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Summerie commented on a post in r/legaladvice
demonaspet 3 points

You should be a slam dunk for unemployment, and can collect until you get a new job or whatever the month limit is.

Summerie 1 point

Does it matter that he was only employed there for a month?

Summerie commented on a post in r/legaladvice
swalsh411 13 points

Don't clock out and work, period. If you're not on the clock, don't work. If anything is withheld from your pay file an unpaid wage complaint.

Summerie 1 point

Also keep in mind that if you work off the clock and are injured, you’re likely going to have a bad time.

Summerie commented on a post in r/legaladvice
IGotsMeSomeQuestions -1 points

As a PA gun owner, 72hr holds definitely come up in the background check. PA does not use the NICS system for checks but instead has their own system that ties other databases in which include mental health.

This showed up on an employment background check.

Also, I've had classmates in HS and college get put on 72hr holds without a court order over the order of doctors and psychiatrists.

A 72-hour hold is not institutionalization or being declared mentally defective, it is a 72-hour psychiatric evaluation hold. Unless you are institutionalized by a court, the only way for this to show up how OP says it is showing up is for them to have been declared mentally defective in a hearing.

Summerie 2 points

This showed up on an employment background check.

Where are you getting that? OP said that theit boss “found out”, which could be as simple as a coworker overheard OP talking to someone else about it and reported it to thier boss.

Summerie commented on a post in r/legaladvice
m0neybuzz -120 points

Wtf you should not be encouraging people to send nude photos. I get you're trying to comfort her but it's actually extremely risky and depending on how often you do it almost guaranteed to bite you in the ass, as we can see here. To say there is nothing wrong with sending people nudes "to someone you trust" is irresponsible and obscures the whole problem with this concept, which is that you can't really trust people. I'm sure every victim of revenge porn trusted the perpetrator.

People lose their jobs over this stuff, to frame it as a positive and completely appropriate thing to do is foolish

ThrowawaytheLSAT 17 points

sounds like you don't get nudes much, huh

Summerie 8 points

Or maybe they’ve had nudes they took come back to haunt them. It has happened to me, and what he said is pretty good advice in my opinion.

Summerie 2 points

I’m not really sure why you got so many downvotes for a completely valid opinion. Sure, there’s no reason to be ashamed of nudes you shared with someone you trust, but that doesn’t make it a good idea. Photos like this have been haunting people and ruining lives for about as many years as photography has been around, and it’s completely fair to remind people of that.

Summerie commented on a post in r/apolloapp
JimmerUK 84 points

Imgur was built by a Redditor because there wasn’t a decent image hosting platform. Now it’s on its way to becoming the thing it set out to replace.

Summerie 2 points

Didn’t someone already say exactly that a few comments up?

Miturtleessuturtle 3 points

I don’t see where anyone said “exactly that” :B

Summerie 1 point

It has turned into what it was meant to replace.

Now it’s on its way to becoming the thing it set out to replace.

Not exact, but pretty darn close.

Summerie commented on a post in r/trashyboners
ItsBrennanNotBrenden -44 points

I see a lot of molly/ecstacy things around here which I think is funny because throughout highschool and college it was always known as the fancier drug and the rest of us took meth or coke.

Summerie 0 points

A majority of people consider it all to be trashy.

Summerie commented on a post in r/blackmirror
weedy865 3 points

Wouldn't those earbuds be designed with a failsafe? Eg-after 18 hours of gameplaying, you get kicked back out in the real world so you don't die of thirst.

Summerie 2 points

Apparently not. Typically if you were thirsty you were just pause the game and have a drink. Losing that ability is not something that he accounted for.

Summerie commented on a post in r/pcmasterrace
Zodafett 12 points

In all honesty, that room is quite cluttered, a simple and quick organization could easily fix it.

Summerie 3 points

I can’t tell him what to do, but if the room were mine, I’d optimize it for efficiency and hygiene.

