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SusanDeyDrinker commented on a post in r/antiMLM
redviolentredX 204 points

These will save you money by making all your hair fall out so you will never have to buy shampoo again!

SusanDeyDrinker 2 points

My mom used to peddle this shit (skin so soft) in the 80s and actually did quite well with it. All I remember is it was greasy and would get a green tint to it when you tried to scrub it off

SusanDeyDrinker commented on a post in r/antiMLM
SusanDeyDrinker 15 points

I lived a life where finding $10 in a parking lot determines if I’d eat dinner that night and I swear I’d one of these hunbitches were to have approached me with this crap and the guilt trip that goes along with it I may have just snapped and started cracking skulls open.

Hobbitbox 4 points

I don't think this is appropreate. Don't you have better things to wonder about then whether or not somone had periods? Knowing doesn't bring you closer to God.

SusanDeyDrinker 6 points

How is this not appropriate? She was without sin and gave birth to the Lord. Childbirth had repercussions from the actions in the garden. One would assume she would have been spared the painful physical symptoms of the body’s cycle post childbirth. Whether I’m not this brings me closer to God is not your concern. Perhaps I’m looking for understanding with more fullness.

Have a blessed Bright Week. I’ll pray for you.

SusanDeyDrinker commented on a post in r/philadelphia
tatertot255 5 points

I was home (Pottstown) about two weeks ago and they had the same setup while I was filling up. Thought it was hilarious lol

SusanDeyDrinker 1 point

High and Armand Hammer by chance?

tatertot255 2 points

That would be correct.

SusanDeyDrinker 1 point

Free coffee awaits with the grand reopening.

SusanDeyDrinker commented on a post in r/antiMLM
ALynn2813 324 points

They are the worst with messaging people. Especially on instagram. I dont ever answer them back because i get so many..and one girl was like i know you saw my message i think its rude that you cant just answer even to tell me youre not interested. And im like i just got 5 other messages like this. Im not going to answer them all. I am not interest. Thanks. And she was like oh okay have a nice day... good grief lol. Pretty sure if you message someone you dont know and they dont answer, that gives you your answer lol.

SusanDeyDrinker 23 points

With the vibe comment, I was hoping it was Pure Romance.

SusanDeyDrinker commented on a post in r/povertyfinance
SusanDeyDrinker 1 point

I make roughly $46600/ yr working in IT. As a single parent, the living wage for myself and my child is $24.90/ hr. I’m just shy of that. Mortgage is $1110/mo. I don’t receive child support. My salary covers the necessities. I don’t have cable but I do have internet as I WFH a few days a week. No subscriptions, no Starbucks or eating out. I budget to the T and follow the Dave Ramsey program. I’m getting by but not able to save much more than $5/ week.

ETA: Western Phila burbs

RomanticPanic 1 point

Dave ramsay?

SusanDeyDrinker 1 point
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