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Do they not realize that they could save a step, or two actually. Newsflash, cherries are already red

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Swankishesque 749 points

It's how I ended up with the two girl cats I have now. 6 years ago, ex-neighbor bought two kittens for her kids for Easter. The kids were excited, initially, but lost interest in them after a few weeks. The kittens were always outside and one of them, Macy, was always very friendly towards me, but the other one, Chloe, wouldn't let me get near her.

A few months later, the neighbor moved and left the kittens behind, in brutal summer heat, with no water or food. I started putting food and water out for them. The first time I fed Chloe, the stand-offish one, she instantly became my best friend and would always follow me around when I was outside. Macy went kind of rogue, and I didn't see her for a few days. I was worried that she had been hit by a car or eaten by the coyotes, but she turned up a few days later.

I'm happy to report that 6 years later, both kitties are healthy and happy and currently sleeping on my bed a few feet away from me.

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daisy_jane71 2 points

You're absolutely right about the lack of bakery options in the Peoria area. I grew up in a predominantly Italian/Eastern European area, and even the national chain grocery stores had excellent bread and pastries. When I lived in Peoria I figured out how to make my own bread. I don't understand why a decent sized city has so little options for quality baked goods.

Swankishesque 2 points

I don't understand why a decent sized city has so little options for quality baked goods.

Infuse the bread with Mountain Dew and you'll have a winner.

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-MURS- 30 points

Like the Seinfeld episode

Swankishesque 57 points

He had the tv remote with him inside the bubble. Frustrating.

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tomdrangus -169 points

Oh, really now. Poor liberal. Unable to note the faults of your own team. That's what happened when you're too emotionally invested in something. Watching the news announcements of this past election was THE most entertaining television I have EVER watched. Seeing the anchors, and snowflakes melting down. I loved it! Unlike you, I will call out my own when they mess up. Trump is pissing me off over the DACAs, and the wall. He needs to quit screwing around, and produce.

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vinityfair 192 points

Drunken sorority girl. Girls don’t join frats. Bros join frats.

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That's sexist.


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snuggans 388 points


  • hacking into our power grid and nuclear plants
  • hacking into government servers and political party servers
  • sending Russian PMCs against US troops in Syria
  • bombing rebel groups supported by the US
  • running anti-US state propaganda 24/7
  • funding the taliban
  • funding IRGC and hezbollah
  • funding North Korea

anything else i missed?

Swankishesque 1 point

You forgot to mention the Russian subs hanging around the underwater internet cables.

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Arttherapist 11 points

The carbon monoxide comes from the burning ink, shirt material, and solvents (and drycleaning fluid for when people were blasting out ink spots with the fluid gun) . Ours was electric powered not gas and had to have a CO meter on it because occasionally the vent tube would get somewhat clogged up with lint from the shirts and the CO would leak out into the shop. These dryers run at 900 degrees Farenheit, if you run a shirt through twice so its warm and not room temperature it will come out brown and scorched.

Swankishesque 15 points

900 degrees is way too hot. That's why you're scorching shirts. I use an old Lawson Encore with two heating elements. I set them so they put out ~600 degrees. Shirts usually come out ~340-350 degrees.

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ask_me_about_cats 141 points

Just be careful with how vulnerable you make yourself. I left my cat alone with my credit card with the PIN written on a sticky note as a show of trust, and he ordered a bunch of animal documentaries on pay-per-view.

Swankishesque 3 points

animal documentaries

You mean kitty porn?

No need to get up; I'll show myself out.

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