Liz Bruenigs writing is too fucking real by movethebird in ChapoTrapHouse

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You're assumable some form of socialist or communist, yeah? Do you support North Korean death camps? Or how about pogroms?

I'd assume not. Because contrary to your assumptions you can want a communist state and not be a Stalinist. You can also be a Catholic and despise child rape. This isn't fucking difficult. There's nothing about becoming a Catholic where you have to pledge your loyalty to the Pope and agree to support every wrong doing the church has ever done.

Liz Bruenigs writing is too fucking real by movethebird in ChapoTrapHouse

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What's the saying? Socialism or barbarism? Shitting on religious people sounds more like barbarism to me. I'll pass on the edgy atheism thing and stick to doing good by people, religious or not.

Alex and Cathy, the attempted home wreckers by _see_pee in DunderMifflin

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Yeah the Brian bits were just bad writing. We don't see the crew in any serious manner until Brian, and it's so out of sync with how the show feels. All of a sudden the fourth wall is totally broken and it isn't done well. And the whole purpose of messing with the core format of the show? For some dumb Jim/Pam will-they-won't-they-make-it drama that ultimately goes nowhere and resolves with Brian just never being mentioned again and nothing untoward actually happening...just like we all knew it would, because it was the last season.

If most episodes have an A and B plot, where the main goings on are the A plot and the little side story is the B plot, this was an E plot and there was absolutely zero reason for it nor any actual pay off for including it.

Free Speech Friday - September 21, 2018 by AutoModerator in CanadaPolitics

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I'm taking a break from reading my usual palette of non-fiction and decided to give Neuromancer a read. It's been an incredible trip so far. The writing immerses you so well and I've already happened across more than a few choice quotes in the short bit I've read so far.

We live in a 1980s sci-fi Dystopia but without literally any of the upsides e.g Neon, Replicants, a Soundtrack by Vangelis, good fashion. by deaconblue4 in ChapoTrapHouse

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Currently reading Neuromancer. It's even more terrifying than Blade Runner/Do Androids...

It's put me in a hardcore 80s dystopia kick today though.

What is this subs opinion on Bill Burr? by IslandSparkz in ChapoTrapHouse

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Jim Norton

Literally have never heard of him before. But I think a Google image search should suffice...

He definitely looks like a guy who likes coke.


Not famous enough that I know him and coke isn't my thing. I hope he lives a long and prosperous life though. His kids are going to be (or already are) ugly, at least by the looks of it, so good luck to them too.

What is this subs opinion on Bill Burr? by IslandSparkz in ChapoTrapHouse

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If the brain is the largest muscle in the body, Joe Rogan isn't very strong. But if the largest muscles are just, ya know, regular muscles...he'd beat you, me and 3 of our friends in an arm wrestle.

I think he's a horrible podcast host and I don't care for MMA. I wish Joe Rogan was a buddy who lived in a different city and I got to visit like once or twice a year and have a great evening having a few beers and shooting the shit or something.


Dumb celebrity but probably a reasonably cool guy. He should probably just keep away from serious content and go make a show where him and another host or two go to cool places and do cool things. He's not suited to any of the more intellectual stuff he tries to get into. And to be fair, neither are most of his guests...

What is this subs opinion on Bill Burr? by IslandSparkz in ChapoTrapHouse

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I'll add it to the list. Thanks for the thoughts, it gives me something to think on in the future in regards to Burr. Cheers.

Why defending capitalist inequality always leads to defending racial inequality: a case study by ScarIsDearLeader in ChapoTrapHouse

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Same for "true subjectivity". Almost like arbitrary absolute binaries are totally false. Neat.

All objectivity is the process of various intersubjectivities working in concert to create an objectivity. We can discuss objectivity only through the patchwork interrelations we have with ourselves and the world around us (other people, objects of varying sorts and ideas/concepts). Any attempt to speak of objectivity requires an equally in-depth exploration of subjectivity in relation to whatever objectivity is being referenced.

Just got my bill from the hospital... being charged $426 for this $8 can of pain relieving spray. by dorothy___zbornak in LateStageCapitalism

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How's it feel to live in a society where it's possible for someone to literally be too poor to afford to breathe?

That's a rhetorical question, of course, because I have no doubt it feels like shit and I'm so sorry you have to deal with that. People deserve the right to a life with full dignity whether that's food and housing or healthcare and so on. And America is built on exploiting indignity and always has been. Time to reform the empire, I'd say.

What is this subs opinion on Bill Burr? by IslandSparkz in ChapoTrapHouse

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Yeaaah, that's not what happens in the sandwich bit.


The one break in the general misogny of the whole joke is this:

Now I know right out of the gate this is coming off sexist because I'm saying go out in the kitchen, make your man a sandwich. I'm not saying women belong in the kitchen bare foot and pregnant rubbing my balls. I'm not saying that.

This occurs at 0:45 in the video and ends at 1:00. The preceding 44 seconds and the remaining 3 minutes of the video are purely a joke based on misogyny where the punch line is that it's so remarkable when a woman makes a man a sandwich without the him needing to ask.

If you want to rehabilitate Burr to me it's going to take a heck of a lot more than him spending less than 15 seconds giving an "I'm not sexist but..." style excuse.

Edit: I realize now you may mean later on in the stand up special that those bits are from, and not later on in the bit itself. If that's the case then I can't be arsed to watch a whole Bill Burr special of him being an asshole just to say it was all a joke at the end...

Everyone was right. It does get easier! 🙂 by keriberi77 in stopsmoking

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You've probably still got 2 weeks of minute to minute, but hang in there. The first 2-3 weeks are the hardest but it gets way easier after that. Just remember, if you smoke again then you're starting all over again and you'll have to endure the hard earned 4 days you've made already. Save yourself the trouble and keep going, it seriously does get better.

