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Surviver3198 commented on a post in r/CryptoCurrency
Surviver3198 6 points

Divi is a no-brainer with current market cap

xujr400 5 points

I completely agree with you

Surviver3198 4 points

I mean, something with Apple-like simplicity is exactly what crypto needs. If my parents can use crypto on a beautiful clean UI wallet without understanding all the technicals behind, that is the next step towards mass adoption.

Surviver3198 commented on a post in r/DiviProject
spruce_g00se 1 point

Ok, that’s still under a baseline ROI of 100% per annum based on current price, which is great for a low-risk coin but not extremely competitive to other projects at the same market cap/volume position. It would be good to publish a committed structure sooner rather than later so that prospective masternode investors can accumulate based on known rewards/ROI potential.

Surviver3198 1 point

We are expecting the ROI calculator anytime now, I can send it here after it is up and running. The ROI I mentioned was for the lowest tier MN, higher tiers offer better ROI.

spruce_g00se 1 point

OK thanks, look forward to seeing the calculator

Surviver3198 1 point
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MrZep 3 points

is this saking or mining cpu/gpu? thx

Surviver3198 5 points

This will be one click install masternode, you will have the choice to mine with your computer or you can choose the integrated cloud mining option. For the lowest masternode tier, copper masternode, you will have to stake 1000 DIVI (currently DIVX - Divi Exchange Token ERC20). You can check the masternode tiers on the website, they scale up to diamond.

dcatt47 5 points

SUB dev team do not run the telegram, it's completely community ran. Even here there's only one dev team moderator.

Surviver3198 5 points

What a community then. Fighting against censorship by censorship.

BestBubble 1 point

What a loser feeling the need to tell people he sold.

Just sell & GTFO


Surviver3198 1 point

Thank you sir ! There was an open discussion , so i contributed with my point of view and shared the decision i made, if that makes me a loser i'm glad to be one.

TripleKNotToday 1 point

When is the beta release?? I'm a holder and it blows my mind that they could have a beta version of such an insanely ambitious project. That's huge

Surviver3198 2 points

Noone knows the exact date, they sucessfuly tested alpha and now are testing private beta with participants that signed up for private beta testing. But it public beta should be released this month!

TripleKNotToday 1 point

I was considering selling because the marketcap was getting to the mature stage, but I'll definitely rethink that give this info, thank you !

Surviver3198 2 points

Check their twitter, they announced some big things today. I am holding it for the long term, i see great potential.

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Surviver3198 commented on a post in r/SubstratumNetwork
Surviver3198 1 point
jhaubrich11 1 point

Nice thanks. So what do you think about this?

Surviver3198 1 point

I dont like the fact that they have anonymous devs, seems shady. Also, i dont think that subdomain can compete with no subdomain in case of a mass adoption.

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