're automating, but take a look at pyautogui--it'll help with actuation.

StubbornWaffle 1 point

I am very well aware of 'pyautogui'. As for the game, it's a 1v1, or sometimes a 1v2 fighting game. Perhaps that explains a bit more?

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