Mumford and Sons are as dumb as you think they are. by mightyrooftop in ChapoTrapHouse

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Hack shit-rate Fleet Foxes.


The banjo was never intended to ever be a core instrument in any band that doesn't double as a lynch mob between sets.

But I'll fight you on this. The banjo is a fantastic instrument. Mumford and Sons just totally fucking ruin it.

What is this subs opinion on Bill Burr? by IslandSparkz in ChapoTrapHouse

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He's not great, tbh. He's got more than a handful of bits that aren't just totally unfunny but also blatantly problematic. He has a whole bit about how girls should make their boyfriend a sandwich once every 3 months, hand them a beer with it and the literally leave the house altogether and leave him alone. Another where he goes on about gold digging whores who suck rich guys for all their worth. He also does the whole dumb ragging on the millennials shtick a lot too, which is just lazy and unproductive or funny in any way. I dunno', in general I can't really think of an actually good bit from Bill Burr that has ever stuck with me. I haven't exactly done a deep dive into his content, to be fair, but everything I have seen has either been actively bad comedy and just dumb offensive stuff.

I'd give him credit for his acting career, but it's not exactly like he's ever had a really deep part in anything. He's certainly at the level he ought to be in terms of the film and tv gigs he gets, which is to say he's perfectly adequate at being a tertiary supporting character.

I've seen him on a number of late night shows and he's genuinely come across best in those. A few times he's said some really dumb shit, but I've also seen him just be chill and real before too. I imagine he's probably a decent guy to hang around with, but I don't think I'd get along with him.

Rating out of 10?


Pretty hard pass on anything specifically Bill Burr but I don't revolt at seeing him in a tv show or film, I guess.

Is this the most difficult week to choose a Captain? by PouncingZebra in FantasyPL

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I've set a reminder as well, just so I can join in on having a laugh. You better actually captain him.

Episode 246 - Best of New England Live, Part 2 (9/19/18) by Chapo Trap House by breq- in ChapoTrapHouse

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(which has become a rarity in recent episodes, especially after felix got into fortnite or w/e. im young as hell and even i have no idea what the fuck hes talking about)

I don't mind that Felix discusses this stuff now and then, or if they make a video game reference, but it definitely isn't prime content when Felix is just making some video game riff for 5 minutes straight. And I actually dig video games. But I listen to Chapo to hear Amber scold the boys for video game talk, not for the video game talk itself.

Conan O'brien playing with the camera switcher during the writers strike is ridiculously entertaining. by swervetastic in television

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My god I forgot about this one. It's seriously crazy funny. Conan just goes the extra mile and the guy is there for the ride the whole way. I can only hope the full stuff from the writer's strike gets put in the archives. I want to do a deep dive into some old classic Conan that I would have only watched once, live.

doctor who political compass by My3rdRedditAcct in ChapoTrapHouse

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You've just made me realize Kramer is absolutely a time lord.

Edit: Doctor Who went off air from 1989 to 2005. Seinfield was on air from 1989 to 1999. Kramer wasn't just any time lord, he was clearly the Doctor. This is canon now.

Phish is my dads favorite band - are there any songs you could recommend for a father-daughter dance? by WillExerciseForWine in phish

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Conceived a few weeks before the birth of Trey's first child (as described 2/16/10 at Terminal 5 in NYC), Trey explains that he wrote "Strange Design" when he was thinking about "making that strange step from being a non-parent to a parent".

Really good recommendation from /u/sauce07. It's definitely an emotional one though. The lyrics are just incredible too:

I'm needing less restraint before

I'm needing to hit the lights and close the door

I'm fine, I'm fine cause I'm...


Dripping in this strange design

None is yours and far less mine

Hold the wheel, read the sign

Keep the tires off the line

Just relax, you're doing fine

Swimming in this real thing I call life

Can I bring a few companions on this ride?

I'm feeling, my heart's not beating anymore

I'm feeling. it's alright, this happened once before

I'm fine, I'm fine cause I'm...

People bringing out the big guns for Halloween decorating by Petaaa in BeAmazed

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What a waist.

It's rare for skeletons to be complimented on their waist. Usually people like at least a little meat on the bones.

What if there’s Dalek redesign? by ExxiIon in gallifrey

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I think the Daleks ultimately do look a bit goofy. Anytime I've watched Doctor Who with someone for the first time and the Daleks come rolling on screen they've been like "oh cute! R2D2!" or something. And over time they come to learn that the Daleks are meant to be terrifying genocidal maniacs but it takes a while. I think the design of the Daleks itself isn't particularly broken, I think it's how the Daleks are used and shown that is the issue.

If I were to "redesign" the Daleks I might make some really minor stylistic changes, but I would leave them largely as is. What I would do is make sure you always see them in groups. A few dispersed Daleks in courtyard is a challenge but it isn't frightening, and no doubt the Doctor gets away - maybe even kills/incapacitates all 3 Daleks in the process. That gets old fast. But the Doctor and companion in a courtyard when suddenly in rushes Dalek after Dalek, all in a large troop....that's terrifying. And the Doctor gets away, but just barely. Daleks are only scary in large organized numbers. They're a genocidal time traveling alien empire. They should be fucking terrifying. I think Davros needs to be shown more often when Daleks are around too. He should be an decrepit but still imposing figure guiding and ordering swarms of Daleks here or there to further the goals of the empire.

More Cult of Skaro or similar types of separate factions to the empire too! Daleks who deviate from the hyper hegemonic Dalek culture/empire are super interesting. They should be rare, very well hidden from the empire and occasionally bump into the Doctor and possibly even hesitantly work together.