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So no option for US holders of DIVX to trade 1:100 for DIVI?

Will there be an exchange that trades DIVX:DIVI?

This feels bad since I've been holding DIVX since ICO and planned on trading for DIVI and running a Masternode

edit: IMO, a goal of mainstream adoption should include the USA

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Original Poster1 point · 27 days ago

With the current regulatory uncertainty, Divi project has to make sure to be compliant with all the rules and laws, especially in US.

DIVX, as a placeholder token, is still considered to be a part of the ICO by law. Divi did not implement KYC during ICO so they have to do it now.

US citizens will be able to participate in the Divi ecosystem, they are just not allowed to participate in the swap. For further information, ask on telegram channel. A lot of US citizens found a way and surely will share some ideas.

RIP sucks to have bought divi around the beta launch... 30% Loss if you try to get out today.

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3 points · 1 month ago · edited 1 month ago

Did you read the whitepaper?

I think this project might help with crypto adoption especially for less tech savvy people.

Mainnet is coming out in less than a month, so if you dont want to take the loss maybe you should consider waiting to see the mainnet and Divi smart wallet.

You will be able to stake if you have atleast 100 Divx and run a MasterNode if you have over 1000 Divx.

Yeah, I dig the project and even tried to get on the Beta. For some reason I thought it was US-friendly. I'm not jumping ship, but it was pretty disappointing to find out about.

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Glad to hear that you like this project!

I understand your point, this is not a good news for any US investor. However, US stance on ICO market is not very friendly so this is a necessity if we do not want to risk violating any US laws.

As I said before, I would rather have an inconvenient token swap for US investors than Cease and Desist from the SEC.

You can be a network participant or masternode operator if you are from US, so I would say Divi project is US friendly.

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could you ELI5 Why this is screaming suppression ?

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Look at the price action compared to volume. There are extreme volume spikes in regular time intervals, but a large sell pressure doesnt let the price grow accordingly.

Compare the volume of December-April with last months volume. There has never been higher volume since Divx started trading, but the price remains the same.

Doesnt that seem odd?

This will end soon. There are not enough Divi for sale if anybody wanted Diamond Node. Last 86k on cryptopia.

What does this mean? Coin supply will increase from the current 5,343,207? If so, what will the new supply be?

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Original Poster1 point · 2 months ago

Basically, when the mainnet is released, everyone who is currently holding ERC20 Divi Exchange Token (DIVX) will have to swap it for Divi, and the swap will be 1 DIVX : 100 DIVI. So yes, the supply will be 100x higher.

How will the requirement coins for having an masternode change then? Will it also increase with 100x

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Original Poster1 point · 2 months ago

Yes. 100 000 DIVI will be required for Copper node and so on.

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I've been holding a decent amount of DIVX (definitely over the 1000 limit) in my wallet for the past two airdrops but haven't received anything from the airdrops, at least according to the counter on MEW. Am I missing something?

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Original Poster1 point · 2 months ago

That should not happen, I would suggest to go to Telegram and ask for admin with this question, they will help you fix it :)

Buy rat poison instead.

Which companies are you looking at right now?

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Cryptocurrency ecosystem in general if you want to outperform stock market in the long run.

Divi 100%

Unique Masternode system.

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This will not stay under the radar for long, 3 weeks until mainnet and smart wallet are released.

Original Poster2 points · 2 months ago

awesome, how is reaching out to retailers going?

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Nick Saponaro on telegram mentioned that there are small businesses ready to start accepting Divi and there are some bigger businesses that are waiting to see the product live.

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