Summerie commented on a post in r/GifRecipes
lasciviousone 29 points

Boiling, my bad. It turned out really tasty and had more depth of flavor. You can add just about anything to the broth but simple is best. Just don't use anything too hoppy because it'll turn out bitter, that's why a simple malt with mild hops beer is better.

Summerie 2 points

Can you recommend a specific beer or two? I don’t know enough about hops to make an informed decision.

Summerie commented on a post in r/facepalm
AnguisetteAntha 0 points

People are confused because under perfect circumstances a child would not need to see this kind of doctor.

Summerie 21 points

To be fair, under perfect circumstances very few doctors would have to exist.

AnguisetteAntha -9 points

You'd still need a doctor. Prevention is super important.

Summerie 11 points

Well not under “perfect circumstances”. No one would need anything.

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Summerie commented on a post in r/TalesFromYourServer
I_Am_Mumen_Rider 35 points

If a manager tried to berate me for saving that check I'd tell them to fuck themselves and I'd leave right there. It's the restaurant industry, if you're any good you can walk right across the street and you'll have a job again, same day.

Summerie 5 points

Depends on where you live of course. It’s not really the case in Bumblefuck Tinytown.

I_Am_Mumen_Rider 1 point

True, I never could see myself living in a place like that though. I detest people but I get lonely too. Life is suffering.

Summerie 1 point

Life is suffering.

C’mon, man.

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Summerie commented on a post in r/HumansBeingBros
namuh_tsuj 176 points

Honestly the only explanation I can think of for this is that boxers see this kind of thing regularly, in themselves and others, that’s fixing dislocations like this is second nature. I used to work with a guy who could relocate fingers in a matter of seconds. Interesting stuff.

Summerie 1 point

Honestly the only explanation I can think of for this is...

I mean, that’s pretty obviously the explanation.

Summerie commented on a post in r/Entrepreneur
titney 33 points

This is what I was thinking. I have a pretty successful place and loyal clientele for over 12 years. The formulas and referral would come with the purchase.

I wouldn't really be selling their information...just telling them where to go. But the relationship I have with them, they would go. Most prebook throughout the year every 4 weeks at ~$160 a ticket.

What would be a referral fee idea?

Summerie 3 points

I wouldn’t really be selling their information...just telling them where to go. But the relationship I have with them, they would go.

Just curious, how much faith do you have in the new business? Are you driving them blind, or do you know you’re vouching for a business that holds the same standards that you do?

Summerie commented on a post in r/mildlyinfuriating
Vonchor 1 point

A worthless chunk of something that’s normally turned into mulch sold for $12. Seems like a ripoff to me so I was infuriated enough to take a picture FWIW.

Summerie 1 point

I mean, it serves a purpose, so “worthless” is not exactly accurate. It’s also something that not everyone has access to, or at least not easier than $12 access to. You’d need some tools, skills, and a fallen tree. For some people, it’s worth $12.

Summerie 3 points

I’m confused. What’s the infuriating part?

Summerie commented on a post in r/WhitePeopleTwitter
Bockon 1 point

How many poor congressmen are there?

Summerie 1 point
_HandsomeJack_ -1 points

Nah, it's more of an archaic way of saying attractive, excellent, or (in some circumstances) admirable.

Summerie 3 points

Why would the archaic, outdated, and no longer in use definition be “more of” than the current common usage still in play today?

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Summerie commented on a post in r/apolloapp
tarkinn -10 points

The App has now more bugs than in Version 1.0

And yeah I know you will downvote this Post. Too many fanboys here sadly. The most users are ignoring the many many bugs only because they are a fanboy of an App. Sad

Only 5 downvotes? I criticized your life, your everything, an app under millions of other apps. Come on guys 😄

Summerie 11 points

I honestly have had no problems with this app. I’ve been using it for couple weeks now, and I haven’t encountered any bugs.

ImageTranscribingBot -24 points

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Got em!


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Summerie 1 point

What purpose could this possibly serve that makes it worth the space that it takes up?

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