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My wife dislikes tech in general, and doesn't like learning stuff. BUT having given her an iPhone 7+ and a Macbook, she's starting to love it. But now I want to get her an Apple Watch, without really forcing her to use it... I'll continue on this after. Someone is selling me a used Apple Watch Series 1 Gold (immaculate condition) for $125USD (no tax), and someone else is selling me a Rose Gold Series 2 for $155. I know that the difference is only minuscule, unless you plan to go out and run and utilize the GPS; or if she wants to swim - of which she does neither at the moment.

Overall, the $30 will not break the bank, but I don't want to spend the extra $30 if I don't have to. The Series 2 is slightly thicker than the Series 1, which might be a con for her... the thinner the better. So to continue, if she doesn't like it, I would want to be able to sell it for the same price, and quickly - Series 2 might be better for this?

Also, the purpose for me getting her the Apple Watch is, for her to track her heart rate (I think this is important, since she has high cholesterol), and also to track her steps, and also shoot her quick reminders every 30minutes-1hour to drink water, she constantly forgets... without being too intrusive.

What do you guys think?


Too much sugar, geesh!

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I felt sick just looking at the video.

Looking good. Keep up the good work. Hoping that you guys become global and partner with massive companies.

Hilarious compilation. Needs more Bobby Lee.

Same bridge in quiet place?

Hilarious and obviously sartiric.

I miss this energy. Pt4 is just the opposite 🙄

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I agree, PT4 was an interesting change but I do prefer the wholesome energy.


My friend currently works as a Desktop Analyst makes $75K Canadian Salary, with an additional $10K in Overtime at a Government Job with a Unionized Position, and OMERS pension. It's a solid position with room to grow to other positions within the company.

However, he's been asked to join an ex coworker's 2 year old Cloud Computing Company. He states there's a lot of promise within the company, lots of growth. It's a small team of 15 people. It's work from home. The salary is essentially the same, 70-75K.

Overall, the experience would be good at the new Cloud computing company because that is the future.

However, the Government job is very cushy, with no stress, or so he says... and good pay. However the Cloud Company would provide him great experience in the field that he is interested in.

Do you think it's worth the gamble?


One typically changes jobs to gain happiness, time, or compensation. Does changing in this case result in a net gain?

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Original Poster0 points · 6 days ago

Not really, maybe more experience in a different field that he's interested in.

This doesn't make sense. A cloud company that pays less than government? I know many IT professionals that leave government to join a cloud computing org. Did your friend mention anything about commission, sign on bonus, restricted stock units, project bonuses?

I know one solutions architect at a cloud computing company pulling over 225,000 USD in one year total compensation.

Something is not adding up here. What kind of cloud computing company is this? MSP? System integrator? Reseller? CDN? Innovator?

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Original Poster1 point · 6 days ago

Hmm I'll have to hear more about it soon.

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The only reason to get my wife a apple watch. Can't wait!

I'm on the GM which is the general release anyway. I would say the performance is about the same as WatchOS 4 and same battery life I'd say. I mean, I use mine extensively so I get a full days use and charge every night.

Performance? I see no degrade in performance and it seems to run pretty smooth.

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Are there benefits to even upgrading?

Get your MATH out of here! No one needs that witchcraft when I have these essential oils that can do anything better than doctors!

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I've had a friend in an MLM tell me I'm complicated the process with Math when I tried to define his compensation plan.

Watching anime on crunchyroll, watching walking videos of Japan on YouTube (Ramablac), and playing Thumper.

How are you getting crunchy roll to work?

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Sideload through adb. Run through oculus tv.

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Issue: Can't cast Netflix to any of my 2 chromecasts. Netflix doesn't work on Chrome browser but works in Safari. Gmail doesn't work on both Safari and Chrome.

Tried: Rebooted all hardware. Upgraded the firmware of the router (AC1750 LEDE). Factory Reset Router. Changed DNS Static to Can't plug computer directly into Router (no Ethernet ports).

What may have happened: I started using Google home to cast videos to my Chromecast. After that, the issue all arised. Not sure if its correlated.

Any help is appreciated.


Is it possible to just make your chromecast forget your network and fully reset it and set it up as a new device? I cast shit from home all the time, and it does not cause any issues on either of my chromecasts or network. Sounds like a router issue to me.

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Original Poster1 point · 7 days ago

Yeah I reset the device to factory reset as well. No dice. It still affects my Macbook as well. Definitely the router, but not sure what to do. I'll see if I can revert it to another firmware, back to Original.



19 points · 8 days ago

His official website is sooo..

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I've been living a lie...

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Isn't 44mm the same size as 42mm? Just the screen is bigger or no....

If FF7 doesn't look like absolute shit on the Switch, it's day one buy for me. Haven't replayed that in years...

Well shit I have to watch Season 2... and somehow get through it....

My game! I designed it for replayability and immersion, so I think you're covered on that front. I'll let others give their opinions on the value and fun factor.

I've got some other strategy games on the Go as well. My latest is Astraeus, which is the most polished of the bunch. It might be more conducive to chillout gaming sessions.

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I loved the tutorial but once I found out I have to play in 30 minute sessions, scared me! Is this mandatory?

Every level after the tutorial has a time limit, and they get shorter and shorter as difficulty increases. That said, you can quit mid-level and it will save your time/progress, so you can pick it up and continue later. :)

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Oh I didn't know it saves! Perfect.

Hoping nothing happens to my preorder of Metroid prime 4, final fantasy 7 remake or fire emblem. I’d be so disappointed in 2 years

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It's okay we wouldn't be getting FF7R in another 5 years.

Ah, the optimist

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I like to refer to myself as a realist ;)

When is the official release? Does anyone know?

If I can get controller support, the Go will be my definitive device for all media. I just want to play classic games on the Go like Bomberman or Final Fantasy.

Is the skull boss in 3D in psvr or rift? It looks great in general but it would be much more impressive to have him somehow more immersive than flat;-)

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He is massive.

Awesome! What games work well? Can I play oculus rift games?

I always thought there's only fucking me was funny. But great scene.

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